Happy New Year

It’s 2009 and koptalk’s still online as expected. Dunk won’t close it down before there are no members left, and even then he’ll probably go on posting through some of his made-up members. Dunk will probably try to paint a picture of koptalk as a successful website with thousands of members and the best inside information on the internet. But how was 2008 for koptalk really?

After the server move in 2007, the membership numbers had fallen from 4000 to 2800. Most of these were moved over from the old server, and just a few were actually new members who signed up in the second half of 2007. Of course many of those who weren’t moved over had left koptalk before the server move, and therefore didn’t request the transfer, while a few hundreds were old silver members with no access anyway. So entering 2008 koptalk apparently had 2800 members. But some of these didn’t even know they had been moved over, and have never even logged on since the server move. Through 2008 875 more members have left koptalk. Well, actually that number is higher, but that’s the number of members who have disappeared from the members list. There are loads of others who have just stopped posting, waiting for their memberships to expire. Adding a few new members and a bunch of members who have been moved over from the old server, there are now just over 2200 members on koptalk. Another bad year for Dunk!

What else was going on at koptalk in 2008?

In April Dunk announced that they would launch a new free site for members and non-members packed with content. It was estimated to be launched in June, hopefully on June 1st. Half a year later, in early december, it finally appeared, but with hardly any content at all, just a few links to the official site and his betting affiliates. Based on Joomla, it could have been made in a couple of days.

In June he made one of the most outrageous lies ever when claiming Ronaldo had signed for Real Madrid for a world record fee. As far as I can see he’s still playing for manure, and it didn’t exactly look like they were happy with Real trying to unsettle him. To think they’d agreed a transfer after seeing their reactions is just stupid, but Dunk tried to play it off by saying Ronaldo’s injury stopped the transfer. That doesn’t pay back the money to those who blindly believed Dunk, and put their money on that transfer. I do notice, however, that quite a few of those have since left koptalk. So the big lie backfired on Dunk. Greed clouds your judgement.

Last summer another Moderator left koptalk. Noone noticed though, and Dunk hasn’t mentioned it with a word. SeaDog, who supposedly is Dunk’s 14 year old Leeds-supporting cousin, and the brother of one of Dunk’s victims, mysteriously disappeared in July. Having made almost 2700 posts in less than a year, he suddenly stopped posting. So what happened Dunk? Did the Forsyths figure out how you used his sister to line your pockets?

In 2008 Dunk attended a grand total of zero Liverpool matches. Despite claiming to go to some in the spring, he didn’t go to one single Liverpool match. Not even when Liverpool visited Madrid, just a few hours away from where he lives. He claimed he couldn’t afford it (I can confirm that I did….. NOT go to the game. Flights from Alicante to Madrid were really pricey (I’m skint!) and I didn’t fancy driving there. We looked at the train but it only ran from Alicante so we’d have had to drive there, park up etc.) But at other times during the year he claimed that he didn’t have to work because he had so much savings, that his kids were financially secured etc. And then at other times he claimed he was skint again. So which is it Dunk? Are you loaded or are you skint? He also said he was going to see the merseyside derby that’s coming up in a couple of weeks time with his son, but today he said on a video on his moanvideo site that’s he’s not going anyway. Well, we told you so. He now says it’s too cold in England in January, but I don’t think it was expected to be any warmer in January back in October when he claimed he was going to the match.

Last summer we showed how the koptalk insiders failed to predict any of the incoming transfers. The closest anyone got was when some ordinary member posted a rumour from his local pub about Robbie Keane. I don’t expect 2009 will be anything different. His sources strangely doesn’t know anything that’s not been in the papers or on some other website. The members of koptalk are usually the last to get news, but many of them are members elsewhere so they probably get the news they want there.

Apart from this, 2008 has been a year where Dunk has been more concerned about his pending video website that looks like it will be another failure. He has also got himself a new girlfriend, got engaged with her, then she left him, and in a couple of weeks he got a new girlfriend. He has claimed to live next door to the russian mafia. He has of course a Mercedes on order (but he’s skint), and so has Steve. He bought a new house with cash, but then cancelled the deal. And now, three weeks after Rafa had a kidney stone operation, his imaginary girlfriend probably also has a kidney stone.

Your life will always look very exciting when it’s made in your own fantasy. Happy new year!

59 Responses to “Happy New Year”

  1. Duncons Says:


    is this a good dad or an idiot?


    19 members of the free forum, many are phony and Dunk failing to manage his Moanvideo site. Could this be the year that Dunk looses it all? Surely we can all hope. Dunk is trying is hardest to make it happen for us.

