DunCon's plans for next year

I guess we’re due another blog post. The comments section gets too long when it gets too far between posts.

There’s really not much to comment these days, even though it seems Dunk is trying to kick-start his web-empire with a new “free” site and “free” forum. Inside the VIP-forum it’s so quiet that he’s had to try and keep it going by posting more himself. But the fact remains; the activity on the forums is at an all time low, and he hardly gets new members. Existing members are still leaving in numbers, and many others have just stopped posting.

Anyway, let’s have a look at his plans for the few remaining members next year:

#397880 – December 07, 2008 11:41 SITE NEWS: Plans For 2009
KopTalk Team
KopTalk VIP

Registered: August 05, 2006
Posts: 10820 Just wanted to update you with regards forthcoming developments with KopTalk:

1) Main site for non-members and members to have makeover and go live – COMPLETED

2) Transfer members website (here) to new server – COMPLETED

3) Upgrade members website to latest build of UBB Threads (name of the actual script/installation that makes this place work) – NEXT

4) Give members website new look (slight makeover, layout will remain same) – PENDING

5) Provide more skins (different colours) for members. Basically this means you will be able to change all the red to black or grey for example – ideal for people logging on from work – PENDING

6) Provide new blogs feature for all members. This will enable everyone to have their own blog. We need to work on how that will work so that non-members can also read what you publish in your blogs – PENDING

7) Launch Spanish version of KopTalk for non-members and members. It has become evident that we have a massive following in Spain. All articles published on KopTalk will be translated into Spanish for our Spanish site – PENDING

8) Launch off-server blog so in the event of server downtime, members can check to see what’s happening – COMPLETED


9) Launch web-based email service so you can have an LFC related email address: *anyname@koptalk.net or anyname@liverpool-fc.tv or anyname@liverpool-fc.net or anyname@liverpool-fc.org and others. POP3 features may also be available – PENDING

10) Review free SMS service provided to members and offer optional extras for a small cost but not for profit. The SMS service is very expensive to provide and we’d like to expand it further beyond what we currently offer. We are currently looking at a new provider (cheaper) but we need to check reliability etc – PENDING

11) Introduce more competitions – PENDING

12) Publish an on-site diary/schedule for podcasts and video bulletins – PENDING

13) Move into new dedicated office for KopTalk. This transition has already started. Furniture and computers have been installed but we are waiting for various cabling to be finished – PENDING

14) Provide red skin for free (public) forums – PENDING

I’m sure there are other things that I have forgotten but these things are all currently on my mind. We’re very busy behind the scenes looking at improvements and new fun features.


* anyname@koptalk.net is already available to members but only as a forwarder or POP3 i.e. no web-based service as yet. If you would like yourname@koptalk.net please open a support ticket at http://www.koptalk.inf0

Please email me with ideas, suggestions, complaints: dunk@koptalk.con

1: This took him more than seven months, and when it arrived it hardly had any content except a few links to the official site and his betting affiliates.

2: Another downgrade to a cheaper host. This time he may have gone too far though. His server is now so unstable that every time I log on I experience that the forum freezes all the time. It must be really annoying for those who have paid to be there.

3: This should take a few minutes, if he just would bother.

4: Another shuffle of the subforums then?

5: This also could be done in a few minutes, but I guess he’s too busy making vlogs for his Moanvideo site.

6: I suppose these will be heavily moderated as well? Besides, there are loads of free alternatives around. Those who want a blog can use one of these. And then they could promote them in their user profiles on koptalk? If only they could be seen.

7: How many weeks will this last? Who do you think will be bothered to translate everything from english to spanish? Or will you pay someone to do it?

8: Hey, someone actually was able to comment on this. How long will that last?

9: Shouldn’t some of those web-addresses belong to LFC?

10: I notice there’s still problems with this service. After every match someone asks if the SMS was sent out. And now you’ll try to get a few quid from this too?

11: Like the championship competition that you made a lot of money from? Or maybe one of those with no prizes?

12: You don’t make them when you say you’ll do anyway. Remember the video you and Steve made after the Wigan match? You said you’d make them after every match, but there’s only been that one.

13: Oh yes. The one with ten computers so the two of you wouldn’t miss a thing. Have you never heard of multitasking?

14: And you call yourself a LFC site? 7 months work and you don’t have a red skin for a LFC site? What a disgrace.

