Feedback from Ytse Jam

Dunk recently asked for feedback from his members to put in his koptalk blog. With thousands of happy members renewing their subs every year (accourding to Dunk) you would expect a rush of replies, but so far there are only two new feedbacks. One feedback that wont be found on that blog, however, is the feedback Dunk got from one of those who has been a member for many years; Ytse Jam, formerly known as miamired. This is what he had to say:

Hello Dunk,

I thought I’d take the opportunity to say my piece so you can hear it from me. You’ve asked for feedback, both positive and negative — here it is. It’s getting emailed to you and will appear on a blog. I hope you appreciate that.

And, before I go on, both JD and RichT wanted my email address and I asked you to forward that to them. You didn’t. It’s wsrussell at gmail dot com. They can find me there.

Thanks for kicking me out on Sunday. Sean wanted to see what was being posted and I gave him permission to use my account — but apparently that’s against your rules. And you kicked out McDaft (my mate) and Cat too (though that was months ago, because he hasn’t had access since May), even though NO account had permission to post. You charged us for that.

I was on KT for probably 8 plus years and I’ve enjoyed the site probably more than 50% of the time. There are posters that I truly like, but they became fewer and fewer and the WUMs, stirrers and idiot-numbers kept increasing to a level where it was unsustainable. I think most people know that.

I worry about your health, if I’m honest. The latest video you posted was worrisome. You need to sort that out. I’ve never been a so-called hater (and don’t appreciate the inference in several of your posts on the various threads over the past 4 months), never really understood it, but I do read everything I can and a lot of the so-called “haterz” have some well-founded gripes. You will, no doubt, continue to fight them And as I said, this is not my opinion only, but others seem to have some serious issues that you’ve never addressed and explained. We’re all ears. It’s all about being honest and the guys that have left (certainly over a thousand) have all claimed that you are untruthful. You’ve never addressed their claims. Ever.

Which brings me to my honest assessment of KT. You’ve let it slide Duncan. Steve was a great worker for you, but he’s now gone (I’ve no idea of the real reason but I, like, everyone else have my suspicions) but for too long other sites were getting stronger and you rested on your laurels**. I’ve seen it pick up over the summer — that’s probably because of the new season and also because you read the writing on the wall. However, as long as I’ve been on KT, I’ve been on RAWK, YNWA, and .tv. I also joined Est during its nascence. With only 200 on the site I post on today, the traffic is probably 50 times what you get on your site. My mate logged in as McDaft a few days ago we compared notes and did a rough business-level “market-size” estimate**** — your site has picked up Dunk, but it’s a pale imitation of what KT used to be like and it’s poor compared to site I’m on now and even compared to Est, RAWK and Rattle or most of the other Liverpool supporters websites. You may have a large number of posters, but the traffic is extremely poor compared to others and the quality even poorer (with the exception of probably two dozen posters who remain my friends and always will be). I will miss my mates. But they know I’m elsewhere now and know how to find me if they’re clever.

I will miss my mates, especially the older posters like BillyLiddle, Charlie, Lathom and others like Frank, Nav, Stealth, Lec, the Daves, Rob, Maddog, Butch, Drog and many others…

I wish you would just tell people you make a living from Koptalk! If you actually stated it up front and told people you ran the site as a living and that you did your best to get inside info and unique interviews etc, I’d suggest a portion of the so-called “KT-haterz” would go away. Mind you, most wouldn’t, because you’re a conman.

There again, I truly believe you’re an impersonator on other accounts. That’s not just a con, it’s fraudulent and if true it’s screwing with unsuspecting LFC fans around the world — thousands of them! That’s not what YNWA means. That’s abuse Duncan and while I know several existing KT-ers already know it’s a big con and just go with it because of their mates, there’s are thousands (both present, in the past and potentially in the future) who are clueless. That’s just not fair and they need to be told the truth.

The final straw for me was when you kicked Chewie out. Chris and I are good mates and I was miffed you did that even though he and you didn’t see eye to eye. If you ever want to make amends with him, you can find him on “The Liverpool Way”. But you won’t.

Stop the con Dunk. Just stop it. That’s all I ask — as one Liverpool fan to another.

Bill Russell
aka Ytse Jam, Bill, Miamired.

