Another one bites the dust


UPDATED 23.05.09

Koptalk is still losing members. As I’ve said before, last year saw 875 members leave the site. So much for the 99% renewal rate Dunk is bragging about. Most of those who are leaving are lurkers or members who contribute very little. However, a couple of days ago one of the most active members on koptalk left for good. With 34000 posts he was way above richt71 in second place. So who left?

For those of you who are (or have been lately) members of koptalk, you will have noticed a few goodbye posts from Kop. But in a couple of weeks time he’d be back. Moving sites isn’t easy when you’ve become familiar with a lot of the other users on one site. That’s probably one of the most important reasons why a fair few of the koptalk members are still there. And finding a new site where you feel comfortable, when you’re used to a particular site, can also be hard. But if you, like Kop did, find a site that is way better than most (all?) of the other sites around, you may make a little more effort to fit in. And in time you’ll feel as much at home there as you did on the site you left.

Losing Kop was a big blow for Dunk. Kop left a short post, explaining he would be leaving. Most of those who were online at the time read it, and some made comments. Even JD commented on it and moved it to another subforum. But when Dunk logged on he deleted the thread immediately and posted this:

Kop has left KopTalk to join an an anti-KopTalk site. He told me a few weeks that they wanted him to join but the condition was he had to spam KopTalk first and/or attack me hence his “BREAKING NEWS” I’m leaving post.

It’s never nice to see anyone leave but they’re always replaced.

Back to business.

First of all, the site Kop left for is not an anti-koptalk site. Koptalk is hardly mentioned there, and if it is it’s mainly jokes at Dunk’s expense. Secondly, there were never a condition that he had to spam koptalk or attack Dunk. He was asked to write a no-going-back post though. And last night he did. But without attacking Dunk or koptalk. Still Dunk deleted it. Maybe it was because he said which site he moved to? Dunk doesn’t like the names of other sites being mentioned, so YNWA is known as “the song site”, RAWK is known as “the multi-coloured stand site” and so on. Everyone knows of course about these sites, but their names can’t be mentioned on koptalk.

Anyway, I have a feeling this is not a one-off. More members will leave koptalk. And I’m talking about some of the most active members. There are still a few good lads on koptalk, and they deserve better than to be lied to and ripped off by a fat conman in Spain.


The above was posted on april 28th, and it looks like I was right. This month has seen the leaving of some reputable koptalkers. It must have been a big blow for Dunk to see valued members leaving the site. People like Kop, SenorButch, RedKopMike, Ytse Jam and Cat2064 have all flown from the nest. Will they be the last members of the koptalk exodus? The smart money says no. Koptalk has become tumbleweed town with little or no interaction whatsoever. Debate about posters leaving was discussed but Dunk, in order to cut the cull, locked the thread. Dunk like to use the term sensible community. Whats the definition of sensible, when its own members cannot discuss the direction of its own site? Last weeks video of Dunk flashing money in a pool was nothing more than a slap in the face. Not to his so called “haterz”, but to his members, whom many are now realising that Dunk has no job and his lifestyle in spain in wholly supported by the many good hard working people of koptalk.

Expect to see a rash of new members. Trust me, nobody joins forums until the summer. Expect to see Dunk be the creator of many new threads in order to try and get folk engaged. His act is wearing thin. Legin, Lecter, Selkirk how much longer do you want to prop up this con? Evertime you subscibe to a post you are validating the con. Wake up, there is no wallet or Informer, there are no insiders, there are no tickets, but there are plenty of vulnerable ordinary fans who have bought into the game, and you give them false hope. Dunk posts news from the rag and not one of you challenge him, not one. Try going to any other liverpool forum on the net and see what the reaction would be if something from the rag was published, let alone quoted. It’s time for your conscience to pack up and leave koptalk.

Its unbelievable how many members fall into the trap of the auto-renewal. The very least you should do is follow these simple directions and remove yourself from the auto renewal. 
1. Log in to your PayPal account and go to the “History” subtab of the “My Account” tab.
2. Choose “Subscriptions” from the pull-down “Show” menu.
3. Press the “Submit” button. Choose this subscription, and click on its “Status.”
4. You will be taken to a Transaction Details page from which you may cancel your subscription.

