The Insider's summer transfer window report

The transfer window has finally closed, so I thought it might be a good idea to see how many transfer scoops the koptalk “insiders” got during the summer.

Liverpool have signed 6 senior players in addition to a number of youth players. The new players are: Dossena, Degen, Keane, Cavalieri, Ngog and Riera. But did the koptalk members, who pay £30 a year to get inside information, hear about it before anyone else? Let’s have a look at how and when the info was first posted on koptalk.

The first signing we made was the free transfer of Philipp Degen. The first time he was mentioned on koptalk was in this post:

#227491 – April 15, 2008 09:57 Re: Are Johnsonn, Barry and Bentley……. [Re: KerryKopite]
KopTalk VIP
Registered: August 14, 2007
Posts: 12

i dont know why we would would want barry, unless alonso is going, then it makes sense

i heard last night on irish radio that a deal has been agreed for the swiss right back at dortmund degen

So there was no inside information on this transfer, just someone who heard it on the radio.


The next player to sign for Liverpool was the italian right back Andrea Dossena. The first mention of the link to Liverpool was in this post by Kop, aka “The king of c+p”:

#246742 – May 06, 2008 14:10 Liverpool in talks with Gokhan Inler and Andrea Dossena.
KopTalk VIP
Registered: June 11, 2004
Posts: 29555

Liverpool are in talks with Udinese for midfield pair Gokhan Inler and Andrea Dossena.

Udinese had representatives on Merseyside last week for talks with Liverpool over the duo, who have been outstanding in this season’s Serie A.

Inler, a midfielder, and wing-back Dossena are expected to be cashed in by Udinese this summer.

Yet another story from the media which the so-called insiders never was first to post.


The third player to sign for Liverpool this summer was the new brazilian goalkeeper, Diego Cavalieri. As usual the first mention he got on koptalk was from a news source:

#296354 – July 03, 2008 15:00 Reds Keeper Link Grows
KopTalk VIP
Registered: June 30, 2003
Posts: 1573
Loc: Talacre

Again nothing from the “insiders”. I bet they’d never even heard of the player.


The next player to sign up for Liverpool was David N’gog. Again, reports from the media is the first time his name is mentioned on koptalk:

#308716 – July 20, 2008 10:39 Reds keen on PSG ace
KopTalk VIP
Registered: August 14, 2007
Posts: 374
Loc: Doncaster

Reports in France claim Liverpool have made a bid to lure Paris Saint Germain young striker David Ngog, cousin of Jean-Alain Boumsong.

Ngog, 19, was told last week by head coach Paul Le Guen he can move on subject to a suitable offer be made and it has been claimed that Rafa Benitez has made an offer to sign the Frenchman.

The Reds’ French scout Laurent Viaud, a former Monaco player, is believed to have suggested the club sign the youngster.

The athletic attacker appeared 19 times in the top flight last season, scoring once at Parc des Princes.

Ngog refused to sign a new deal with the capital club and is under contract until 2009. He was not called up to play the friendly with Clermont last Saturday

The big signing of the summer for LFC made the headlines after Chris Bascome reported our interest in Robbie Keane late in June. Before this he was one of many players who were mentioned as possible targets for Liverpool, as it was clear that Peter Crouch would have to be replaced. The first direct link seems to have come from dbyrne, who had heard the rumour about our interest in Keane in his local:

#232027 – April 20, 2008 15:06 Re: English speaking foreign player.. [Re: poppadom_rap]
dbyrne dbyrne
KopTalk VIP

Registered: August 19, 2007
Posts: 345 Robbie Keane drinks in my local when he’s home and this story has been doing the rounds for a few weeks down there, so maybe we’ve put the feelers out on him.

This didn’t make much impact as there were no replies to his post though.

Then it was Trampoline who had heard the rumours a month later:

#260944 – May 22, 2008 07:14 Robbie Keane
KopTalk VIP
Registered: August 11, 2007
Posts: 47
Loc: Co Clare

Anyone heard any links to Robbie Keane lately? I’ve heard a “strong rumour” but can’t verify the source, it’s 3rd-hand information – a friend of a friend says it’s a done deal!!

I’d take him though. If I were to choose purely from the “proven premiership” strikers that have been linked, I’d prefer Berbatov but Keane would be an acceptable second choice for me.

He scores goals, and Rafa would sort out his attitude quick-fast.

Any thoughts?


The infamous “insiders” never replied to this post to confirm or deny our interest. Why? Because they had no clue. These two posts are probably the closest you’ll get to inside information on koptalk anyway, and it’s from ordinary members who doesn’t claim to be insiders. This could have been posted on any site, and is hardly worth the £30, is it?