Yes, there are things you have forgotten. How about allowing your members to send PM’s to each other? You can do this on every other forum. Or what about giving access to IP’s so everyone can see your not behind half of the posters? Maybe you should show “Who’s online” so your members know who they can expect replies from straight away? When you’ve done this you can start paying back the payments for the book you’ll never write and the donations Lauren never got. Then of course you should pay back those who bought fake merchandise from you. Then you should pay all the amounts you’ve plegded to the HJC which they’ve never got.

94 Responses to “DunCon's plans for next year”

  1. kraptalk_addict Says:

    Thanks Aztec, my router doesn’t seem to have that in config. It’s a pretty old wireless router (WRK54G) but I do use firefox so will look for that add on.

  2. Brian O'Blivion Says:

    Can’t you just enter getclicky.com in the list of blockable items in the Adblock addon?

  3. AZTEC-NOVA Says:

    @Brain o’Bilvion

    Yes the easiest way to block getclicky.com on firefox is applying the URL on Adblock block list.

  4. moarvideomember Says:

    another thing that people can do is download to the new Firefox 3.1 beta and then use the private browsing mode

  5. Koptalk scam Says:

    I predict the video project will be scrapped in the New Year, with Duncan Oldham citing the credit crunch as his reasons, rather than lack of interest.

    I still think before he finally gives it up he will have one last attempt to encourage donations though.

    That is why we have to maintain the offensive against Koptalk, because while it is there, simmering on the back burner alongside the meatballs it is always a fallback option for him.

    Let’s bury it for good.

  6. AZTEC-NOVA Says:

    I don’t think lessvideo is going away. Both kraptalk and lessvideo share getclicky.com and Google Ad sense.

    Using Dunk’s past as a guide–> Dunk will claim there is a problem. That problem will cause him to stop or start something that will make people feel the need to give him money. Then he will delay, attempt to confuse, and finally blame others for his problems.

    For example those “developers” in India.

    Or how Vista SP1 is working any more and that he is going off line. I thought Dunk had many laptops and PCs?!? That’s what he’s claimed along with Steve putting the office together.

    So…why would you be down, out of communication. When you claim to have dozens of laptops. Mmmm and what about that Apple that Dunk claimed he has?

    I think he’s cashed in the MAC? It’s those little things that should flag people with common and reasonable sense to say “Hey that obese wanker is a lying bastard”.

  7. shescruelbutfair Says:

    dumpkin boyfriend’s kyhell recorded a death vid. dumpkin says “i had nothing to do with it” although it’s loaded on his channel at LV. what an idiot. moribidobesevideo is in the shitter, kraptalk is nothing but a trickle of piss rolling down his leg into his shoe and well, that’s all the color i wish to add today. enjoy.

  8. Bastity Chelt Says:

    I suggest you change the links to his sites made in the comments above. They’ll only help to move his crap sites up the search rankings.

  9. dunc Says:

    The design of the m0arHosting website starts on Friday 19th. I used to resell hosting under ‘Cab00dle’ but I’m liking the M0AR tag so I thought it was fitting!

    I’ve sold webhosting for a number of years now. I started out with half a dozen clients but through word of mouth that has now expanded to nearly a hundred. I’m actually going to give it a bit of a push during 2009 to see how it goes. I’m working with a new host that has cut me some brilliant deals so I should be able to pass these savings on. At the moment I’ve just got a holding page online but I hope to have the actual site online before the end of the month.

    There will of course be discounts for anyone who uses MV!

  10. duncknowsbesssssst Says:

    I read a comment by Mr Poe on M)arVide) which says: “I just don’t believe thousands of dollars would be spent on something that going to be an intimate little hobby.” That of course is a reference to the M)arVid)o project.

    Why can’t someone spent thousands of dollars on something that they enjoy? Instead of wasting such money on dining out, take-aways, weekends and nights out, electronic gadgets and Xbox 360 games, I instead opted to channel my money into something that I class as a hobby.

    It is the exact same way that I run my soccer site. Liverp00l FC and making videos are hobbies to me. They are things that I enjoy, they keep me entertained and busy. Because I like talking and reading about Liverp00l FC I set up a Liverp00l FC website. It was a hobby and it took off but today it still operates with the only aim of paying for itself. There are months when it’s been good to me but there have also been months when it hasn’t and I’ve stood the losses (the early days).

    Of course people who rival you or dislike you will say you just want to make money but that couldn’t be further from the truth because I don’t need K)pTalk or M)arVide) to make money.

    It’s the same with M)arVide). I want it to break even on the running costs. Of course I’d love to recoup what it costs to build and of course I’d love her to run at a profit but is that all people think about, money?

