Duncan Oldham has a new KopTalk “insider” source – it’s a close friend of Jose Mourinho

The nonsense below was posted by Oldham more than a month ago, but given that Jose is back in the headlines after his typically gracious reaction to Inter’s victory over Barcelona, this seems like a good time to flag it up.

This blog has always tried to apply a forensic approach to studying Duncan Oldham’s lies, patiently recording his bullshit and then methodically picking apart his attempts to scam Liverpool fans.

But sometimes a lie is so colossally stupid that it simply defies analysis.

You see, Duncan Oldham is claiming he has a new “insider” source – a good friend of Jose Mourinho.

It makes perfect sense – a close confidant of the most successful and highly paid manager of the past decade chooses to pass information on to a two-bit con man who lives with his mum in a scummy part of Spain and owns a Liverpool forum which doesn’t even feature in Alexa’s list of the top 40 LFC sites. Of course.

This little fairytale began a long, long time ago – back in December of last year:

20/12/09 02:26 PM Liverpool players turn on Benitez
KopTalk Team Administrator
The owners are unhappy. Obviously worried about the valuation and attraction of the club, both are desperate to see the Reds finish in the top 4. As posted here several weeks/months ago, talks have already been discussed at a high level as to how a contract pay-off could be negotiated to release Benitez.
Guus Hiddink and Jose Mourinho have been discussed. One of our sources is close to Jose though and he insists Jose is more bothered about protecting his reputation and that Liverpool could be too much of a gamble. Never say never though because we know that Jose has a soft spot for us.

29/12/09 10:24 AM Liverpool agents hold talks with Guus Hiddink
KopTalk Team Administrator
Agents representing Liverpool Football Club have allegedly held informal talks with Cees van Nieuwenhuizen, the agent who represents Guus Hiddink.
Inter Milan boss Jose Mourinho is another who is seen as a potential target by Liverpool officials.
A close friend of Mourinho and the KOPTALK editor, who is also a member of KOPTALK, informs us that while he would love to manage Liverpool, he is very concerned about his reputation becoming tarnished and that with the club financially broken and in ownership limbo, the opportunity may have come at the wrong time for him.
Liverpool officials believe that Hiddink is a more realistic target than Mourinho but the ‘Special One’ would be preferred over him.

And in March it resurfaced, probably because Oldham was bored and desperate:

18/03/10 05:21 PM Re: Mourinho back in EPL [Re: Pilkington]
We have a member here who is a friend of Jose’s. He claims that Jose wouldn’t take the job because “it could ruin his reputation as a winner” – exact words. However, if there was a change in ownership or if there were guarantees of full support from the board, then he would take it.

21/03/10 11:11 AM Jose Mourinho would like to be Liverpool manager if duo left
KopTalk Team Administrator
Jose Mourinho
One newspaper report today claims that Jose Mourinho will only consider becoming the next manager of Liverpool Football Club if Tom Hicks and George Gillett are either ousted from the club or stripped of their current power.
That’s basically the full report in one sentence. However, as our members have been aware for some time, we can add to it.
KOPTALK has a very close source to Jose and for some time he’s been sounding out the ‘Special One’ as to whether or not he’d be interested in taking the job if he was approached.
Each and every time Jose has stated his admiration of Liverpool Football Club and he has said that under different circumstances (ownership/financial) that he would love to be given a shot at Anfield. However, he doesn’t want to risk spoiling his reputation.
Several months ago, our source said: “Jose would love to manage Liverpool but not as things currently stand.
“He knows that he would have limited resources and that he would be held back. He doesn’t want to risk ruining his reputation which is very important to him.
“If there were new owners in place then he would certainly be willing to speak to the club.
“He would want more than promises.”

31/03/2010 12:12 PM Just an editorial based on a few things today
I have a source who is a friend of Mourinho. We’ve been talking about the former Chelsea manager and whether or not he’d consider the Liverpool job. I was told several months ago that he would love to manage Liverpool but not under the current owners. If there’s no change at the top, he will not consider the position because he doesn’t want to ruin his reputation as the ‘Special One’.
The same source – one of our VIP members – will be making calls to people associated to Manchester City, Real Madrid and Inter Milan today and has pledged to come back to me. There’s no promises he’ll get anything but I will chase him up next week so come back for a fresh update after the weekend and I’ll update you either way.
If it’s too sensitive then I will have to retain the update for our VIP members but I’m sure I can still put something on our non-members website for non-members to have a nosey at. I don’t like retaining things but our VIP members are our ‘bread and butter’ and if it wasn’t for them there would be no free site at all. We have to respect them.
So Mourinho takes over at Manchester City. I predict that his first signing would be Fernando Torres. Now remember, I’m basing this on a finish outside the top 4. Steven Gerrard is more likely to go to Real Madrid than City but this is where I see the Spanish international moving to.

There is only one question you can ask in response to this nonsense: Just how stupid does Dunk think Liverpool fans are?

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