Where are the goals?

What happened to the goals that Dunk used to post during the matches? Normally he would make a video with the goals and post it in the forums a few minutes after it was scored. But recently these videos seems to have disappeared. Yesterday there was just a link to a file sharing site (filefront) where you could download a 60 MB file with goals and post match interviews. Someone also posted a link to a youtube video with the goals, but this is of course gone now. You’ll only get the message: “This video has been removed due to terms of use violation”

If you are new to koptalk and want to find out what you’ll get if you sign up for a vip membership, you’ll find the following “teaser”: LINKS TO WATCH LFC GAMES ONLINE LIVE & FREE + WATCH THE GOALS FOR FREE DURING OR SHORTLY AFTER THE MATCH. Well, the goals are gone, and the links to watch the games live and free is just a link to myp2p. Hardly worth 41€ is it?

Over at Dunk’s new website, which he says is a site where his members can have their blogs, there also used to be goals and other stolen/illegal videos. However, most of it is just embedded videos from youtube, and half of them are dead links as the videos are removed “due to terms of use violation” or similar reasons.

So what happened? I noticed a while back that Dunk was posting a message in the koptalk shout box, saying something about having the media rights owners on his neck. Can’t remember exactly what he said, but it was clear that they were at him for posting illegal videos. Someone must have tipped them off. I wonder who. Anyway. After this all the goals and match related videos disappeared. I guess they made it clear that he would face legal action if he didn’t remove it. If I were him, I’d remove the last one as well. The one hosted on his own server. He makes a point of the fact that the videos are not hosted on his servers, but the one from the Everton match on January 19th is hosted on his ning-account. Since memberships are free on this site, you’ll never know who pops in to check what’s there. 😉

So that’s one reason less to pay for your koptalk membership!

7 Responses to “Where are the goals?”

  1. kraptalk_addict Says:

    Ok so his remaining members don’t get access to goals and live games anymore.

    At least he was still able to buy newspapers for them on Sunday though, in a video he posted he went on a wild goose chase to buy the news of the world, the people and the sunday mirror which he stated he only needs for ‘work’. What a great service he offers his subscribers.

    kraptalk is now work for him and no longer a hobby too, mongvideo is the new ‘hobby’.

  2. aztecsghost Says:

    Yah, I know where dunk is storing those copyrighted videos.
    It’s on a separate Ning site. Last time I checked it was filled with socks and other people’s football videos.

    Question is how long before Ning finds out Dunk is uploading other people’s football videos. Answer; not long, not long at all.

  3. Ryuk Says:

    Has he closed the site for today?

    Anyone with a sense of respect would

  4. Duncons Says:

    I am sorry but i will no longer be able to visit this website and discuss the con artist anymore as I have recnetly found out that I suffer from Arandaphobia.

  5. Justino Says:

    He’s up to some not very nice stuff at the moment – posting screen grabs of someone he once wanked over with Steve


    Sad Sad Sad

    That is all to say really

    Support the fucking team not taking pops at Fans

  7. Justino Says:


    or alternatively scam and rip off fans, and never fucking support the team in person

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