    Money helps, we all need it but if that’s your only intetion then you are not only placing yourself under pressure but you’re also taking the fun out of it.

    Both sites have to be run as a business from a legal point of view. You have to make sure you have an income to cover your outgoings but that’s all.

    Financially I’m not stinking rich but I am ‘secure’ and I am ‘content’, two very important words. I don’t need to work for a living and won’t have to again. I’ve done it all and I’ve worked very hard but I have no major outgoings. The only outgoings I have are the running costs of the things I’m involved with any they pay themselves. My kids are set-up, that’s all that matters. One day they will be secure thanks to dad. Both of them will have their own homes when the start out in life and a bit of money in the bank and when I die they’ll be secure for life.

    I do have genuine business interests but they’re just to keep me busy. People online only know about the ones I want to make them aware of. Work out for yourself why.

    If I made $40,000 today on a website, I would invest the $40,000 back into the same website to make it better for the people who support you.

    I’m fortunate that I’m content with my life and I’m in a position to tinker around on things that keep me entertained but I can quite easily switch off at any time.

    But not everyone is obsessed with money and personal gain. What would I do all day every day? I love having money in the bank and buying something I like but there’s so much more to life. Money doesn’t bring loved ones back and you can’t take it with you when you die.

    I can afford to spend what I’m spending on the M)arVide) project and when she launches I’ll have a bloody good time out of it.

    Interacting with good people is great. Laughing at those who resent you is even better. Hearing someone who likes what you do say “thanks, I like your website” or “I appreciate your effort” makes it all worthwhile. You cannot buy that feeling.

    Do I want M)arVide) to make a profit? Of course I do but that would enable me to build an even better website for the people who support it. But if she doesn’t make profit, so what, I just need to finance the running costs. If I can’t she’ll be scaled down to friends etc. I have no idea what the future holds but with no real aims there can be no real failure.

    There are people out there who will say I’m this and that. Former (banned) members from our soccer website but you don’t see the thousands of (paying) members that K)pT)lk for example has, that have been with me since day 1. K)pT)lk the website has been around for just over ten years, before that it stretched back even further. They renew year in year out to support the site because they know that we put in 100% and look after them. Only the people we have banned or people associated to rival websites tend to hold a grudge. Some say “fuck off” and you never hear from them again but some – like the ones that lurk here – just can’t let go of K)pT)lk. The same will happen here.

    If it was all about making money I wouldn’t be “wasting” it on a video sharing website. But to me, I’m not wasting it, I’m investing into a passion with people with a similar interest.

    Sorry Mr Poe, but that’s twice I’ve had to pull you up this week. I appreciate your contribution and you’re an old pal, but I have to speak up about what I believe in 🙂

  11. AZTEC-NOVA Says:

    If you, the poster, decide to quote the “obese one” long winded boring dissertations. Please, sincerely, provide a summary. Dunk (obese) is dull witted.

    It’s apparent that Dunk’s formal education was a waste and that any ethics he might have learned have withered away.

  12. Koptalk scam Says:

    Quality – he’s published a list of his ‘haterz’s IP addresses on his MV page.

    Unfortunately I’m not on there 😦

    Proxies FTW Dunky

  13. AZTEC-NOVA Says:

    I can post IP addresses too. Doesn’t mean anything unless the obese one named Dunk posts the server/access log.

    To get this ball rolling: is from a lad who in 2003 posted about enjoying motorcycles…Dunk failed. is a “bot” according to botsysbrowsers.com then there’s some traffic in blogs…Dunk failed part 2 is an IP address reported by Dunk December 12th. No logs were posted to prove it. is reported is a “bot” according to botsysbrowsers.com.

    Dunk has redefined failure as a noun. Dunk is failure. He needs to post his logs cause we all know that Dunk lies.

    Does Dunk even know how to post server access logs? I think not. He’s too thick headed.

    Here’s an IP address Dunk should have been familiar with:

    Tisk tisk Dunk failures are building moment, again.

    Happy Holidays! The blog knows best.

  14. Brian O'Blivion Says:

    Does anyone remember that time he tried to fool people by telling them that he would know who it was if someone passed on the Insider crap he posted, and display something different on their screen in future?

  15. DunCons Says:

    just a quick point he is now showing a video about his new signed Torres shirt – Ok who cares but …

    If it was real why would he need to emphasise the spanish k and the spanish s only someone that thought he had to prove it wasnt fake – maybe he has a certificate of authenticity signed my Steve !!!

