The Championship Competition scam – How it works

As membership numbers continue to decrease, and new members are few and far between, Dunk has to find new ways to keep the revenue stream alive. He does have to pay for his cider and steak, you know. So last summer he came up with a new idea how to squeeze a little bit more out of his already signed up members: The Championship Competition.

The idea of the competition is that you pay £5 and then get allocated a team from the League Championship. Last year they filled up 5 groups of 24 participants. The money goes back to those who have been allocated the winner(£50), the second place(varies depending on total amount payed), the playoff teams(£5), and the relegated teams. (£5, £10 for the last team). So far this looks OK. The money paid by the participants is going back to the winners, less the paypal charges, but that’s fair.

So how does Dunk make money from this, you may wonder. Well, there are three ways basically. First he’s got the money in his own account for a year, which means he’ll get some interest. That’s probably not much, but in Dunks case every penny counts. The second way to make money from this is the fact that lots of members are leaving the site, and Dunk know that these won’t claim their prizes. At least two of the 5 who won £50 are no longer KT members, plus a few who won smaller amounts. The third way Dunk is making money from this is that three are probably a few who renew their membership because they are in the run for the prizes or have won. It’s been more than a month since the league finished, but it seems noone has still got their money. In the regulations they have even stated that the prizes can be deducted from membership renewal. So if you were considering not renewing, having £5 or £10 deducted may just change your mind and make you stay for another year.

Now Dunk has started a new competition for the next season. Many of those who have won has asked for their prize money to count as entrance fee for the next round. So you see, the money stays in Dunks account. None of the £570 have left it so far. Will it ever?

196 Responses to “The Championship Competition scam – How it works”

  1. Nunez-returns Says:

    Sunk, that’s a great nick name for Dunk.

    Sunk is trying (poor attempt) to improve his image. Since last week debauchery. You may recall the video of him smacking a girl on the ass a couple of times. “Isn’t Sunk supposed to be engaged?”, lol.

    Now Sunk is apologizing for his 24 hours of ‘hate’. Claiming he was responding. Rubish!

    Here’s a hint for you Sunk (Skunk). I can view your site with the same search bots you depend on to keep kop!talk in the search engine databases (google,yahoo,etc…).

    Stings a bit doesn’t it. It should. Membership to kop!talk is rubbish. Site stats are going way down. Brings a smile to so many here.

    Sunk’s ‘Target’ is vapor. Never existed. A figment of Sunk’s imagination. An imagination that is drying up.

    What’s left Sunk? Your earnings from bet sites. Good times at koptalkinsider. Not so much for kop!talk.

  2. Dunk Cons Says:

    dear me he must have sniffed some crack today ….

    latest outlandish statement ….
    “This sits just under my projector screen in my cinema room”

    The gullable, sad people on LV deserve all the scamming that is coming their way if they cant see through this BS

  3. bloke Says:

    “I really like her.”
    “She’s got a professional job and can’t be associating with people like me.”
    He keeps referring to this woman as “his chick” or “this chick”. You’d think that if this was someone he was in love with and was getting married to, he’d more than just “like” her.

  4. Koptalk Outsider Says:

    Again he claims he was not married to the mother of his kids.
    Charlotte was born in 1993, Robbie in 2000, and Dunk mariied Maria in 1999. Who believes that she’s not their mother? He says they’d been together for 20 years before they were divorced. Why did he find someone else, twice, to have kids with? It doesn’t make sense, and everyone except Dunk can see that.

  5. Nunez-returns Says:

    If you google moar!video without the ” ! “. Discover my blog with the word ‘failed’ in bold. Today is a good day for consumers. Not so much for failing business con boys.

  6. kraptalk_addict Says:

    He’s spending a lot of time apologising for things he’s said to people and telling them how much of a great person he is. Also pleading with lv members to block and ignore his ‘haters’ and then in the same breath inform them that he is ‘winning’.

    Hahahahaha peasant fat cunt.

  7. kraptalk_addict Says:

    oh and “I have to go now because I’m seeing my girlfriend, or is that my fiance?”

  8. Nunez-returns Says:

    Did you see “Skunk” da Dunk ride the quad on the hill. No respect for either the environment or wild life.

  9. Jocky Says:

    He is scum and we all know it. He seems to mention his haters in every video now. He is getting fatter by the day. He made his chair look like a one seater even though it’s a two seater:)

  10. MrKidstoyMan Says:

    The way he’s lying on that sofa with squinty, baggy eyes and fat hanging down from his face, he’s the spitting image of Jabba the Hutt. Also, he’s talking about squinting as he’s trying to cover up his baggy eyes which have been mentioned on here.

