Don't say goodbye – we don't like that

Another well known and respected poster left koptalk today. But he wasn’t allowed to say goodbye to those he had shared ups and downs with over the past few years. The post where he said goodbye was deleted and then it returned but was closed, and then it was deleted again. The last time I saw it it had 39 views. So why wasn’t Legin1973 allowed to say goodbye to the few remaining koptalkers? I mean, there wasn’t much controversy in his post. Read for yourself:

#575467 – September 25, 2009 08:00 Sorry Guys!!..
Legin1973 Legin1973
KopTalk VIP

Registered: May 19, 2005
Posts: 1516
Loc: Harrogate

I am afraid my time on KT are over I just dont enjoy the site anymore…I think it has become boring!..
There seems to be so few people on here nowadays.
I have been a part of Koptalk for 5 years and have enjoyed it most days but not recently.
I have received some heavy critiscm and also received alot of praise neither of which are an issue as to me leaving.

Dunk I hope you will refund whoever generously donated my membership for the remainder of the subscription and I genuinely am sorry to that person.

I dont feel I can offer the site anything anymore and I dont feel it offers me anything anymore.

Dunk I honestly feel you need to do something to save your site its sinking fast and I arent sure you are interested in it anymore…not enough to save it anyway.
You seem to have so many other projects going on I dont see how you can possible dedicate the time need to Koptalk which is a shame but thing changes. Maybe it would br better to shut it down and call it a day rather than drag a once wonderful site through the mud.

I will miss some of you a great deal I wish you all the very best.

YNWA Koptalkers



A couple of members made replies before the thread was taken down. Then Dunk made his reply which looked like this: (my comments in bold)

#575473 – September 25, 2009 08:28 Re: Sorry Guys!!.. [Re: Legin1973]
Dunk Dunk
KopTalk VIP

Registered: July 31, 1998
Posts: 100779

I love the way you say the site is sinking fast. We’re on the verge of upgrading the server (and moving the site)… strange thing to do if what you say is true.
Anyone can see how few posts there are these days. It’s been dead for three weeks now. And members are fleeing the site. Nigel is right in saying it’s sinking fast. The server upgrade is actually a downgrade, isn’t it? With so few members online at one time it could be hosted on the cheapest shared server you’ll find, but I guess it already is. Two months ago you were supposed to upgrade the software. What happened to that upgrade?

KopTalk is and always will be, my baby, my priority. If it’s on the internet it has to be true, right. Just be careful what you read.
This applies moar to koptalk than anywhere else. Don’t believe anything Dunk says! Most of it is lies. Priority? For the last couple of years Dunk has been moar concerned with his vlogging friends than his paying koptalk members. Of course this is because he tries to build up a new community of people who he’ll eventually charge for money. In fact he’s already got the begging bowl out. Koptalk is dying and Dunk knows it. It’s just a question of time before that revenue stream is gone.

It is a difficult time in our club’s history. There’s a lot of doom and gloom and general depression. There’s little to debate as we go round and round in circles. The summer on here was a good one as usual and with the window having just closed, there’s not going to be much activity until around Nov/Dec I’d say.
How come this isn’t affecting other forums the same way? They seem to be ticking along just fine. Sure there is debate about the ownership etc. that’s been done over and over, but on koptalk it has stopped, elsewhere it’s still going. Was the summer on koptalk good? I don’t think so. The forums were quieter than ever before, members were leaving left, right and centre, and the inside info was as always non-existent. So it wasn’t that good a summer, was it? (For us it was though.)

You think it’s become boring yet a member yesterday told me they would rather give up a kidney than not renew his membership. You can’t keep everyone happy.
Who was this? Can you get him to tell this to us? I bet not. It’s another lie. Besides, if anyone told you this, it would be bullshit. There is not one single person in the whole world who would give up a kidney to be on an internet forum. It’s just so laughable you’d have to be seriously ill to believe it.

It’s never nice to lose a member but people come and go and when they go it’s usually to link up with someone else as you are aware.
On koptalk most don’t come, they leave. The last new member signed up more than three weeks ago.
Of course those who leave will link up with others. They still want to be part of a community of Liverpool supporters. That’s gone from koptalk now. They’ll have to find it elsewhere.

KopTalk will continue for many, many years. If we were to close, there’d be nothing left for the former (banned) members to discuss and they would have an even further void in their lives.
How many years will you keep it going with just a handful ignorant members? It’s dead now. Imagine how it will be with just 200 members. And you won’t be able to make a living of it. You claim you don’t but you do. You have even admitted this to former members when trying to get them to stay. As for us, we’d be more than happy to not have to run this blog or warn the people you are scamming about you. But as long as you keep this scam going we’ll be on your back. No matter how many years it will take.


