Dunk's "inside" source revealed

One of the things Dunk does to make it look like he has inside information, is taking news from other websites, add his own spin, and post it as “Koptalk News”.

Today he came up with this:

Liverpool boss Rafa Benitez has held a meeting with owners George Gillett and Tom Hicks to discuss this summer’s transfer budget and the proposed new stadium.

One of the topics up for discussion was the trimming of the existing squad with the owners expressing an interest in reducing the wage bill due to the current financial climate.

We’re not sure what was discussed regarding the stadium but we do know that the asking price for Xabi Alonso was agreed upon by all parties in attendance.

Both the owners and the boss have agreed that the sale of Alonso can potentially generate a lot of money. With Real Madrid desperate to sign the Spanish ace and Barcelona also said to be interested, the Reds have set the asking price at £30million. Naturally clubs will try to negotiate that down.

Florentino Perez will officially announce his Real Madrid presidential campaign this Thursday. While he is likely to quote many names, he can’t sign them all but one name that is at the very top of his list is Xabi Alonso. There are suggestions in Spain that there has already been contact but the Liverpool midfielder continues to deny this.

One report in Spain today claims that Alonso is the one looking for the move back to his homeland. Ironically Real Madrid wouldn’t be his first choice but it’s likely he will have 3 or 4 options in Spain and there’s also interest in Italy.

Benitez finds his hands tied. He’s in no rush to sell such a quality player but any kind of bid between £20m and £30m just couldn’t be ignored. Because of Real Madrid’s serious interest, and we don’t use the word ‘serious’ lightly, Liverpool have had to sit down and discuss the player’s potential valuation and they’ve all agreed that if Alonso is to be sold, that he cannot be allowed to leave at a bargain price.

A quick search in Google News revealed where he got it from:

Liverpool Prepared To Sell Xabi Alonso To Real Madrid – Report
Los Merengues could be about to land their dream midfielder, but it won’t be cheap…
13 May 2009 06:21:27

Real Madrid could be a step closer to signing Xabi Alonso, with the Liverpool board apparently having agreed on a suitable asking price for the midfielder.

According to AS, Tom Hicks, George Gillett and Rafa Benitez met this week to discuss the plans for the future, with the Reds seeking to sell up to 11 players to ease costs and reserve funds for the construction of New Anfield.

Thus, Alonso’s price has been set at €30 million. The Basque star has always been a target for Madrid, although they are not prepared to pay that price.

Alonso has expressed his desire to return to Spain in the past, having made his way through the ranks at Real Sociedad, and Los Merengues might offer him the opportunity to do so.

Arjun Miglani, Goal.com

It basically says the same in fewer words, but he forgot to check what currency was used. Or did he change from Euros to Pounds on purpose? Just to make it look like he knows somthing others don’t?

12 Responses to “Dunk's "inside" source revealed”

  1. homer_jay Says:

    Well…. Those extra madeup words are surely worth the subscription to cunttalk. Balague also runs this story, but he’s got the currency right

  2. kratalk_addict Says:

    I’m just glad we have this blog, if not I’d have to pay for gems like these!

  3. koptalk insider Says:

    Looks like he’s desperate for Twitter followers. He’s taking part in some pyramid scheme to get new followers:


    Not a stranger to pyramid schemes are you Dunc?

    Quick reminder…


  4. Koptalk Insider Says:

    He’s asking for unwaged writers for Koptalk now. Think anyone considering this should read up on how Paul Tomkins was treated by Duncan Oldham before offering their services for free.

    “although we don’t expect you to be an expert in English, the ability to spell our player’s names is advisable 😉 ”

    Maybe the ability to use punctuation correctly would be advantageous too eh fatboy?

  5. Ste Says:

    He has started up http://www.liverpooltwitter.com/ (check the whois, koptalk nameservers are listed and it includes a link to @koptalk as well) and has true to form included LFC related tweets from The S*ns twitter.

  6. Koptalk Outsider Says:

    No surprise there then? Dunk’s use of the s*n is well documented here. Anyone who think Dunk is a great guy should read out posts about it. It shows how he totally disrespects LFC Supporters.

  7. Koptalk Outsider Says:

    Someone questioned that his feed had new from the s*n. This is his reply:
    it’s done by keyword ‘liverpool’, not by source. if it’s possible to block them, we naturally would.

    So, anyone with a twitter account. It’s time to expose him on his own premises. Update your feeds and include #liverpool and #lfc. Let’s see how long it takes before his liverpoltwitter site is down.

  8. koptalk insider Says:

    http://www.twitter.com/kraptalk of course 😉

    What’s great is that its easy to contact anyone who follows @koptalk or @koptalkvip directly without interception from Duncan Oldham. His siege mentality is finally crumbling.

  9. DAVE the BRAVE Says:

    [quote]“although we don’t expect you to be an expert in English, the ability to spell our player’s names is advisable ”

    Maybe the ability to use punctuation correctly would be advantageous too eh fatboy?[/quote]

    Erm…! :s

  10. anon Says:

    “According to the horse he has finalised a formal financial package to try and bring Carlos Tevez to Liverpool.

    Talks have already been held with a fresh meeting tomorrow away from Merseyside. ”

    Priceless, someone forgot to tell the daft bastard that parry is no longer doing the deals.

  11. Koptalk Outsider Says:

    There was a brief mention last night in the Mirror that Benitez had met Silva earlier in the week:
    It emerged last night that the Liverpool boss is pursuing Spain international winger david Silva with some vigour, and met with him in their native country earlier this week.

    Dunk, eh sorry wallet, picked up on this today added his usual spin and pretended to have inside info.

    Had an update yesterday. Rafa met Silva on Tuesday in Spain, their first fact to face since Rafa visited the Spanish squad at the Euros last year. He wants to join us. It will come down to fee. The money men were due to be working late last night to finalise a package. Watch this space..

    I asked about Tevez and was told we’re “relatively” interested but we’re hoping this will drag out for two reasons…firstly we want to see what develops with Xabi, and secondly the owners are on the brink of securing new funding..

    There are funds for the Silva deal but not both at present..

    Unfortunately for Dunk, eh sorry wallet, someone had read the article and posted this:
    Wallet is sound though the press did report, prior to this post, that Rafa had met the player.

    This promted Dunk, eh sorry wallet, to add some more spin:
    Thanks, just read that Tuncay article now and saw the mention of Silva. I can give you times and places that aren’t in the article.
    It took him the total of 8 minutes to see that post, find the article he supposedly hadn’t seen before, read it and make this reply.

  12. Koptalk Outsider Says:

    Tribalfootball appears to be his “source” this time:

    KOPTALK sources are reporting that Portsmouth have given Glen Johnson permission to speak to Liverpool ahead of a possible move to Anfield.

    Chelsea have also been given permission which should mean that both clubs have agreed a fee with Pompey. Manchester City, Tottenham and Bayern Munich are also believed to have tabled offers for the highly-rated right-back.

    As we revealed last week a medical was pencilled in for a player to take place either on Sunday or Monday. If our source is accurate, it will be Johnson who undergoes one if he can agree personal terms with the Reds and ignore the money offered by Chelsea.

    A club insider told the KOPTALK editor: “Johnson has been given permission to speak to us.

    “His agent claims that the player is more interested in a move to Liverpool than to London or anywhere else and that his decision won’t be just about money.

    “A condition of any sale would be that Portsmouth don’t disclose the transfer fee and conditions of the transaction due to outstanding business between the two clubs.”

    Asked if Johnson was the player pencilled in for a medical, the source would only say: “If he wants the move to Anfield he could be a player before the end of the working week. It’s down to him now.”

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