    For some reason he’s saying we’re increasing his hits when, in fact, he’s been creating sock accounts to up his own video hits.

    He’s too thick to realise but, again, this blog dictates his life.

    Blog knows best.

  11. slimshady Says:

    You see, the thing with getting engaged, is that you have to get married and with that, inevitably comes the co-habitation! This will be key to how dunk plays out the lie because will he have an alternate, LV, life? Will his “chick” and her kids let dunk make inane videos, boasting about his £5k set of wheels, all day whilst she gets on with her “pro” job? Will steve still have a role to play in the sunday fatfest involving several gallons of cheap cider, a video camera and a large amount of oggling?
    You see dunk, you have created such a slobbish, pathetic life, fuelled on lie upon lie, that you cannot expect anyone to take it seriously in the real world. You have created a relationship, not only with your “chick”, but with her kids, out of thin air. You post videos every day that confirm your whereabouts yet you claim to have created a near heroic relationship with a family that live in another country, depsite despising your every visit of the said country.
    This is not how relationships form in the real world, but as you get moar and moar into the lonely community, you probably begin to lose touch a little bit! I mean, how many of them could “honestly” say they have a significant other?
    Duncan Oldham, you have been “owned” time and time again by the blog that dictates your life and this will continue as long as it amuses people. Once again “bigman”, you have been “owned” in the biggest way with your fixation on the “haters”. OWNED

  12. redfan Says:

    “the cinema room is the coolest in the house” That sums him up at the moment – completely and utterly deluded. Dunk hs lost all contact with reality – making up a finace, a close relationship with her children etc are more (moar!) evidence of this. The fun is going out of watching him – he is mentally ill and getting worse. He needs medical help before something really bad happens.

  13. skamp Says:

    He must be losing moar and moar people to this blog as the haters who do not bother him seem to be getting alot of mentions and walls upon walls of Text..
    Fuck he’s even mentioning this blog in his vid despcriptions with nothing about the vids…..

  14. scousenproud Says:

    Sunk is going all out now telling his subscribers to block his haters. Has even offered apologies to people he has attacked recently. He just keeps digging himself further and further. Give up Koptalk fatso and you may just salvage something from your Live video life.

  15. homer_jay Says:

    oh I missed Duncan Mitty, but now he is back on LV!
    “As I said, I’m such a nice person. Let me just reiterate, I’m an absolutely fantastic person. Don’t believe what other people say on the interweb even when they have evidence that’s as plain as day. Oh no, I’m a great person.”

    The fat cunt with his limited IQ has, even though he has been conning people for a decade, only got 2 strategies: Pity and lies. And when a lie is found out tell an even bigger lie to make the first one appear plausible.

    Well if people only see you on LV they might pity what they see, but I think that people who heard of you tend to think you made your own bed. So now when you are apologising to every person on who has ever been on LV, you got a great chance to start to own up to all the people you conned. All of this will go away much quicker if you owned up to your con’s, paid back what you scammed and stole and apologised.

    But you can of course continue it your way, to me it is as plain as day that you aren’t bothered by the attention your scams get and you thrive on it… big winner…oh sorry you big absolutely terrific splendid person, father of the year, wealthy and beautyfull winner

  16. Why Aye Wi Fi Says:

    Someone here needs warning:

    Or maybe his readers do.

  17. Why Aye Wi Fi Says:

    His last five videos, spread over about two days, were all likely filmed on the same day. The quad bike hire’s probably over now, but if they weren’t all filmed the same day can you imagine the stench? The sweaty flabcarrier has been wearing the same top since Sunday otherwise.

    Anyone would think he’d filmed a few videos, over the course of one day, and then put them out over a few days to pretend they were all on different occasions.

    Still, his bird’s with him this week, he says, so let’s look forward to some pics of that ring on her finger, and of course, seeing as she’d not be able to be identified with it on, some video of her wearing her helmet on the quad bike.

    Did his lie about her tell us she was in some way part of an official group, say the police, or was that another lie?

  18. kraptalk_addict Says:

    when he first announced this ‘girlfriend’ he said she was a Policewoman….he then forgot that for a bit until the blog reminded him and now she is very professional so couldn’t possibly be seen on LV.

  19. MrKidstoyMan Says:

    It does look likely he could only afford to hire the quadbike for a day or two.

    I wonder if he’ll struggle to get the same quadbike each time he hires or will resort to not showing it?

