Koptalk Insiders fail again

Once again the insiders of koptalk have failed to break news before it’s all over the press. Rick Parry yesterday announced that he’d be leaving Liverpool in the summer, but on koptalk nobody had a clue what was going on. Despite being the only LFC site claiming to have Inside information from the club, there was no mention of this before a random member  posted that he’d read it in the Echo. KopTalk Team (Dunk) didn’t post the news before an hour later.

Even when someone posted the following the night before noone on koptalk had any clue what was going on. None of the so called Insiders, or Dunk himself, commented on this.

SSN chap outside Anfield has just said he UNDERSTANDS:

* Rafa will remain at LFC for foreseeable future
* “Longstanding issues” within the Club to be resolved in next few days, even as early as 24 hours….

…is re referrfing to Rafa’s contract, or…..:

Parry’s exit?…wishful thinking….
New owners(!)?…heard that before!

Anyone heard anything

So if there’s anyone out there still believing Dunk or any other koptalk members have any inside information, why wasn’t there even a hint about this before the news broke? The answer is simple: There is NO inside info on koptalk.

4 Responses to “Koptalk Insiders fail again”

  1. steve-m Says:

    Dunce was too busy on the phone with Gillett and Hicks, remember when he claimed *he* was consulted on the next CEO.

  2. slim shady Says:

    oh yes, that was a gem. that story will come back out when a new one is appointed. of course, it will be the one that he couldnt name and he will claim insider knowledge once appointed.

  3. Koptalk Outsider Says:

    So. Did Dunk or his imaginary insiders know anything about Hyypiäs exit? No, not at all. When someone posted that there would be a “Big story at 3PM on LFC.TV ” the only reply Dunk could come up with was: They’ve had a stock delivery? He had no clue at all what was going on, as usual.

  4. RedinSweden Says:

    Why would a geordie in Spain have a clue what is going on in Liverpool? Honestly, this place, what do you expect of the poor lad?

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