A message from Terry

Another well respected member of koptalk left the site today. Actually he left a while back, but he wanted to say goodbye to his friends there, and explain to them why he was leaving. His post lasted only a few minutes, as you would expect, as there is still no room for criticism on koptalk. You are not allowed to state your opinion unless it’s approved by Dunk. Terry was also banned, not that I think he’s sorry for that.

If you are one of those who still use koptalk, or if you are considering signing up to the site, you should read what Terry has realized about koptalk. As far as I know, noone from this blog has been in touch with him before he decided to leave koptalk. I don’t even know if he has read this blog. But he points out a few of the most important issues we have been trying to get through for more than three years now. Here’s the post he made today:

#545438 – 4 minutes 13 seconds ago
Why I am leaving Koptalk
KopTalk VIP

Registered: 01/11/06
Posts: 1775
Loc: Liverpool

Well lads, time to say goodbye and let you know why I am leaving, although I am sure those who do not get the chance to read this before it is deleted by Dunk or one of his puppet mods, will be told that I still log on every day, post under a different name etc etc. Basically anything other than yet another long time member left because he realized just how bad things have gotten around here.

Main reasons for leaving;

Condescension by Dunk
Badmouthing of past members by Dunk
Lack of recognition of LFC related issues

Ask yourselves, how many threads are locked by Dunk for no logical reason?

Dave100 asks for SenorButch’s e-mail addy so he can talk to him about a Skybox and it is locked up pretty fast, real reason for locking it was that Dunk does not want members to communicate with each other, divide and conquer is his modus operandi. The board that Koptalk uses has many facilities that have been deliberately disabled by Dunk to prevent any form of communication between members, ask yourselves why. Why shouldn’t I be able to send a private message to another member just like I could do on other forums on whatever topic on the internet? Why are posts so quickly locked and deleted when anyone asks about another members whereabouts or e-mail address?

Someone posts about “Livertweet” and Dunk locks it without explanation. Someone asks why it was locked and Dunk replies, “it was closed purely to prevent any possible excitement/confusion”. Seems that Dunk only want us to read what he puts out through Informer and Wallet, who are of course, as everyone knows really, Dunk, that’s why Dave100 thanks Dunk nearly every time one of them makes a post. It is also pretty clear that 100% of what those two so called insiders post is made up bullsh1t put together from various other LFC sites and then qualified with a few corkers such as “it should happen tomorrow but it could be delayed so it might happen later”.

On the issue of lack of recognition of LFC related issues, go to any other LFC forum and look at the stickies concerning HJC, Michael Shields etc and look at what the posters on those sites do for these causes. Koptalk does absolutely nothing, they don’t mean anything to Dunk because it isn’t something he can make money from. To claim that it is a LFC community website and ignore these issues is a disgrace, could it be that Dunk doesn’t give a toss about LFC and sees this website as a chance to sit in Spain and feed his lifestyle by fleecing unsuspecting members of their hard earned money by feeding them bullsh1t?

Koptalk is dying on its feet and I think most of the remaining posters must realize that. There are still a few good posters there who surely must shake their heads when they log on to find inane drivel and bullsh1t. The recent exodus of long time and well respected posters such as SenorButch, RedKopMike, Ytse Jam, Selkirk, Sean Da Man, Penman and Cat2064 to name but a few has left the place soulless and deathly boring. The remaining long time posters like Lector and Legin hardly ever post anymore but I notice a lot of new members joining who I feel pity for.
I have found a much better place to spend my time and it is good to see a lot of the good posters there. It is a place completely free of the bullsh1t and negativity that we see posted on Koptalk and it is free. I have also done a bit of research about the so called haterz that Dunk claims are having a go at him because he banned them from Koptalk. That in itself is bullsh1t as they actually banned themselves. These people don’t hate Dunk, they don’t like him that’s for sure but what they are actually trying to do is to stop Dunk ripping off unsuspecting but true reds fans.

Dunk would do anything for money, remember the “buy me a pint” farce? If I was an LFC website owner and someone openly slagged me off on a blog as a former, now returned member, Kop, has done, would I take him back? Would I [oops]. Ask yourselves why Dunk has taken him back, the answer in common with most questions asked about Dunks integrity is money. You have it, he wants it and he will do anything to get his hands on it. Do you really think Dunk would pay out to the posters contributing to his latest Euro lottery scam? I don’t think so.