    Serious point tho’ – he will now be on ebay pushing 100’s of signed Torres shirts now ripping off Reds across the planet.

    One day … he will come into the cross hairs !!!

  16. noteveryonebelieves Says:

    I installed the adblock plus. it is showing ‘most active filters getclicky.com (1).

    Does this mean that getclicky no longer works? if so, that fat cunt won’t know where i’m logging in from

  17. bouncer Says:

    Poor old Dunk.

    All the highs of the past few days are about to make way for another down phase.

    “I’ve only bought two presents for Christmas” he says – saying it’s one each for his kids.

    “I hate Christmas” he says – telling us he’s not even bothered with cards.

    So he’s bought two presents for the kids. And I assume that they’re not going to be with him in his Spanish hideout. He’s had to get them sent by mail order. Probably using some of his amazon vouchers.

    He’s not even bought his “partner” a present or card.

    Is that because she’s told him there’s no way round it, she’s spending Christmas with her folks and he’s not welcome?

    Where’s Steve going to be?

    If you look at most of fatty’s videos of late, he’s not filming them in the upstairs flat, he’s filming them downstairs in the bit where his mum used to live with Steve.

    So is Steve, their mum and the other MacNeishes going to spend Christmas back in England?

    And is poor fat Duncan going to be all alone in Spain? Wearing his sun glasses, with the shutters down on the windows? Alone?

    Mum’s going to be getting pissed with her current husband.

    Steve’s going to catch up with people his own age.

    His partner’s going to spend Christmas with her parents – she’s probably only 15.

    And his kids are going to spend Christmas with their mum. And their mum’s new partner – the one she’s getting really settled with. “Dad” as Robbie calls him. All Maria’s family are going to have a big get-together – Maria, her new beau, Charlotte and Robert, all with Maria’s folks.

    All that excitement as they go to bed on Christmas Eve. All that excitement as they wake up on Christmas morning. Opening the little presents that often mean as much as the expensive ones. And more importantly, getting a meaningful cuddle from their mum – and her partner – as part of a finally loving and stable home. No need to spend it with someone who thinks a few xbox games is a substitute for love. No need to spend it with someone who despises their new dad.

    He needs a film to watch on that big screen on Christmas Day. Home Alone?

    A lot of people hate Christmas, it’s a hard time for many, but it didn’t need to be like this for Dunk.

    Oh he’s oh-so happy with his quad-bike instead of his Merc, and living in a place where he can barely venture outdoors. Let’s face it – if you have to wear shades indoors in a room with all the windows shuttered up, how can you go outdoors in the sun?

    This site kept telling him to just try and apologise instead of banning anyone who actually wanted to help him. But he knew best didn’t he?

    Happy Christmas Dunk.

  18. duncknowsbesssssst Says:

    that was a poignant tale of sadness and woe for the hefty one.

    knowing he reads this alone in his shuttered room is kind of sad.

    i don’t feel bad for him. it’s his karma.

    you reap what you sow.

    merry xbox duncan

  19. AZTEC-NOVA Says:

    Dunk’s holidays needs are not my concern nor should they be anyone else’s. Some posts in the past weeks on this blog have been made by Dunk. He phishes for possibilities as he attempt to be a puppet master. Sadly he can not even master a half truth without bungling it.

    Many footballers will know what I am talking about. Dunk doesn’t meet the first objective. He doesn’t pass the ball or make forward runs.

    Dunk is stuck shooting at every opportunity hoping that something makes it. He suffers from an absolute deplorable defense. In a court of law, Dunk would be quickly brought down for his moronic crimes of fraud and theft.

    This is why Dunk lives in Spain. Fear, he fears the inevitable moment when he will appear in from of a magistrate. Isn’t this why Dunk ‘ran away’ to the states and Canada a few years ago?

    If I was his father. I would have turned in him to save the family from certain disgrace. Disgrace doesn’t bother Dunk. He’s willing to defraud people so he can remain afraid and hide from his responsibilities.

    While time goes on Dunk continues to gain weight to compensate for having a low opinion on himself. Next year he will break 32 stones. Each year dispute his words he grows horizontally. Perhaps ending in that position.

    As always the blog knows best. It’s the best interest Dunk that you pack it in and go and face your crimes. What crimes? Money stolen from your cousin, the signed shirt and ball scam. You know it’s the right thing to do. Can’t wait to see Dunk balloon with guilt in 2009.

  20. Koptalk scam Says:

    and tax evasion too, which is the primary reason he is afraid to return to England to see his children over Christmas.

