Who pulled the plug?

Following on from the last comment by Revo on the previous blog post, I thought I’d let you all know how things are going over at koptalk. We’ve told you before that it’s dying a slow death with a decreasing number of members and posts. Koptalk used to be a vibrant forum with lots of good discussions and banter. This has more or less been gone the last couple of years, and most of the good posters have now left.

I had the pleasure of visiting Liverpool the first weekend of September. Having been away for a few days, I logged on to koptalk the following Monday to have a look at what had been happening while I was away. Usually I check the “Active posts last 24 hours” to see how busy it’s been. I thought I’d done something wrong as there were just 6 pages of posts, so I did it again, but to my surprise there were still the same number of pages. There are 25 posts per page, so that would mean between 125 and 150 posts the last 24 hours. Then I tried “Active posts last 48 hours” and there were just 11 pages (less than 275 posts). I’ve never before seen it so low. Only once before it has dipped below 200 posts a day (194 to be precise), and that was on Christmas Day last year. Apart from that, it usually never goes below 300 and rarely even below 400.

OK, it was a weekend and no Liverpool match on, so I thought it would pick up through the week, and come next weekend and the Burnley match there would be the usual number of posts again. But it kept going slow during the week, and when the Burnley match arrived it was still dead. A total of 421 posts in 24 hours (12am to 12am) on a match day is by far an all time low, but it only took another 4 days to beat that record when the Debrecen match thread only had about 90 posts and the total in 24 hours was 410. A year ago that would be a really slow non-match day, now it seems to be the new standard for match days. The West Ham match couldn’t get the numbers above 450 either. In fact, so far in September the average posts a day is below 300, and that includes 3 matches and the closing day of the transfer window. It is a significant drop in activity and it will be interesting to see how it developes during the next few months.

Last weekend we saw another record low number of posts when there was just 108 posts from Friday to Saturday. That’s 4.5 posts an hour. And Dunk claims they have thousands of members? Whre are they all? I had a look at the “Who’s online” page at one point in the Debrecen match, and there were just over 40 members online in the last 15 minutes. Where were the rest? They weren’t at Anfield. There are very few match going koptalk members. Someone tried to arrange a meet up before a match but didn’t get a single reply. There are hardly any tickets on offer anymore. On other sites they are linking their PTS/Membership cards to ensure they get all possible tickets they can among each other. And they meet up before the match to have a pint and a laugh. But nothing of that is going on at koptalk. Those who used to sort out others with tickets are gone. Occationally there pops up a ticket or two, but I wouldn’t rely on koptalk if I wanted to go to a match.

To get back to my original question. Who pulled the plug? The answer is probably: Dunk! The reason koptalk is dying on it’s arse is Dunk’s failure to focus on the site. He’s too busy with his video site and frequenting Benidorm bars, leaving koptalk to itself. All the lies and scams are now coming back haunting him and at this crucial point he fucks off to Las Vegas with his, what is it, third girlfriend in a year?. His members are fed up with paying for nothing but lies and censorship. Those who have known about the scam for a while has realized that by posting they keep the site alive, so they’ve stopped contributing. Many of the members have also realized there are better free options around.

The real question you all will be sat with having read this though is. Why the heck did I go to Liverpool when there was no match on?

34 Responses to “Who pulled the plug?”

  1. Jonno Says:

    Were you in Liverpool to:
    Purchase a van?
    Purchase (insert ex-player’s name)’s property that has a balcony overlooking Melwood?
    Purchase a hotel near the docks so that you can offer free accomodation to anyone travelling to Liverpool to watch a game?

  2. Revo Says:

    Things are that slow that dunk downgraded the servers. He also eliminated 70 dormant accounts over the past 2 weeks. He still claims hundreds are joining up when in fact the only 2 accounts added last week were admin1 and admin2, wonder which one is steve.

  3. Sean_Da_Man Says:

    Wow, sounds like the place is dying a slow horrible death….
    I used to log in (back in the day 😉 ) for days at a time, and there would be nothing new…. Same threads with maybe one or 2 new posts…. ANd that was in the transfer window, If the match day threads are only getting 90 posts, then that really says alot…. I think it will be done by the end of the season by the sounds of it….

    If you play with fire you get burned… eh Dunk???


  4. Titter Says:

    Were you in Liverpool to meet Chris Waddle?

    Dunk’s making his Vegas trip into a stunt, as always when he does anything like this, and so he’s filmed himself in a taxi saying something like “Cash Exchanged”. Presumably he paid cash for the cab.

    In the video a voice mentions the name of a hotel, is it the one they’re staying at? 3411, Casino Royale.

