The S*n still a main source on koptalk

One of the main reasons so many people hate koptalk is their use of the s*n as a news source. Every time this issue comes up, DunCon claims it’s not true, and that he supports the HJC campaign. To day no evidence is shown that he’s given them a penny. He also claims that we use this issue to earn “brownie” points, whatever that means. We have covered this a number of times, and you can read more about it here:

The reason I bring this up once again is because DunCon today posted another quote from the s*n. And as usual he claims he does this because it’s relevant. Well, read for yourself and see how relevant it is to a site that is supposed to be a LFC fan site.

So why is this relevant? It’s got nothing to do with Liverpool Football Club at all. And besides, when it comes from the s*n it’s irrelevant even if it’s about LFC. Dunk still hasn’t understood what the boycott is about. Every day he puts up quotes from that rag on his site. To this day he hasn’t admitted that he knew about the boycott before he wore that s*n hat, even though the evidence shows he did.

EDIT: It looks like at least one KT member read this:

Today Dunk shows his true feeling again. One member posts a story from the s*n and gets a few negative comments about mentioning the s*n. Dunk, however, thinks it’s ok and ask them to back off.

278 Responses to “The S*n still a main source on koptalk”

  1. Dun Cons Says:

    Guys whats the current activity (or not) on Kontalk? Has he abandoned it yet? Not sure how there can be any morons left on there – what are the idiots paying for?

  2. Koptalk Outsider Says:

    It’s dead. In fact, it’s so quiet that Dunk has to log on as his daughter, Charlotte, to keep it alive by starting threads in the General Chat forum.

    KopTalk VIP
    Registered: July 21, 2007
    Posts: 179

    When you’re watching TV, what channel do you mostly watch?

    Favourite program?

    KopTalk VIP
    Registered: July 21, 2007
    Posts: 179

    X-Factor 2008 has arrived! With the first show last Saturday I was shocked to not see Sharon Osbourne. However Cheryl Cole will probably be better if she didn’t break down. So far my favourite, even though there has only been one show, was JLS. Ant and Seb were hilarious and DreamTime oh my god, they were horrible! Can’t really ask who is your favourite or worst yet, hardly any performances.

    Anyone else actually watch it?

    Do you think it’s better with Cheryl than Sharon?

    KopTalk VIP
    Registered: July 21, 2007
    Posts: 179

    This is probably the most wierdest thread ever. I was reading on a website about marmite, and how many people like it . Because you either love it, or hate it. I hate it.

    Who Likes Marmite?

    KopTalk VIP
    Registered: July 21, 2007
    Posts: 179

    Full Story

    Once again Madeline McCann has been mentioned on a headline, with “new evidence” The nanny has drawn a sketch of the figure she thinks abducted Madeline. In my opinion there is always something just as Madeline is about to go out of the news, something brings it back up again, wether its good news or bad. What do you think about this whole thing?

    KopTalk VIP

    Registered: July 21, 2007
    Posts: 179 Just been bought, Guitar Hero 3 for the Nintendo Wii console. Some friends said it was a great game, others thought it wasn’t so good. In my opinion it is brilliant! Great game, for anyone! Rock isn’t really my type of music, but there are some fantastic songs! What I also found really cool was you actually hold the guitar It’s tricky to start off with, if you dont read the instructions But, you’ll pick it up eventually like me. I’d say I was pretty good on it, I’m so good, Dad doesn’t exist on the leaderboard.

    Anybody got the game?
    What do you think about it?

    All the posts ends with a question. He’s virtually begging for posts now. It’s really that quiet.

  3. Aztec-Nova Says:

    Times are changing for Dunk. His revisionary style has been noticed and actions have been taken. He’s down graded his life to support less and less income.

    Dunk spends so much time making and comment on videos he’s loosing touch with his other “enterprises”. Oh I am sorry “cons”.

    He’s so butt hurt that making three videos about having his name and the URL of Koptalkinsider posted on a private video site. I thought the cheeky bastard was going to need a diaper change from all that whining.

    By the looks of it. Dunk is fatter than ever. He has to squeeze his fat cheeks into the video frame while trying to hide his second and third chins.

    It will be long before his heart gives out or that all-terrian cycle (quad) he rides axle breaks.