Anyway, time to say goodbye now, maybe I will speak to some of the good people on this site sometime in the future. Think about what I have said and sort your heads out. You will then know what to do.


If you want to get in touch with Terry having read his post, I’m sure I can arrange that. Just send me an e-mail and I’ll forward it to him.

135 Responses to “A message from Terry”

  1. Sean_Da_Man Says:

    Penman96 said “Sean – don’t get me wrong – I supported you, even though private messages to some of the guys we know. But you can’t be supporting KT, and validating Dunk Oldham, after all the reasons you know about. Don’t get me wrong, I was there for a long time too. I was there for the community, just like you. But if you think about all the bullshit that was perpetrated on that site, I don’t believe there is any valid reason to support Mr. Oldham’s business. In fact I think there are many valid reasons why it should be closed. Let’s face it, there was a lot there that was just fucking creepy.”

    Your right, during my last days I was unable to post. Having to just sit there and see the bullshit that is posted and how it is posted is truly amazing. When I said that Dunk had a right to run a websit I was not defending him, and I meant a legit site. He is obviously doing people wrong and using LFC just to line his pockets. The idea of a closed private community though is something I would pay for if it was legit. Which is why I was there… I have since left, been banned whatever and have clearly seen the light…. The well will run dry for Dunk eventually….

    Oh, we will win on Sunday 2-1….



  2. slim shady Says:

    holy shit, where to start on this. So, he continually claims to have more than enough money to complete his “hobby” yet he now has the begging bowl out. he claims costs of $1300 a month yet 5 months more of “first phase” development is going to cost $21,000. dunk, simple math makes that $6500 so where have these extra costs come from? You thick fuck dunk, you forgot the first rule of lying yet again – Remember what you have previously said!!
    Does not one person question why you are asking for money for your “hobby” when you claim to be buying brand new houses for cash, brand new mercs and have lots of successful business interests. jesus.
    The people on your moan video site must be very very dumb as this type of thing was predicted a long time ago
    On to the koptalk tickets thing. my god what a pathetic excuse that was. Not going so he can be there for his online people. FUCK OFF. Asking how he can sell the tickets, but then claiming he simply cannot give them to his koptalk “family”. Yes thats right dunk, you are indeed a cunt and now everyone can see you for what you are. You claim to bend over backwards for koptalkers yet when handed an opportunity to provide some free tickets to those that cant get them, you make up the most ludicrous bullshit.
    So, what we have now is a situation where dunk is obviously skint. With no chance of creating a fake charity scam, he simply has the begging bowl out for the most expensive website in the history of mankind.
    Moarvideo people – just ask yourselves why dunk claims to have such a lavish life yet now begs for money, the con has been coming!
    koptalkers – the ticket thing should rile any “die hard” fan. leaving empty seats at our club and then trying to sell them on instead of helping fellow reds (somehing dunk claims to do whenever he can). he is out for what he can get, nothing more

  3. Revo Says:

    The natives are restless and have questioned the validity of informer and wallet.

    These posts are silly. Some people know who the Informer is as it was given away on here a couple of years ago.
    I check everyone on this site. When someone posts claiming to be somewhere, I check their IP address to see if they are telling the truth for example. I have removed 2 members recently for deliberately misleading people e.g. “I’m posting this from Tom Hicks’ office in Dallas” only for the IP address to say Luton… of course mistakes can happen but I also make further checks to be 100% sure.
    Both The Informer and Wallet have different addresses and different payment details. Ok it could be the same person but it sounds very unlikely and pointless to me.
    When The Informer first joined he used his real details publicly I believe and these were changed.
    Some conspiracy theorists believe both users and others are me. Jesus, I’m everyone if you believe these muppets but seriously, I couldn’t be arsed. And besides, I’m more clever. I’d create a couple of dozen names to give the impression of more contributors.
    To conclude, both users have different postal addresses, different payment methods, different email addresses and they post from different locations (IP addresses). If for one moment I thought they were on the take they’d be binned.
    We really need to stop this bashing and silly posts. I seriously have to question why people do it.