PS: I will drop you an email.
I look forward to read this. 😉

So, while Dunk is gambling away the subscription money in Las Vegas, his members are looking for better forums to join. Legin’s not alone. There are many others who are fed up with koptalk as well. Some have signed up for the SMS messages, but they never arrive. Some thought there would be thousands of members joining the debates, yet it’s dead quiet. Some have been members for years but just recently realized it’s all based on lies. There are loads of reasons, but one thing is common; Koptalk members are looking for better places to discuss LFC matters.

74 Responses to “Don't say goodbye – we don't like that”

  1. Kraptwitter Says:

    His con thrived in a time when the web was much more limited than it is now and interactino was controlled by website owners. Being able to disable private messaging was all he needed to do to maintain control and block criticism.

    The rise in social networks has blown his plan wide apart and, while he still tries to keep a lid on his can of worms, he has no control over what anyone says outside his walled garden.

    I find it amusing to see him trying to use those same tactics on Twitter. Does he not realise that its not his Twitter comments that are of most interest to us, but those of his few followers he’s been able to pick up and their @comments to him?

  2. Revo Says:

    It hasnt taken dunk long to get back into the thick of things, his latest post today :

    Do not post your email addys or your post will be deleted. We can exchange email addresses with others on your behalf via support ticket.

    As mentioned, he is back and trying to control things from the false cocoon that he lives in. He cant hide anymore and programs such as twitter etc etc just highlight what a fool he really is. He gets it from all angles, even his vlog wars highlight what a fucking dickhead he is. He cant keep his mouth shut and as I have said many many times before, the more he talks the more he drops himself in it.

    I have sent him 2 emails requesting my 75 quid back and as you have seen I will donate it to the alder hey kids. Do you think he will respond ? not a fucking chance. He made that clear when he said he doesnt deal with people that dont like him or become abusive. He already (in his mind) cleared the runway for non payment.

    Make no bones about this though and I know I give slim shady shit abar violence. I KNOW WHERE DUNK PARKS HIS CAR AT ANFIELD (SELKIRK TOLD ME) I will wait for you dunk and if I see you and you dont have my cash, kid or no kid, I will take it out of your face. Thats not just a statement here, that will be fact.

    You owe me 75 quid and im gonna get it one way or another. Play all the bullshit you like on twitter and play to your sheep but trust me mate, I will catch up with you

  3. Ytse Jam Says:

    @Revo. Can you get the £37 he owes me for 16 month’s worth of cancelled subs as well please? I’d be more than happy to donate that to charity too. You get that £37 from him Revo, and you can pick the charity pal. Deal?

  4. Aztecsghost Says:

    Disagree with violence but agree Dunk needs to pay up for money he owns you mates. By threatening violence you’ve played up to Dunk’s tactic and he will use that as leverage to gain more confidence with his sheep.

    File a paypal complaint and follow up with a small claims court filing Serve his business address in UK. No need to worry about Spain.

    Remember that ALL your costs to get money from Dunk can be added to the claim. And if Dunk fails to show up to court you win and you can place a lien on his property or better, prove his Mom is part of the business and put a lien on hers.

    The proof is that she’s allowing him to operate a business in Spain in her house.

    It will take time but it might be worth it. Sure hate to see any of my mates here go to jail over anything Dunk does or doesn’t do.

  5. Titter Says:

    Has anyone ever approached the local press in Scarborough about him and Lauren?

    How much was it again that was raised for her? How much did she get?

    Usually you’ll see people who’ve had some kind of fundraiser come forward – or the parents do perhaps – with a message of thanks and some photos/video of what they spent the money on.

    This is the person who pretended he’d changed his name to Mr Man Utd so he could get himself in the papers. At that time he’d not realised he could pretend to collect for charity, so he actually gave genuine details of a hospice people could donate to over his name change. He saw it as free publicity for his KopTalk scams off the back of a genuine charity getting genuine donations.

    Yet when thousands and thousands were raised by donations from Liverpool fans the world over what did we see in the local press?

    Nothing at all. Not a single mention.

    It’s obvious why. And maybe it’s time the local press up there did some digging over it.

    Someone exploited a disabled kid – was it Dunk, his mum, Lauren’s parents or all of them.

  6. duncon Says:

    we need to let Ryan Babel – on twitter know about him so he can block him – RyanBabel19 – he should never have access to anything or anybody connected to our club

  7. Andy Says:

    Whilst you’re looking to collect money, how about getting my refund for that bloody book!

  8. Revo Says:

    @ Andy

    why dont you contact him yourself and ask for your refund. he openly boasts that he will refund anyone that asks.
    call him on his shit mate with direct action, its the only way to go.

  9. Koptalk Outsider Says:

    It’s nice when Dunk himself provides the evidence he’s lying.

