Skint conman begs for money to keep himself drunk

Dunk must be missing the free advertisement he claims he gets from this blog. Or at least his latest stunt looks like it’s aimed at us. Of course, we’ll obey his command and make a new blog post about it. After all, we don’t want to disappoint our favourite website editor, do we?

What I’m talking about here is koptalk’s latest attempt to get more cash out of their gullible members: The KopTalk Pints Appeal. Basically you can donate 5 euros to Steve or Dunk, and they’ll buy a pint and record a video of themselves drinking it. I know this sounds stupid, but this is actually what they’re doing now to get their hands on more money. They’ve set up paypal accounts for each of them, and at the moment Dunk has got two donations and Steve has got one. Here’s what it says:

Many of our members and our podcast listeners often offer to buy us a pint. Sadly, many of these generous Reds are situated all over the world making it virtually impossible to meet up and share a few pints together and they know that – we’re fat but we’re not stupid! However, thanks to this new site, we’re now going to call your bluff and take you up on your offers!

You can now buy either Dunk or Steve a pint and see us enjoy it. Buy us a pint and we will record a video in the pub thanking you for the pint! Your name or username will be listed on this site with your video! We will email you to see who the shoutout should be for!

As this site is new nobody has bought us a pint yet so maybe you’d like to be the first! A bottle of Magners cider varies from 5,50 to 8,00 euros around here but in our local we get discount so it’ll only set you back 5,00 euros!

Forget helping children in Africa or donating to heart warming needy charities in the UK. Family comes first… and we’re family, right? We work 7-days-a-week for you and get little reward… sometimes we can’t sleep for fear of not knowing where the next pint will come from. Please help stop this anguish. Please stop us from wasting away. Please dig deep and buy us a pint today.

You have to be stupid to fall for this, so it will be interesting to see who turns up on the list. Thankfully for them, they are hidden behind their usernames, unless of course they want their full name on the list. It’s hard, though, to imagine anyone wanting to show themselves as first class idiots, but you’ll never know.

So, is this just a stunt to get some response from us. It’s been a while since there was anything to report from koptalk anyway, and the forums are more quiet than ever. On closer look it could be that the conman, who just weeks ago was bragging about being able to buy a new house without taking up a mortgage, who has been filming himself waving loads of money (or copies?), who claims to run several successful businesses, who has a mercedes on order, who says he’s living of money from his late father and don’t need the money from koptalk subs, just may be a little short of cash and is getting desperate for ways to rip off his gullible koptalkers even more. As shown in my last post, Dunk wanted to get them signed up for several years membership, just in case they get fed up and wanted to leave, or if the site has to close down because there’s noone left. He has now set up the possibility to pay for two or five years membership.

Another sign that things are not so good moneywise in the koptalk HQ was his failure to attend the Champions League match in Madrid this week. He claimed earlier that he was going, even had the hotel booked, but when asked by a member if he was there he had the following answer:

 #374941 – October 23, 2008 16:22 Re: Hola Dunk! [Re: Charlie]
Dunk Dunk
KopTalk VIP

Registered: July 21, 2007
Posts: 4663 Hi Charlie!

I can confirm that I did….. NOT go to the game. Flights from Alicante to Madrid were really pricey (I’m skint!) and I didn’t fancy driving there. We looked at the train but it only ran from Alicante so we’d have had to drive there, park up etc.

Nah, I stayed in and watched it on the big screen

It must have been some other ugly git!

So you’re skint after all, Dunk? Can’t afford the flight? And what’s this about the train? It takes half an hour to drive to Alicante. What’s the problem? Remember it’s the club you claim to love, and you haven’t seen them live for a long, long time. You run a LFC website, but can’t be arsed to go to matches? Most of the Liverpool fans I know would make a real effort to get to such a game if they ever came to my country. Unfortunately we rarely have any teams in the Champions League.:) Could it just be that your not interested in LFC anymore? Could it be that you’re just in it now for the money? We’ll have to listen to what you say about this yourself, won’t we? After all, you never lie.

 #374970 – October 23, 2008 16:41 Re: Hola Dunk! [Re: Philyobyrne]
Dunk Dunk
KopTalk VIP
Registered: July 21, 2007
Posts: 4663

Originally Posted By: Philyobyrne
How often do you manage to get over to the Liverpool games now you’re living abroad, Dunk?

To be honest I lost a lot of interest in recent years. Watching on TV has done for me. I just don’t have the energy or motivation for travelling as much these days. I’m going to go to the Merseyside derby with my lad (8) for his first game at Anfield. I miss the games but I don’t miss the travelling. Plus I really do need to be with the site on match days as much as possible.