After this is all went quiet on Keane, no mention at all, until Chris Bascombe broke the news. And the rest is history.

The last signing of the summer has also been doing it’s rounds in the media during the summer. The first mention on koptalk was again a quote from the media:

#236574 – April 25, 2008 08:19 Friday’s gossip
Tatty Lad
KopTalk VIP
Registered: July 26, 2007
Posts: 1063

“Liverpool boss Rafael Benitez’s summer shopping list includes Wigan winger Antonio Valencia. (Daily Mirror)

Benitez also wants Gareth Barry, Borussia Dortmund’s Philipp Degen, Athletico Bilbao’s Fernando Amorebieta and Espanyol’s Albert Riera. (Mirror)

Dear oh dear…….

The link to Riera ha popped up a few times since then. Every time it’s been because it’s been reported in the media. The “insiders” have again failed to confirm or deny our interest. Only NigeC has mentioned him, and every time he’s had doubts about us signing him.

So where does this leave us? Out of 6 first team signings this summer, the koptalk insiders predicted NONE! I haven’t covered the youngsters that have been brought in for the U-18’s or reserve team, but needless to say, none of these were mentioned on koptalk either before it hit the media. The only time the koptalk members got anything close to inside information was when a couple of ordinary paying members shared what they’d heard. And in both cases noone took much notice.


70 Responses to “The Insider's summer transfer window report”

  1. Lose that fatty Says:

    Dunk’s little stunts, where he lost those biggest attractions to his (never going to happen) Moanvideo site, have probably ended his chances of keeping the pretence up beyond the end of the year.

    Look at the number of views on the videos on his (not) temporary site hosted by ning. Well, you don’t need to, you’re missing nothing, and my visit alone has upped his his unique visitor count by at least 10%.

    I ignored the first page of videos, to get to those that have been there for just under a day and upwards.

    1 minute of random 01:08 another LV upload… maddgoddess 22 hours ago 24 views

    random, MMM, LV pervs and such 03:22 sick of it maddgoddess 22 hours ago 25 views

    a lil about me 01:56 downloaded from LV maddgoddess 22 hours ago 21 views

    HALLOWEEN HORROR BEGINS BAM Jenny 1 day ago 15 views

    Days of our Lives: Preview September 22, 2008 Days of Our Live Preview DJMFilms 1 day ago 12 views

    Hey Spain 03:14 My response to “Hey America” and “Iran (again)” ArizonaBob 1 day ago 28 views

    Corey My Friend 03:25 Kitanis 1 day 24 views

    Bad Boys MrMercedesMan 1 day ago 31 views

    Squirrel in a tree 0:42 Paul 1 day ago 7 views

    the economy 07:04 Kitanis 1 day 10 views

    kitchen drunk This is from my LIVE SHOW! DRUNKEN Miguel sat on the kitchen floor. scareykatt 1 day ago 17 views

    Trip to Pa 05:09 stonegargoyle 1 day 14 views

    Sarah Palin Disney Trailer hehe omvlog 1 day ago 9 views

    Hey America 02:43 What’s up? MrMercedesMan 1 day ago 43 views

    Atari 2600 04:44 Vipor 1 day ago 35 views

    melatonin FTW 04:01 getting sleep for a change feels GOOD maddgoddess 1 day 23 views

    BAD TO THE BONE 04:47 Goofing with BOOBOO TDougout 1 day 18 views

    Martial Law Oct. 1st? LOL!! Hellooo conspiracy nuts! MrPoe 1 day 29 views

    Economy Has a Hangover 01:52 Yup ya think our president cares about our economy CoreyisLive 1 day 17 views

    Dunk’s own video “Hey America” is the highest, with 43 views, and we all know Dunk knows the ways of upping hit counts using simple html tricks.

    And on the bit of the video of his I did watch, he’s announced he’s on a diet. For some reason he emphasises DIE in diet, it sounds like dyyyyy-et. Maybe he’s finally realised he looks like a 50-year-old, and that he’ll be in far worse shape inside than he looks outside. It took him two minutes to tell us he was having tea without sugar. And that he’d had two bowls of chicken soup and nothing else each day for the previous two days (he didn’t say how much milk he’d had, and no doubt it’s full fat). And he expects us to believe he’s had such a small amount to eat! We all know he’ll have been off across the landing to the kitchen bit of his granny flat, trying not to wake his mam and her fella downstairs, looking with sadness at Steve’s empty bed, and tucking into whatever shit he’s got left in his fridge. But he’ll promise his kids, who now have a fit dad taking Dunk’s place back in England, that he’ll be slim soon. If he was serious he’d buy a trike instead of his quad bike (and probably will now it’s been suggested on here – Hi Dunk!)

