Moar lies from Oldham the Conman

It seems that Dunk now knows what every player, the manager and the owners are thinking. What he is really doing is cooking a story on various stuff he’s reading on the internet, adding his usual bollox and pretending to know everyone. But Dunk still has this problem of remembering his own lies. Yesterday he claimed to have spoken to one of our local players:

I spoke to one of the players who played today within the last week or two and his exact words to me were that last season we could manage carrying a couple of players that weren’t good enough but this season they were carrying more than they could handle. Now that’s coming from a local player.

As you will see below (the bit in bold) this quote is now from a source close to Carra, not a local player. A few days ago he claimed to have spoken to Carras dad on the phone, but we were told that this was not true by someone who plays golf with Carras dad. It was just another of Dunks many lies.

Here’s Dunks latest drivel:

KOPTALK sources are reporting that Steven Gerrard and Jamie Carragher have become disillusioned with Rafa Benitez and are in favour of a change of manager.

It is alleged that the Liverpool skipper has told close friends that it’s time for a change not only because of recent results but because of having to play alongside mediocre players such as Lucas and because of a frosty atmosphere in the dressing room.

Our source told us last night: “Stevie’s sick of it. He’s not going to walk but it’s brewing. Something will have to give.

“Everyone knows that Lucas is not good enough and if you play alongside him, you have to work harder and the balance is wrong.”

Sources close to Jamie Carragher claim that the Liverpool defender feels that there are now more passengers in the side than ever before.

That source told us: “Last year we managed to carry 2 or 3 passengers. This season it feels like there’s 5 or 6.

“They’re stretched and unhappy. It’s not working.”

While fingers have been pointed at George Gillett and Tom Hicks for a lack of financial backing, it is claimed that senior players are holding the manager responsible for the lack of quality in the squad because of the players he has moved on, simply because of his no-nosense approach. That may have worked for Bill Shankly but the modern day footballer won’t take any ****. Rafa refuses to get close to anyone.

The treatment and subsequent sale of Xabi Alonso was the last straw – as we have debated many times on here – with morale ripped out of the squad. The biggest complaints are that Benitez is too strict and stubborn, refusing to accept that at times he can be wrong.

One source told us: “Supporters must be blind if they cannot see the lack of interest on the pitch.

“Players who you can usually rely on are not fighting for the cause because he’s lost them.

“Any observer at a team-talk out on the green at Melwood will see there are more unhappy players than happy ones and this is the problem.”

It is claimed that Javier Mascherano and Fernando Torres are two players who have become concerned with some decisions that Benitez has been making.

Neither player has stuck the knife in but Mascherano’s situation is started to echo the one that built up over time with Alonso.

Thankfully nothing has got back to us to suggest that Torres is looking at moving on but he is said to be baffled by a very defensive style of management this season with Rafa taking no gambles.

Our Carragher source added: “Jamie’s not got a bad bone in him. He won’t say anything privately that he wouldn’t say to Benitez or anyone else on the record.

“But some players are selfish and are only thinking about next season and what they could achieve elsewhere.

“Steven and Jamie won’t leave. Pepe is happy enough. The ones Benitez is going to have to be careful with is Mascherano and Torres. If they leave, the team will be in a critical state.”

In fairness to Benitez though Mascherano has been itching to leave. However, KOPTALK knows for a fact that Alonso would have stayed at Anfield had Benitez genuinely offered him a pat on the back and an admission that he also makes mistakes.

Whether we like it or not, some players do need an arm around them at times, especially when things aren’t going as well as they should be and this is where the problem currently lies.

Benitez is currently unable to motivate key players and won’t take any responsibility for the bad run. Admittedly he isn’t totally to blame and we’re not hearing that suggestion from within the squad.

The owners have played a massive part in all of this but they have also enabled players to be signed that wouldn’t have been signed under the previous owner David Moores.

KOPTALK strong links with sources at Real Madrid and they insist that Benitez was offered numerous players in the summer at reasonable valuations but he declined to take any of them on and that left people at the Bernabeu and Anfield confused. Here was a man who was always complaining about a lack of backing but he was told he could spend money from the Alonso sale and didn’t.

The owners are unhappy. Obviously worried about the valuation and attraction of the club, both are desperate to see the Reds finish in the top 4. As posted here several weeks/months ago, talks have already been discussed at a high level as to how a contract pay-off could be negotiated to release Benitez.

Guus Hiddink and Jose Mourinho have been discussed. One of our sources is close to Jose though and he insists Jose is more bothered about protecting his reputation and that Liverpool could be too much of a gamble. Never say never though because we know that Jose has a soft spot for us.

Next month the Russian FA will elect a new president and there’s speculation that Hiddink is wanted by Chelsea as a new technical director. He could be the priority target if Benitez gets the bullet.

Anfield insiders insist it is nonsense that the club cannot afford to pay off Benitez if fired. A package would have to be agreed and if Real Madrid came in for him, his future earnings there would be taken into consideration.

With Liverpool dangerously falling down the league, if Liverpool failed to finish in the top 4, Hicks and Gillett would lose far more money than they would if they had to pay Rafa off. If results continue as they are, firing Benitez could turn out to be the cheaper option.

Torres and Mascherano could also leave. Don’t pay attention to players like Torres who says he loves Liverpool. He loved Atletico also and that was his club. He’s certainly not motivated by money and he doesn’t want out as yet but if things don’t pick up then the alarm bells will start ringing.

It’s taken some time to compile this update. A lot of words like “claim”, “alleged” and so on are used. That’s not because we don’t see strength in the claims. Even if we know something to be 100% true, the legal implications if you cannot prove it (which would be hard unless a source went on the record and that’s never going to happen) are obviously a concern so as we always say, read, digest and make your own mind up but if you refuse to accept what we are reporting, please don’t be disrespectful when commenting.

We can assure you that in our opinion, everything claimed in this article is true. We could actually post more stronger opinions from within the squad but that’s not a good idea.

What we want to do is try and give you and update of what is happening behind the scenes using a combination of trusted sources that if named, wouldn’t be dismissed. Enough hints are dropped here on the forums if you monitor things but we can’t go on record as to saying who the sources actually are.

For the record, we are still backing Benitez and not calling for him to be replaced at this time. Just because the manager has lost the dressing room – as we stated back on October 6th – doesn’t mean he can’t win it back. However things tend to take a familiar pattern and what we’re seeing is now is almost exactly what we saw with Houllier. Fans loved Houllier, he then started to lose respect from the players, then the fans and started turning roundabouts before losing it at press conferences.

We want Rafa to succeed but if he doesn’t get in that top 4 soon, we believe he will be sacked.

(Other players have had a moan and groan but we have chosen to concentrate on the senior players for obvious reasons).

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