So you lost interest? Well, tell us something we didn’t know. It’s obvious for anyone that you don’t have any interest in LFC. Your love of the s*n shows us that. And the way you treat fellow LFC supporters also shows us that you don’t care one bit for the club or it’s supporters. You’re just in it for the money. That’s all!

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  1. Brian O'Blivion Says:

    Just for the record, I wasn’t suggesting you were the real MacNeish, just having a laugh thinking about him multitasking.

  2. Andy Says:

    Another reason for the non-appearance of the new KopTalk free site could be that Oldham has already set up a new free forum – under the name www dot kop-chat dot com

    He may not be behind it, but it looks suspiciously like Oldham’s handiwork. “Kop Chat” was how Bascombe referred to KopTalk in a scathing article he wrote a few years back. These comments by the site’s owner, “Union Jack”, are reminiscent of Oldham’s bullshit:

    “because of people signing up just to spam the forums”

    “Because of the large number of sign ups we get that are only here to make spam posts”

    “Please note you must make a minimum of 10 posts on the forums and then you will be upgraded from a newbie to a member, this will give you more forum sections that are hidden from normal members.”

    “We all like a bit of banter as much as the next person just remember dont cross the line”

    The site’s dying on its arse anyway, much like KopTalk. It has amassed a grand total of 59 members since it launched in July and two-thirds of them have made less than 10 posts.

    If Oldham is behind the site, it’s a tacit admission from him that the KopTalk name is so tarnished that he can never again hope to make money from it.

  3. Bouncer Says:

    Fatso’s Kopchat domain didn’t have the hyphen in the middle.

    A post by someone calling himself “Union Jack” and then talking about the history of LFC and what makes the club what it is seems a bit of a contradiction.

    Not my kind of site by any means. I bet it has text speak inside. But it seems harmless, and Dunk-less.

  4. Brian O'Blivion Says:

    I love the contradictions on his video site too.

    “It’s all about quality, not quantity!”, then he goes and uploads a handful of crap clips sourced from YouTube.

    Quality, Dunk!

  5. RedinSweden Says:

    Kop-chat does have a certain whiff of Dunk about it.

    The introduction post is labelled as

    “Introduction To Kop-Chat.Com The Site For Die Hard Liverpool Fans. ”

    Die hard is one of Dunks favourite phrases.

  6. Koptalk Outsider Says:

    Heard something like this before???

    Vids on LV take so long to get approved because the admin are too busy using MOAR! It may just be a project site with the finished build of not due until 2009, but they’re watching vids and contributing (do you know which user is an admin on LV? You’d be surprised!).

    One of the admins from LV wants to get involved with MOAR but I don’t know if that would be a good thing or not. Maybe I’m paranoid, then again, isn’t everyone online paranoid? No comment.

    Although I’m happily involved with MOAR I’ll still be keeping my channel here just incase things pick up, after all they have added a Christmas LiveVideo logo lol. To think I recently came close to invoking… I must have been mad.

    I’ll only invoke if Greg Lions ever leaves 😉

    I’m having fun making videos again. I’d lost a bit of enthusiasm as everything was about MOAR but now I’m really starting to find my form again. I’m planning a trip to India next year and would love to vlog that experience but we shall have to wait and see if I can squeeze that in.

    I’m really happy that I have so many friends on LV. It’s great hearing from people every now and then. I hardly watch any videos here these days but when I do call in I always have some messages in my inbox. To those sincere people I’d just like to say “thanks!”.

    I don’t know if my haters are still active here, if you are, I’d appreciate it if you could keep up the good work. I always get a good laugh when I see where visitors to MOAR are coming from. There’s no such thing as bad publicity as I was recently reminded. Dunk knows best!

    I’m not sure if I’ll get another blog up before Christmas so if not, I just want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

    You know where I am if you want me and remember, don’t get paranoid when reading my blogs or watching my videos. If I have anything to say, I’ll say it openly.

  7. Bouncer Says:

    Why would you remove this, after posting about a member you claim has joined your site? You know, a bit like claiming George Gillett joined your LFC site – with his own card, even though you claim you can’t take cards – yet not letting people communicate with each other.

    Actually, are PMs possible on ning?

    Missing Navigation
    Posted by dirtisnice on 2 December 2008 at 1:41am in & Vlogging In General
    View Discussions
    Where did the navigation link go for “Members”?
    ▶ Reply to This
    Replies to This Discussion
    Permalink Reply by Dunk 3 hours ago
    I took it down but it can be returned if it’s really needed.
    ▶ Reply to This

    (You can get to the missing page here – – but Dunk’s once again acting like he’s trying to hide something.)