  20. kraptalk_addict Says:

    my thought all along is that he’ll keep the quad bike hired in favour of the car. why aye made a good point on the girlfriend, he can easily show her on the quadbike and put a ring on her finger but when you’re paying by the hour they’ll let you do most things no matter how weird.

  21. tenement Says:

    it appears the call girl got him an ipod on the duty free

    she is a bit saggy for a call girl though maybe she is a genuine pick up on the net? probably wants a place to stay in spain and strings fatty along

  22. mrmorbidlyobeseman Says:

    The latest prostitute video with the ipod was filmed earlier in the week …… can clearly see Fatsos swollen face before the recent haircut.

  23. MrKidstoyMan Says:

    Ah yes, well spotted about the hair. Now he’ll need to keep his hair short and the same lobster colour to maintain his facade. He’ll need to spend money hiring the quadbike too.

    Yet again, this blog dictates his life but he’s too retarded to realise.

    Blog knows best.

  24. mrmorbidlyobeseman Says:

    So Fatso supposedly went to pickup the prozzie from the Airport. But where did Fatso end up, miles Off Road next to the landing strip. No way Fatty would’ve waddled all that way on foot. So he must’ve taken the Mobility bike. Filmed a few planes, played his ringer on the mobile to show the proz txted Then stood around filming more planes, not a single shot of the car park or inside the airport.

    Finally Fatso picked up the proz and her Lugguge on the mobility bike, got back home and started filming her legs and naked back on camera and uploading it to the web. Mysteriously having grown back his hair on the way back from the airport.

  25. MrKidstoyMan Says:

    HAHA, Sunk went all the way to the airport to make a video just for the blog so he can pretend muh gurl is coming to see him. Apparently he isn’t bothered about his haterz though. Moar lulz.

    Blog knows best.

  26. Nunez-returns Says:

    Thanks MrMorbidlyobeseman for the info. Posted blog and gave you credit for the find.

    MrKidstoyMan you are correct. Blog knows best.

  27. Homer_jay Says:

    FLMAO… what a fucking loser

  28. justino Says:

    The Daddy? Not likely to happen again….

    Regardless of whether she can even find his cock, looks like the prozzie wont need to use contraception…

  29. Jon Says:

    Lucky he didn’t unpack the iPod… much easier to return and get a refund if you haven’t even removed the plastic seal from around the packaging.

  30. mrmorbidlyobeseman Says:

    Nice one Nunez-returns.
    Fatso is mentally retarded, there’s no other explanation.
    No wonder his 10 year old son was getting bullied. Only takes one kid to see Fatso on livevideo, and it’ll be all round the school.

  31. Nunez-returns Says:

    True Mrmobidlyobeseman, Dunk’s kids must be getting the worst of it.

    Nearly 11 years ago another thread in Arguments broke out between Kop!talk and Liverpoolway web site users.

    Noticed the same behavior from LV users. The outcome has already been written. Someone else wrote this and is very accurate.

    “Every where else but LV is Dunk considered a conman, a liar and a fool.” “LV is the promise land.” “But not they way LVers think it is.”

  32. DelBoyOldham Says:

    The allegations against him have never been proven apparently ….

    Surely a blog entry?

    He seems very pissed off.

  33. mrmorbidlyobeseman Says:

    Fatso looks well rattled . His LV mates have started questioning him about this blog. Fatty apparently never read Nunez-returns blog entry on LV, but heard about it from someones video……. but then the dumb fuck goes and trips himself up my saying “when i read the blog”

  34. Nunez-returns Says:

    Blog knows best. Yes, Dunk is rattled and pissing on himself. Dunk is showing his colours. Dunk saying he doesn’t read my blogs and then says he does.


  35. Homer_jay Says:

    Give him some credit N-R, he doesn’t slip his lie about not reading the blog up for almost 2 minutes!! Thats almost a new record and quite good since his braincell is kept busy by his mouth. And of course your innocent if your not caught you big fella, except for a few convictions for fraud of course. Bye the way what are you doing in spain!! Was the tax-man taking you up on your offer of a visit? Like the blog tried to do several times??? You are never home are you!?

  36. Jocky Says:

    He has one fat disgusting head. The amount of fat on the back of it is just wrong. He is out of breath just speaking and your health is your wealth fatboy so you should look after it. He must really think highly of his new fiance/pro showing her half nude body off all the time.
    She must be a real slag to be letting him. Then again she has a few kids by a few fathers. Did he say that her kids were going to Spain too?