    Oh and Dunk – you’ve not updated all the references on your Koptalk site to the fake date for re-opening the free forums. You’ve used imminent on the obvious page, but not elsewhere. Makes you look a dick. Not that it needs to.

    Dick knows best.

  2. Lose that fatty Says:

    And as soon as I post that, I go back and notice he’s posted a begging letter!

    Desperate Dunk…

    We Need Your Help!
    Posted by MrMercedesMan on 27 September 2008 at 11:59am in
    View Discussions
    If you want MV to succeed we really need you to help promote it. If you have a blog or if you vlog elsewhere please include a link to – we need to maintain interest until we launch. I’m noting the regular faces who are helping by contributing content and ideas etc. There will be future benefits to those who have remained loyal to this project.

    The best way to support this site is by uploading as much original video content as possible. It keeps us all interested and it makes sure we have fresh content for casual visitors.

    No problem: The video site of an internet conman, who steals from disabled teenagers and fantasises about sharing a bed with a 14 year old.

    Or: The latest project by Duncan “Dunk” Oldham, aka Del Johnson the Sky Card scammer (and many moar). That kind of thing? I know you say you like the free publicity – well enjoy it. It gets you listed in the search engines, but shows you alongside this site when people do a search on “related”.

    It’s amazing what comes up when you search for stuff related to you.

    Duncan Oldham searched for on Google.

    Duncan Oldham searched for on Google.

    Or just searching for Koptalk which brings up his site, but also this site.

    His cons aren’t quite so well-documented when you search for MrMercedesMan but they will be in time.

    It’s not just google of course, and he’s also got to watch out for typos like or moatvideo or moarevideo which at the moment don’t bring up many if any results – but will soon enough.

    Finally, he needs to watch out for Yahoo. Because Yahoo seem to own – it might be worth dropping a line to the email address registered against it – They’ll not sue Dunk for his leftover bacon (there isn’t any) – but they might the domains back.

    And if he argued he wasn’t trying to take business away from Yahoo! – because he spells it a different way – then how does he get away with registering (And And the mis-spelling argument doesn’t work anyway.

    Also worth contacting Nominet, the UK body that oversees domain registrations. How can “Moar Media”, with an address in Spain, or “”, same address, be a “UK individual”?

  3. Ann Observer Says:

    Great idea for reporting him to yahoo.

    It might be worth trying the forms below too, he could effectively be phishing by using a similar doman name:

    One thing I suggest is that it’s probably best to not directly link to his mv site. I think that would increase his search engine rating and we don’t want that 🙂

    I’m contacting yahoo now…

  4. kraptalk_addict Says:

    bizarre, his best friend is a man he met playing xbox who he has met on a hand full of occasions, he has a picture of him on his desk! Very uncomfortable viewing, like watching an episode of the office 🙂

  5. slim shady Says:

    haha, so he is going to london for a business/social event to see his “friends”!! he doesnt have any real friends though.
    this is going to be another fantasy that he will create. tea with the queen maybe, then she will be given a free membership to moanvideo. yes thats right, the queen is a member and she insisted on paying for it with her own credit card!!!
    duncan, if you were even remotely a businessman, you would be able to stick to your own timescales. the new koptalk website is a perfect example of the bullshit you spout and your inability to carry out what you say you are going to do. How many games have you got hotels booked for this year. Ah thats right, you dont go to games do you oldham? what a fat loser!!

  6. Aztec-Nova Says:

    Dunk is pushing betting with Bluesq as a source of income.
    He probably gets an estimated 3-5% kick back from them.

    Today Dunk posted all the football match bets. All with the same link to BlueSq, lol.

    Normally you would see something on a web page saying you must be this old to bet. Not Dunk. His web site can have users young as 14.

    Dunk is so hard up for cash he’s willing to help them bet their “milk money” and get a kick back.

    Doesn’t this have a resounding familiar theme as six years ago? It should.

    Any bets the lard arse will have himself a heart attack this year? That’s something that BlueSq should post.

  7. Brian O'Blivion Says:

    I just love his cultural lessons for non-British folk – highlighting pronunciation irregularities and now the geographical origins of the home countries – its like Open University for Dummies.

    Now he is offering to take pictures of London landmarks on request. Bottom of the Thames sporting a pair of concrete boots gets my vote.

