Oldham the Conman

Dunk claims he’s not bothered with this blog or the “haterz” as he calls us. Despite this, every other video on his moanvideo site, and most of his tweets are about us. In fact he talking, tweeting and thinking about us all the time. I can understand why though, as we’ve managed to reduce the number of people he is ripping off by several thousands in the three and a half years the blog has been running. Today he made a tweet with links to three different websites where he’s addressing us. On one of them there is a long speech where he tries to defend himself from some of the issues we’ve brought up on this blog. How does he even know what we say when he claims that de doesn’t read this blog? The truth is, he’s one of our most avid readers. Here’s what he says:

Oldham The Conman
Some people would crack under the pressure of having people calling you all sorts. To me it’s like water off a duck’s back. As I open my shutter every morning and look out across the med, do you think I give a **** what my rivals are saying? My family and mates have had a right laugh at some of them! If it’s illegal then they’ll tell you I’ve done it or I’m wanted for it. I must be the most stupid criminal on the run ever putting myself out there online. I really should hide in a cave somewhere!

Let’s address some of their claims…

Dunk. You’ve had every opportunity to discuss this with us on this blog. How come you only talk about this at places where it’s not possible to reply or comment?

He’s on the run!

Me run? Can you imagine that? The only time I run is when I chase an ice cream van. I have no criminal record and I don’t intend on having one. I’m no angel but I’d like to think of myself as a law abiding citizen. Don’t get me wrong I’d take out anyone that hurt my family.

You’re a small fish in a big pond. Sadly internet fraud isn’t on top of the authorities agenda, but we know that you had the police on the door shortly before you moved to Spain, and that Trading Standards have been watching you for years. This doesn’t mean you’re wanted by the police at present, but you’ll never know when this happens.

He moved to Spain because he’s wanted!

I moved to Spain because I wanted a new start following my divorce. Prior to us parting, we were attending Spanish lessons at night school as it was always my intention to move here. It just happened sooner than I expected. I had become complacent and lazy with my effort on KopTalk but when the haters started their online campaign against me, it give me a much needed kick up the backside that I needed. I worked much harder and sold my semi detached gaff and bought myself a detached villa with its own pool on the Costa Blanca. It was the best thing I’ve ever done and had it not been for the haters I’d still be in Wallsend feeling sorry for myself. If only they’d realise that they’ve actually improved my life as a result of their attempts to bring KopTalk down!

So you were planning to move to Spain long before you left? Why then did you claim to be buying a van, or was it two, which you were going to fill with a lot of expensive eqipment just before you moved? In fact you were househunting at the time you made these claims. Maybe the cost of living in the UK was getting to big with the reduced income you got from you falling site? Selling three houses and a Merc gave you a cash boost, although I guess Maria got a fair share of it, but now it seems you can’t even afford a cheep car. If living in a different country from your kids, and hardly ever get to see them, is the best thing you’ve ever done, so be it. But don’t try to tell anyone we’re jealous, because none of us could live that far away from our kids and be happy with it.

He daren’t visit Liverpool (Anfield)!

I have season tickets but can’t get to many games these days. Not because I live here but because I need to be online on match-days to update the site. I’m definitely going to get to more games this season as it hurts when I see my empty seats on the televised games (although now you can sell your tickets back to the club which I am now doing for the games I can’t attend).

So it hurts when you see your empty seats, but you are selling them back to the club? Which is it? Do you even still have those season tickets? Why spend £1400 on tickets you never use. When asked you claim you can’t let others use them because the club doesn’t allow you to. You’ve not been at Anfield for a match in years, and you probably never will again. You claimed that you would take Robbie to Anfiled for the United match this weekend, but now it seems he’s coming to Spain instead. So that’s another match you’re not going to attend despite claiming you’re going. Not even when Liverpol played in Madrid, a few hours by train from Alicante, did you go.

It wasn’t a problem to be away from the site when we played West Ham recently though. You were even on your way to London, but didn’t arrive in time to get to the match. So you can’t go to Anfield to a match because you need to be on the site, but you can go to Vegas?

He supports The Sun

I have never bought The Sun. I read The Mirror. I have never added a link to KopTalk to that rag. Adverts have appeared on KopTalk from The Sun but as they are controlled by agencies you cannot disable them until you are aware of their presence. They are immediately blocked. Google ads allows you to block domain names from appearing but some other advertising agencies don’t have that facility. Thankfully ads are limited on KopTalk today and there are no ads on our members website. The rivals/haters have tried to use the 96 to attack KopTalk and I think that is disgusting. How anyone can associate with such scum is beyond me.