  8. Jay1978 Says:

    @ grumby & shescrulebutfair

    Why is it when anyone points out that this blog’s purpose is to protect Liverpool fans and not a vehicle to carry out your pathetic little vlog wars with Duncon, that you automatically assume that it must be Duncon posting? (that’s a rhetorical question, please don’t bother responding) Do you guys really believe the world revolves around you or something? Keep your vitriol to yourselves, or better still why don’t you just email your “attacks” to him directly. Your self obsessed shit is boring and pointless.

  9. slim shady Says:

    so the koptalk site isnt open for the 2nd. How stupid we were to think he would get it open on the first day of his latest target date. Expect a piece of shit up tomorrow that he will hash together to try and prove the “haterz” wrong, or maybe he will be true to form and dream up some fabulous excuse as to why it is not yet finished.
    Must be great being dunk! With all the luminaries clamouring to “revoke” their koptalk accounts. We now have people from established sites that are countless times bigger than his shitty moan site, wanting to join, which is probably a direct result of dunk wanting to “invoke” his account.
    Future dunk news: “I have had offers to buy into the moan video site. offers in excess of £1m, but i have turned them down because this is a community for you, the VIP Die hard supporters. I didnt want suits controlling it and thats the way it will stay. oh and Mr Obama signed up for an account today and he insisted on paying with his own credit card. his user name, and face, will not be revealed as to protect his identity but i can assure you he has logged on numerous times and is an active user”

  10. shescruelbutfair Says:

    shescruelbutfair Says:
    November 21, 2008 at 1:34 am

    dear loser jay, it’s been quite awhile since i posted. i suggest you skip my posts if you don’t care for them and i also suggest you don’t bait me to post as you just have done.

    don’t feed the fire if you don’t like the flame.

  11. shescruelbutfair Says:

    oh yeah, slim, funny post. good one!

  12. slim shady Says:

    The lame excuse was already made today, what a fool i feel. Steves cat has died and dunk has made a 7 min video all about it and how he is going to get drunk in mourning.
    Steve loved it and slept with it every night by all accounts. It was blind but followed him round everywhere and steve wanted to pay thousands for an operation to cure its sight.
    They really dont know what to do as the cat was writing the last bid of code for the new site and now they have to start from scratch. the cats laptop had a paw scanner and they do not have access to it now, so they are going to pay a team of german shepards to get the site out for early 2009 at a cost of £3000 per month

  13. Brian O'Blivion Says:

    And with the credit crunching away its not going ot be easy. Hey, how about you all buy shares in the video site?

  14. DunCons Says:

    Can’t resist to post this one – in his long history of demonstrating his lack of education – ranking up there with INVOKING is on his latest rant about his haterz. He goes on over and over giving some other stupid vlogger advice and ends with …… Silence breeds comtempt … i kid you not …. Fatso its FAMILIARITY breeds contempt …. stupid tosser

  15. slim shady Says:

    he obviously has it wrong because silence is the last thing he displays. what a thick cunt. invoke your life dunk!!! haha.
    on cue, some shitty forum with posts only by the koptalk team appears. still no site though, this week now and not 2/3rd of dec.

  16. Bouncer Says:

    So after months of planning, postponements, delays, expenditure and suspense (he wishes) we find he finally unveils his free forums.

    Using a standard script that takes five minutes to install.

    Using a default skin that he’s taken five seconds to amend.

    And, er, have you paid for it Dunk? It’s not a free script. Is your current ISP willing to turn a blind eye to piracy the way your last hosts were?

  17. steve-m Says:

    Re: Kop chat – the owner posted a while ago claiming nothing to do with Dunce.

    Re: shescruelbutfair – you have nothing to do here, you fell out with Dunce on some website, he did not rip you off or sully the name of anything you associate with, this blog is not for people that fell out with Dunce on a website – you are not wanted here.

    Re new site, awaiting approval, wonder if Dunce is cross referencing here? I miss the paranoid Dunce, working overtime an being paranoid about infiltrators – wasn’t that the reason he closed down the last site.

  18. slim shady Says:

    yes dunk, you dont spend 1 minute writing about your “haterz” but you sure as hell make a lot of video about them. Everything you do is in response to this blog. Every video flashing cash and pretending to have the houses and cars, you mention your haterz at every opportunity. You are owned by the blog.
    There are not “sites” talking about you, there is a blog laughing at you. one blog laughing at you and owning you completely.
    like most, we couldnt care less about your moan video site, but as long as you associate yourself with LFC and continue to make up shit to gain an extra few pennies at the expense of the club, the blog will own you and make you look even more stupid.

  19. steve-m Says:

    Well the new site is really active, one post from 5 minutes ago and then nothing for hours.