  3. noteveryonebelieves Says:

    hmm, how long can fatty stay in spain? is he a citizen or does he have a work visa that will expire soon?

    inquiring minds have to know

  4. Skamp Says:

    He can stay in any European country for as long as he wishes and doesn’t need a work permit.

  5. roundabout Says:

    Fatty always makes us laugh without meaning to. He keeps doing it. And he will, as long as we are bored enough to kill five minutes on him and his crap.

    All this bull about Rafa is doing my head in. I’m glad Dunk was there to cheer me up.

    In the middle of some story about why he’s having to stop being called Mr Merc Man, he says-

    I had placed a deposit which books me a slot for a Merc this year. I was told to go back to the dealer in January to see what the state of play is with production. The ever so helpful hater told me it doesn’t take that long to buy a Merc… sorry to piss on your parade but the car hasn’t even been launched yet you fucking muppets. lol. pwned. http://tinyurl.com/cqvrgs

    I can have the car the day it comes out if I wish but right now I have to concentrate on Moar. Maybe I will get a new motor in the summer, maybe I’ll wait until the winter… I’m not sure. MV is far moar important right now but trust me, when I do, you’ll see the whole transaction right here on Moar. Until then, the haters can dream here. I always make you look silly so think before you speak.

    No need to comment on it.

    And if he wasn’t so short of brain, he’d know why I’m pissing myself at it.

    Ok, just one comment then.

    Yes, some cars have waiting lists, and if it’s a good enough car you can sometimes sell it for an instant profit to someone who couldn’t wait. But people who go on waiting lists for cars like those – and even the lesser ones like Dunk’s dream car – tend not to drive round on go-karts while waiting for their dream car to be built.

    I can’t imagine a pro-footballer going on the list for a new Ferrari, then driving to training on his moped in the meantime.

    Or a top entrepreneur arriving at a high-powered business lunch at a top country hotel by bus, mentioning that he’s only doing that because his new porsche hasn’t been built yet.

    Dunk. You ride a go-kart. A pretend army one. Your face juts out the sides of the helmet. People laugh at you.

    Nobody hates you – they pity you!

  6. RedinSweden Says:

    I am not sure I understand how buying a merc would stop him concentrating on moanvideo. He seems to spend enough of his his timing farting around, so i am sure a two hour trip to a dealership wouldn’t ruin his amazingly busy schedule. Maybe he has done a deal whereby he paints it himself. Or even builds it. The IKEA merc dealership. It’s not called a CLK, its called Öttö.

  7. slim shady Says:

    wasnt moar a hobby?? Surely hobbies do not impact on your ability to spend an hour in a dealership signing a cheque for a car. Remember dunk, it was 2 mercedes, not just the one and steve is not part of your moan video venture is he?
    the only one owned, is the one who makes up these stupid boasts, when in reality he is an expat in a spanish bolt hole running around on a go-kart and pretending to be super wealthy. spending his day making inane videos about anything and everything yet still pretending he is an important businessman and is constantly working.
    Whats up with the pints videos aswell dunk? pathetic to say the least

  8. slim shady Says:

    EDITOR: Don’t celebrate Parry’s exit yet
    27 February 2009
    by the KopTalk editor

    News that Rick Parry will be leaving the club in the summer wasn’t met with a smile from me today, this despite me not having rated him as a chief executive for many years. I have for some time wanted him to be replaced as the CEO of the club but his exit, for me, has come at the wrong time.

    For those of you who want to see a change of ownership, Parry is the last one that you should wanted to leave at this time.

    Parry desperately wanted to see Hicks stand down and my sources have for some time told me that he was allegedly working with Amanda Staveley to help the club come under the control of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. I was informed by those involved in the potential purchase of the club that Parry had been assured his job would be safe if the Sheikh came in. However, they were then allegedly planning to drop him after their honeymoon period.

    Parry was allegedly going to be used to supply information and help oust Hicks.

    Continued in our member’s section for obvious reasons…

    He just cannot stop with the bullshit. it was common knowledge that parry would be replaced if the dubai consortium took over but fatfuck tries to add his “insider” slant to it, knowing that parry going will lead to this particular lie not being proven wrong. too late once he has gone. dunk must be the only person who posts insider knowledge after the event.

  9. noteveryonebelieves Says:

    I wonder how long it will be before Kate Couzins will find out her man, fatty, is a Porky telling, Paypal stealing, charity scamming, Johnson wanking, Jail bate lusting, hallucinator. She better take her little girl esperanza and run for them bloody spanish hills.

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