Is the Koptalk Conman looking for a last big payout?

So the new free site that was supposed to be lauched in early June, late June, July, August, September 10th and September 28th is now IMMINENT? How long will it be imminent? A month? A year? A decade? You’ll never know with Dunk. He’ll probably put up the old one at some point, with a few design changes to make it look new.

Anyway. What I wanted to share with those of you who don’t have access to the koptalk forums is Dunk’s latest attempt to squeeze more money out of the ever more decreasing number of members. Since the start of the year, about 750 members have left koptalk. The posting is at an all time low, and there are hardly any new members at all. Dunk knows it’s a matter of time before the koptalk bubble is about to burst. That’s why he’s trying to get as much out of it as possible before it’s too late.

#364449 – October 01, 2008 18:06 Membership Renewal Offer
KopTalk Team KopTalk Team
KopTalk VIP

Registered: August 05, 2006
Posts: 9347 We’re now offering *savings when you renew your membership, if you decide to renew for longer than a year.

At present our only membership term is a year but some of you have been here since day one and we want to reward those of you who know you want to be here for longer than a year!

We usually bill in Euros now as we are based in Spain. A year’s sub is 41,00 EUR so 2 years would cost 82,00 EUR. We’re going to introduce a 2 year sub for 70,00 EUR which will save you 12,00 EUR.

We’re also going to offer a 5-year sub (normally 205,00 EUR) for 164,00 EUR which basically means you get the 5th year free.

Some of you have asked for longer membership terms so we hope these options are attractive. If you have any other suggestions that would help you, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Many of you can testify that when subs are due and if you’re broke, we do what we can to help you out. We rarely lock anyone out if they ask for time to renew. We’re here to help you not screw you! We class this community as our family.

Please remember that KopTalk exists purely to survive. We do not have aims or targets. Nobody receives a wage as such for contributing but obviously we need to pay the bills and put food on the table.

By taking out the longer subs you’ll be saving yourself some money and supporting us even more.

If you wish to remain with the 1-year sub that is of course fine and sincerely appreciated.

We really do appreciate each and every one of you that makes this all possible.

If you want to take advantage of any of these renewal options just contact Steve via and he will set you up and ensure any other existing subs you have (that auto-renew via PayPal) are cancelled.


* offers only available via PayPal or cheques in Euro currency.

So now he’s looking for ways to get more money out of those who still haven’t left the site by letting them renew for longer than a year. This both means that some will stay longer than they might have done, and if they leave they’ll have paid more than they would have if they just paid their annual subs. Also there is the possibility of making this payment annual with paypal, so some will in fact pay for several years each year if they’re not paying attention to their paypal account. But, would you pay several years of subs for a site that may be gone in a few months? Or at least will be so dead that you wouldn’t want to be a member anyway?

Also, have you noticed that the memberships cost have risen? You can no longer pay £30 for the yearly membership. You have to pay in Euros or US Dollars. At todays rate €41 is about £32,5 and $64,68 is about £36,35. On top of this may also come the currency surcharge from your credit card company. If you pay in pounds by cheque, the price is £35. So the £30 membership is history, and has been for a long time.

Dunk again reiterates the old lie about “not receicing wages”, “only exists to survive”, “having to pay the bills” etc. Seriously Dunk. Do you think anyone belives that the cost of running koptalk is anywhere close to the +/- £70000 a year you get in subs (plus ad revenue and affiliate payouts)? You say you have to pay the bills and put food on the table. That’s no different from the rest of us. The only difference is that we call the money we use wages, from which we have paid our taxes. You don’t pay taxes do you? Just because you don’t call your income wages, doesn’t mean it’s not. So when will you come clean and admit that you live off the money you get from koptalk? Money that you’ve made based on lies and fraud.

71 Responses to “Is the Koptalk Conman looking for a last big payout?”

  1. Concorde Says:

    Seventeen videos added to his shit vlogging site in the last 24 hours, most with just a handful of views and five of those videos are just clips from the film the Shining. He’s definitely onto a gold mine there 😀

    What a failing wanker the obese one is.

  2. Aztec-Nova Says:

    Dunk’s web site loses another three people in one day. Obviously Dunk failed to add more faceless accounts to make up for the dwindling losses.