    Dunk Dunk Dunk,
    People are questioning it because they have sussed you out. Why dont you just come out and admit that wallet and informer are fabrications of your so called contacts and that your posting in good faith? start telling the truth, I would call you pinocchio but after seeing you in that round up thread your more like nellie the bleedin elephant.

  4. Aztecsghost Says:

    Oh *SNAP* Dunk gave away the house with this ill thought out sentence, “…I’m more clever. I’d create a couple of dozen names to give the impression of more contributors.”

    Just look at the members and then look at the activity. Dunk has been fooling people all along in all of his websites with ‘sock’ accounts. ROFL at Dunk for being thick headed retard.

  5. TerryJ Says:

    “When The Informer first joined he used his real details publicly I believe and these were changed”

    Is it believable that a bloke who constantly gets inside information would pay to join KT just so he can post the information for the benefit of people he never interacts with? What does he get out of it?

    “I’m more clever. I’d create a couple of dozen names to give the impression of more contributors”

    I am sure you are an expert at dreaming up ways to rip off gullible people but as you get more desperate your lies and deceit are catching up with you. You really are a sad sad man.

    If Naveed, Frank or Dave are reading this blog, I have a message for you. You three are not of the same ilk as the Dunk lovers who hang out in the shoutbox and say “good afternoon Dunk” and other such crap every day. You are clued up die hard reds fans, why on earth do you put up with this shit? Do something about it, take him on and then get the fuck out of there. You will feel better for it in the end.

  6. slim shady Says:

    Dunk you read the blog, we all know that by now.
    Where is the book? It was supposed to be coming out again, but alas, its all gone quiet. Not written anything yet? thought as much. We dont expect to EVER come out so why not just admit it was a pipe dream.
    Going back to his reason for not going to matches – he needs to be there for his koptalk “family”. Why then, did he claim to have hotels booked up for half of last season so that he could attend games and get pictures, for his “family”? As it transpires, the hotel thing was another lie and he had no intention of setting foot in Anfield, but we have another lie that contradicts a previous lie. Keep up dunk, i know its hard and you are cleverererer than most, but try using a bit of truth as at worst, it will make lying a whole lot easier.
    Come on remaining koptalkers, just ask him why he claimed to book these hotels last year without ever going. Ask him where he is up to with the book? Ask him why steve not only stopped working for him, but closed his koptalk account (surely education reasons would still allow him to contribute??) Ask him why “your” money is going towards him funding his video site (although he is doing his best to con the moan video people out of money aswell). Ask him any of these and im pretty sure it will result in you banning yourself, isnt that right dunk

  7. koptalk insider Says:

    A little bird tells me Steve has been known to lurk here once or twice.

    I’d like to hear his side of the story.

  8. Ytse Jam Says:

    I think everyone** wants to hear what Steve has to say, but he may have signed an agreement to say nothing negative in return for $$$.

    **everyone including those on here, all the ex-KT-ers and all the current KT-ers. In fact, the only one who would not want to hear it is probably Dunk himself!

  9. koptalk insider Says:

    Bit like Jordi Chandler?????? 🙂

  10. Koptalk Outsider Says:

    Steve, or anyone else, can always email us in confidence if they’ve got something to share.

  11. Sean_Da_Man Says:

    So, Dunk wants pro Koptalk comments to big up his “private site” ???? That seems odd considering the privacy aspect…
    Why does he even need the comments, he should just use the numbers if they are so impressive to big up the place… He should not even ask for comments, he should just have people go to the blog, and post them themselves… Of course if he did this, then there would obviously be some negative ones, which is the whole reason why he wants to post them, to keep out the negativity….. Him trying to control every aspect of KT is really laughable, especially since it puts out the illusion of perfect harmony, which is far from the truth…. He should not be afraid of negativity, as no place is perfect, but if his numbers are so impressive, then there would be a lot more positive than negative, when left to the people to comment….. Obviously he is afraid of the truth coming out if left uncontrolled, hence the need to post the comments himself…

    Trying to hide from the truth, is a long hard road Dunk…..

  12. kraptalk Says:

    what confuses me is why diesn’t he just invent the positive comments himself under pseudonyms like i’m sure he has before.

    but then again, maybe there are too few people left on koptalk for him to get away with that.