You have to question the direction of the site when the posters mentioned above have found a new home. Contact them and ask them questions, I’m sure they will oblige you with their feelings.  One thing is for sure: Nobody (except Dunk of course) can force them to leave if they dont want to themselves. This is their own choice. My guess is that they’ve finally seen through Dunk’s lies and won’t take it anymore. They’ve found better places to interact with other LFC supporters. Foras where Dunk isn’t deciding what is right and what is wrong to think, and where they don’t have to be fed his lies and crap about having sources inside the Club. Also they will no longer have to be fed news from the s*n. They can send PM’s to other members of the sites they’re at, and don’t have to be controlled by a paranoid site owner

41 Responses to “Another one bites the dust”

  1. scousenproud Says:

    It shows you what a classless fat fuck, skunk really is. Kop done a lot for that site in terms of posting news etc etc. You think the very least skunk could do was wish kop bon voyage and thank him for his participation and time he put in over the years ? like fuck he could, instead he trashed him. I wonder if skunk will pay kop the 25 pound he owes him for the relegation tournament.
    It should be a reminder to the ones kop left behind that skunk doesnt give a flying fuck about the relationship, its all about getting his money

  2. koptalk insider Says:

    where can kop be found now?

  3. Koptalk Outsider Says:

    He’s under the Arabian sun.

  4. DunCons Says:

    Have you seen this for a pathetic attempt and a scam – he is ripping of the idiots on his video site exactly the same way as he is Liverpool fans

    check this out….

    he hasn’t even done a good photoshop job – the name is straight on every item doesn’t even bend with the shape of the object – very childish attempt but I guess its conning the ‘tards on that site.

  5. Andy Says:

    This will go the same way as his KopTalk CafePress crap – absolutely nowhere. The KopTalk merchandise on CafePress disappeared quickly because no one wanted to buy it.

  6. steve-m Says:

    This is a a discount

  7. anon Says:

    Thanks for your email outsider. I have been a member of koptalk for 3 years and I am not renewing my subs next month because the site is dead.
    Its becoming a trend for people to leave and I have now realized that dunks information is not cutting edge as promised. In fact, I often find it on others sites first.
    I was also disappointed to find out that Kop had left the site. He was a beacon of news and his contribution will be missed.

  8. Koptalk Outsider Says:

    You’re welcome. I’ve had a few replies to that e-mail as well. Most of them want out. One member has even left for another site. I guess it’s just a matter of time before Dunk is left to talk to Steve and richt.

  9. anon Says:

    The main reason I stayed for so long was my sub automatically renewed itself. I never knew how to cancel the auto renewal subscription and was too embarrassed to ask. I took the plunge this week and contacted paypal and they helped me. My bank account will now be better off to the tune of 43 euros and I will have more for drinking, lol

  10. Koptalk Outsider Says:

    I see.

    Well, if there’s anyone else out there with the same problem, take a look at the KT-PayPal Fraud link at the top of this page. If that doesn’t help you, contact me and I’ll help out.

  11. Koptalk Insider Says:

    He’s peddling transfer rumours from The Sun again today. The bloke has no shame.

  12. Koptalk Outsider Says:

    Which one?

  13. Koptalk Outsider Says:

    Dunk is feeling the heat now:

    Every now and then cliques tend to form on KopTalk. There’s nothing wrong with groups of friends, we think that’s great, but it becomes a problem when they think they can cross the line within the community.

    A couple of people have commented about a few members leaving. I would like to clarify that while we’ve had 1 previously decent member drop out, the rest have been people who we receive a lot of complaints about for their conduct on the site towards others. Leaving and having security escort you from the site are two very different things

    We’ve seen some of the stupidity on the site over the last few days, some of you won’t have done, but myself and Steve know who the muppets are who want to try and spoil what is a great community here.

    People come and go but nearly every day new faces come in and some feel put off from interacting because of some ‘more powerful’ contributors (well they think they’re more powerful, they’re certainly not in our eyes). It’s sad to see someone leave but they are soon forgotten because new characters replace them.

    We have little time for drama queens. We had a big drama on here several years ago when we simply culled a large clique. They went on to launch their own site and launch their internet smear campaign against me while trying to drum up promotion for their own causes. Some still lurk here – that’s how obsessed they are.

    All these years on they’re still taking me down

    The reason for this post is that I want you to know that we’re fully aware of who the WUM’s are (wind up merchants) and that we’ll simply get rid of them if they try to spoil your time here.

    If you notice any silly posts on the site, please report them. Under every post is a NOTIFY link. Click it and the post will be reviewed immediately. Please note that you can contact me at any time at dunk@koptalk.coN and you can also contact us via

    When people get booted they always dream up false reasons as to why etc. You should know me well enough by now to know that I wear my heart on my sleeve and I don’t suffer fools gladly. If anyone is waved off, it’s because I’m trying to look after you, the majority, the community who have placed your support in us and not one or two muppets who think they have influence.

