Nothing but fighting and arguing in the koptalk forums these days

Koptalk is in a sad state now, which obviously is good for us. Members are fleeing the site, and it looks like even more are on their way out. One of the arguments I meet from those who still wants to stay at koptalk, is that they enjoy the banter and the discussion, and that they like the set-up. Whatever that means. As far as I can see most LFC forums are set up pretty much the same way, and the banter and discussion is as good or better on those I’ve had a look at.

Koptalk once used to be a great place to discuss LFC matters. But that must be several years ago now. These days there is nothing but fights and quarrels. Half of the posts seems to be about a few members who have chosen not to slaughter the owners, and most of the rest is about which “Insider” has the best information, or who was first to post this or that about a transfer or whatever. Oh, and I almost forgot the most active thread: “Word Association game?” with 3500+ posts. How anyone can think that koptalk is the best LFC forum around is beyond belief, but at least you have to pay to be there. None of the others can compete with that!

Just to show you what’s up at the moment at koptalk I’d like to quote a few posts. One member has noticed that there are lots of members leaving, so he started a thread about it:

#276332 – June 09, 2008 22:07 FAO to those leaving….
KopTalk VIP

Registered: August 04, 2005
Posts: 4652
Loc: Still in hot ass Q8….

I for one would like to say don’t go….

I know there are various reasons for people leaving, but everyone here really makes this place what it is….

If you still leave take care, and I hope you come back…


He got a few answers such as:

#276350 – June 09, 2008 22:25 Re: FAO to those leaving…. [Re: massiveredfan]
KopTalk VIP

Registered: July 26, 2007
Posts: 116
Loc: Dallas TX

Well I’m not leaving yet … but if we get more of the “what if the Yanks were assasinated” type of threads on here I will be. Some of the idiotic cr*p on here lately is unbelievable.


#276356 – June 09, 2008 22:34 Re: FAO to those leaving…. [Re: chang]

KopTalk VIP

Registered: August 05, 2007
Posts: 85
Loc: Liverpool

Can totally agree with people leaving – contemplated it myself if i’m honest. With the way people are being on here, the general state of affairs the club is in and the fact that those with insider knowledge are being shot down on a regular basis and we aint really gettin any exciting info as a result.

Remember when we used to get good solid info about Torres (back in 2006) then Fowler coming back etc. Think people gettin worried about being shot down.

Whatever happened to the mole? and didn’t the insider have his own forum? things a little lacking, whether it the site, the sorry state of Liverpools affairs or due to the simple fact that not many have any info anymore!

Actually, the Torres info was everywhere on the net, and koptalk members were probably the last to hear about Fowler’s comeback. But you’re right, it’s even worse than this now.

In another thread some poster was worried that we’re broke because Spurs seems to be buying Dos Santos from Barca. Yes, that’s right. On koptalk many members think that Liverpool were after him just because Dunk said so. Just look at this:

#276299 – June 09, 2008 21:48  Re: DOS SANTOS?????? [Re: Selkirk07] 
KopTalk VIP

Registered: July 29, 2007
Posts: 125  Dunk has said many times on here that we were in for Dos Santos and that Parry had held discussions about him. We could not agree a pay structure unlike spurs did.

Thankfully not all koptalk members are as deluded as PJ:

 #276366 – June 09, 2008 22:45 Re: DOS SANTOS?????? [Re: PJ]
JimmyKop JimmyKop
KopTalk VIPRegistered: August 07, 2007
Posts: 375

And you believe everything Dunk says?? You have an awful lot to learn, he is right sometimes but a broken clock is right twice a day.


Good point there. With the amount of rumours he spreads around the site, and the vague “inside” information he feeds his members, he’s bound to hit the target at some point. It’s like picking the lottery numbers. You’re bound to get a few numbers right once in a while. That doesn’t mean you knew the numbers before the draw, does it?

22 Responses to “Nothing but fighting and arguing in the koptalk forums these days”

  1. kraptalk_addict Says:

    come on steve, don’t you want that mercedes that has been promised? Get making up shite for your subscribers!

  2. Dan Says:

    is somebody downloading all these livevideo clips for reference later when he starts denying he’s said things?

    i love his stevie wonder impersonation

  3. kraptalk_addict Says:

    Someone on here did say they were all being archived Dan.

    Today he makes fun of someone with a disability by saying they have no neck. Ignoring the fact that he hasn’t seen his since it was 17 for a minute (duncan you have a spare tyre around your neck, that’s quite a feat of nature) making fun of someone’s disability is the lowest of the low and you make no apology for it.
    Your followers don’t have a problem with it either it seems. What a thoroughly disgusting group of people.