At the World Cup in 1998 at the England supporters camp there was a party atmosphere. An open top bus pulled up covered in England colours, playing music and so on. One of the girls placed a hat on my head. It was an England bowler hat. On one side it said The Sun and the other it said Fanta or Tango. I uploaded this photo myself to the internet myself following the World Cup and it was pointed out to me what was on it. I had no idea what The Sun had written about Hillsborough as I was a kid at the time and I wasn’t from Liverpool so I had no idea about the boycott etc. Thanks to the internet today we are able to educate Liverpool fans about The Sun and the lies it printed. Naturally the haters/rivals use that photo against me. Again, they have to use the 96 which makes me very sad.

We have a long list of blog posts about Dunk and koptalk’s use of the s*n as a source, and the ads he failed to take down when notified. This really speaks for itself, so have a look if you have any doubt about how Dunk cynically uses the rag. Thanks to the internet today we are able to prove that Dunk knew about the boycott prior to the WC1998, despite him still claiming he didn’t. KopTalk and The S*n – blog articles summary If you are new to this blog you should read all these posts. This shows how far koptalk is from every single other LFC website on the internet. And he claims we’re using the 96?

KopTalk steals from your credit/debit cards via PayPal

When someone becomes a VIP member, at no time are we are of that person’s card details. Only PayPal see that information. It is impossible to take manual payments from a person’s card at any time. Only the card holder can authorise payments. If a member has auto-renewal activated on their membership they receive notification in advance if they are ever to be re-billed. At the sign-up stage they can disable auto-renewal. It can also be cancelled at anytime. Auto-renewal can never be turned on by us if it is not set-up on a member’s account. Only the member can make payments. We cannot take payments that are not set-up/created by the member. PayPal can verify this. If a member auto-renews but then says they didn’t want to renew their membership, we simply refund the payment. Even if we refused to refund them, PayPal would refund them.

Sometimes people renew their membership early as they either have forgotten or don’t know that their membership is set-up to auto-renew (PayPal only). This means that a member could send 2 payments by error. However, they receive notification of payments made by email and we either refund them the over payment or extend their sub and not renew them the following year. It is the member’s choice.

Remember, haters lie.

Read this page to see how koptalk has charged more than double subs without notifying members. They’ve had loads of different paid membership schemes going, and when they are ended or you “upgrade”, the subs keep running. What Dunk doesn’t tell you is that auto-renewal is setup by default by koptalk, so you will have to cancel it yourself. I received an e-mail from one member earlier this year who told me he had kept on being a member because he couldn’t figure out how to cancel it. If you are a member in the same situation, have a look at the blog post here or e-mail me. Also, if you have recently renewed you can claim your money back from paypal. In any case Dunk has just stated he’ll refund anyone who isn’t happy. Don’t waste your time. Get your money back while there is still anything left!

Oldham has a criminal past as someone called Del Johnson

Totally untrue. Said person lived in the same block of flats that I once did about 15 years ago! We had the same address. Guilty and banged to rights then!

All you need to know you can find in this blog post. Dunk tripped himself up a few times, and again thanks to the internet we’re able to show you this.

KopTalk sells fake autographs/memorabilia

Rubbish. From time to time we do get given signed shirts or we have obtained our own. When we’ve add a few extra things hanging around the office we have auctioned them off on eBay or sold them on the site, usually with some or all of the proceeds going to charity. Our eBay account had a 100% feedback rating. If someone ever came to us saying they were unhappy with anything from our shop on KopTalk be it memorabilia or not, we have always issued a full refund in such very rare circumstances. When a player signs a shirt in a rush or through a car window while been mobbed, they can be smudged a little and this is what a typical complaint may be about. We discovered that running an online shop was too time consuming. When we receive signed shirts now we always give them away in little competitions for our VIP members. We also ensure we get a COA from the supplier.

So why did then 16 year old Steve make the COA? Noone has ever seen a real COA from koptalk. It’s been a long time since koptalk sold signed memorablia anyway. However there was a competition earlier this year where a shirt supposedly signed by Torres was the prize. We’ve yet to see if the winner actually got it, and if I were him I would’t trust it to be real. I bet there’s no COA with it. The competition itself was a shambles, and was very much a catalyst for the exodus of quite a few of the most active members that left in april/may this year.