P.S. One last thing Duncan: Revo specifically told me this: “You can also tell him Id give him an invite to ST to defend himself to his ex members, seeing as he wont put up an arena to do so.” I’d honestly like you to do that, because I think it would be in your best interests if you’re willing to try and salvage come credibility here.

** No PMs — fans not being able to talk to each other, heavy modding and deleting of threads in public forums (on behalf of the majority of posters — give us a bit of credit), inability to question things, WUMs, massive negativity and most importantly, a lack of chemistry amongst the members — we’re all fans. We should be able to talk to one anohter without your permission. It’s ridiculous, especially when you consider we pay you for the luxury of posting!

**** Based on traffic for three days, you were approximately 100 times less active than our current site. And I can confirm that KT gets a LOT of sh*te posted — and I think most KT-ers would agree with that.

179 Responses to “Feedback from Ytse Jam”

  1. Kraptwitter Says:

    Haters the lot of them, obviously 🙂

  2. duncon Says:

    latest arse-cast from the moron includes his claim that he has a season ticket and goes to the games he wants to (does that mean he DOESNT want to go to any game) also contains more reproduced copyright materail stolen from TV …. twitter will catch on to this soon….

  3. Kraptwitter Says:

    Report it to Ning for infringement of copyright. I’m sure they are potential haterz too 🙂

  4. duncon Says:

    i get amazed everytime he does this …..

    he is just a schoolboy really and lacks any maturity – its just the thing you do at school to impress another schoolboy …. none of us give a shit about 1000 Euros.

  5. slim shady Says:

    so he’s now flush again. wasnt he begging for donations a few weeks ago? koptalkers, ask the question? even people on moanvideo. how many will have donated, for him to just take pics of money that is “supposed” to be loose change to him.
    he wont make ANY game this season. he goes on about kids getting free tickets to games, but he wont give him koptalkers his tickets for the games he cant go to (all of them) so his empty seat theory is created by none other than himself. what a contradictory prick

  6. Aztecsghost Says:

    Sympathies to all who donated to Dunk. Especially to Dunk’s boy who had to take a midnight flight out cause his Dad was to cheap to purchase a better ticket.

    Typical Dunk flaunting something he doesn’t have, money or brains. Understand that I wanted to walk away from being the “town-crier” telling twitter of all the cons Dunk is up to.

    Dunk is at it again with “Love – Hate” of his critics. He claims that he is entertained while buried in his private tweet account. Which isn’t private (thanks twitter for your security flaws).

    It’s obvious that Dunk fears his critics or he would meet us face to face rather than from a distant port or a video.

    Remember Dunk needs to control where and how people get their information. That’s why he’s pushing the iPhone app so hard.

    As long as we stay firm and focus on current cons and events rather than how obese he is, or whether he’s dating his left or right hand, we will win. Cause the blog knows best, always did.

  7. Cyril Beach Says:

    Just by chance stumbled across fattys new Koptalk twitter

  8. koptalk insider Says:

    Any iPhone app that includes copyrighted content will be thrown out as soon as we notify Apple, but let him pay for development first 😉

  9. Revo Says:


    I have emailed him and told him I would like to tell him to his face that his is a phoney, conman a thief and to get out of our club. I am giving him the opportunity to meet me at the manc game and he can even bring along one of his so called hitmen. All he has to do is tell us where he is sitting, parking, having a bevvie or whatever. everything will be on the camcorder not only for the blog but also for moanvideo, should he want it. Heres your big chance to put the record straight dunk and face your haterz in the flesh

  10. Titter Says:

    According to twitter’s rules he shouldn’t be using it to threaten his ex-wife (the one he claims isn’t the father of his kids, even though he told us she was back when Robbie was born).

    “Violence and Threats: You may not publish or post direct, specific threats of violence against others.”

    Ironically he’s now trying to get Peter Andre to talk to him. I wonder what the Aussie singer would make of someone who uses “rape” to drum up sympathy but never actually reports the alleged crime to anyone? In Dunk’s case it was him telling the world his ‘haterz’ had threatened to come and rape his daughter when she was only 8 or 9 years old.

    He made it up, of course, what kind of sick mind could even consider making something up like that? Dunk: Sicker than Jordan.

    He’s not just pestering the likes of Peter Andre, he was trying to get Derren Brown to be his friend not long ago. Now that would be fun. Whatever Derren Brown can or can’t do, he can do hypnosis, and it would be fun to see Oldham finally admit the whole truth on one of his videos.