    Sunday he left Las Vegas on Virgin Atlantic flight VS044 with departure 16:40 Pacific time. The next evening he pretended to still being in Vegas, posting this message on twitter: 2.10pm which means it’s time for a trip to TGI Fridays. Might stay in Vegas another week. Absolutely loving this place. And then: Gotta go see my friend off to Cali. Top bloke but he aint got a clue about football i.e. soccer. Nice wheels though!

    But Dunk was back in Spain at this point. Wonder what his “local” friends thought of these messages when they knew he was back. They had already wished him welcome back.

    I also await the pictures from the Hoover Dam. Just a few hours before he left Vegas he posted this message: Going to Hoover Dam tom. Will get plenty of photos. Heading into Vegas now to buy some show tickets for tonight, then heading for lunch. This was after Revo reminded him on here about what he had said before he left Spain. He was going to visit the Hoover Dam and Area 51. We’re waiting for pictures, Dunk!

  10. Aztecsghost Says:

    Dunk is thick headed to continue his faux vacation blogs when he’s sitting in Spain.

    None of his “friends” are replying to his fictitious vacation tweets. A key indicator that Dunk has fallen on his thick head and he can’t get up.

  11. KopTalk Member Says:

    I parted with a tenner each month for six months, to help towards keeping a roof over Lauren’s Mum and Dad’s head when she was struck down. To this day, I have never received an acknowledgement or thanks for this gesture from anyone.

    But what I did get was my ‘Honorary Member’ title taken away from me soon after; the same title which was awarded to me after being proposed by fellow member(s) of the site, but not in recognition of my pledges.

    I couldn’t give a shit about the Honorary badge, and I’d still have continued to pay my subs, regardless of the fact that I would not have been obliged to do so.

    I have still not digested this yet, and feel rather stupid about the above just by typing it.

  12. Koptalk Outsider Says:

    Lots of people did. No need to feel stupid about it. That’s what Liverpool supporters do. They stand up for eachother. Dunk, on the other hand, claimed he was unpaid so he was unable to chip in himself. Still he was showing off all his new expensive gadgets at the same time.

    Drop me a line if you like to talk about this off record.

  13. kraptalk_addict Says:

    And continued to pretend about when he was leaving the next day with photos of the virgin desk at LAS.

    No idea why but it doesn’t change anything regardless of his location, he’s a lying, thieving, conman who is being exposed at every turn.

    How pathetic that he still tries to show off via material items for both himself and what he buys for his son. Any sane person can see he tries to buy his son’s admiration and there’s only one way that relationship will end up. You can’t buy respect fat cunt.

  14. TerryJ Says:

    I see now that Dunk has opened up his moanvideo site again after blocking access last week. He really doesn’t know whether he is coming or going. He is like the Dutch boy with his finger in the dyke but he can’t stop the truth from outing him.

    He also has the cheek to put up the video of Tony Woodley ripping up the shite rag but doesn’t explain to his ‘subscribers’ that the said shite rag is his main source of news articles for his football website..

    Your world is closing in on you Dunk, sweet dreams tonight, hope the ghosts don’t appear again for a chat with you. Ha ha.

  15. Revo Says:

    @koptalk member

    please contact me, cheers mate

  16. Shellshock Says:

    Sent on 29th september, resend today.
    KO has my mail 🙂

  17. Koptalk Outsider Says:

    Dunk has set up a new website where he tries to sell SMS news updates for £50 a year. He has even got a few feedbacks on the site even though it’s a brand new service. LOL!

  18. skamp Says:

    Dunk trying to charge people for something that they caan get for free..

    Nooooooooo I don’t believe you.

  19. Revo Says:

    remember last week when he was asking for writers ? dunk is now priming lfc bloggers on twitter. they will also be targeted dunk

  20. Cyril Beach Says:


    50 quid a go for sms alerts, hes gone too far with that one, fuck Get a grip Oldham

  21. BOBBINS Says:

    ha ha he has quotes already about how good it is yet its a brand new service?

  22. Revo Says:

    Ive already had 5 people block his account on twitter. every avenue of communication should be blocked.

  23. kraptalk Says:

    A dodgy premium SMS service would be more appealing for Watchdog to investigate than a members website though.

  24. Koptalk Outsider Says:

    It looks like Dunk’s loosing on all fronts now, doesn’t it? The forums are dead, there aren’t new members, his video site is full of members who haven’t been on there for at least a year, the respected members with info have all left. Still Dunk claims he happy we’re “promoting” his site, and that this blog is the best thing that has happened to him.

    Steve, who did all his dirty work, was fed up of it and left. Now Dunk claims he had to go because he didn’t sort out support tickets and members requests. Well guess what. It won’t be better with Dunk doing it. Someone complained today that he sent a support ticket a few weeks ago. Dunk can’t even find it.

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