Oldham rips people off by charging for news in the public domain

KopTalk sources thousands of media sources for our members to ensure that they don’t miss anything of interest. Of course news that is publicly known is covered but our members website is about far more than that as our 1,000’s of happy members can testify.

Dunk loves the term thousands. To show you how laughable this statement is, lets do a simple calculation. Thousands means a least 2000, so asuming he spends just 20 seconds on each of 2000 media sources every day he’ll spend more than 22 hours on this alone. Besides, where does he find thousands of media sources? There are many news feeds around that do a much better job at this than Dunk anyway. Like newsnow, which koptalk was kicked off for their dodgy headlines and manipulating hits.

Also it’s time to stop pretending there are thousands of happy members on koptalk. The total number of accounts is right now 1769, and that includes all admins, mods, dunk’s fake accounts, and loads of inactive accounts. If you left koptalk a while ago, maybe you should check if Dunk has reactivated your account to boost the numbers? I know about accounts where this is the case, including accounts I have access to.

Oldham was investigated by [insert body here e.g. Trading Standards, Charity Commission etc etc]

The haters have tried to cause me many problems by making anonymous tip offs to various organisations. Naturally they follow things up. I remember speaking to the Trading Standards office when I lived in Wallsend. They called me and asked if I was aware of some claims that were been made against me. Even though they were anonymous they had to touch base with me. I actually invited the officer to my office and he accepted. He brought a folder full of emails from one anonymous person. He also had print outs of photos that had been photo-shopped of me. I showed him the member database (even gave him his own log in) and he said it was clear that there was an agenda against me by someone with far too much time on their hands. He was choking on his tea and biscuits when we browsed the various photos they’d done of me. Hillarious stuff. The only problem was that he was a Newcastle fan so he was uncomfortable sat in my office decked out in Liverpool FC stuff! Again, his advice? “Ignore. It’s clear there is a jealousy issue here”

When my cousin was suddenly paralysed a few years back, her parents nearly lost their home. She was hospitalised for well over a year and to this day she spends the majority of her time in and out of hospital. Because she is a Liverpool fan a number of our members wanted to help contribute to her cause. It was suggested by a member (not myself) who is still with us today, that people could chip in each month to try and help Lauren’s family retain their home. Mum and dad were unable to work as they were constantly bedside. If it wasn’t for our fantastic members Lauren’s family would without a doubt, have lost their home.

Initially the haters/rivals said Lauren didn’t exist. Then she did but wasn’t disabled at all. Because of the fundraising media attention in her home town by key figures, they soon had to backtrack. They then suggested that I had set up a false charity, an absolute lie. They also said I had stolen thousands from Lauren and her family (my family too!). Despite the family saying this wasn’t true and despite Lauren asking them to grow up and leave her alone, they continued and still do. Nobody has ever been investigated by the Charity Commission because their claims are totally false. To this day they still stalk Lauren and her family. Naturally they stalk me but to target a disabled girl is despicable. Remember, these people are Liverpool ‘fans’.

We touched on this above, but what I can say is that there is ongoing investigation by Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs. You can find the contact details for Trading Standards here if you want to check Dunk’s fairytale story about their visit. At least he is now admiting that they’ve been checking him up. He has denied this earlier.

As for Lauren, why don’t you just cough up the accounts Mr. Accountable? All we are saying is that you collected a lot of money, and that there is no evidence that Lauren got all or any of it. Nobody knows how much you got, not even Lauren. But it’s easy to tell that it must have been several tens of thousands just by adding the few numbers we know. The reason the Charity Commision is not looking at this is because it was never a charity. Just a paypal account set up in your mothers name. Show us the complete figures of what was collected on this account. Nobody is targeting Lauren or her family. We’re just asking you to provide the proof that she got what our fellow LFC supporters sent to her. You said you couldn’t chip in yourself because you were unwaged and didn’t have money. But you claim to have thousands of paying members on your website, and you try to tell us you are so wealthy that you can close koptalk any day if you’d like and be better off. At the time you claimed to not be able to help Lauren, you boosted loads of expensive gadgets on koptalk, and you were driving a Mercedes that you changed every year because you were bored with the color or the roof or whatever. It just doesn’t add up, Dunk!