  4. kraptalk_addict Says:

    hey fat cunt, it’s about time you mentioned the new house again

  5. Aztec-Nova Says:

    Dunk’s too busy causing mayhem at Dunk thinks important to address the parents of the 911 terrorists.

    Dunk is trying to poison Vloggerheads with his crazy sh*t. While promoting his failing project.

    There’s sock accounts blazing away at LiveVideo claiming how wonderful Dunk’s video site is going to be. Meanwhile Dunk uses social networking site instead of the one he claimed to have invested 5400 USD.

  6. bloke Says:

    he’s gaining free advertising by running a contest for a free camcorder. how can you advertise for a video site that doesn’t exist yet? he doesn’t even know when! late 2008 early 2009. it was supposed to be up in 5 months. what happened Dunc? who wants to take bets that the winner of the contest will never see that free camcorder? scammer.

  7. revo Says:

    now he is using koptalk funds to support moar video. kin disgrace

  8. Rashid's Pimp Says:

    Have faith guys, this will backfire on Oldham. He’s happy to post vids critical of LV or Vloggerheads but wait til some start slagging of Mooooooooooorvideo, Dunk will not react like Renetto but blow a fuse. This is going to be great fun once pandora is out of the box.

  9. Kop Tart Says:

    He must love this attention he gets on here. Apart from the people who point and laugh as he wobbles down the streets of his new hideaway town, it’s the only time anyone notices he exists.

    It’s a shame really, somewhere inside those tons of lard is probably someone who could have been as nice as he pretends he is. But being selfish the way he is doesn’t give you a chance of being that nice.

    And he’s so low in intelligence, he doesn’t realise just how often he’s slicing off his man boob to spite his other moob.

    Fat, thoughtless, hopeless, friendless, worthless.

    And all his own work too.

  10. noteveryonebelieves Says:

    i can honestly say i feel vindicated. so much nonsense went on and certain individuals were ‘ostracized’ by fatty and fatty’s friends. i love coming here and reading your blog daily. when certain individuals were made to feel like shit for critizing the fatness, it was very frustrating.

    justice has been served. keep up the good work

  11. Jon Says:

    Fatty’s “Winning” again by counting money for the camera and pretending to laugh and talk on the phone. Not sure why at the end he was rolling up a piece of ham and pretending it was his middle finger, though.
    I swear, in the light of the appalling TV coverage of the Olympics, at least in this country, this (LV) has been some real entertainment. Pure fantasy, bereft of any real world pretensions.

  12. kraptalk_addict Says:

    It’s bizarre that he pretends to have phone conversations with people he’s never met from the internet.

    We all know he has no friends at all apart from the bank manager, his estate agent, the mercedes salesman, the mayor of the town, the butcher, the local madam and her hookers and the boy he groomed from a very early age Steve.

    Again the vulgar display of false wealth, how many times duncan? When someone is actually wealthy they don’t show it, they don’t need to and they certainly don’t desperately try to show random people from the internet that they have money.

    sad, sad, desperate man

    P.S I’m extremely jealous, mrmercedesman ftw

  13. mrmorbidlyobeseman Says:

    Fatso, i bet you couldn’t count the wads of lard around that hideously swollen gut of yours.

  14. RedinSweden Says:

    Well, that certainly showed the haters. Your life is truly fantastic Dunk. We give up. You beat us. The blog has got it all wrong.

  15. MrHyundaiMan Says:

    Sunk is a shell of a man trying to convince himself things are going well. It fools no one but himself and his thicko minions.

  16. slim shady Says:

    mr no mercedes is reaching new depths. Im sure his “family” love the fact that he has to document their every move on camera. Im also sure they love the fact everything is “FTW”. Sad pathetic fat man! Also, why take your kid out to a seedy club when your out on the lash? What a great parent!!!
    Yes dunk, you have yet again shown us how inept you are as a father and how it can only be a good thing that your kids have a new proper dad. Incidently, you keep responding to the blog showing a big wad of money, but would it not be wise to actually use that money and buy “any” mercedes instead of the hyundai you have now. Shouldnt really be calling yourself mercedes man when you have not owned one for a considerable amount of time. did you buy that hyundai on the never never and then sell it to get that cash or are you using koptalk money in its non profit making capacity??
    The blog has won dunk and you are continually owned by the blog. You cannot answer any of the things that have been put to you. Your only response is for “mercedesman” to go out and buy a hyundai to provide proof of fake wealth. next fable fatboy!!!!