    Should you wish to discuss this post with me, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

    Please make new members feel welcome

  14. koptalk insider Says:

    Thanks for the update.

    It seems that Dunk is bucking the trend on Twitter and actually losing followers rather than gaining them, despite maxing out the people he follows (in the hope they’ll return the favour).

    How long will it be before @kraptalk overtakes him? haha.

  15. lemony Says:

    the lack of responses on this site are an indicator of dump’s downward spiral. lack of interest because there is not much to be interetsted in anymore. his “worldclass” football site is in the crapper, his other “hobbies” are a failure and he’s lost ground. it won’t be long until there is nothing left. i comend this site admins for producing this forum for the football fans who have been ripped off. his online reputation is so badly tarnished that he’ll never be able to recover.

  16. Koptalk Outsider Says:

    It looks like I was right again. Yesterday another top KT member packed his bags and left for good. He made a short goodbye post and that was it:

    I want to start this by thanking everyone on the site for the fun I had here, there have been some great posters and some good friends. Sadly many have left, Ytse, Butch, Raj, Cat, also Mike and others. I had good laughs with people here, but now is the time for me to move on.

    I hope that the admin here can understand it, but when friends leave, it is hard to stay and carry on. I have posted less and less lately, and just not enjoyed myself so much due to missing good friends.

    Anyway, I want to ask that anyone left here who wishes to can get my email address, and I will say good luck for the future. It was fun, but now I’m moving on.

    The member was LOcoolD, and those who’ve been on KT the last few years will probably agree that he was one of the best, if not the best, poster on the site. Even I didn’t see that one coming.

    One interesting thing in his post was that he named a few of those who have left, but Dunk won’t admit it. His reply was:
    Ytse, Butch, Cat (using another name) and Mike are all still members but good luck. YNWA.
    He just wont admit they’ve left. Technically he may be right that they’re still members (apart from Mike), but they’ve all left and anyone on there can see they’re not making any more posts.

    Like with Kop, there was no “thank you for your valued contributions” from Dunk. If you don’t put money into his pockets he cares sweet F A about you. That’s how Dunk is.

    Another interesting point in the thread was Penmans reply:
    I’m in the same boat as you mate. Been paying subs on this site since 2004, but this year my membership ends first week of June, and when it ends I’m off. A lot of the people I’ve had the pleasure of argueing with are gone!

    So I’ll be joining you in pastures new…there may be new people joining, and perhaps I’ll join again someday, but for now there isn’t really that critical mass of posters I’d like to read.

    This is a good site and I wish the owners and subscribers all the best.
    Somehow, I think when he finds out that there are better free sites around, he’ll not come back. He soon won’t know many on there anyway. I still predict more of the most active, and best, posters will leave.

    Who’s next, Dunk? You have no idea and it kills you.

  17. Ethan Says:

    You people are pathetic. Get a life.

  18. Koptalk Outsider Says:

    What’s more pathetic? Conning unknowing people on the internet based on lies, or informing them that they’ve been conned?

  19. kraptalk_addict Says:

    stop talking sense k_o, clearly it’s much better to pretend you have inside information on LFC and sell it to unknowing fans from South Africa.

  20. Koptalk Outsider Says:

    Sorry. It’s an old habit of mine. 😉

  21. homer_jay Says:

    That’s right kraptalk_addict. If you see someone stealing from your neighbours house, you just close the blinds, sit down and enjoy that it isn’t affecting you

  22. Jason Stevens Says:

    Yeah koptalk is on it’s knees… for LOcoold the best ever poster on koptalk…..please don’t make me laugh…having been a long time member on there i can quite easily say Kop was the best poster ever…considering the amount of news stories he posted and never getting any credit…..he was the best.

  23. duncon Says:

    Ok – so where is his insider knowledge and direct links to Tom Hicks – he seems to have missed the big news that Hicks has defaulted on over half a billion dollars worth of loans and is selling the Stars and Rangers ……

  24. Koptalk Outsider Says:

    One member, DM, asked for LOcoolD’s email address. Dunk told him to open a support ticket, but he got no reply except from Lucy who said Steve would look into it. But he never heard from Steve. So he asked again, politely, but still didn’t get it. When he asked the third time, the thread was locked and then deleted.

    I wonder if he got that address? And will he stay at Koptalk if that’s how they treat him? I doubt it.