Oldham evades Tax and contributions

I pay my taxes every couple of months and my monthly national insurance contributions every month.

Do you charge VAT for your subscriptions? Do you report all the income from koptalk? I don’t think so. But HMRC is going to find out this, and they can even make paypal give out the figures. Maybe this is why you are talking about buying a new pad in another country?

Oldham cyber squats on domain names

If someone from another Liverpool FC website spams our readers or tries to disrupt our website, then we will naturally try to protect our interests by registering domains that may be of use to them. For example, if someone spams our forums from liverpoolsiteexample.com and liverpoolsiteexample.co.uk is available, then of course I will snap it up. They then cry about it. Hillarious. There are many Liverpool FC websites out there and we haven’t registered any domain names like theirs because they haven’t given us any reason to. **** with us and we’ll try and protect ourselves. If I have a domain you’d like to buy, make an offer and I will sell it to you if it meets my valuation with 100% of the proceeds going to the Hillsborough Justice Campaign. I have been offered money for domains before but it has never been about making money, it’s about protecting your identity.

Not only did Dunk try to direct traffic from other websites to koptalk. He even registered domains about Michael Shields routing it to koptalk, and when Hicks and Gillett bought LFC he registered loads of different kopfootball domains. Today, some of the domains Dunk has held is no longer his. He cannot afford to keep them anymore.

His wife divorced him because he was a bad father to their children (Robert and Charlotte)

Considering I had no children with her I find that the funniest one of the lot. My kids are from another relationship. Owned again!

We know who the kids mother is. We also know that Robbie was born several months after you married Maria. How did she feel about that? Was this one of the reasons she finally left. Or couldn’t she handle the massive amount of fat you gathered around your waist? Maybe she was fed up with being married to a man who spent all day in the garden shed in front of the computers. Or maybe she didn’t want to be a part of your scams anymore? Who cares. She’s of no interest to us anyway.

He ripped people off with a fake book!

I should have published my book a long time ago, I admit that. But time flies by so fast. Anyone who placed a pre-order deposit was issued a refund if they wanted one. Some haven’t asked for a refund saying they’ll rather wait. It will come but only when I’m ready! I’m glad it’s not out yet because I have so much more to add to it!

On your blog there is still a claim it will be out this year, but it won’t. How many times have you said it’s almost finished? It has been almost finished for years. But it’s nowhere to be seen. Here’s a list of blog posts about this issue for those that haven’t read about it before.

Liverpool FC hate Oldham

Depends who it is. Staff at the official website were once caught spamming our forums and the main man at the official site has tried to stop us offering free postage on LFC shirt sales as it meant fans paid much less than at the official site. On the otherhand former chief executive Peter Robinson arranged my season tickets and Rick Parry invited me in for tea and biscuits although I never took him up on his offer. You have to remember the official site and the club are two very different things. The official site used my review of their e-season ticket on their sign-up pages for ages (the only review they had) yet today they see KopTalk as a commercial website because we also offer a membership so they have a more distant approach.

Press officer Ian Cotton had a great relationship with the Mighty Reds website which later become the first official site. Back in the day there was no official site and no other site worth looking at other than the Mighty Reds which while packed with content, was very drab. He won’t have anything decent to say about KopTalk because we’ve made his life a nightmare by breaking news and making claims over the years. The haters once published quotes said to be from Cotton which stated that KopTalk did not have any official access to Melwood. That’s right, we don’t and have never claimed to have. However we do have contacts there both paid and non paid and as I stated several years ago, due to my friends in the national media, I usually have a contact at the press conferences who text me with anything of interest. The club do not give access to unofficial websites because they have their own website. Simple as.

KopTalk was the only Liverpool FC website in the world invited to Montreal, Canada and Dallas, America by Tom Hicks and George Gillett when they bought the club. We have strong links with present and former players inside and outside of Liverpool Football Club, with various legends having had columns on the site over the years.

So it depends how you define the club. I have friends who work there and who play for the club. I have formal and informal relationships with people at various levels. A pen-pushing press officer and the official LFC website staff are the least of my concerns. KopTalk is proud to be 100% independent. Many of the sites that claim to be aren’t with agreements to operate in a particular way. Balls to that. I prefer to distance myself so that my members and readers aren’t fed propaganda.