  8. kraptalk_addict Says:

    Yeah and his geography lesson showed him again to be a complete ignorant fool. Invoke the final solution jabba and have 1 more bacon butty to tip your overworked heart over the edge.

    Great Britain and the United Kingdom are not one and the same thing you complete spastic.

  9. fat fucker Says:

    Did anyone notice that the fat fucker weighs 333lbs?

  10. Ann Observer Says:

    Christ on a bike, he’s only 5ft 7in and over 23 stone. His BMI is 51.21. That’s higher than his fucking IQ.

    51.21 for fucks sake. I’m surprised he’s made it to 34 with all the medication and that morbid obesity.

  11. Skamp Says:

    So his chicks fucked him off due to him being left alone to disipline her children (heavy hands ?) it’s just a shame that she jacked in her high paying job with the Police (lying motherfucker) but he’s not worrying as he has a while gaggle of fit chicks allready after him due to his studly looks…It won’t be long before he’s playing the illness card to get out of his trips..
    Oh and Dunk where’s this new house ?

    As per usual with Dunk it’s the same old same old,the fuckers too lazy to think up anymore lies.
    I cannot wait to see the next lady of the night he tries to pass off as a jet setting buisness woman who’s worth a fortune..

  12. Jon Says:

    5’7″ and 151kg/148kg???? They say the camera adds 10 pounds, but in this case it’s just not true. He looks fat, but nowhere near as fat as that. I guess he’s not been showing us the whole package though, just the head and neck (with that weird roll at the back) mostly.

  13. RedinSweden Says:

    Any news on the free forums on KT? How imminent is imminent?

  14. kraptalk_addict Says:

    Jilted by female steve. I think the kt free forums will open immediately after LFC are taken over by Dubai holdings…so January or maybe never…or maybe when we sign quaresma

  15. Brian O'Blivion Says:

    Household scales don’t give receipts showing your weight. I reckon that’s from a weighbridge.

  16. Aztec-Nova Says:

    Dunk’s video site is down mid day. Noticed his best boy vlogger at Vloggerheads pouring out vlogs.

    Dunk said he was just under six feet tall. Now he’s five foot and seven inches. He’s also gone from 21 stones to a little over 23.

    How long before BlueSq starts the bets for his inevitable heart attack?

    Why would someone get geographic education from a fraud, a con(lady) and a pedophile? Wait don’t answer that. I found the answer under “retard”.

    The blog knows best. Always will.

  17. Aztec-Nova Says:


    Fat boy claims theirs a DNS (domain name service) error causing traffic to fail to his video web site. A quick look and discover Dunk is using cheap DNS hosting site. A site that has failed, again.

    This is what Dunk gets for picking a cheap DNS host service.

    Good news is the rest of the Internet. The hosting service is f*cked up that it’s ignoring Dunk’s cheap DNS host service.

    Karma is a b*tch Dunk.

  18. slim shady Says:

    this is the last we will have seen of the quad then after she has dumped him for a slimmer man!. What about the car he bought for her? maybe he will keep it instead because he never really did have the money to buy them 2 mercedes he banged on about. Wasnt he also engaged???
    duncan, you are a failure at everything. everchanging deadlines, “towing” the line, “invoking” your account, having multiple houses, buying 2 mercedes, having a business empire, koptalk vans, koptalk hotels, knowing famous people, your ex wife not being your kids mother, the list goes on. Everything you do and say makes you look more and more pathetic. A clever person would have given up ages ago with some dignity intact, but you keep on making a fool out of yourself

  19. LVUser Says:

    Hi all. I’m sorry I can’t comment on Flunk’s “insider” dealings with regard to football because football isn’t my thing. I’m more of a Boxing and Ice-Hockey kinda fellow. But that’s by-the-way. We do have a common interest in Duncan and his dodgey dealings though.
    I predicted, a while ago, that the “Inner Circle” at LV would fall appart. It has and Dunc is no longer a member. His “close” friends there have ceased all communication with him.
    His football site is failing, totally. That was on the cards anyway.
    So, Dunc has been dumped by his “chick” (There’s a suprise!) I’m actually sorry to see her go because she had pretty good legs.
    No sign of new properties or Mercedes cars… Now the bloaty fecker is “on a diet”. Latest video shows him simmering a pan of canned meat-balls and potatos! What the hell kind of diet is that? I’m suprised the stupid fecker hasn’t died of scurvy before now!
    You just can’t make this stuff up! The tub of lard is becoming a legend in the history of internet fuckwittery.

  20. shescruelbutfair Says:

    “internet fuckwittery” priceless.

    now i have no need to enter a blog. thank you for that gem.

    viva cat!

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