  17. mrmorbidlyobeseman Says:

    Fatso is waddling about in a state of ecstasy……Some bloke called Kyhell has rejoined the vlogging retards and Fatty is blushing like a new bride.

  18. Ryuk Says:

    Its not fair to refer to his victims as minions

    They should be searched out and educated

  19. Brian O'Blivion Says:

    Unfortunately the vast majority of the ‘minions’ are unwilling to be educated and are in denial about many of Oldham’s intentions and actions. Personally I’m quite happy to let them continue paying their subs and swallowing the shit.

  20. slim shady Says:

    Well, we were getting ever closer to next deadline for the new website on koptalk, but it seems the date has now been moved to september 28th. This seems to be turning into the new book scenario. maybe the developers computers have exploded like dunks laptop did way back when the book was “almost finished!. Should be fining these develpers left right and centre if they are this bad!
    But people, dont pull him up on this because if you do, you will just be hating on him and at the moment he is trying really hard to get in the pants of his bestest mate in the whole virtual world, a mr kyhell. jesus, the guy looks like homeless person aswell!!

  21. Andy Says:

    Oldham’s latest KopTalk podcast on iTunes, entitled “The Real Rafa Interview” (22/08/2008), consists entirely of Radio City’s recent interview with Rafa and Montse.

    To report this flagrant copyright infringement to Radio City, visit

    To report it to iTunes, visit, click on the KopTalk icon and then click on “Report a concern” in the top right corner.

    You can hear the original interview at

    Also, has anyone else noticed www dot kop-chat dot com? Whoever runs it has been spamming streams sites every five minutes when Liverpool matches are being shown on them. Which is a bit strange, as its main selling point seems to be providing links to streams.

    It’s even more dead than KopTalk but it does look like it might be Oldham’s work. The WhoIs entry for the site ( doesn’t give much away, unfortunately.

  22. Koptalk Outsider Says:

    Wonder what the excuse for the latest delay will be. It was supposed to be up long before Steve travelled to England. Still, that was his excuse then.

  23. slim shady Says:

    the dog ate it, his mum put it in the washing machine! there are loads of valid reasons why the website keeps getting delayed!!!
    Dunk, no matter how many times you keep using the word “invoke”, you are still using it in the wrong context as it means to “bring about” or “activate”. when people “invoke” their account they are bringing it about, activating it, starting it up, using it. Of course a thick retard like yourself would not know this. Stick to your teenage english, Moar man. “for the win”, what the fuck type of twatty geek thing is that?

  24. Dun Cons Says:

    Careful Shady the big rich man will get out another huge wad of fake money to fighten everybody with.

    He is so rich that I fall as his feet in awe.

    No one had got it yet have they …. Mr Manchester United (how many on here can remember this scam – changed his name to MrManchesterUnited for charity) speak in negative talk which is the opposite of the way everyone else on the planet talks. Invoke means Revoke – writing a book means not writing a book – opening a free website means not opening a free website and being honest and trustworthy means being a lying cjheating twat.

  25. Kop Tart Says:


    He’s invested massive money into his MOAR video dot tv site.

    It’s a massive, almost extortionate, 5 dollars to hide your ning site behind your own domain name. 5 dollars.

    That level of investment is sure to bring his project into the next phase of net history.

    And his views are down again. Rock Bottom. No Steve to hit F5 all day for him…

  26. justino Says:

    loan wolf?
    is that a descendant of loan shark?
    very freudisn

    ps – get a dictionary you fat cunt, they’re cheaper than Mercedes

  27. Koptalk Outsider Says:

    Todays “big LFC news” from The S*n was of course run by Dunk without naming the source. If it was from another source it would have been in the media section with the source in the thread title, but since this was from the s*n he put it in the “Latest Liverpool FC News” section starting with “Reports today claim that …”

    What a scumbag!

  28. Koptalk Outsider Says:

    He’s even running it as the top story on his front page.

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