    I did a quick google, and this was the first hit:

    “Casino Royale review

    Virtually the forgotten resort on the Strip, this independently operated, 152-room casino has nothing to do with the James Bond movie of the same name. Rather, it’s a truly basic little casino-hotel that survives despite being surrounded by the city’s major players. Favoured by budget travellers after cheap minimums and even cheaper drinks, it’s a cheery place without much charisma but with plenty of value.

    As you might expect from the cut-price room rates, the rooms here aren’t anything special: they’re basically motel-standard, though the mid-Strip location is ideal as a base from which to explore the city.

    Eating & drinking
    The Outback Steakhouse and Denny’s are the closest things to signature restaurants here. The most notable feature of the bar is the dollar beers it offers around the clock.

    You’ll have to make your own here.

    There’s not much to say about this place, though the minimums are low and it’s the only casino on the Strip to offer 100x odds for craps, reducing the house edge to a mere 0.02%.”

  5. Aztecsghost Says:

    Don’t bother documenting Dunk’s trip to Vegas. It’s burred in subterfuge. Normal functional people to on vacations take pictures and leave most of the worries at home, not Dunk, he’s paranoid.

    When MethodofMac made http://www.paranoiavideo.com/ it was out of fun. Truth be told it’s a slap in the face. Dunk has been paranoid for so long that he’s become delusional.

    Dunk would rather have us discuss non issues rather than focusing on his cons, his attacks on former Kraptalk members and family.

    We need to continue to focus on what’s developing on Dunk’s cons to educate people. Sure I am not against poking fun at Dunk. Dunk would love nothing more than being Slim Shady on the blogs switching topics. Just say’in.

  6. slim shady Says:

    aztec – not sure why you mentioned me or if it was intended for me, but this is not dunk, I can assure you of that

  7. kraptalk_addict Says:

    well he’s desperately trying to keep kt active while on holiday, funny that he put a photograph up of his laptop on the kt page in his hotel room. jet lagged apparently so that’s why he was up at midnight ‘looking after kt’.

    Couple of things, he’s said that he’s staying in a penthouse, well fuck me that’s the worst penthouse suite I’ve ever seen. It’s actually a standard queen room in any hotel in vegas, shame that he was stuck on the laptop and his girlfriend is nowhere to be seen. Fail duncan, also glad you went up a level from macdonalds to the outback steakhouse, you just can’t beat fine dining like the outback..

  8. Aztecsghost Says:

    We shouldn’t pick on Dunk. Anything looks like a penthouse compared to living in a shared Spanish Villa with a small kiddy pool.

  9. duncon Says:

    just a quick slip —- so who did fat dunk go on vacation with – his bird ??? well not quite – he met some real saddo from his video sharing craphole called Bob and this is what he wrote…

    Comment by ArizonaBob 3 hours ago I had a fantastic time Dunk! It was very good to meet you and Lisa and your mum bro! A fantastic experience and I night I will never forget! Very, very good memories already. Thanks, Bob 🙂

    So he went on vacation with his MUM again – appears that the only time he does anything is when his old girl pays for it….. real mummys boy is the big man!!!

  10. Aztecsghost Says:

    LMAO Dunk’s Mom paid for the vacation. Can’t stop laughing. No credibility, Dunk is a total tool. He is living in his Mom’s basement, in Spain.

    What a wanker Dunk is, … oh wait. Dunk will say “I paid for the trip”. Well, no Dunk, can’t believe you. Dunk, you live in your Mom’s house, you drive your Mom’s car, you swim in her pool. Heck she probably pays for those jeans your wearing.

    “Hi I am Duncan Oldham and I just turned 35, and live in my Mom’s Spanish villa basement. Single and working on conning a new generation of people out of money.”

    N’uff said

  11. Revo Says:

    Only a sad sack takes his Ma to vegas but back to the matter at hand. For the remaining koptalkers, this is where your subscriptions are going. how does it make you feel knowing that your money is being used for dunks family vacations? dont you feel used ? Its sickening to know that this charade called contalk still takes good Liverpool fans for granted and wastes thousands of pounds. Frank, naveed, Biggy, Dan Perkins,stealth, its time to take some responsability for fellow Liverpool fans. Dont wait for your subs to run out, stand up, speak out and join us in bringing the contalk sham to an end

  12. Koptalk Outsider Says:

    Poor girl. She didn’t look too comfortable being filmed by those two pricks. But she will see through him sooner or later. She’ll realize he’s only with her for her Merc. Just like the two girls he’s been engaged with the last year, she’ll be fed up joining him in his lies.

    Anyway, koptalk is still dead quiet. 146 posts in the match thread last night isn’t much considering danperkins made 54 of them.