  11. kraptalk Says:

    Maybe he wants Derren Brown to join his lotterry syndicate scam

  12. Koptalk Outsider Says:

    So Dunk is unable to go to Anfield on match days because he needs to be on the site. He can’t let his members down. And he’s got these season tickets he can’t use, and he can’t let his members use them because the club doesn’t aloow him. Now he also claims that he can’t use a picture of The Kop on his iPhone application because it’s not legal, even if he has taken the pictures himself. He needs to obtain a licence and fans sites won’t get any. What happened? Why is he suddenly so concerned about what’s legal or not? He hasn’t been for the previous 10+ years.

    Anyway. He wasn’t on the site today during the match, and he wasn’t in the stands. He was on a plane on his way to London, because he’s going to Las Vegas. Why didn’t he catch an earlier plane and go the match? I mean, with all the contacts he claims to have, getting a ticket must be the least problem. And he was going to London anyway on the same day as Liverpool was playing there. What a great opportunity to get to see a match live. Still, there was no Duncan Oldham in the stands singing, cheering and supporting his team. Or having a bevvy with fellow LFC supporters.
    The truth is, Dunk hasn’t been to a Liverpol match for years. The last few matches he went to was in Newcastle, using his season tickets at St. James’ Park, sitting among the Newcastle fans. He was also in Barcelona when Liverpool played there a few years ago. He posted some pictures taken from among the Barca fans, but whether he was there himself or not he never showed. At Anfield he’s not been for many years, and I don’t think he ever will be. He doesn’t dare. Even when LFC played in Madrid this year, he was not going there. He claimed to have been there but never posted a single picture or video from the match or the city. Knowing Dunk, he posts pictures and videos from everything he does, even when he goes to the shitter. But from Madrid? Not one single picture. So it’s safe to say he wasn’t there.

  13. TheDoctor Says:

    I sent this to ‘Ask The Big Man’ and this was his reply – lol – I’m fucking petrified !

    Why are you such a fat robbing cunt? I can’t believe people are so fucking stupid that they give you money for printing information that you get from the Sun. Insider information my arse – you are no better than Ronnie Biggs you fucking thieving cunt. I hope you catch Aids for Christmas. Cunt.

    posted by The Doctor on 05 Sep 09

    Get it right, I’m fat cunt with a detached villa in Spain and my own pool. Ronnie Biggs? LOL, legend. Aids? That’s a diet that would work! Good idea. BTW your IP is – Sky Broadband? That’s so ghey. PS: Instead of using an alias, why not use your real name, wimp.

    replied by Dunk on 06 Sep 09

  14. Titter Says:

    Why is Sky Broadband “ghey” exactly? Whatever “ghey” means.

    Presumably that’s a bad thing, gheyness.

    So, if Sky Broadband is bad, why is it bad?

    As a self-confessed S*n reader, he’s hardly concerned about giving money to Murdoch.

    Is it because he can’t have it? He pays someone in England to subscribe to Sky for him, so he can get that if the weather’s right, the massive dish is pointed the right way and he’s not too picky about which channels he gets. But he can’t have Sky broadband.

    He’s admitted himself his own broadband service is shite, so it’s not like he’s talking down from the position of someone who’s got the broadband speed he’d have if he’d not been forced to leave the country. He had Telewest in England, now Virginmedia, and if he’d not left he’d have 50meg broadband speed instead of his current 512k.

    As for being a wimp, what’s hard about using your real name on an internet connection?

    He’s had an open invite to talk on here himself and never has.

    He’s been asked to meet people to talk about his version of why he thinks his various cons were okay. Not because they want to hit him (okay, some probably do) but because they want to see him answer their questions face to face rather than through a ten minute ranting video about how hard-done-to he is and how bad his eyes have got.

    And why does he use an alias for the stable of made-up insiders that he uses to make it sound like connected people are members of his site. The Wallet, the Horse, Anfield Mole to name just three of many.

    Wimp? Why does he make threats on video about violence he wants to inflict on his ex-wife and her new beau? Why does he bully his own young son on the phone into not doing the reasonable things his step-dad asks him to do?

    Why does he get his mum to do some of his bullying for him?

    Why does he get his auntie to phone people’s workplaces as revenge for just asking for a refund on the membership that turned out not to cover what it was supposed to?

    Why does he bully his little son when he does get time with him?

    Why did he bully his little cousin for years until he finally decided to a runner from him?