    But he lives the perfect life of luxury of course 🙂

  21. DunCons Says:

    you can see how his retarded mind works…….

    Latest video is to roll out the disabled relative again – with if he won millions he would give it all to them etc…..

    Next thing is he will be whipping the hat round to get her stuff for chrimbo…

    Nice one dunk – everyone wants to see re-use but hey you can roll out the same old scams over and over as there are always gullable people out there who have not heard of you yet!!!!

  22. Koptalk Outsider Says:

    Had a quick look at the free site today to see all the new content Dunk’s put out for the “imaginay” readers. It turned out there’s nothing new. What a surprise.

    Then I read through the list in this post to see how many points were completed in two weeks. It’s two. He’s added a red skin to the free forum and he’s started a competition in the paid forum. That’s it. Two weeks of hard work, 24/7 as he likes to claim, for him paying members.

  23. Koptalk Outsider Says:

    So who won the camcorder competition?

    5) Closing date for votes is 24 Dec 2008. The winner will be announced on MV on Christmas Day.

    Can’t see it anywhere!

  24. AZTEC-NOVA Says:

    When are the web cams going to be sent to the camcorder participants?

    Hopefully those dozens of web cams will be shipping soon.

    Apparently Dunk is too lazy to count the votes. He prefers to mock the contestants and mutter his way through. Being a day late which is no less than a slap to the face to his “friends”.

    The blog told lessvideo.CON members about Dunk. There’s no reason for them to hang around a criminal.

  25. AZTEC-NOVA Says:

    Three days late and loaded with excuses Dunk fumbles camcorder as he explains who won the lessvideo.CON competition.

    Dunk had an opportunity to sort sending either a camcorder of the funds to purchase one out since late September 08. Dunk claims he hasn’t sorted out the details.

    He tells the remainder who don’t didn’t win they will get “cheap” web cams. This is a contradiction from an earlier statement when he said “quality”.

    In Dunk’s recent video he appears in disarray. Glasses on and claiming HD web cam instead of HD camcorder. He’s hurried and fiddling with his thinning hair. Like a vain school girl.

    This blog can be rewarded knowing that Dunk read it and realized he was pushed in to a corner and had to do something. Dunk didn’t apologize for his inability to count the votes or being three days late in announcing the winner. Certainly 20 is a big number for Dunk.

    Dunk appears to have gained another stone since his last video. Maybe he’ll mark 35 stones this year, lol.

    Blog knows best, always did, always will.

  26. bouncer Says:

    Really couldn’t be arsed trying to stay awake through a full video, but here’s my take on the camcorder competition.

    He announced that humdannit won it.

    He then said she can have any camcorder she likes. Then said maximum price 250 quid. Or “What did we say, 500 dollars”. So it’s not any camcorder she likes then is it?

    Still, 250 quid isn’t bad if it actually happens.

    Second prize also gets a camcorder. But not a new one. Dunk’s old one. The one he doesn’t use because it has shit sound. Dunk wanted to give the runner up a camcorder because he likes him and wants him to be able to vlog more. So he gives him a cast-off of a camcorder he doesn’t want due to its shitness.

    What a guy.

    Webcams for everyone who enters – that’s now changed. Webcame for everyone who enters but hasn’t got a a webcam. In other words, nobody gets a webcam. If you’ve no cam, how could you enter – the condition of entry was you had to video something!

    And even if they got one, they’d have to wait. Dunk hasn’t got time to sort them out yet, because he’s sorting out the camcorder. Dunk, fat thicko, log onto a website – let’s say amazon.com – and order a fucking camcorder. Put her address on it. Pay with your card. It’ll take five minutes.

    The runner up’s camcorder might take longer because you’ll have to find all the bits for it and see how much it costs to post it from Spain.

    By the way – what’s happened to that OMV weirdo?

  27. redinsider Says:

    He needs to update this site as his charitable campaing has fallen badly short of its target.


    Then again, being as busy as he is with his money making ideas, I can understand his lack of concern with it.

  28. DunCons Says:

    Does anyone think that the fat boy is a ‘fence’ on top of all of his other crimes? With no ‘visible’ means of income he does seem to spend a fair amount more than you would expect. There is a large forgery market out in spain with the tourists – would be an ideal opportunity to sell stolen or forged goods. I would guess he is still pushing forged signed Liverpool items on eBay

  29. slim shady Says:

    dunk is surpassing himself yet again. Showing us his “autographed” shirts he keeps. Or maybe it should be shirts steve signed. That Owen one is such a fake!
    we also had the tour of his games room. So, he is going to link 4 flatscreens together to use for the mother of all games consoles, the playstation 2!! yes, you heard right, he is going to go to the trouble of linking 4 tv’s together for an out of date console. im off to buy a projector for my SNES and some alloys for my tractor!!