    Meanwhile…vloggerheads has many people from Dunk’s web site migrating there. Dunk still answered the question about when the poling starts for the camcorder contest. Seems one person is determined to get an answer about when the poling starts.

    I say prepared to be disappointed, again, to Dunk’s web site users.

  3. Brian O'Blivion Says:

    As I predicted, his video scam was never going to be a success because unlike the football forum where he could create multiple fake usernames to make them appear busier than they ever were, he can’t do likewise on a vlogging site.

  4. bouncer Says:

    Those impressions are good. And it looks like Dunk’s not the only one to leave a video response. Which means those links between his page and the impressionist’s page might just get a different effect to what he wanted.

    Don’t forget that some of those moarvideo members will be the people who spend half an hour every so often contacting people to warn them about Dunk.

    As you’ll see on this site, the usual response is abuse, initially. They don’t believe Dunk’s bad, and assume one of his heeeaaateuhz is just being petty.

    But they do have a little seed sewn in their mind, a tiny seed, telling them to just keep an eye out. Just be wary. Be 99.9% trusting of him, not 100%.

    And Dunk’s merry-go-round of up days and down days leave him open to that 0.1% doubt in people’s minds.

    Even the midget spotted it in the end. As did his ex-wife. As will the kids. As will even Steve, when his simple brain finally emerges from the haze of being pissed 24-7.

    Carry on Dunk – you give us all something to laugh at during the quiet moments.

  5. gumby Says:

    whassup, i joined moarvido and it’s ded. i looked into the histX & found this site!!!!!!!!whassup wid this shIt?????

    I’ll make a video on Thursday about where we’re at with regards progress of

    I haven’t had to work much with the programmers and designers during the last week or so as they haven’t required my input but I did hear from them today (Wednesday).

    Financially the cost of the building of the website is really hitting me but it’s to be expected. I could have set up a basic out of the box solution for a couple of hundred dollars but this project is costing me around $2,000 for every month that passes purely because I really want to see a website with specific features and functionality. I’m having to find that money myself so things are tight at home but I think it will be worth it.

    Again I would like to thank those people who are supporting this project even at this early stage. I will certainly remember this when the MoanVideo website launches.

    I would like to think that we could get the site online before the end of the year but I’m not sure if that’s going to be possible. However I will do what I can as quickly as I can to give you a website that I hope you will all enjoy.

    There are no plans of domination. There are too many video sharing websites out there. But that doesn’t mean that good people (you) don’t deserve a website where you actually have some input into how it is run.

    It will be your site, run by you, not suits or faceless admins and management.

  6. gumby Says:

    oh yeh that wass dunc (?) last blog (above)

  7. RedinSweden Says:

    That is pure Dunk in gumby’s post. I was expecting him to say it was a website that won’t toe the line. “It will be your site, run by you, not suits or faceless admins and management” Ah, the old suits thing. Dunk is a maverick. Dunk is not scared to stand up to the vlogging world and be himself.

    Yay Dunk!

  8. gumby Says:

    I’m banned from mudvideo. It took 24 hours to rankle that fat fuck. Hahaha. He is hated by so many, adored by old ladies and pensioners. Or something like that.
    He reads this blog, probably everyday. i wonder what its like to have an entire website (with tons of traffic) devoted to your every squirrly move, online and off. It’s got to feel badbadbad. Poor fucker. Broke, unhealthy, phoney and a vriminal.
    That was a typo but it looks pretty good.
    I feel sad for all the people who have forked up their hard earned cash on this twat.
    Looks like he’ll be hitting up his (uh hum) “followers” for cash soon for his invisible project. Then it will fall through as all his “projects” do. Alcohol is duncan’s best friend, the internet is his other best friend. fuel up for “moar” dillweed.

    You can’t block all the IP’s in the world fatso. See you again soon from another computer.

    Idiot weasal dick.

    ya need to pop those nasty buggers on your filthy hairy gorilla back and neck of yours. YUCK! Get a long stick and put a sponge on it and learn to wash and shave. You’re disgusting.

  9. Bouncer Says:

    Some Duncan Oldham lies….

    A couple of years ago we banned around 50 members who had formed a clique and who were making the place uncomfortable for other members. As a result they created a website to attack us and post malicious lies etc, using aliases and fake addresses. They also created a Liverpool FC website specifically to rival us. Their attacks on us happen on a frequent basis but we have been advised by the police and other Government bodies to simply ignore them.