    He’s in England now, he says he’s not short of cash, he says he’s not got to sneak into England, he says he can go to the match any time he wants.

    So why not arrange a meeting with some of those people he’s ripped off? He can show them those receipts from Alder Hey to prove he didn’t use dodgy gift vouchers that he’d swapped for the cash people sent him.

    He could ask his mum, and Lauren’s mum and dad, to face some questions about the donation made to Lauren that never seemed to make it to her.

    Either he’s a wimp and worried about that, or he’s far too much to hide.

    I wonder how much of a wimp he’ll be when US Immigration call him to one side.

  15. slim shady Says:

    get it right, he is a fat cunt with no real friends, a small villa in spain and the smallest pool i have ever seen. I bought a fishtank of similar proportions the other week, haha.
    come on dunk, meet up with us all at the manc game. you decide the time and venue by the ground and you can see how many “wimps” there are. meet up for pint with matchgoers. you wont be there and you will make a piss poor excuse for it (threats to your family or something equally shite). why dont you practice what you preach and give your tickets to schoolkids to watch the game or people that cant afford it instead of leaving empty seats in our ground

  16. Revo Says:

    @the doctor

    Funny he should reply to you that way. He knows who I am, knows my ip, knows I wanna see him for the manc game.
    There is a fella called DM on koptalk asking for members to join him for a pint at the manc game, How come dunk has not replied ? well we all know why and we all look forward to his excuse. Heres your chance dunk to face your “haterz” dont you at least want to try and save some face with the remaining koptalkers ?

  17. koptalk insider Says:

    PS: Instead of using an alias, why not use your real name, Del Johnson 🙂

  18. Titter Says:

    Of course he once claimed Duncan Oldham wasn’t his real name, just an alias for the net.

    The thick wimp.

  19. duncon Says:

    so he is in Vegas – well lets see if he likes visitors shall we….my guess is that after 3 engagements this year this will be a marriage no doubt.

  20. kraptalk_addict Says:

    Forgetting the huge amount of evidence that shows the man for what he is for a minute, just on the basis of his relationship status over the last 12 months; how can any of his kt or mong video followers take him seriously?

    Really beggars belief that they hand over cash to someone like him.

  21. Revo Says:

    SITUATION VACANT : Liverpool fc article writer /researcher

    An opportunity currently exists for someone who would like to write articles for our history section on the main site. You would also be needed to write detailed player profiles for the current squad and possibly former players.

    The ideal applicant does not need to be a professional writer but obviously a good knowledge of written English is required to save me editing (although I’m hardly a specialist myself!).

    I will basically inform you what I need each week and you will submit your work by email to me.

    Payment will be made by PayPal on a per article basis so please drop me a line with a rough idea of what you’d command and why you’d be a good contributor.

    dunk @


    dunk dunk dunk, what happened to all your claims of koptalk is just a hobby ? and now you want to pay people to write ? according to you, there are loads of journos that visit the site. why not have a koptalk momment and offer one of them a lifetime subscription ? I will tell you why, cos there are no journos and anyone with an ounce of intellegence or credability sees right thru your con, as aztecghost has said, “koptalk is on its knees”.

    In the past it was vibrant with a lot of interesting content but then you got greedy and flat out robbed people and now you are back with the begging bowl, offering to pay people for content. Its laughable because the naive wont realise you are setting up another ghost account under false pretences, but we will, cos the blog knows best.

    No doubt you will promote this as the lengths you will go to for the site. we will see it as another confirmation that contalk with dwindeling memberships, dwindelling posts and a long time respected poster who has been on the scene since you stole the inception about to leave(its his news to tell you not mine) As previously stated, contalk is on its knees

  22. Sean_Da_Man Says:

    I’m bored….. 😦

  23. Revo Says:

    SITUATION VACANT : Liverpool fc article writer/researcher

    An opportunity currently exists for someone who would like to write articles for our history section on the main site. You would also be needed to write detailed player profiles for the current squad and possibly former players.

    The ideal applicant does not need to be a professional writer but obviously a good knowledge of written English is required to save me editing (although I’m hardly a specialist myself!).

    I will basically inform you what I need each week and you will submit your work by email to me.

    Payment will be made by PayPal on a per article basis so please drop me a line with a rough idea of what you’d command and why you’d be a good contributor.

    dunk @


    dunk dunk dunk, you told us nobody got paid at contalk and if they did it was just to put food on the table and that contalk was all a hobby for you.

