Another KOPTALK EXCLUSIVE: Rafa Benitez may or may not leave Liverpool

It’s usually very hard to empathise with Duncan Oldham, but the past month has proven that we do have at least one thing in common – neither of us have the faintest idea whether Rafa Benitez will still be in charge at Liverpool next season.

The Juventus link first surfaced in January and it has grown stronger since late March. Dunk saw this as an opportunity to fool unsuspecting Reds into thinking he has “insider” contacts within the club. Unfortunately for him, he just ended up looking like a dog that is chasing its tail.

At first, Oldham wasn’t sure if Benitez would leave:

01/04/2010 04:26 PM Re: Liverpool are finished as a “Top Four” side… [Re: Hal]
There will be big changes in the summer and providing the board pledge and deliver good money from sales, the new manager, if Rafa is to leave, will be able to spend well.

A few days afterwards, he had decided that Rafa was definitely off:

04/04/10 05:00 PM Re: Rafa could have no arguments if he was sacked tonight [Re: Iver]
Dunk Editor
Rafa’s gone. His agent has been trying to negotiate his golden handshake for a while. Watch this space.

But less than one hour later, Dunk suddenly said Benitez might be staying after all:

04/04/10 05:53 PM Re: Poor Transfers + Poor Man Management – Change Needed [Re: RedCraig]
Dunk Editor
Rafa’s agent has been negotiating his pay-off. The offer is still on the table from Juve. Rafa knows he’s off unless something dramatically changes on the ownership front and even then, I doubt he’d stay.

04/04/10 06:02 PM Re: If you were Rafa? [Re: drogred]
Dunk Editor
Rafa’s agent is negotiating his pay-off. He’s off in the summer unless he’s sacked before. Things can change but I don’t see it.

The following day, he said Rafa was definitely going again:

05/04/10 12:43 PM Something has to give and something will
Dunk Editor
If a sugar daddy came in over the summer, and let’s be honest, that is not going to happen, would Rafa’s ability to recruit decent talent make the Liverpool players he has lost happy? I think not and that’s why he will have to leave and that’s why he is going to leave.

But the next day, for some reason (ie. because he makes it all up as he goes along) Oldham wasn’t sure if Benitez was leaving:

06/04/10 01:55 PM Re: My take on Rafa [Re: koppite7]
Dunk Editor
Whether Rafa goes or not in the summer, I’ll be happy either way because I will just accept it.
You know, if Roy Evans had received the backing that Houllier and Rafa have had, he’d have delivered the title.

Two days later, he seemed even less certain:

08/04/10 01:36 PM Re: Juventus, ultimatum to Benitez. [Re: mtw]
Bad date.
The offer does exist though and surely they need to know soon.
I’m informed his agent has been trying to negotiate his pay off.

On April 11th, Oldham had once more decided that Rafa was definitely leaving:

11/04/10 01:30 PM Re: Will Rafa stay? 12/04/10 05:37 PM Re: Here’s a conspiracy theory for you [Re: chang]
Dunk Editor
Originally Posted By: chang: “Rafa already knows he’s leaving so not finishing fourth will be someone else’s problem … he’d rather have ‘Europa League’ winner on his CV.”

I agree

But two days later, Dunk thought Benitez might stay after all:

13/04/10 01:26 AM RBS kick Gillett and Hicks out of Anfield
KopTalk Team Administrator
Because of the new extension, the pressure won’t be on Rafa Benitez to sell star players in the summer, should he manage to retain his own position.

After almost a fortnight of these ever-decreasing circles, he just seemed to give up completely and follow whatever the latest press reports from Italy were saying.

First he stole this Tribal Football article:

Liverpool boss Benitez to reject Juventus offer 11:29 Wed, 14 Apr 10
Liverpool boss Rafa Benitez is expected to reject an offer from Juventus.

and decided to pass it off as his own “insider” info:

April 14, 2010 15:14 Rafa & Juventus
Dunk Editor
Been told he’s turned them down although other sources say his agent is discussing a) proposed Juve transfer kitty and b) still negotiating payoff figures should they choose to axe him.
If Rafa has turned them down this is significant. Either Real have made a move or he has been made pledges at Liverpool for the summer.
Juve demanded a decision this week fearing Real would make an approach.
Can’t update more as not in my office and having to type this up on my iPhone.

Then he put out this article, which he had stolen from this report in The Guardian stating that “Rafael Benítez intends to see out the remaining four years of his contract at Liverpool”:

15/04/10 03:42 PM Benitez agent issues new reminder to Liverpool board
KopTalk Team Administrator
The agent that represents Rafa Benitez has reminded the Liverpool board that his client will not just walk away from Anfield.

Next he posted the following story, which he had stolen from this Sky Sports article headlined “Benitez’s agent meets with Juve”.

15/04/10 08:05 PM Benitez agent did meet Juventus chairman
KopTalk Team Administrator
The agent that represents Rafa Benitez has been quoted as saying that has met Juventus officials recently although he denies that the meeting was planned.

Oldham then stole this article from Football 365 headlined “Rafa rejected Juve in January – Agent” and again passed it off as his own work:

16/04/10 11:29 AM Benitez agent confirms Juventus approach
KopTalk Team Administrator
The agent that represents Rafa Benitez has confirmed that Juventus have made an approach for his client but that was back in January.

A few days later, Oldham stole this article from Tribal Football, which was itself a translation of a piece in the Corriere Dello Sport, for this KopTalk report:

20/04/10 02:12 PM Benitez agent holds further talks with Juventus
KopTalk Team Administrator
It is claimed that Benitez has been offered an €80million transfer budget to try and tempt him to Italy.

Next he nicked the following KopTalk article from this story from the Daily Mail, which had revealed that “A Juventus source confirmed from Turin last night that club president Jean-Claude Blanc will try to force the issue over the next few days in a second meeting between the club and Benitez’s agent, Manuel Garcia Quilon”:

25/04/2010 07:16 AM Juventus talks imminent
KopTalk Team Administrator
Juventus president Jean-Claude Blanc will reportedly hold a second meeting with Rafa Benitez’s agent Manuel Garcia Quilon within the next few days.
The interest from Juventus is very real and KOPTALK sources claim that Benitez has not closed th­e door on the Italians just yet and that he’s also keeping an eye on developments at Real Madrid.

Oldham stole that last paragraph from another Daily Mail article which appeared on April 13th:

April 13th: Juventus have stepped up their pursuit of Liverpool manager Rafa Benitez amid fears that Real Madrid will make the Spaniard a more tempting offer.

And finally, he stole the following story from this IMScouting article, which was three days old by then, headlined “Juventus begin to hire backroom staff for Liverpool boss Benitez”:

25/04/2010 08:07 AM Juventus assembling backroom staff for Rafael Benitez
KopTalk Team Administrator
Reports today claim that Juventus have begun assembling the backroom staff for Rafael Benitez.

So that’s what €41 per year buys you on KopTalk – being informed that Rafa might leave or might stay, and articles that you’ve already read on NewsNow or

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