Dunk. You have no contacts at the club. Why don’t you name one of them. Just one. You can’t because there are none. How about your friends in the national media. Who are they? Get them to confirm it. These attacks on Ian Cotton and the staff on the official website are just pathetic. It shows how much respect you have for LFC and it’s employees. They cut you off and it hurts you.

You were never invited to Montreal and Houston either. You invited yourself, and the owners were gullible enough to believe you, and they thought they would get some good PR from you. You still claim they have access to koptalk, but they’ve never been members and they never will.

Chris Bascombe hates Oldham

I don’t care what a hack who works for the Sunday Sun (News Of The World) thinks about me. I have loads of friends in the national media. You can’t get on with everyone and quite frankly, I don’t give a toss

What’s all this hating stuff? We don’t hate you, Chris Bascombe doesn’t hate you. I guess your kids mother hates you, but then you’ve threatened to kill her so she’s got a reason. Chris Bascombe knows you’re a liar and a conman, and I guess he, just like us, detest what you do. Hate is another thing though. I’ll reserve that for those who’s worthy. You’re not. You’re just a pathetic conman that we all want to get rid of sooner rather than later.

Oldham rips people off because he charges people to access his site

You can only sell content to people who think it’s of value. Do people really think that 1,000’s of people renew every year because they are unhappy? As said previously, I prefer to generate revenue via an optional membership and not by plastering the site in ads. This also enables the site to be 100% independent of any network. We also don’t ask for donations like many LFC sites willingly take. We have a free site for people who can’t join and a membership for people who can. If it’s such a rip off I wonder why we have a 89%+ renewal rate each year? Not only do our VIP members have access to an ad-free environment but our forums are moderated 24/7. The membership fee helps deters idiots. Our members also receive FREE LFC SMS alerts all year round and we offer them more than any other LFC website out there. It is a choice to become a member. If you join and don’t like what we offer, I am happy to issue a full refund providing you haven’t left it a year to tell us! If you’re not happy I do what I can to make things right for you.

It’s about choice.

There’s that false 1000’s claim again. And 89% renewal rate is also a bare faced lie. Last year 875 accounts disappeared from the members list. That’s 32% of the total number on 01.01.2008. So far this year almost 600 more are gone. At this rate there will hardly be anyone left in a couple of years time.

We dont have a problem with you charging a membership fee for the site, as long as it is run in an honest way. The problem is that it’s all based on lies. You claim to have all these sources with inside information, which you clearly haven’t. You tell your members that you go to Liverpool matches but you don’t. Yesterday you tried to sell memberships by advertising a ticket competition for this weekends match, when in fact the competition is run by Lucozade. And then of course there are all the issues mentioned above.


There are loads of things they’ve claimed. These are just some of my most favourite ones. If for one minute you believe anything they say you must be completely brain dead. If you really do think I’m a criminal or on the run, please phone your nearest police station and give them my email address etc. You never know, there could be a reward!

I’m not justifying myself to these fools, I’m simply answering a few points for the benefits of our members/readers who sometimes ask why these people have an unhealthy interest in me. They will always put their spin on anything no matter what you say. You’re damned if you do, damned if you don’t. Remember, we’ve kicked out a few hundred people over 11 years, they have to have gone somewhere. As long as they keep promoting KopTalk and myself, I’ll be happy because my life has improved so much since they started. With nobody to take shots at you, you become lazy. They keep me on my toes and I wouldn’t be here in Spain without their help.

Don’t forget, if it’s on the internet it has to be true, right? 😉

I came to a totaly different conclusion, having read the evidence on this blog. Those who believe you are the ones who must be brain dead. We’ve proved time and time again that you are lying. We’ve shown the fake COA from Steve. We’ve shown how you use the s*n as a new source. We’ve shown the domains you’ve squatted on. You, however, has been thrown out of SOS because they don’t want you as a member. You are the one who never proves your claims about having contacts and sources at the club or in the media. You are the one who has presold a book for years without providing any evidence you’ve written a single line. You are the one who claimed LFC player give interviews to the s*n. You are the one who claims you have a renewal rate of 89% when your member stats says otherwise. You are the one who targeted former and at the time present LFC players. You are the one who failed to pay contributors on your site what you owed them. You are the one who can’t allow your members to PM each other because you want to control all the conversation between them. And finally; you are the one who in one sentence claim that you don’t get a wage but still need to pay the bills and have food on the table. Well, guess what. We do pay for this with the money we get from our wages. And you think people should believe you before us?

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