  30. DelBoyOldham Says:

    Can we get back to Koptalk please?!

    His response to the Gerrard stuff is one of sitting on the fence. No real inside links, “moles” etc; has he tried to phase out the transfer bullshit?

  31. kraptalk_addict Says:

    had a quick look at the kraptalk youtube vids, he’s claiming some kind of victory in mentioning glen johnson and backing it up by showing articles from the gutter press newspapers that he buys. Well done duncan, aligning yourself with the gutter press is so fitting.

    Also I wonder if he got permission to use that liverbird artwork that was done by kitser on rawk?

  32. DunCons Says:

    he has used that on multiple occassions – there is no depth the cunt wont sink to – ripping off reds fans is his passion.

  33. scousenproud Says:

    The autograph shirt is the bite for fellow reds to be conned.
    They will ask Dunk to get them the autographed shirt and he will rip the unsuspecting off. (BEWARE)
    Also a couple of years ago, there was supposed to be a thousand pound donation made to the HJF on behalf of koptalk. That donation was made by Steven Cohen, a Chelsea fan who hosts his own American football show.
    He made some pathetic accusations about scousers robbing the dead blah blah blah amongst other insulting Hillsborough jibes. There was an uproar from some of the good lads who were on the site at that time. Revo and Desertscouser were the main players lashing out at Steven Cohen. Somewhere, dunk got involved and it ended up with an agreement that Steven Cohen would apologise and he would make a donation of a Grand (through) koptalk.
    That donation never found its way to HJF.

  34. AZTEC-NOVA Says:

    Take a few more pounds out of Dunk’s pocket and block if you visit k*ptalk. Dunk is using the fastclick.net to pad his pockets with advertising money. Dunk’s fastclick ID is 12340.

  35. DunCons Says:

    can you tell me how to do that please?

  36. microbe Says:


    I just thought I would say hello as I allowed my subscription to K**talk expire today after visiting

  37. microbe Says:

    sorry I’ll finish off

    your site which brought home just how much crap comes out of the fat man’s mouth.

    I’m now looking for another site to catch up with fellow red fanatics

  38. AZTEC-NOVA Says:

    Happy New Years!

  39. Koptalk Outsider Says:

    That’s good news Microbe.
    If more people would actually read what’s written in this blog, then there might have been more than just under 1000 members leaving the last year. But we’re not complaining. At that rate there won’t be many left in two years time.

    Have a look at the list of other websites in the right column.

  40. microbe Says:

    Thanks Koptalk Outsider. I have visited all the sites listed and am drawn towards Est1892, RAWK and The Liverpool Way. I’ll visit all on a regular basis until I can see which is best suited to me.


  41. Koptalk Outsider Says:

    8 months on. What is the status for the poits that were pending?

    3. Upgrade still not done. The paying members are still using the same old software while the few members on the free site is using the one upgrade he could afford.

    4. Still pending.

    5. Still pending.

    6. Dunk set up another free ning site that was supposed to be a “blog” for his members. Hardly anyone uses it though.

    7. site’s tree but with no content. Just 6 articles he’s copied from spanish media.

    9. Does anyone actually use this? And what about Dunk’s failure to renew domains. What happens to your e-mail if you’re on one of those?

    10. Dunk’s cutting costs again by deleting the whole list, asking members to sign up again. I think there are hardly anyone left using this feature, although it’s probably te only thing on koptalk actually worth anything.

    11. Still pending.

    12. Still pending. And the podcasts are gone, and so is Steve.

    13. Completed. He moved the computers from one room to another!

    14. Completed. Should have taken a couple of minutes to do.

  42. Bosco Says:

    Dunk used free software, Joomla to create his football site. Don’t be tricked in believing that he paid for it.

  43. Koptalk Outsider Says:

    I put that up yesterday, and today, voila, there’s a new video from Dunk. What is it he says? Owned? 🙂

  44. koptalk insider Says:

    I thought the same when after the lottery ticket scam was brought up in the comments of the other thread he posted an obscure and trivial video discussing some random who’s life hadn’t changed after winning the lottery. He’s on the edge folks, now lets push him over…..

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