    Dunce, you even managed to have admin access open to all if you look hard enough


  20. Homer_Jay Says:

    Don’t recall any owner of kop chat posting here, sure you don’t confuse it with kop-tv, another kraptalk lookalike?
    And beside that, I really think the thick one would post on here saying that anyway, along with stay away from his other “dealings”

  21. justino Says:

    Well Dunk – the wait was worth it – Koptalk really has moved on

    Well done you

  22. Brian O'Blivion Says:

    It’s a good job we’re giving him all this free publicity eh?

  23. steve-m Says:


    You may be right about kop-tv, it would have been about a month or two ago.

  24. Bouncer Says:

    So what’s in this free forums site then?

    Welcome to our forums! Please take a moment to review and update your profile and preferences to take full advantage of our features. You can do this by clicking on “Edit Profile” and “Edit Preferences” in the My Stuff dropdown.

    Please do not reply to this message as this is just an automated welcome message to thank you for joining our community.


    There are a couple of design issues with these forums that haven’t been finished yet. As a result you will see various changed over the coming week. If you notice any bugs, please email me dunk @ – thanks for supporting KOPTALK by using these forums. We will do everything we can to keep you entertained.

    Our new site for non members will go live once I’m happy with these forums.
    There are a couple of design issues with these forums that haven’t been finished yet. As a result you will see various changed over the coming week. If you notice any bugs, please email me dunk @ – thanks for supporting KOPTALK by using these forums. We will do everything we can to keep you entertained.

    Our new site for non members will go live once I’m happy with these forums.


    This was posted by someone on our members site:

    The horse says that there are four interested groups interested in taking over the club.Apart from Dubai there is interest from America, India and Ireland/UK.A 5th from Russia has expressed an interest but they have shown no serious intentions.

    A sticking point with Dubai is that Gillett and Hicks are claiming they only have a £200 million real debt after their cash collateralization pledge to the banks and overdraft which is far less than the £350 million that is widely reported.


    (Dunk, KOPTALK understands that there has been an enquiry registered with Newcastle United but no bid or approach either directly or indirectly to Owen has been made.

    If the boss is telling the truth, we must assume that he is concerned about the player’s injury problems because the fee certainly wouldn’t be a problem.

    (Dunk I believe we’ve made a formal enquiry but that there hasn’t been a any kind of formal offer (as yet).


    A formal enquiry but not a formal offer? “Dear Newcastle, please can you tell us what Michael Owen would cost? Yours sincerely, Liverpool FC Formal Enquiries Department.” Dunk. Knows. FA.

    Also love the ‘horse’ (does he mean his mam?) telling us that there is interest from practically every continent in the world, just to cover all the bases. Dunk. Is. Thick.

    The only people posting are users with names like Dunk or Steve, and Growler (one of Dunk’s oldest aliases isn’t it?) and Vishal-LFC.

    Another funny one from Dunk – Desperate Dunk as he believe he’s known in these parts —

    *+*+*+*+*+* START A NEW TOPIC *+*+*+*+*+*
    Dunk KopTalk Editor Registered: 02/12/08 Posts: 63 Loc: KOPTALK
    Help us get these forums off the ground. Start a new discussion!

    Either click on ‘Football Chat’ above and then ‘New Topic’ or click HERE

    Room for one more? Hold onto your sides, they may split wide open —->

    Nothing new but sent to me today by a member on the VIP members only site (via email):

    Lucas could well be moved on in Jan if not almost certainly in Summer.
    Barry will be attempted again in Jan but again it will probably be Summer we are very confident though.
    Rafa is [oops] with our on the field performances and is [oops] at GG & TH I am guessing this is contract related.
    TH & GG will not sell unless they are forced too. (which is looking less likely!!) Apparently dont understand finance enough to have an opinion on that.
    Rafa is hoping to bring Heinze in , in Jan if he suceeds Dossena will be on his way ASAP to say Rafa is underwhelmed by him is an understatement.

    You can’t view other member’s profiles, so sending a PM is still not an option – paranoid Dunk knows that any real members would soon be told the truth.

    At least he thinks he’s blocked access to PMs. And member lists. And other things he doesn’t realise he’s left open.

    Dunk knows how to fail.

  25. Aztec-Nova Says:

    Dunk, a thick headed sociopath, removes ‘chat’ from his video web site. The frame is there but no chats. Why? Cause a person was writing “Where’s everybody?”. No one was answering.

    Cause a greater portion of the site is Dunk’s sock accounts. He’s used them to inflate membership numbers. There’s a problem with that scheme? You need people to chat.

    Even with Dunk’s other personalities it’s not enough variety.