  25. anon Says:

    I was locked out today because I never renewed my subs. The site has gone downhill because it looks as though a few people have left or just stopped posting. I was thinking of renewing until a recent post by the Informer/wallet about Tevez and just knew, it was all bullshit.
    Its a shame that a few of us have been sucked into that desperation for a bit of news and thats something dunk will have to live with.
    Thanks for the advice about the auto renewal and saving me some money. I have joined a site from my own shores of Ireland (irishkop) and Im enjoying the craic with the lads.

  26. Niklas Says:

    We just got locked out to. The site sucks. They only steal news from other sites and post them there. And making money of it?! It’s a scam!

  27. Koptalk Outsider Says:

    It seems there are more and more who’s fed up with koptalk. The number of members actually taking part in the forums is dropping, and the few who are left are not very active apart from a handful of wannabees. At one point last weekend there was an aveerage of 10 posts an hour for a period of 10 hours. And that was during daytime. Why anyone wants to pay 41 Euros for this isn’t easy to understand.

  28. MysteryMan Says:

    I’m on KT. Where is there better to get info? (not being sarcastic, just be good to know!)


  29. Koptalk Outsider Says:

    There’s a long list of sites of the right side of this page. Have a look at some of them. They’re all free, and they all have more info than koptalk (except from Dunk’s lies of course).

    Opposed to what Dunk feeds his members, none of these are trying to rival koptalk. They all live happily besides eachother. Only on koptalk you will hear talk about rivaling. Why is that? Because Dunk is dependent on the subscription fees. The others are not. They’re about supporting LFC and discussing LFC matters, while KT is all about the money.

  30. koptalk insider Says:

    As I said on a previous post, its a classic siege mentality he uses to keep hold of his subscribers as the numbers dwindle.

    For real ‘inside’ information you can’t beat The Liverpool Way mate.

  31. ProbOffski Says:

    So where has everyone gone to? All the people I used to talk to have gone and the place is like a morgue now… will prob go join em when I know where!

  32. Koptalk Outsider Says:

    Dunk is working overtime now trying to stop the fire. While members are leaving left, right and center, Dunk is trying to convince the few remaining that those who have left are still there but under different names. Is anyone at all stupid enough to buy that crap? All those we have mentioned here, and even more, have been among the most active and popular members on koptalk. Why would they suddenly stop posting? It doesn’t make sense. Besides, I know where they are and see them post there on a regular basis. I know they have left, regardless of what Dunk says.

    Don’t laugh your asses off reading the following crap from your favourite conman:

    Over the last few weeks I’ve seen some posters ask “Where is [insert name]? Have they left?” or statements such as “[insert name] has left!”.

    While it’s true that people do come and go, Steve and myself have noticed that a handful of members from here recently changed their usernames at the same time and while they appear to not post as much, they are still members.

    What happens from time to time is that cliques form. There’s nothing wrong with that but when they frequent one place heavily (here), they tend to over step the line at times and make others, especially newcomers, feel put off from posting. After a number of warnings or if we decide to remove the worst offender(s), they tend to move on and start their own website(s) and try to recruit others. Then they become anti-KopTalk and spend the next few years “taking us down”

    It’s none of our business what people do but I’ll be honest, 99.9% of the time someone leaves under such circumstances, I’m glad to see the back of them because they’re the ones that usually attract complaints. It’s not nice seeing anyone go but within a few weeks I’ve soon forgotten their username(s) because new members have come in and replaced them.

    Someone posted in the shoutbox the other day about a member leaving. “Is it true?” they asked. Well it’s true they haven’t posted but they actually have 3 active accounts (still in use) so have they left or do they just want the attention of someone thinking they’ve left? Work it out for yourself.

    We can’t answer everyone’s questions because maybe a member genuinely can’t interact at the moment or doesn’t want to. That is their business. We can’t start revealing personal information about people. But when someone claims they have left, 9 times out of 10 they haven’t. Many change usernames (maybe for a quiet life from their old friends) and some just lurk.

    Another issue that is cropping up is people are asking us to provide other people’s usernames. You got it, the ones who claim to have left but are still here. We cannot provide that information unless we receive permission from the person concerned and because this is the latest trend we’re now going to request that the person who is offering permission to share their details will others, does so in writing to us to protect us and them. If we receive that permission, we’ll provide your details to whoever requests them.

    If a member genuinely does leave, and thankfully that’s not very often, we cannot provide any of their information, with their permission or not, because once they have made it clear they are not returning, we delete their information.

    There is also a difference between someone claiming to have been left and us actually helping them leave. If a member becomes abusive to others and attracts complaints, we ask them to cool down. We do this over a period of time and often go out of our way to try and accomodate them but there comes a point where the community has to come first and they are moved on. We hate doing it but if people cannot respect you, they don’t deserve to be here.

