Only one Liverpool website tried to make money out of those malicious Gerrard rumours – KopTalk

Last month, those poisonous rumours about Steven Gerrard appeared on pretty much every football forum in the country. On most Liverpool sites, the threads were either deleted or mods stepped in to quash the speculation.

Only one Liverpool forum attempted to make money from them – KopTalk. This should come as no surprise, as Oldham did exactly the same thing the last time malicious gossip about Gerrard circulated, back in 2006. You can read a blog article about that here.

This time, a KT “member” called posh1 posted the Gerrard email/text on the site. There are several reasons why “posh1” is probably Dunk in disguise:

1. He presents information that’s already in the public domain as his own “insider” info
2. He’s lying
3. He’s a very bad liar
4. He pays Dunk a ridiculous and entirely underserved compliment

22/04/10 11:54 AM Expect news on Gerrard this weekend!
Work colleague has a friend in media circles (he gave us the early wire on the John Terry saga), anyway he’s just told us that there’s going to be some news breaking this weekend about our captain. [THE SAME CRAP THAT HAD ALREADY APPEARED ON COUNTLESS OTHER FOOTBALL FORUMS] Obviously don’t shoot the messenger, don’t post very often and only do if I think its relevant!
Dunk might be able to shed some light as he usually gets the heads up on stories in the press.
Needless to say the story may shed some light on Gerrards form this year!

Unfortunately for posh1/Dunk, when you look at all the posts he has made on KopTalk, you can see that he’s lying – not one of them was about the John Terry saga:

Within the hour, Oldham was advertising this “story” on the KopTalk front page with one of the headlines he uses to tempt Liverpool fans into paying him €41.

Two days later, he was at it again. That appalling shitrag the Daily Mail had run a story about Alex Curran, so Oldham saw another opportunity to make money out of other people’s misery.

24/04/2010 08:46 PM Press suggesting all is not well with Gerrard and Curran
KopTalk Team Administrator
‘Forgetful WAG Alex Curran leaves her £75,000 wedding ring at home’ – is a report that the Daily Mail have started to run this evening.
It’s a very suggestive report and if you believe the rumours a lot more could follow.
We’re going to stay clear but to be honest, it’s not something that really interests us.
You can read the original article here.

Oldham had so little interest in this report that he again put a headline for it on the front page of KopTalk – to again try to coax Liverpool fans into paying £36 to read the article – and then pushed the story via his Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Duncan Oldham tries to make money out of our captain’s misfortunes. Duncan Oldham is the scum of the earth.

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