    Now that your memberships are dwindeling, the posts are dwindeling, the tumbleweed keeps blowing, in a desperate attempt to revive the floundering fleapit you are going to hire a writer.

    What happened to all the journos who visit the site ? why dont you ask one or two of them to do a few peices for you ? I will tell you why, cos there are no journos and anybody with a shred of credability would not lend their name to a theiving cunt that robs fellow reds blind and if they did, they would be targeted as enablers of your con.

    How much is Lucy getting paid dunk or is she doing it just for the fun as well ?( hahahaha right ) and who is paying for the vegas trip if its only about putting food on the table?

    Aztecghost commented a while back that contalk is on its knees, never a truer word spoke. things are that desperate that you resorted to begging and have to pay someone to contribute articles.

    Its laughable, no doubt your spin will be, only the best for the site will do. We will see it differently. in recent months, the campaign has been stepped up against you and your con and you have had to work harder than ever. your posters, if they have not left are not contributing so you have to carry the debate all by yourself and its something that you will be unable to maintain. your off in vegas and you have smoove and Lucy running a Liverpool site (hahaha you couldnt make this shit up) just what exactly are the punters getting for the dollar?

    Well theres one poster who`s dollar you wont be getting anymore and who has been there since the inception or since you stole the inception is about to leave himself. Its not my news to share but I wonder what your excuses will be for this one. His membership has expired and he wont be renewing, a lot of people look for his input.

    Maybe you should run a promo for hotdateonline . For every new sleazebag account that signs up gets you the free contalk experience but it wont take them long to realize nothing is free with you, pardon the pun but aztechost could be onto something about contalk being on its knees and the hotdateonline stuff.

    Look forward to seeing you at the manc game, dont forget to bring the hitmen.

  24. Titter Says:

    Who’s “Lucy” then?

  25. Koptalk Outsider Says:

    Probably his mother.

  26. Aztecsghost Says:

    Agree with Koptalk Outsider that Lucy was mostly likely Dunk’s Mum. From I can tell none of the money goes to Dunk’s bloated jeans collection. For a man who claims to possess so much he dresses like someone who lives in his Mom’s basement.

    Seeing less and less happening at Kraptalk and same with Dunk’s other failing enterprises. Seems Dunk’s issue with control causes him to be “on duty” 24/7. He simply can’t or rather won’t relinquish it. One reason is his insecurity another is he doesn’t truly trust any one else. It has nothing to do with quality.

    More people read these blogs the more educated and aware they are of Dunk’s ilks. Dunk continues to hold on to what he has. The tighter his grip the more things slip through.

    Just a few years ago Dunk was masturbating on Stickam. This year he’s dated his cousin. He claims to be a ladies man. Didn’t think Dunk meant family members to.

  27. Revo Says:

    dunks control issues have him starting 10 threads out of 20 threads on page 1. I love the fact he cant even go to vegas and relax. Instead, he is posting pics of lisa, stretch limos and fancy balcony views all for the benefit of the blog. The blog owns you dunk

  28. kraptalk_addict Says:

    oh and a standard hotel room is now a ‘suite’, macdonalds for dinner sat in a standard hotel room in front of a laptop all day while everyone else is by the hotel pool and bar. Living the dream duncan.

  29. Titter Says:

    Whatever he’s paid for his Vegas trip – if he’s paid it himself anyway – it’s money he could have spent on what he claims are priorities.

    1. He could have got Robbie a flight home at a respectable hour.

    2. He could have flown to Leeds Bradford himself, with Robbie, then got a hotel for a couple of nights so he could maybe see Charlotte, the daughter he’s not seen in months. Or maybe one of them is trying to avoid the other.

    3. He could have flown to JLA and watched a game at Anfield with that season ticket of his. He could have met up with some of the members he claims to care about, even if he hasn’t got the balls to talk to the members who know he fleeced them. He could have seen the team he claims to love in the flesh.

    4. He could have put more money into Lauren’s fund, to pay for all those things he promised her before he spent her money.

    Anyway, who is this new bird of his? Is she a pro? I mean pro as in professional singer or dancer, not the other type. Is that why they’ve gone to LA? Is she looking for some work to keep her going through the winter?

    Or is she just a holiday rep, who got them both cheap flights?

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