    Dunk is tossing his site around on other online social networks. Like the days when Dunk was posting his footballs site on other web sites.

    When the table is turned and sites want to promote themselves like Dunk. He deletes accounts.

    Dunk is fail. The blog knows best.

  26. Aztec-Nova Says:

    Dunk claims his football site is opening up tomorrow December 6th 2008. Before you visit please block

    By doing this you deny Dunk income and reduces his ability to track you.

  27. Aztec-Nova Says:

    Dunk’s football site has arrived like a obese man at a luncheon buffet with only one entree.

    We realized that Dunk was recycling his UBB PHP code. And now pat ourselves on the back.

    Dunk it took you months and months. and all you did use the same ol’ UBB PHP prepackaged software. Dunk claimed spending thousands and working with a team of developers.

    Dunk LIED again. No surprise for the blog.

    If you visit Dunk’s failed football site. Make sure you block and

    Dunk’s ‘new’ getglick ID is 44158. And Dunk; your HTML code has errors in it. You might want to fix it.

    The blog knows best.

  28. slim shady Says:

    inspired choice of colour format for the forums. blue and white, very LFC!!!
    Interesting how dunk mentions his “haters” at every opportunity, also as much as how everything he does is for his kids and building their future (zzzzzzzzz…!!)
    He mentions sites against him (there is just the blog) and as far as i am aware, nobody here contributes to his sites so how does fatboy actually see what people say about him? Could it be that dunk is the one that is ruled by the blog and has to check every 5 mins to see what is being said? surely not!
    You are owned dunk. nobody here contributes a penny to your “unwaged” lifestyle and i fail to see how highlighting every lie you tell can be anything but negative. judging by the posts on your forums it would suggest the very same. keep clicking dunk on the 10 computers that you have, maybe you can pay for a couple of days rental on a couple of mercs and then video it

  29. Oh em Vee Says:

    Dunk’s biggest contributor might be someone going by the name of OMV.

    He commented on Dunk’s mock-up of his ‘free’ Koptalk site and Dunk replied ‘Ooh, someone spoke to me. Wow. Erm. I’m not blushing. Oh. And OMV, your site looks pretty too you know.’ Something like that.

    Dunk’s latest cartoon of himself looks very similar to OMV for some reason.

    But anyway, OMV replied that his site was built using WORDPRESS!

    Just like this site. So you can comment. Just like on this site. And unless he’s blocked it, you should be able to comment without registering.

    OMV seems a bit zany – but how would he feel if he knew he was helping out paedo Dunk? Zany or angry?

    OMV – you’re promoting Moarvideo, which was designed by someone who had to scale back his last project after being exposed for the immoral act of taking money for a disabled cousin, without giving her the money. He phoned people at work who stood up to him, to try and get them sacked. He threatened to KILL the people behind this blog. Yes – death threats.

    And you’re giving him free publicity!

    And you entered the scamcorder comp too didn’t you? Do you really think he’ll dish that out? And the free webcams for the other entrants?

    He’s a string of unhappy members from his old sites who found competitions would disappear (and anyone mentioning them would be banned) or prizes wouldn’t arrive. In many cases the winner would be someone who only posted for the sake of entering the comp, and was never seen online again after. In other words – a fake user.

    He charged people three or four times for membership without telling them, using a Pay Pal loophole.

    He says everyone who talks about him in a negative way is a hater, or a former banned member, or part of a ‘rival’ site (even though he says he has no rivals). But it’s not the case at all. Anyone reading about him with an open mind will see constant examples of him ripping people off and censoring any criticism.

    He’s been about to bring a book about for about six years now. SIX YEARS! And he’s taken £5 deposits off loads of people for it. He’s never started it. Yet he’s used all kinds of excuses, including a ‘blown-up’ laptop. He said he’d finished it about 18 months ago. Then went quiet when he was asked where it was.

    He scribbles on footballs himself, then says they are real officially autographed balls from Liverpool Football Club’s players.

    His Mercedes was bought with the money he’d taken on behalf of his sick cousin, Lauren Forsyth. When this blog exposed him, he had to sell it, and move to Spain. Now he’s only got a quad bike, and the car he occasionally drives is a rent-a-car job. He can’t afford a Merc now, because he’s not getting thousands upon thousands for Lauren. She saw little if any of that money.

    He was asked to show some figures for what he’d collected. Had he been honest, he’d have done it like a shot. People could then see for themselves if it matched up with what they’d given him for her. He wouldn’t do it. He made all kinds of excuses. All that was asked for was for him to list the donations – not with names alongside them – and then to explain how the money was being used. He collected thousands, with some coming from match tickets (over a thousand pounds in one case for just one match for his ticket), the fake balls and shirts, the donations people made to help Lauren’s mum and dad pay their bills to avoid losing their home.