    KopTalk has been online in a website format for 10 years, prior to that we provided news via email updates to thousands of Reds all over the world. We have never been in any form of trouble with any authorities and the majority of the feedback we receive is extremely positive. When we fail – and let’s be honest, there are times when we all make mistakes – then we bend over backwards to try and put things right. Our members make the site possible and we do all that we can to look after them.

    Those who slate KopTalk usually fall into one of these categories:

    * A former (banned) member

    * Someone related to another Liverpool FC website – sadly many try to rival KopTalk

    * Someone who opposes out-of-town support (non Liverpool born fans)

    * Someone who opposes our paid membership, either because they can’t afford to join or because they believe our website should be free (we prefer to limit adverts and we don’ hand out the begging bowl for donations)

    Never click on links provided to you in such emails as they could be phishing scams.

    Never open attachments as they could be viruses.

    Block the sender of such emails by marking the email as junk/spam.

    Never respond to them… this confirms your account is active.

    If they have contacted you without your consent and you feel intimidated, please feel free to contact your local police department.

    There are many good Liverpool websites online. Those to be taken seriously concentrate on their own websites and do not engage in attacking others.

    If they’re so bad, and you’re so good, why not tell people where this other site is? This isn’t a Liverpool site, so which site do you mean?

  10. TheDoctor Says:

    Well I don’t fall into any of the categories above. I simply left koptalk as I realised what a robbing fat cunt you really are and everything that you ever post on the site are lifted directly from the morning newspapers, in most instances The Sun.

    You have no insiders and no knowledge of LFC

  11. Brian O'Blivion Says:

    … and no Mercedes, and no friends, and no family, and no excuses left

  12. Brian O'Blivion Says:

    Just remembered that he’s not shown us his fatness receipt for a second week. Too ashamed MrLardBoy, or has it fallen by the wayside because it failed to generate the sympathy you expected?

  13. slim shady Says:

    i reckon we will be on for a video claiming he has had offers from people to buy into moan video. significant offers that he will obviously turn down because he doesnt want the suits to get control.
    All these video freaks need to do is have a look at his shitty football site and see exactly how much he is copying his bullshit across. no aims, targets etc. you would think even someone as thick as him would try and think of new things to say rather than recycle the spiel.
    Oh and its now been nearly a month after his revised date of 28th of september to get the free site back up. look up the meaning of imminent dunk as it means the opposite of what you think!!

  14. kraptalk_addict Says:

    slim, I think you’re right, that would be his next step….until your prediction. As we all know he reads this site daily (hello fat lying cunt) and reacts to everything said on here.

  15. Brian O'Blivion Says:

    Well if you’re reading Dunk, how about videoing your open heart surgery live. I’ll certainly watch.

  16. gumby Says:

    hahaha open heart surgery would have to be done at the zoo where they have a lift strong enough to heft his meaty weightiness.
    he’s not even spiraling downwards anymore. there is no lower place than where he is already. he’s just trying to keep his nose above the water line at this point. soon he will dissapear into internet oblivion. actually he’s never been famous except for his puny scams and he’s already been forgotten on his favorite site livevideo. gone and forgotten. type a internet personality? not highly likely. he’s never gonna be rich or famous, just unhelathy, broke ass poor and unloved by anyone. even his kids look to new dad for support. not him. he offers nothing. i kinda feel sorry for him. hahaha

  17. camby Says:

    he falls for any twitch of the tail. what a sucker. yeah, i’m doing my thesis on your pathetic little ning non site. you gotta be a moron to fall for that crap.

  18. shescruelbutfair Says:

    hey big boy, i wanna buy you a pint.

    of battery acid.

    delivery would be through a lovely small gauge hose inserted into your urethra. (that’s pee-hole dumbass) giving your final moments not just a deadly shock but a thrill as well.

    btw i suspect the hose would have to be very short. and soft. like your unit.

  19. Dun-kunt Says:

    Dunk is a sad fat cunt whose lies have caught up with him. Koptalk is now dead!

    Thank f*** for that!

  20. Brian O'Blivion Says:

    still ‘imminent’

  21. Koptalk Outsider Says:

    According to my dictionary ‘imminent’ means: adj. Something that is imminent will happen very soon.
    In koptalk-world that would be within a year or five.

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