  13. Sean_Da_Man Says:

    LOL… your a funny dude….. 🙂

  14. Koptalk Outsider Says:

    Who says he doesn’t? He recently more or less admitted that he creates profiles with which he posts to make his site seem busier. Nothing Dunk does is honest. He may as well make up these feed backs.

  15. Sheetbag Says:

    Steve will wake up every morning (next to Katie C if one rumour is to be believed) and realise how many years he spent under the conman’s spell, realising just how much he did for him for so little in return.

    It’s probably a bit like a wife realising her husband was a multiple bigamist, starting to finally see what had been staring her in the face for years.

    He’ll realise that it was probably true what Dunk’s ex-wife Maria always said. Random dips into this site will remind him of the lies Dunk told. Of the times Dunk posted pretending to be Steve.

    Remember when he pretended to be in the States? He “flew” there, spent time there, then forgot to “fly” back.

    Steve’s seen through him, Katie Couzins has seen through him. Katrina Cushnahan saw through him.

    The Forsyth’s have seen through him, maybe now they realise how much money Dunk raised in their daughter’s name, how it paid for his luxury lifestyle a bit longer. The FA Cup ticket touting was done in her name, but she never saw a fraction of the cash Dunk raised for her.

    His ex-wife has seen through him. No doubt the divorce settlement included him getting custody of the kids during the holidays. As soon as Charlotte was old enough to make up her own mind, she fucked her Dad off and stayed at home.

    And she’s hanging around not only with her boyfriend but some of those people who’ve seen through Dunk in recent times.

    Young Robbie has no choice. He’s still too young to see what his Dad’s doing, still young enough to trust his dad without question. But if he’s even slightly less thick than his dad he’ll spot the problems soon enough, and a court case could see his dad’s custody agreement overturned. If Robbie doesn’t want to go, he doesn’t have to go.

    In fact Robbie would probably prefer to be with his mum and his new dad, he probably feels unbelievably homesick stuck in Spain where he spends most of his time in the company of people pissed out of their heads. Dunk keeps fucking him off for his latest brass, he only wants Robbie there so he can take a few pictures to show off to his ‘friends’ on his websites, and also to spite his ex-wife a little bit more.

    Dunk’s mam had a certain amount of closeness to Steve, Dunk one claimed Steve was his brother, and even if he’s not Steve might be seen as a son by Jeanette. If she’s not the rough piece of work she looks then she’s going to be missing Steve, and Steve will maybe the first person to tell her the truth about Dunk that she actually listens to.

    Previously Jeanette has stuck by Dunk through thick and very thick indeed. Maybe she was forced to choose when Steve left – perhaps that’s why Dunk taunted Steve with “blood is thicker than water” comments.

    Jeanette might be thick, but if she’s not, if she’s got a tiny amount of sense, she’ll finally see through Dunk and cut him off her apron strings. In fact if she cut Dunk out of her life she’d probably get to see more of her grandkids than she does now.

    Dunk’s always going to bounce back from a setback, but what he doesn’t realise is that he’s not bouncing back as high any more. Each time he bounces back he’s one bounce away from never bouncing again.

    But he’ll not bounce far when mummy stops subsidising him.

  16. Bosco Says:

    @Sheetbag Katie Couzins was Kate Oldham. You’ll need to update your “who’s who” index.

  17. Sheetbag Says:

    She was Katie Couzins before she met Dunk, he pretended they were married didn’t he?

    I don’t think anyone can keep pace with the lies any more.

  18. Bosco Says:

    She was Kate Oldham. She colored her hair and Dunk gave her the factious last name of Couzins. They were never “pretend” married or real, for that matter.

    Dunk provided Kate Oldham a web site which is not defunked as of June 30 2009.

    Dunk gave her a partying gift in a twitter. He wrote about leaving him with the cats and dogs. Not being able to take care of her kid.

    That’s Dunk for yah.

  19. Revo Says:


    ” Things change in football and I think that’s been fairly obvious with our summer activity.
    I think you should cut the guy some slack or we will lose another good member because a few people spoil it for others.
    I think it’s good to pass opinions sensibly but when they sound like someone is been called a liar, I think it’s wrong. I will bin those who I don’t trust.”

