Koptalk’s racist opinions hit an all time low for the site

Dunk showed his true face this week when posting a blog post on his failed moanvideo site about muslims. It was 20 points of hatred towards muslims in general. He made this “behind closed doors” as the failed moanvideo ning site has been locked for non-members. But today he opened it and someone copied the post and posted it in the comments section on one of our blog posts. Then someone picked it up and posted a link to it on the koptalk facebook page, which has a lot of muslim members. Needless to say Dunk closed the ning site again, but we’ve got a screenshot of it which you can see right here:
Dunks muslim hatred

Outed as an muslim hater (oh the irony) Dunk made a new blog post on his personal website. Here’s what he had to say:

Am I Really *That* Interesting?
By Duncan Oldham

What I find highly amusing is the lengths some people go to to see what I’m talking about and doing in my life. Am I really that interesting?

The best kick I get is when those who rival KopTalk get their knickers in a twist over something I’ve said or done. I’m flattered that they waste their time on a nobody like me. You see I’m different, if I don’t like you, because admittedly we can’t all get along, I wouldn’t get emotionally involved with you by hating on you or wasting my time on you. Seriously, it’s the highest form of flattery to pay someone.

You’re so easy to hook. Winding you in has become a hobby of mine. You are my entertainment.

Oldham the ‘conman’ because he has a members website where people can support the site via an optional membership if they want to which saves me having to plaster the site in advertisements and also enables me to provide a free website for those unable to become a member or those who simply choose not to.

Allegation after allegation but unable to make any stick. Why is that? You know where I live, I use my real name. On the run but broadcasting daily lol. If it’s on the internet then it must be true… right? No of course not, what it means is someone is unable to compete with you fairly or accept that they are no longer welcome within our community because of their behaviour so instead they have to try underhand tactics and spout numerous lies in the hope of ‘bringing KopTalk down’.

How long have they been trying now? 4 years? 5 years? The outcome? They give me an extra reason to get up in an afternoon and another reason to walk with a smile from ear to ear. Because when someone goes to such lengths to attack you, it means you’re doing something right. When they stop, I know I’m no longer a threat, I’m no longer important. I’ll be finished the day they stop hurting.

When someone tries to knock me down it gives me even more strength to succeed and better myself and it’s no surprise that over the last 4 or 5 years, that’s exactly what I have done so to those of you out there that dislike me just because you’re butthurt, I’d just like to say a huge ‘THANKYOU!’.

If this wasn’t my job I’d never press a key over anyone but the fact that I’m paid to type this drivel makes it so much more satisfying.

So is Dunk finally admitting that koptalk is his job? That he’s paid to do it? It doesn’t say so on the signup page. It says “run by volunteers”, “none of us receive a wage” and “we simply need to pay the costs in providing the website”. So which is it?

The rest of that post is nothing that we haven’t heard before. His claims that he’s better off the last 4 or 5 years are just laughable. 70% of his members have left. The forums are dead. There are hardly any new members anymore. And Dunk himself looks like he’s lost interest. His moanvideo site failed miserably like we predicted. Now he’s not only detested by Liverpool supporters but also by a lot of vloggers worldwide. Your entertainment????? Yer having a laff!

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