  13. skamp Says:

    Ha ha,he’s made his reply due to Bob putting his foot in it,Fatty is staying at the best hotel in Vegas
    ”I’m typing this entry up from my Penthouse Suite overlooking the McCarran International Airport, Las Vegas. I’m staying in the best hotel in Vegas with my girlfriend.”
    So that’ll be the Venetian then right ? and it’s the penthouse so that’ll be the best penthouse in the best hotel (way down the road from the Mirage according to his own photos),i know for a fact that the penthouse at the Rio is $8000 per night and that’s not classed as a top 10 vegas room,so Dunc pray tell how much was this penthouse (overlooking the fecking Airport runway) at the best hotel in vegas ?

    30 bob and a curly whirly no doubt.

  14. slim shady Says:

    haha, moan video now needs a log in. I guess he is embarrassed that everyone knows his mum took him on holiday. as we speak he is probably trying to explain the story to his members and desperately trying to change the sequence of events. that money was probably money that his mum asked him to go change into dollars.
    on the subject of koptalk, did anyone notice his change of tone when speaking about purslow. what exactly can he have against him, other than the fact it probably wasnt the person that he suggested to K&G. (that still ranks as one of the best lies yet. fat ex pat conman asked to recommend an appointment for one of footballs top jobs, hahahaha)

  15. A Current KT Member Says:

    I have seen the light and am in the process of moving to a different forum…
    I will announce my departure on KT and I dont think it will go down to well.

  16. duncon Says:

    its good to know that another liverpool fan is safe from this con artist. I just dont understand how the facts add up in the minds of those still frequenting his site.

    He spouts about having contacts within Liverpool – that he has insider information and that the owners are in contact with him. Also that there are players and members of the media signed up to his site.

    Well the facts are that he never goes to the City let alone the matches. He was recently in London during the West Ham game and never went. He lives in Spain with zero access to the club. He prefers to spend the money he rips off liverpool fans on creating a Video Sharing site for Yanks and on trips for all his family to Vegas with 10k in spending money (according to him).

    Why would anyone give him their hard earned?

    This is aside to all the facts stated on this site.

  17. diary_of_a_dumk Says:

    i’m not looking forward to the return flight home to spain. the coach class seating is far too tight for my frame even when i buy two seats. thank god for the cocktail cart and man size nappies. it’s a nightmare to have to try to walk the ailse to get to the toilet compartment. why do people have to stare so? and the women, well they take a look then quickly avert their eyes.
    these lies are getting too hard to keep up with. it’s making me sick. i can’t sleep without my c-pap, my digestion is crap (pun intended) and my sex drive is zero but that works out well anyway cuz these girls i meet don’t want to make naked with me. they’d rather just get drunk and pass out.
    aztechost is methodobmac haunting me and i’m spinning out of control. my kids are ashamed of me, my mum tolerates me but who knows how long that will last…
    i wish i could just say i’m sorry to everyone and start over but i’m trapped.

  18. Aztecsghost Says:

    I like the “aztechost is methododmac” part. Brings a big smile across this old haggard face.

  19. Koptalk Outsider Says:

    @ Current KT Member. I’m pleased to see you leave. You’re not alone though. One of the reaons it’s so quiet on KT these days is that many of the most active posters has left. And a few more I know are on their way out. It’s going downhill and fast.

  20. Reaper Says:

    Current KT Member is there any chance you can spread the word to the members you chat with most?

    If you remember me you can grab my email addy from KT Outsider

  21. TerryJ Says:

    Good on you Current KT Member. I hope you save your leaving post and put it up here as I won’t be able to see it myself as Dunk has banned me like many others for daring to speak out. I look forward to hearing who you are.

    Good luck wherever you go next mate, I guarantee it will be better than where you are now.

  22. Revo Says:

    Its beginning to hit home now how dead contalk really is. Legin opened a thread asking why is was quiet and after various reasons from different members the thread was locked. Dunk has posted in another thread he cant get used to the time and wants to go home( he is in vegas flmao) and he wants to go back to his mums in spain. what about the visits to the grand canyon and area 51 ?
    There are no clocks in casinos as they want you to forget time and they pump in the oxygen to keep your energy levels up but dunk is missing that cos he is stuck in his room watching the tumbleweed from his laptop, he is like the howard hughes of LFC forums. The real reason he wants to go home ? he sees for himself just how bad things are and he feels safe in mummys cocoon with the swimming pool.
    Arizona bob gave the game away by revealing “oldham party of 3 ” (hahahahaha) and the odds are he is sooo embarassed that we know he is on this big trip to vegas with his mummy, kin priceless that. In fact he should bring her the manc game, I look forward to meeting her .