    So if the paying customer disagrees or doesnt believe wallet or informer exist, your gonna bin him cos he is not trustworthy ? Dunk you are priceless man and I love it when you post. It shows everyone what a thick ignorant pig of a man you are and validates our opinion of your tyranny.
    Like its already been said, you are losing more face with your members on a daily basis. frank, naveed, stealth, butch will all be the next wave to leave your dump. Dave69 and Dave 100 should also follow suit and leave the sham.

    Lecter you are also being called out, you more than most, except maybe bubonic know how long this sham has existed and it time to cut the chord, stop selling the lie fellas.
    You are all intellegent lads and I know you can see that he has been found out for many many of his discrepencies. look who has left and what is left behind. It took steve all these years to figure it out and if thats not alarm bells, then theres nothing left to say to you.

  20. kris Says:

    what happened with Steve then? Never read anything on here about him leaving

  21. Koptalk Outsider Says:

    There’s a few comments about that in this post and the previous one.

  22. Koptalk Outsider Says:

    The shout box reapperared today, even though there’s been no upgrade of the forus. So is the upgrade delayed then? Or was Dunk just afraid someone would use the shout box to tell his memberswhat a scam koptalk is? I think it’s not a coincidencet that all three of Ytse Jams account was deleted at the same time. Or did he ban himself? I guess Dunk will pay back the remainder of the subscriptions. One of the accounts was opened in march so there should be more than half a year worth of subs left. Another was opend in february, so there should also be a refund of about half the sub.

  23. Sean_Da_Man Says:

    Ah… That explains it…. 😉

  24. Ytse Jam Says:

    Yeah — thanks Sean. 😉


    One of the accounts was my mate McDaft’s account and he was still using it. He’s no longer a fan of Dunk! Cat’s account (Witch-Hazel) hasn’t worked since Cat left in May. So, all three were closed which means:

    Dunk — you owe me about a year’s worth of subs — please refund my paypal account. I am asking this on the public forum so everyone knows.

  25. Sean_Da_Man Says:


  26. Revo Says:

    why would you seek a partial payment ? he should be reported to paypal and the full amount should be returned. whats his argument, ytse found a new site to hang out, I dont trust him so I banned him ? Trust me, the last thing he wants is a load of disputes with paypal. you need to empower yourselves and start the paper trail with paypal

  27. Aztecsghost Says:

    Made special appearance in Dunk’s live show today. He seems distracted and tense. It could be all the time he’s taking to delete comments is stressing him.

  28. Koptalk Outsider Says:

    No SMS today.

    [liverpoolfan] What’s the story with SMS? Submitted a ticket but am heading out soon. Would be nice to get the alerts etc.
    [Dunk] no SMS alerts yet, working on them during the match
    [Dunk] go to add everyone

  29. Aztecsghost Says:

    Dunk was live using messaging at of his web sites today. But he said SMS messages aren’t working.

    That means Dunk didn’t care enough about his current website members and trying to recruit new ones.

    Obvious that Dunk gives priority to recruitment over serving current members at his website.

    That’s a freak’in riot.

  30. koptalk insider Says:

    @Revo – exactly what I’ve been saying. If people start complaining to Paypal and claiming chargebacks his trustworthiness will dwindle to the point where they refuse to let him use the service.

  31. Ytse Jam Says:

    Hello Dunk,

    I thought I’d take the opportunity to say my piece so you can hear it from me. You’ve asked for feedback, both positive and negative — here it is. It’s getting emailed to you and will appear on a blog. I hope you appreciate that.

    And, before I go on, both JD and RichT wanted my email address and I asked you to forward that to them. You didn’t. It’s wsrussell at gmail dot com. They can find me there.

    Thanks for kicking me out on Sunday. Sean wanted to see what was being posted and I gave him permission to use my account — but apparently that’s against your rules. And you kicked out McDaft (my mate) and Cat too (though that was months ago, because he hasn’t had access since May), even though NO account had permission to post. You charged us for that.

    I was on KT for probably 8 plus years and I’ve enjoyed the site probably more than 50% of the time. There are posters that I truly like, but they became fewer and fewer and the WUMs, stirrers and idiot-numbers kept increasing to a level where it was unsustainable. I think most people know that.

