Have Dunk finally attended a LFC match?

When Liverpool played Real Madrid this week, Dunk caimed he was in Madrid and at the match. He haven’t mentioned this on koptalk though. Why wouldnt an editor of a LFC site mention this? Besides, every time he’s been close to anything to do with LFC, he’s always posted pictures and videoes of it, to prove he’s been there. This time there’s been nothing.

A while ago he said inthe chat box of his “free” forum that he had tickets for the match but it was depending on the kids. But the kids left when their holiday was over last sunday, so what that had to do with anything I don’t understand. Anyway, he claimed on moanvideo that he was away in Madrid and would not be much on. Also his new fiancee claimed on her twitter account that she was with him in Madrid.

So where’s the proof. Did anyone see Dunk at the stadium? Why not post a video or some pictures from the match Dunk. We know you carry your iPhone with you everywhere, and hardly leave you camcorder. Surely you much hace taken some pictures of you and Kate in the stands.

69 Responses to “Have Dunk finally attended a LFC match?”

  1. Sweep Says:

    Not wishing to upset anyone by referring to his video sites (and short of closing this site down completely there’s little else to talk about as far as Oldham’s concerned) but…

    This new “girlfriend” / “fiancee” / “tart” / “whatever” – she looks just like him! I’ve only seen the pictures of her, I can’t be arsed watching the shite videos, but she must be related to him. If you imagine Oldham shrunk down slightly then having his face flattened you’ve got this “Kate” person.

    I did do a bit of nosing around. She’s called “Kate Couzins” or “Katie Couzins” in some places (with a ‘Z’) and “Kate Oldham” in others. She calls herself a translator, but can barely write in English. Is she his cousin?

    The more I’ve read this blog and watched Oldham in action the more I’ve grown convinced that he and his family are gypsies.

  2. koptalk insider Says:

    Gotta love his begging though…

    from Koptalk:

    Sponsorship & Advertising Opportunities

    KOPTALK is currently looking for sponsors and potential advertisers who may be interested in supporting our website.

    We preferably want to help companies that are owned or run by Liverpool supporters to try and keep it in the family.

    If interested, please email the site editor – thankyou.

    Love how he tries to infer that if you donate cash he will be helping you. References to keeping it in the family there too, which is a recurring theme with the Oldhams. I think Sweep is onto something.

  3. kraptalk_addict Says:

    it seems one of his ex friends from live video has created a video website in his honour. They have a link to the blog on it.

    paranoiavideo . com

  4. noteveryonebelieves Says:

    Is this Liverpool’s official twitter? I want to make sure it’s really them and not a knock off of fatty’s.


  5. Koptalk Outsider Says:

    Yes, that’s the one where Dunk was blocked. 🙂

  6. aztecsghost Says:

    Yah, Kate Couzins is Kate Oldham.

    Does Dunk have a family tree — with no limbs?

    Things must be so bad that Dunk has to masquerade Kate around like a 80 Euro whore.

    Who ever made the Kraptalk twitter channel. Fantastic idea, making sure that Dunk prospects know about Koptalkinsider.

  7. slimshady Says:

    fuck me dunk, only you can stoop to the lows of write your Q & A. who the fuck writes inane questions such as “will you remarry” or “whats your favorite toe?”.
    Only dunk could be thick enough to explain a PO box number that he still uses, as a HMO. The house would have to have a real address and if you lived in a flat, you would have a flat number you tard. As an owner of a PO box number, you, and only you, have access to it at the post office. people, dont believe his bullshit as it is the same po box he uses for kraptalk: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Post_office_box
    The ramblings of police turning rooms upside down and searching though computers is complete fantasy. he must have watched the bill for inspiration in that one. whats next, dunk has £20 stolen from his wallet so he instructs the FBI to track it down. prick

  8. Sweep Says:

    He’s pretending to be friends with Johnny Vegas again.

    For new visitors – https://koptalkinsider.wordpress.com/2007/09/25/johnny-vegas-says-sorry/

  9. scousenproud Says:

    He is about to lose another long time member who has finally seen the light after visiting the blog

  10. Koptalk Outsider Says:

    Who? Is that on MV or KT?
    Mail me if you won’t put it up here…

  11. kraptalk_addict Says:

    I wonder if his ‘insiders’ told him about Gerrard signing a new deal…the story probably went up on koptalk just after the offal reported it.

    Also I’m surprised he hasn’t regurgitated a certain thread from tlw by now….

  12. scousenproud Says:

    Its a koptalk member, Mail me, yours is bouncin back

  13. TPC Says:

    Re: Sweep.

    Is that the same Johnny Vegas who does the voiceovers on the adverts for The S*n at the moment by any chance?

  14. FatTax Says:

    Jesus, is the fat wap’s site still going?

    How is this possible, has the birth rate of gullible far-eastern fans risen drastically in the last twelve months or something?

    Goofd to see Vegas is still flying the flag for him though, he’s a fat alky wastrel that would eat a plate of his own shit on prime time TV if he thought there eas a payday in it so no wonder he feels an affinity with everyone’s favourite Newcastle supporting supplier of jarg satellite kit.

  15. Sweep Says:

    Remember the Duncan Mitty blog?

    I thought I was reading it again. But I was actually reading fatso’s own blog.

    He names a guy. He names him in two ways (for whatever reason) then some time later (I couldn’t be arsed to read it all) he starts talking about how wrong it is to name him.

