Koptalk Conman reverts to old habits.

Last night I sent out an email to my “maling list” consisting of a few hundred koptalk members. I do this from time to time when I’ve got some info that I think they should know. One of the things I told them was that a former member called stealthhaggis was posting on another site, despite Dunk saying: “I received an email from him the other day. He’s very busy with some personal things just now but will be back in due course. I’m still in touch with him “ and “I can’t comment on his personal stuff as he may not want it broadcast but he was nice as pie when he contacted me and had no complaints about the site whatsoever. He has every intentions of returning.”

So what happens today, just hours after I sent out that email? Yes, stealthhaggis is making a couple of posts on koptalk and in the shout box as well. What a coincidence, or is it? Why would he suddenly pop up when he’s not posted on the site since he left? His last post before today was on February 27th. The answer is quite simple: He didn’t. It was Dunk, or his mum (Lucy) or his stepfather (Jimmy) who used their admin power to make the posts in stealthhaggis’ name, just like they did with Johnny H when he left koptalk. You can read about that here: https://koptalkinsider.wordpress.com/2006/12/03/charity-collecting-tout-now-hacks-into-users-accounts/
Old habits die hard, eh?

So, what has stealthhaggis got to say about this? Here’s his words from the site he’s on when he was told he had posted on koptalk today:

Er, apparently I am back on Koptalk!?! I know that suddenly having a new (ish) baby in your life can affect things quite a lot but apparently I am typing on there again without any knowledge. I’m used to this kind of thing thanks to my whisky habit so I kind of know when I’ve done something bad but this is a new one, usually I can’t turn the pc on nevermind type coherently! Plus when drunk and near any keyboard i think I’m Rick Wakeman!

In all seriousness, it’s not me and someone has my user name, I’ve been stolen! Gonna need new eyeballs now!

Massive mistake Dunk, as I will be sending the screenshots of this post to my mailing list.

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