    @current KT member, dude you are a grown man. why dont you reveal yourself. you will feel better for it by releasing the chains that fatso seems to shackle people with.

  23. Legin1973 Says:

    I announced on here yesterday I was leaving KT and I have I posted on the site this morning explaining what I felt was wrong and that the person at the top had no interest in improving things…The post was deleted and I was locked out within 3minutes…
    Guess we all know why…
    I am now off to join a better forum which costs nothing…It has made a great impact on me seeing so many people post on here that I used to enjoy chatting with on KT.


  24. Legin1973 Says:

    Can I just correct myself my account had been closed down and locked and the thread disappeared just tried to get on there again out of interest and my account is now back live and the thread is there…bizarre!!….

  25. Another Current KT Member Says:

    I’ve also seen the light and am leaving the KT… Nige – any idea which forum you’ll be joining?

  26. Koptalk Outsider Says:

    Dunk probably took down the thread while typing up his answer. By the way, it has only had 30 views so far.

    And where is your thread from last night, where you stated how quiet the koptalk forums are? It was moved from the executive lounge to the general chat forum, but it’s now gone. However, Dunk has forgot to remove the original post with the link to the moved thread, so it’s still in the exec. lounge. If anyone tries to see it they’ll get the message “There was a problem looking up this post in our database”.

    See you soon on another forum! 🙂

  27. TerryJ Says:

    Hi Legin, good to hear it was you who posted last night and that you have seen the light. You no doubt feel all the better for it. Good luck wherever you end up mate.

  28. Reaper Says:

    Nice one Nige. I remember you mate. You’re a good egg

    All of the site linked on here are very good

  29. Koptalk Outsider Says:

    The post is gone again. I hope you don’t mind if I put it up here together with Dunks reply.

  30. Ytse Jam Says:

    Alright Nigel? I didn’t think it would be too long before you realised. Let’s be honest — you saw it over a year ago, maybe two, but just like me you had loyalty to your fellow posters and mates. Simple fact is that most of, if not all, those posters will leave koptalk sooner rather than later and you’ll see them on different sites.

    I’m interested to see the posts you mentioned here. Exactly the same thing happened to me, to Terry, recently to several of us. If we’re not allowed to ask questions, are shut down from giving constructive criticism, and the site’s not just not improving, it’s getting MUCH worse, then why belong, never mind pay money!

    You’ll now see the true Dunk* — mark my words.

    See you on the other side Nigel.

    aka Ytse Jam.

    *words fail me describing what I’ve seen since I left!

  31. Ytse Jam Says:

    Duncan: I know you or one of your cronies reads this blog. You owe me over a year’s worth of subs. I’ve asked for it to be reimbursed to my paypal account but you haven’t. I’ve emailed you, posted back on KT, and posted it on blogs and on here. You’ve had over 4 months to do this. I’ve lodged a formal complaint to paypal in the hope that you will rectify this situation. -Bill

  32. Legin1973 Says:

    Ytse I know mate its been a real eye opener seeing how people I respected on that site get treated I still feel I owe it some loyalty how weird is that!!…Koptalk Outsider feel free to post it mate I didnt get the chance to see what was put after the event as I was booted out pretty damn quick..I am hoping to get on to Scouser Tommy alot of people say alot of good things about it so am looking forward to catching up with old friends and meeting new ones…Hope I can put that on here…



  33. Ytse Jam Says:

    Good luck Nigel. And yes I know how you feel.

    I’ve heard ST is a good site. You can’t really go wrong with any of them actually and we’ll no doubt catch up soon.


    @Another Current Koptalk Member: Glad to hear it. What I wrote to Nigel also could be addressed directly to you too! Good luck don’t be shy about telling us what really happened and what’s going on on KT. An honest critique of that site can be posted here even if it can’t be on KT itself — at least here it won’t get deleted and will be discussed freely. Cheers.

  34. Koptalk Outsider Says:

    Cheers Nige. You can put whatever you want here. This is one site without censorship. Dunk has been given the opportunity to get on here and defend himself, but he never has. We’re open to debate, but he knows he can’t win. Closing that thread and removing it was another proof of his needless censorship. You said nothing that shouldn’t be allowed, yet he wouldn’t let it stay. He’s afraid more members will leave when they don’t have your snippets to look forward to. It also appears to me Lecter has left. He’s not posted for a while and rumour is his sub is up.

    I think I’ll make a new blog post with your leaving post and Dunks reply as it will drown in the comments here. If not later tonight, I’ll find some time tomorrow.

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