  4. Dunk Cons Says:

    Its is very clear that he is Bipolar

    The string of videos he created in the small hours of last night are graphic indicators of his current state of mind.

    “Bipolar disorder is not a single disorder, but a category of mood disorders defined by the presence of one or more episodes of abnormally elevated mood, clinically referred to as mania. Individuals who experience manic episodes also commonly experience depressive episodes or symptoms, or mixed episodes in which features of both mania and depression are present at the same time. These episodes are normally separated by periods of normal mood, but in some patients, depression and mania may rapidly alternate, known as rapid cycling. Extreme manic episodes can sometimes lead to psychotic symptoms such as delusions and hallucinations.”

  5. LVUser Says:

    “is somebody downloading all these livevideo clips for reference later when he starts denying he’s said things?”
    Rest assured that everything, about him or by him, is being archived.
    Our current thoughts are that we may not need to re-post anything. He is doing a good enough job of killing his own site and himself.
    Whatever happened to his gym subscription? Does anyone remember that video?

  6. Dan Says:

    the latest one, entitled america is a brilliant drunken rant of a broken man. he’s on his last legs guys!

  7. Dunk Cons Says:

    Latest video – contains a big steaming pile of undeucated trash…

    He is getting a real deal on a new house because the owners are getting divorced and have a mortgage to settle and that is the reason that they are selling 140k under value – what a dickhead!!!!

  8. RedinSweden Says:

    Does he have to say “sahker” everytime he says the word football?

  9. RedinSweden Says:

    Also, is going to stay in his apartment with shared pool while Steve moves into a 400k villa? OK dunk.

  10. kraptalk_addict Says:

    No you’re not keeping track of the lies properly RiS. Steve will be getting his own little place, michelin man will keep the matchbox apartment with shared pool and bbq area but also buy the amazing house at a knocked down price.

    It’s a good idea though, with the house there’ll be enough room for his unnaturally large chins, the quad bike, his new mercedes and steve’s new mercedes.

  11. noteveryonebelieves Says:

    @LVUser, everything he posts, blogs or videos, both on youtube and livevideo are being archived and backed up. Evidence is continuously being gathered and stored in a cyber vault, so once he says or blogs something, he can never go back.

  12. Jocky Says:

    Any sign of a video of his chick yet. He seems very sad about John Wayne’s illness.Not

  13. spsdjone Says:

    will the house come with a waiting period aswell. perhaps 2 years whilst the doors are widened.
    He is he even totting up the value of his lies? Jesus, if he ever gets to hand over the cash for things on order he will solve the credit crunch by himself!!

  14. david Says:

    so his ‘girlfriend’ is over from England this weekend but duncan is spending hours on live video making boring videos and then going into town to watch footy with his pet monkey steve, she will join up with them later apparently..I wonder if he’ll find a hooker with permed or straight hair?

    Oh and that house is off but there’s another one now 🙂

  15. Alcy Trichin-O'Bese III Says:

    It’s clear for all to see that this blog is dictaing his life now. He’s double backed on quite a few lies pointed out on here already.

    I see a broken man and I began to feel sorry for him but then thought of all the people he’s ripped off over the years and soon had a laugh instead.

    He’s on the edge of a mental and physical breakdown and I shall enjoy the schadenfreude over coming weeks.

  16. Rashid's Pimp Says:

    He looks dog-arse rough and in one of his depressive states again. I didn’t think it possible but he looks to have piled on a few pounds.

    A definate candidate for the dead pool.

  17. Jon Says:

    What is the obsession with people on these video sites, as well as Youtube, to put a backing soundtrack of shite music which bears no relevance to the video in question? It only serves to distract attention from the actual content – well it does to me anyway.

  18. Ian Says:

    Been away for a while. What’s been happening then?

    Has Dunk wrote his book?

    Are Dunk & Steve Gay lovers?

    Who’s Dunk’s bird?

    What happened to Katie?

    What happened to Rupert?

    Does RichT still post on KT?

    As I was never a member of KT are there still gullible fuckwits I can look down my nose at?

    Are 6CM & EST1892 still the worst LFC sites on T’interweb?

    Is the blog still being ridiculed by gobshites who should be thanking them, but instead vent their spleen because it pointed out how stupid they’ve been?

  19. Rocco Says:

    Is there anyone you actually LIKE Ian?

    Although I would quite like to know what happened to that loony Rupert as well actually

  20. Fred Says:

    Duncan Oldham. Advisor to Everton Football Club?

    Dunk: I think the value’s too high. I’ll bid low. I don’t think they’ll take it.
    Everton: We think the value’s too high. We’ve bid what we can. We don’t think they’ll take it.

    Translation: This is a way of pretending to be doing something.

    What if the offer is accepted?

    Contingency plans kick in.