    The majority of people within this community are top class. Not only are they die-hard Reds but they’re also very supportive of us and our efforts – some have been with us 10 years and more! They are the people we care about. We don’t care about those who lurk here to try and cause problems or those who want to mislead you. Sometimes it’s not possible for us to show our true feelings about a member who we believe cannot be trusted so my advice would be to watch my responses to them.

    There are some brilliant people here but there are also some right muppets. There’s not much we can do about the muppets other than keep an eye on them for you and hope that they give us some rope long enough.

    A lot of it’s very petty school playground stuff which doesn’t interest me at all. For example this “he’s left!” nonsense doesn’t even warrant attention but I have to look after the good people here hence my response to keep you in the loop.

    Just be careful of those who actually think they’re more important than you because trust me, they’re not. They’re the ones who would mislead you.

    Remember you can email me in confidence in relation to this post or anything else to do with the site. It’s good to obtain feedback, both negative and positive, so that Steve and myself can do our best for you.

    PS: Those who haven’t paid their contribution to the Grand National sweep we ran have been locked out, not banned, but locked out until they weigh in. I noted that at least one of them was claiming he was banned when that wasn’t the case. Steve has been trying to make contact for weeks and they ignore all requests to provide an update. In future we will make sure all contributions are made in advance.

  33. kraptalk_addict Says:

    wow so they didn’t leave after all, in fact they like the place so much they have 3 accounts…although they’ve changed their names and no longer post. Makes perfect sense to me.

    3 accounts, I’ve never been a member of kraptalk so does that mean he’s saying the person has paid for 3 memberships?

  34. Bosco Says:

    Pay for three accounts? For €150 or more a year? What daft mental defect would pay for three accounts? Obese con is off his game.

  35. koptalk insider Says:

    …cue ‘Duncanese’ statement on Koptalk explaining that if a paying member requests an alternative username then they are permitted one if they are in good standing with the establishment (Dunk himself of course)

    Further evidence of schizophrenia:

    Twitter post by Koptalk…
    Valencia agree fee with Real Madrid for David Silva. Just broke on Spanish TV. Deal not complete yet. #LFC #Liverpool RT via @duncanoldham

    He’s forwarded on transfer news to himself (quite possibly via Wallet who heard it from Anfield Mole). Koptalk Gold!

  36. kraptalk_addict Says:

    funny, he’s also let it slip that users have multiple accounts, I bet he has 100’s to bump up the activity figures

  37. homer_jay Says:

    Hmm multople accounts. Ah eh well no. Cunttalk is a webshite for serious die-hard grown-up adult serious intellectual mature superior people who don’t hide behind phony usernames or multiple accounts. It’s very serious business!!!!

  38. willo Says:

    first time i’ve been on here in about 2 years. i honestly can’t fathom how this guy still takes money off people. thought koptalk would be long gone by now. unbelievable

  39. Koptalk Outsider Says:

    #520918 – June 15, 2009 13:24 Adios Amigos
    WelshRed WelshRed
    KopTalk VIP

    Registered: July 26, 2007
    Posts: 193 This is my last day on Koptalk. It is with a heavy heart that I’ve decided not to renew my membership which is due tomorrow.

    When I first joined “The Insider”, there were quite a few respected posters who were obviously “in the know”. Steadily these posters have disappeared, mostly due to being hounded out by others. I appreciate that Rafa also runs a tighter ship and that the amount of news coming out of Anfield or Melwood is restricted.

    I’ve really enjoyed my time as a Koptalk member, but I cannot justify spending nearly £40 just to join a website which enables fans to discuss and debate what goes on at the club.

    I’d like to take this opportunity to wish you all, and Koptalk the very best for the future.

    Best Regards

    PS – No19 is coming home next season!

  40. Ben Says:

    I left about a year ago. The clincher for me was when Duncan claimed to have been asked personally by the yanks to set up some sort of meeting with a consortium involving King Kenny. I mean that really was absurd.

  41. Scottish Eejut Says:

    I’ve just decided to catch up on the banter. Quality stuff lads. The KT site’s like tumbleweed and the smart ones have moved on. It’s hard to leave your mates, but eventually, they’ll all leave.

    Charging money to discuss LFC on a website is ridiculous in this day and age and especially when there are far superior sites out there that do exactly that.

    I know the guy who had three subscriptions. He had one himself, bought another one for his mate as a present (before he realised the truth about Mr. Oldham) and bought another one ala Chewie to f*ck with other negative LFC fans. None of the three accounts are being used any more and the subscriptions are being run down (might already be done).

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