KopTalk’s non-existent “insiders” got it wrong yet again – this time about Torres’s injury

With all of Dunk’s alleged contacts within the club and the national press, you’d think he would have given his members the heads up on the Torres injury situation before it appeared in the papers. But these “contacts” are just a money-making figment of his imagination, so he knew nothing until this report in The Telegraph was published:

10:29AM BST 12 Apr 2010
Liverpool could be without Fernando Torres for the rest of the season after Rafael Benitez left the striker out of the squad that drew with Fulham yesterday due to the recurrence of a knee injury.
Torres, who has scored 22 times in all competitions this season is due to visit a specialist today.
“He has a problem with his knee and has gone to see a specialist,” the Spanish manager said after the uninspired 0-0 draw at Anfield. “We are waiting for news.”
Torres was sidelined for a month at the start of the year after undergoing surgery on his knee, and when asked if the problem was likely to keep his first-choice striker out for a similar period of time, Benitez said: “We don’t know really, it depends on the specialists tomorrow (Monday). He had a problem before and we were trying to protect him.”

Seven hours later, Oldham managed to put out the following rehash of that article:

12/04/10 05:36 PM Fernando Torres checks in with knee specialist
KopTalk Team Administrator
Fernando Torres has spent Monday with a specialist following the recurrence of his knee injury.
The Liverpool striker played no part against Fulham yesterday as a result of the ongoing problem that has held him back for most of the season.
Speaking after yesterday’s 0-0 draw, Reds boss Rafa Benitez said: “He has a problem with his knee and has gone to see a specialist. We are waiting for news.
“We don’t know really [how long he will be out for], it depends on the specialists tomorrow. He had a problem before and we were trying to protect him.”
Reports here in Spain today claim that Torres could be out for the rest of the season but there is no confirmation of such at Anfield.

By this time, Torres was already on his way to Spain to see a specialist. If Oldham had any real contacts, he would have known this. But he doesn’t, so he again didn’t report the news until after it had been revealed by the national press.

In the KopTalk articles below, when Oldham refers to “KopTalk sources”, what he actually means is earlier articles by Guillem Balague and The Mirror’s David Maddock.

The Balague report (you can read it in full here), headlined “Torres treated by Spanish specialist”, said that:

However, scans in Liverpool and Spain have so far not identified any major problems… he is desperate to feature in the first leg of the Europa League semi-final against his former club on April 22.

The Mirror article (you can read it in full here) added that:

Published 23:05 12/04/10
Torres will now stay in his home country until at least Thursday for treatment on the knee injury he picked up in the game against Benfica last week… the striker believes he can play on. He hopes to return to face his former club Atletico Madrid in the Europa League semi-final next week.

The following day, this is what Oldham managed to spin out of those two reports:

13/04/10 08:48 AM Fernando Torres stays in Spain – Injury Update
KopTalk Team Administrator
Fernando Torres has remained in Spain to undergo further assessment on his knee problem.
The Liverpool striker is undergoing tests in Barcelona with top knee specialist Dr Ramón Cugat.
Reports in Spain yesterday claimed that the hitman would have to sit out the rest of the season but they would say that as they want him to figure at the World Cup finals.
However it is believed that Torres is declaring himself available and willing to play in pain for the Reds, especially to try and help us win the Europa Cup.
We’ll keep you updated.

April 13, 2010 09:17 AM Fernando Torres diagnosis not serious – KOPTALK SOURCES
KopTalk Team
KOPTALK sources have told our members that no major problems have been detected on Fernando Torres’ knee.
An ultrasound scan and other tests have shown no obvious signs of any serious problems. Subsequently Torres has been told to rest this week before undergoing tests at Melwood on Friday by Liverpool’s own medical team.
Despite this positive news this doesn’t mean Torres is in the clear, far from it because the injury remains. He has made it known that he is willing to play but there are risks associated to such a decision.
It would appear that Liverpool have opted to sit on the diagnosis from Dr Ramón Cugat rather than make too much information made available to the media although that may change later in the week or late on Friday.

13/04/10 11:31 AM Torres specialist says striker could play in a week
KopTalk Team Administrator
The knee specialist that has been treating Fernando Torres in Barcelona says the Liverpool striker’s injury is not serious.
Dr Ramon Cugat confirmed our earlier report today that says Torres doesn’t have a serious injury as feared.
Cugat said: “The problem is not serious but he needs to stop and rest to avoid more risk because it’s the same knee on which he had surgery in January.
“But in normal circumstances, he could be ready to play next week, depending on how it settles down.
“The decision is now up to Liverpool’s medical staff and the manager.”
KOPTALK sources claim Torres will be checked over by Liverpool’s medical team on Friday.

In the meantime, Oldham had assumed his The Informer alias – the one who thinks Benitez and Jorge Valdano are good mates and who said we were going sign a second player in the January transfer window. He just repeated what he’d read in the Balague and Maddock articles as well:

13/04/10 08:53 AM Fernando Torres
No major problem detected with his knee.
The club are trying to keep his diagnosis out of the media.
Torres will be examined at Melwood by the club’s own medical team on Friday.

Having read those reports by Balague and Maddock, Dunk decided to stick his neck out for once:

13/04/10 09:41 AM Re: Fernando Torres [Re: Ranter]
Dunk Editor
If he’s not due back at Melwood until Friday that could be why he’s remained in Spain. Personally I can’t see him returning to action just yet but I wouldn’t be surprised to see him in the Europa League.

13/04/10 11:40 AM Re: Fernando Torres [Re: The_Informer]
Now confirmed that it’s not serious by the specialist. It’s hitting the media as we speak. Be interesting to see what Liverpool say, if anything. Rest him for Europe I say.

Events would soon show that, yet again, Oldham had no idea what he was talking about. If KopTalk’s members had saved their €42 per year and instead joined YNWA, one of the many free LFC forums out there which have genuine contacts within the club, they would have already read the following, decidedly less optimistic post about Torres:

Joined: 24-June 04
Torres knee injury going to specialist
Posted 12 April 2010 – 09:03 AM
He has a knock on his knee, if the specialist says he needs an op to be fit for the World Cup he will miss the rest of our season. Alternatively he could play the rest of our season, then have the op and miss the World Cup.
Wonder what will happen?

Instead, KopTalk members had to watch the con artist they’d paid their money to make a complete arse of himself by writing this article four hours before the club confirmed that Torres would undergo surgery and would be out for the remainder of Liverpool’s season:

18/04/10 03:14 PM Benitez unsure if Torres will play again this season
KopTalk Team Administrator
KOPTALK sources claim that officials from Liverpool Football Club and the Spanish Football Association are trying to put off the enivitable surgery that the hitman faces to keep him available for the Europa Cup and World Cup competitions.

As we all now know, Torres had surgery in order that he would be available for the World Cup. So why would the Spanish FA be trying to put off an operation?

Utter humiliation for Oldham and his aliases. Again.

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