    If he was honest, why couldn’t he list the amounts received? I can’t think of any genuine reason. But I know he got a new car at the same time, and loads of equipment for his house.

    He once sold shares in his Koptalk site. To do so was illegal the way he did it. Then he announced the sale was off. And instead of returning the money automatically, as any honest person would, he made them formally request their money back. Then he told them they’d have to wait for it, until his ad money had come in.

    Is that an honest man?

    You can research this yourself in many cases – look at archive dot org for listings of his old site.

    He has had people work him out many times in many years. One time he retaliated to someone who spoke out by accusing them of threatening to rape his 8 year old daughter. It was a false claim – and what kind of sick mind could make that up?

    How about one that thinks it’s funny to talk about sleeping with 13 and 14 year olds? One who told listeners to a ‘podcast’ that he has to try and hit on underage girls because girls his own age won’t go near him. He’s in his 30s and he talks about sleeping with schoolgirls.

    He really is a lowlife – and your site looks like it’s strongly linked to him. Authorities in the UK are slow to react to people like him. Look at the recent cases of Shannon Matthews and Baby P to see how much an abusive paedophile can get away with. In fact maybe it’s time that Social Services in Wallsend and Scarborough looked again at their files on Duncan Oldham, and his children Charlotte and Robert.

    Are the authorities where you live slow to react OMV? If they are then you might get away with it for a while – but if they aren’t then you might find yourself asked questions about why you are promoting the website of someone renowned for paedophilia, and other offences.

    He had his 14-year-old daughter moderating the porn-filled adult-only section of his “VIP” football site too.

    You and the others who knowingly associate with him, post on his website, and in many ways support him, are in danger of being the ones left holding the gun when the authorities finally do act.

    And they will act. Soon.

  30. Steve S Says:

    Dunk’s attitude towards his son Robert in that video he did in York in the summer was worrying. Robert was annoying him, Dunk looked like he’d held back from hitting him. Then the video was cut, and Robert was quiet.

    And his jokes about sleeping with schoolgirl friends of his daughters, his false rape accusations, his comments about him having no chance of pulling a girl over 15. All of this adds up to an awful bully – as we’ve seen in so many other ways – and a real piece of scum.

    I believe the age of consent in Spain is much lower than in England. Is that why he moved? How old is his girlfriend?

    Why did his last girlfriend take her kids and get away from him?

    Is the problem with Social Services in the UK not just with those officials involved with the poor toddler named “Baby P”? He died shortly after having his spine snapped by his thug of a stepfather. The stepdad’s brother was involved too, and he was using the house to live with his 15-year-old girlfriend. Social Services knew all this, and ignored it.

    Shannon Matthews was kidnapped in a plot her own mother set up. Her partner – a paedophile since arrested for child pics on his computer – had an uncle, the uncle actually took Shannon as part of this plot. He and Shannon’s mother, Karen Matthews, wanted to claim the reward money for the fake kidnap.

    In both cases social services were easily misled about the situation. Baby P’s bruises were hidden with melted chocolate. Baby P had the end of his finger deliberately cut off by his stepfather, in front of his mother. Social Services and a doctor at the hospital chose to ignore the signs and to believe the lies they were told.

    Is that what’s happened with Duncan Oldham? Do Scarborough and Newcastle councils have inadequate staff and systems to investigate potential disasters like with Baby P and Shannon?

    I really think that if cases as bad as those can slip through the net, less serious but still repulsive cases like Oldham must be able to as well.

    It’s time his children had their passports taken away so that Dunk can’t get them out of the country and into his dangerous hands again.

    And time his ex-wife was investigated a little more closely. How can she let her kids spend time with someone who says he wants to sleep with schoolgirls? Is she scared of him?

    And what about Dunk’s mum? She must know something isn’t right.

    And what about Ian MacNeish?

  31. An Observer Says:

    Well done to Dunk on his launch of a poorly skinned Joomla site, can’t beleive it took so long, it’s half an hours work for anyone who knows what they are doing.

  32. Aztec-Nova Says:

    “An Observer” proved again that Dunk is a liar. A quick check of Dunk’s bloated web site reveals swMenuFree extensions which are Joomla’s. This means 99% of the work was already done. Just labeling a few tabs and setting links and it’s done.

    The site could have been wrapped up in less than an hour.

    Dunk being the thick headed dodgy wanker also stole content from two other LFC sites. Neither are affliated with Dunk’s football site.

    If you choose to visit Dunk’s failed football site than also block and

    From a web designers point of view Dunk’s koptalk is pathetic with all the errors or a rookie.