    I worry about your health, if I’m honest. The latest video you posted was worrisome. You need to sort that out. I’ve never been a so-called hater (and don’t appreciate the inference in several of your posts on the various threads over the past 4 months), never really understood it, but I do read everything I can and a lot of the so-called “haterz” have some well-founded gripes. You will, no doubt, continue to fight them And as I said, this is not my opinion only, but others seem to have some serious issues that you’ve never addressed and explained. We’re all ears. It’s all about being honest and the guys that have left (certainly over a thousand) have all claimed that you are untruthful. You’ve never addressed their claims. Ever.

    Which brings me to my honest assessment of KT. You’ve let it slide Duncan. Steve was a great worker for you, but he’s now gone (I’ve no idea of the real reason but I, like, everyone else have my suspicions) but for too long other sites were getting stronger and you rested on your laurels**. I’ve seen it pick up over the summer — that’s probably because of the new season and also because you read the writing on the wall. However, as long as I’ve been on KT, I’ve been on RAWK, YNWA, and .tv. I also joined Est during its nascence. With only 200 on the site I post on today, the traffic is probably 50 times what you get on your site. My mate logged in as McDaft a few days ago we compared notes and did a rough business-level “market-size” estimate**** — your site has picked up Dunk, but it’s a pale imitation of what KT used to be like and it’s poor compared to site I’m on now and even compared to Est, RAWK and Rattle or most of the other Liverpool supporters websites. You may have a large number of posters, but the traffic is extremely poor compared to others and the quality even poorer (with the exception of probably two dozen posters who remain my friends and always will be). I will miss my mates. But they know I’m elsewhere now and know how to find me if they’re clever.

    I will miss my mates, especially the older posters like BillyLiddle, Charlie, Lathom and others like Frank, Nav, Stealth, Lec, the Daves, Rob, Maddog, Butch, Drog and many others…

    I wish you would just tell people you make a living from Koptalk! If you actually stated it up front and told people you ran the site as a living and that you did your best to get inside info and unique interviews etc, I’d suggest a portion of the so-called “KT-haterz” would go away. Mind you, most wouldn’t, because you’re a conman.

    There again, I truly believe you’re an impersonator on other accounts. That’s not just a con, it’s fraudulent and if true it’s screwing with unsuspecting LFC fans around the world — thousands of them! That’s not what YNWA means. That’s abuse Duncan and while I know several existing KT-ers already know it’s a big con and just go with it because of their mates, there’s are thousands (both present, in the past and potentially in the future) who are clueless. That’s just not fair and they need to be told the truth.

    The final straw for me was when you kicked Chewie out. Chris and I are good mates and I was miffed you did that even though he and you didn’t see eye to eye. If you ever want to make amends with him, you can find him on “The Liverpool Way”. But you won’t.

    Stop the con Dunk. Just stop it. That’s all I ask — as one Liverpool fan to another.

    Bill Russell
    aka Ytse Jam, Bill, Miamired.

    P.S. One last thing Duncan: Revo specifically told me this: “You can also tell him Id give him an invite to ST to defend himself to his ex members, seeing as he wont put up an arena to do so.” I’d honestly like you to do that, because I think it would be in your best interests if you’re willing to try and salvage come credibility here.

    ** No PMs — fans not being able to talk to each other, heavy modding and deleting of threads in public forums (on behalf of the majority of posters — give us a bit of credit), inability to question things, WUMs, massive negativity and most importantly, a lack of chemistry amongst the members — we’re all fans. We should be able to talk to one anohter without your permission. It’s ridiculous, especially when you consider we pay you for the luxury of posting!

    **** Based on traffic for three days, you were approximately 100 times less active than our current site. And I can confirm that KT gets a LOT of sh*te posted — and I think most KT-ers would agree with that.

  32. TerryJ Says:

    Good assessment of where KT is currently at Bill.

    I can’t see Dunk taking up the offer of visiting ST to defend himself. He has nothing to lose, but then again he has nothing to gain financially and therefore it won’t be of interest to him.

  33. Koptalk Outsider Says:

    The comments list is getting long so I made a new post of your feedback Bill.

  34. EndGame Says:

    Listen up Dunk

    Tick tock, tick tock . . . . . . . . . .

  35. Koptalk Outsider Says:

    Haha. That, Dunk, is a message that should worry you.

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