    Dunk: It failed its survey.
    Everton: He failed his medical.

    Also spot the number of times he says “this house” about the flat he’s in. It’s an apartment. It’s obviously an apartment. He looks outside anytime and he’s clearly upstairs. His kitchen is in the room next to the one he videos from. His bedroom is too. Steve’s probably top-and-tailing with him in that bed.

    What happened to him being a property investor, buying and selling all the time? He now says he doesn’t like to do short term deals.

    And if this house is up for sale for half the true value, because of a divorce, is it not obvious that it’s not worth the so-called “true value”? Yes, quick sale, maybe knock 10 – 15 percent off. But the amounts he mentioned?

    He spouts lies like a whale spouts water. Except other than his size, he’s not like a whale. Because a whale spouting its water doesn’t keep stopping half way through the spouting after losing track of what the lie was. Well, you probably know what I’m talking about.

    I fell asleep twice. It might be that lazy summer breeze floating through the window here that’s doing it, but it’s more likely the way he droned on. And on.

    If it wasn’t for the risk of nightmares featuring mutant hippos with haircuts done with the help of a small basin, I’d stick that video on DVD as an insomnia prevention tool.

    Love the way he says he won’t tell anyone where he’s moved to. Then realises he’s given away that he doesn’t want any of his victims to realise where he’s moved to.

    What’s up Dunkie? Ah – it’s the holiday season proper soon isn’t it? So far this year it’s been pretty quiet hasn’t it? There wouldn’t happen to be people who need to speak to you about certain donations you took would there? Or money for fake autographs on footballs. Would there?

    I suppose at least you might be able to persuade your ex wife to let your children fly over to see you though. But how will you feel if she decides instead that she’ll bring them over with her new fella, and they’ll stay in a hotel, and then the kids can pop over for a couple of hours now and again?

    Maybe they’re going somewhere else on holiday with their new “dad” though. He’s there to sort out Robbie’s problems with bullying isn’t he? And he probably helps your daughter deal with that boyfriend of hers.

    Maria’s probably looking back now and wondering how she put up with your bullying for so long. Poor Steve’s got too low an IQ to realise what you’re doing to him, although he does have that look of someone who’s humouring the patient at times.

    And then I noticed you begging for people to watch your crappy Viva Espana video.

    The sound quality is awful. The camera work shakier than the always crashing koptalk forum. Anyone would think you were trying to film it without the other guests noticing. Then again, there’s only a few people in there. In fact after whizzing through it, I can’t work out why you want people to see it so much.

    Some spanish shirted people having fun, and then an older guy with his young teenage partner, the older guy getting his little boy drunk.

    Judging by the state of him, I bet you got him to do a few things for you that night. No top and tailing then hey?

    In fact 106 views on that video tells me that maybe you’ve not got the viewers you used to have.

    I bet that even includes KopTalk members, because you’ll have posted this in there to pretend you’re still a Liverpool fan, by way of the Rafa/Pepe/Xabi/Torres/DV connection.

    You know what though – you might get more comments if you didn’t restrict it to ‘friends’. It’s not as if you’ve got enemies is it? Ah, I see now. Well any time you make any friends, they find out about you, even your virtual ones.

    How’s that live video alternative going too by the way?

    Just listening to this osh v failed parent video, going on about someone being a slag, then lots of ‘yer nooooah’s as you try to throw out some crappy reasons for why you really aren’t this mad conman bully renowned for death threats and self-confessed fantasies about sleeping with underage teenage girls. Yer noooah.

    Pasty faced four eyed fucker! Haha! You want her to die! Haha! She’s not found you out has she?

    Oh you call her a druggie too – which gets us back to you and your drugs. Isn’t it time you got your own sorted out? You seem to be taking the uppers and downers at the wrong time.

    And this video is a rarity, in that it doesn’t feature you either pissed, getting pissed, hungover, or planning to get pissed. A lot of people like a drink, but some of us include tea, coffee, water and juice in that too.

    One other point – you forgot to keep up the pretence about the video sharing site on the blog you set up to keep us updated on it. You’ve not updated it in over a month. Go on – get it done, give us something else to laugh at…

  21. ifeelsorryforit Says:

    HE’S ON A DOWNWARD SPIRAL. the hookers, the awful vlogs late in his room. it won’t be long a year or two and he’ll be broke and friendless. i can see the signs, so can all of you. it’s kinda sad though. if he put the energy he puts into crimes he could have probably made a decent living doing real business.

  22. Jocky Says:

    How sad is it that he has to get hookers to pretend he has a girlfriend. The amount of people commenting on his videos is alot lower than some of his friends which must kill him. Every video no matter how bad it is is always considered funny or cute etc. Very sad bunch on LV.

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