    Dunk, the blogs knows best, always did.

  33. Koptalk Outsider Says:

    You just have to take a quick look at the source of the front page to find this:
    meta name=”generator” content=”Joomla! 1.5 – Open Source Content Management”

  34. Koptalk Outsider Says:

    So he’s spent half a year working on this “free” site, and all he came up with is a Joomla site with a few extensions? He said it would be packed with content, but all I can find is a few links to other sites, and a couple of pages he’s written himself. Who needs this? There are several sites around these days with a lot more news and other stuff, even if he actually fills all the menus with his own stuff. What a failure!

    This site is nothing more than his free sites/forums has been for the last eight or nine years: Advertisement for his paid site. Feed them a few teasers about what inside the “VIP” forums, and wait for them to catch the bait.

  35. VforVlogger Says:

    I understand that some people are upset with Duncan, but let me give you some advise in life.

    We are all responsible for ourselves and nobody else, being that I do not believe Duncan did what you keep saying he did, does not make me responsible for anything, I am not doing anything to anyone, all I am doing is minding my own business and vlogging at, so you say moanvideo.con is not going to happen, well we just have to wait and see.

    So far Duncan has not asked anyone on for any money or donations towards the project, something a true conman would probably have done.

    Duncan is legit as far as I am concerned, and until he con ME I don’t give a flying fart what you say or claim he has done in the past.

    Have a great day, and please stop contacting me about Duncan, he is a honest person and if you are so freaking dissatisfied with Koptalk then maybe you should just freaking stay away from it, nobody is twisting your arm to go there.

    Focus on the positive in your life, that is what the rest of us do.

  36. Koptalk Outsider Says:

    OMV: Thanks for taking of your valuable time to visit this site. Now that you’re here, please have a look around and see what we’ve actually said about Dunk and koptalk.

    So you think Dunk is an honest person who haven’t conned anyone? Or is it just you he’s not conned? Read some of the articles on this blog, like the one about an african member who found out he paid several times for one membership. Or what about the Irish guy who paid £1600 for a couple of tickets to the FA Cup final, only to realize that Dunk wanted money for sending them as well, and he got them just a short time before he had to leave to get there in time. Read about all the lies we’ve proved. Read about the fake merchandise he’s sold. Read about how he treats his members if they dare asking any “unpleasant” questions about koptalk. Then come back and tell us you still think he’s an honest person. I think you’re up for a surprise if you actually do make an effort to see what we’re on about here. This has been going on for more than a decade, and it’s about time people start to realize what they are supporting by staying on his sites.

    So you probably still don’t think he’s conned you. Is that the only think you care about? Your good self? How egoistic can one get? Don’t you care for anyone else in this world besides yourself? If not, that really sad. The efford a lot of us has done over the last 2-3 years on this blog is not for ourself. We know to well what kind of man Dunk is, and we actually spend our free time to warn others about him. There’s nothing in it for us. We don’t get a single penny for this. The only thing we get is the satisfaction of knowing we’ve helped others. Every time I see a member leaving koptalk, it makes me think I may have helped this person. And do you know what, it feels good. Can you look at yourself in the mirror and say the same thing: Today I’ve helped someone from being conned by a gready scammer! I think not.

    Have a look at How many days is it since Dunk claimed he’s skint and hardly was able to pay 600 Euros? Now he’s suddenly so rich that he doesn’t need to work, and his kids future is secured. Do you actually listen to what he says in his videos? I mean really listen to what he says? Did you hear him claiming his ex-wife wasn’t the mother of his two kids? The same lady that he had been hanging out wth since they were kids? The same lady he married a year befor Robert was born? Do you believe him when he says this or was it a lie? And what about that camcorder competition? Wasn’t that just a way to get people posting videos on moanvideo to get the site going? Even the votes had to be by videos. Don’t you see this? Are you blind? Wake up for Gods sake man. Still don’t feel conned?

  37. Bastity Chelt Says:

    VForVlogger: I hope you don’t get ripped off by Duncan Oldham, La Nucia, Spain. But, when you do, please come back here and join us in passing on the message about his ways.

    It will only be a matter of time before his boarvideo site is turned into a scamming machine and the gullbile will hand over money.

    In some ways this would be a good thing as the last remnants of koktalk would be taken down once and for all but it would be a shame for other naive people to be fleeced by the chunky charlatan.

    I suggest you read around the site even if you are putting up a front to impress Duncan Oldham for free VIP status on the world’s number one OFFICIAL VIP boarvideo UNOFFICIAL vlogging site 99.9% guaranteed.