    He even tries the “rival” line on this guy. Dunk you really are a sad prick.

    A fat, attention-seeking, inbreeding, waste of oxygen and oil.

    But you always give us something to laugh at.

    Here is his latest rant at someone better than him…

    MethodOfMac (Michael Breyette AKA Michael Mallinger)
    Wednesday, April 8th, 2009 at 13:32


    To those of you who participate on LV and/or MV, you will be aware of a user called Method Of Mac (Michael Breyette) although some of you may know him as Michael Mallinger. As some of you will know myself and Mac used to be friends.

    Although Mac has recently become quite obsessed with me (as he launched a similar website to one of mine recently so I can only assume it’s because of that) and has made some silly allegations, I would like to make it clear that I will not participate in any offline attacks on him, his family or friends. I have made it known many times that as a former friend it doesn’t sit right with me taking swipes at him. I actually think we’d still be friends if it wasn’t for the sheep that he has.

    Ever since one of our female members – a friend of mine – started receiving prank calls at her family home – following a video where Mac filmed himself calling her without her permission or knowledge – some began digging for information on Mac and one of his friends because they find it unacceptable for her and her children to be woke at all hours. At one point the police were involved but for now, I believe the situation has been allowed to cool as the person involved just wants a quiet life – who doesn’t?!

    For some reason people that don’t like Mac come to me assuming that I will dish dirt on him and although I have been tempted, purely because of his attacks on myself, I have chosen to be the better person and have tried instead to laugh it off.

    Although Kyhell has made reference to Mac recently in a couple of videos, it is not Kyhell that is digging. It’s strange because even though Mac is no longer tight with me, I have the urge to tell him who it is because he knows them and because we were once good friends. Kyhell is my best friend these days and although he and Mac have no time for each other, I know that with Kyhell ‘what happens online, stays online’ and there’s no real malicious intent.

    Over the last few days I am aware that Mac’s private information has been compromised and that this person – someone from LV that we all know – is ready to fuck with Mac at work and home to ensure that dirt is indexed on the internet for his employers and friends to discover. Now having been subjected to such nonsense myself online in the past, I can’t endorse this, even though Mac isn’t afraid to do the same to others. While some would say it’s time Mac received some of his own medicine, I still find it wrong and I will not support it.

    Mac and myself may no longer be friends but I don’t hate the guy. Offline I’m sure he’s a sound guy. It wasn’t that long ago that I was planning to visit Mac in California. I don’t wish any harm on him and even if he continues to attack me with his silly, immature games, I will continue to do what I do best… laugh back!

    Please don’t bring me tales of what Mac is doing or saying. I just want to do my thing. I have responsibilities, especially over the coming 2 weeks as my kids are here. And please don’t ask me to help you with any fights you have with him or his friends.

    Mr Poe is another guy that people are digging on. Why? He may have distanced himself from MV but he’s a good guy. I know he does stuff to impress but I don’t think he’s malicious. He gave me his name and address for when I sent him a cap from Spain and whether those details were true or false, he knows that I would never do that to him. I remember a blog he wrote on LV when some of us fell out. He said that although we were no longer friends, we wouldn’t help the haters who wanted to take advantage and that’s how I think it should be.

    Why anyone would want to fuck with Poe, his wife or work is beyond me. It really is stupid. Again, because I know Poe I want to tell him. The person who wants to fuck with Poe and his wife is registered on Mac’s site (I’m told) and MV. They recently registered on MV using a sock account but I spotted the IP address and this user now has 2 accounts with us but so far isn’t using them. The person behind them is or was (I don’t use LV now so don’t know) a very prominent user and I think people would be shocked but I can prove it.

    While Mac and Poe may enjoy trying to fuck with me or MV, I still want to let them know who these people are. But because of stupid internet bullshit, people who were once friends have now turned on each other much to the satisfaction of those who were out for us as an original group of friends in the first place.

    It’s all very immature and I can’t believe I’ve allowed myself to blog about it but it’s doing my head in. I know I’m a good guy because my trust is still there even at times when others would fight back.

    Having seen my haters target my family, including my kids, makes me aware of what lengths some unhealthy people will go to. I guess I’m lucky in that I work for myself but if I had a responsible job, there’s no way I would get involved in vlogging because you can be least controversial person out there with not a single bad bone in you and you’ll still attract idiots.

    Just leave me out of your bullshit. You can all kill yourselves as far as I’m concerned. I’m just glad I have never been afraid to use my real name and address etc and that I have nobody in life to impress.

    Hey Dunk – why not tell your little crew of lost souls about how you and your mummy used to phone your site’s members up at work if they ever spoke up about you.

    And I don’t think you’ve a clue who it is you’re talking about.

  16. Ryuk Says:

    So hows his top ten posters list looking of late? 😀

  17. steve-m Says:

    ““We’re currently investing $1300 > $1500-a-month on MongVideo to try and provide a sensible, safe and fun website for vloggers. If you would like to make a contribution to our website, we would sincerely appreciate it. In return we will guarantee you the channel name of your choice when MongVideo.com goes live.”

    Cool, Dunce, can I have koptalkinsider channel please 😉

  18. Ryuk Says:

    I’ll donate a few grand if he names the channel Imafatcuntthatmilkstrueliverpoolfans

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