  37. slimshady Says:

    Guys, he has proved beyond reasonable doubt that he has a girlfriend, she bought him an mp3 so its true love.
    He has even laid to bed the myth of her being a pro and also proved to everyone that she is a pro (pro-fessional, haha!)
    being a real woman, she must have some self esteem to have to have to buy the affections of a fat, lonely ex-pat, with his only friends being a group of internet “club members”!! Travelling all that way to have a blubber fest writhing around on top of you. she must be great!
    what of the kids she was bringing over aswell? did they all travel on the quad bike like a scene from the beverly hillbillies? Remember, these are the kids that see dunk as a father like figure!
    try harder fat man, your far fetched responses to the blog leave you even more “owned”.
    This has got so damn funny as his whole life is now geared towards trying to prove he has an amazing life, whilst the people who have the amazing lives are the ones you never hear of. OWNED!!!

  38. mrmorbidlyobeseman Says:

    Seems Fatso had to fork out more dosh on the prozzie for those pool clips, or maybe he filmed that when he hired her for the ipod bed scene.
    So what happened to the kids Fatty…..are you planning on filming some spanish kids legs as they walk by.

  39. MrKidstoyMan Says:

    Blog knows best

  40. Nunez-returns Says:

    As for my girl, all’s good thanks. Someone commented on my channel that one of the haters still said it’s not her because she has a mole missing more…from an ankle or something… FLMAO, sad fuckers! – Dunk

    Let me think…nope, I didn’t post it. Any of you lads post a bout a mole on lard arse’s livevideo channel?

    I am thinking Dunk is confused with an earlier statement on this thread. Revisionary life style. Confusing for some. Epic irony for others. There’s very few brainless zombies left at LiveVideo. My favorites are the doubles playing Dunk
    up and feeding info on him.

    It’s TERRIFIC stuff. On to a new thread.

  41. MrKidstoyMan Says:

    If the posters on this blog are sad fuckers, what does that make Sunk?

    He’s put multiple vlogs out in the past week (all saved) trying and failing to prove us wrong. Why’s he wasting his precious time on such sad fuckers, I wonder? Maybe his delusions aren’t strong enough for him any more and he’s trying to prove to himself his life is going well.

    A pokey little flat with a shared pool miles from a “resort”. Hiring a kid’s toy because he can’t afford a car. Claims of a Mercedes on order to be delivered next year. A woman coming over to use him for a free holiday (if she isn’t a call girl). Claiming Benidorm is lovely and isn’t one of the most classless places on earth. Setting up a videooooh site to snare unsuspecting people. Making out that he’s working when he’s just reading newsnow and cobbling together a few stories with vague headlines to get a few more £30s.

    He’s been meandering off on his kart to get pictures of mountains, just to prove how great his life is, while the love of his life is in his pokey flat. Can anyone understand the insanity of doing all this just for sad fuckers?

    Is the money running out from selling your “property empire” Sunk? Is the lack of money getting to you Sunk? Was your semi in Wallsend better because you could afford to run your second-hand Merc, Sunk? Didn’t turn out as you planned following your mummy to Spain, did it Sunk? You’re desperately spending your last pennies on a videoooh site, eh, Sunk? Not going well living off handouts from mummy, is it Sunk?

    Blog knows best.

  42. DelBoyOldham Says:

    The more important point – especially for the blog:

    Whilst he’s doing all this, flying ‘muh chick’ over, and making videos left right and centre – how the fuck is he on the phone, e-mailing and chasing up his ‘contacts’ at Anfield?? If he’s setting up his video site all day, who is sorting KT?

    It’s the busiest time of the year for transfer talk – and he’s showing all KT members exactly what he’s doing, rather than chasing up any possible transfer talk.

  43. Spud Says:

    Apologies if this has already been on. There is a Facebook site but i don’t know if the conman’s behind it.

  44. Koptalk Outsider Says:

    Another season has passed, and it seems this scam is working just as fine as last year. With 4 leagues and 9 winners in each you would have thought that someone will want their money, right? Dunk has made a post where he askes the winners to step forward. He doesn’t neme them though, and only a few have actually realized they’ve won. Dunk has confirmed he has sent the money to one of them. Has he got it yet? We’ll find out. Meanwhile the rest of the money is safely placed in Dunk’s pockets. Why not just pay out the money to the winners. Surely Dunk has their details, as he gets their subs from that.

  45. Koptalk Outsider Says:

    Still not much of last years winnings paid out. I guess that must be one of the reasons why hardly anyone wants to participate in this scam. Having had 5 and 4 leagues with 24 teams in each the last two years, this year he only managed to find 12 people willing to participate (including himself), and some of them are using last years winnings to pay for this years entry. So there wasn’t much money in this scam anymore.

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