  38. Aztec-Nova Says:

    VforVlogger, Dunk’s con is to create enough quality content that you might become a VIP member. In your case, VforVlogger, Dunk has been grooming you. He’s been extra nice and praising your blogs.

    Remember when Dunk said you were growing as a bloger? Your blogs aren’t much different than a year ago. But you feel different about them. Cause Dunk is giving you all that praise at a cost. The cost is Dunk needs you more than you need him.

    Did you (VforVlogger) see Dunk’s praise after examining your web site. Using a base template and then modifying it to meet your needs. VforVlogger you did a good job modifying CSS and HTML, adding “modules”.

    Dunk needs someone who can do that too. This is why I believe Dunk is grooming VforVlogger.

    As Koptalk Outsider said {summarized} “no one is getting paid or compensated for showing people what Dunk really is.” It’s OUR hope that people will read the blogs and understand that Dunk is a con. Dunk uses people, at times, for his own personal enjoyment. Without regard to Dunk’s legal responsibilities.

    WE are proving that Dunk is a con. And some one is going to get hurt. We would like to prevent that.

  39. steve-m Says:

    I heard a little rumour that VforVlogger is actually a former author from this blog – you know the one the disappeared – everyone knows his name. He’s just trying to get Dunce’s trust.

    Two of the most active posters on the new free forums as also blog insiders.

    Of course, Dunce, this could all be bullshit, you can probably trust everybody.

    Or not.

    Have a nice Sunday

  40. Brian O'Blivion Says:


    Firstly, just because he hasn’t conned you yet doesn’t mean he’s not a conman.

    Secondly, if you have entered his camcorder competition you have been conned, if you believe many of his false claims on his videos you have been conned, if you believe he has as many users on his video site as it shows you have been conned. Just because you have yet to lose out financially doesn’t mean you’ve not been conned.

    If in the future you are offered free VIP status on his new video site for your support, then at a later date told its been superceded by a ‘gold’ service that you must then pay for then maybe you’ll remember us.

  41. Bouncer Says:

    You’re not the first one with that attitude OMV.

    You won’t be the last.

    They all realised in the end that this blog was not telling any lies.

    Sometimes they had the balls to actually hold their hands up and accept they were wrong, sometimes to even apologise if they’d been abusive. It takes ball to admit you got it wrong, and not many really had the balls to do so on here.

    Others knew they had it wrong and admitted it on the site they came from, Koptalk at one stage, LV and other video sites later. Usually as a parting shot. Still takes a bit of balls to do that.

    The rest showed they knew they were wrong by escaping from his clutches. Memberships weren’t renewed, or they’d remove links to him from their LV pages.

    Who stayed? Family, but not all family, and that says something about people in general. Friends? He’s not got any. Fellow scammers? There’s a couple who stick with him, because they’re learning how not to do your scamming if you want it to work.

    One other type. People who thought they were getting something from him. “I’ll sort you out, don’t worry, thanks for your support” says Dunk. The word “grooming” was used above – how accurate is that? Very.

    Since he started the net stuff he’s been sucking people off to get free favours. He conned the person who he started Koptalk with – he got them to do all the work, then forced them out through bullying. Over the years he’s had people doing design for him for free, in return for a discount on membership! Instead of paying thousands for work, he gets someone to pay him a tenner to see the work they did for him!

    And now there’s you. Willing to spread the word about moar video, willing to plug it. Pretending you’re being objective, when you know full well you’ll not be critical.

    A site where you have to log in to view videos, if Dunk’s on a paranoid day. One where all kinds of tracking is in place so he can catch out anyone who might spread the truth about him.

    On KT he would sometimes give free membership to people who posted a lot on his sites. They were then working for free to give all the paying members something to read.

    In Dunk’s eyes there’s one born every minute – and you’re one of them.

    I bet you won’t start a discussion on his site asking him to explain, openly, honestly, what happened to the thousands he took for Lauren Forsyth, his paralysed cousin.

    Either you’ll work the truth out soon and act responsibly about it, or you know the truth and are as bad as he is.

    Maybe someone will start a blog about you at some point, if you’re as bad as he is. And seeing as you don’t think he’s bad – or so you say – maybe the blog’s already being created as we speak!

  42. Aztec-Nova Says:

    Hey, dingy thick headed Dunk. knows that you have different sites with the same ID. Dunk, you fail at over inflating your advertising and visiting numbers.

    The only thing Dunk is inflating is his waist line.

  43. shescruelbutfair Says:

    FYI you can see morvideo if you log directly onto the ning URL. don’t need to sign up.

    let’s see how long it takes him to figure that out…
    and yeah, this blog owns dunkums. omv you’re a sheep. grow a pair woulda? is dunkums the only person who gives you any attention?


    kissies, cathryn

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