Hey Dunk.

Those tossers on LiveVideo have no clue. You’re on Cyprus. St George Hotel, Pohpos to be more specific.

It's nice there, isn't it?


The reason is of course that you are investing in properties. You always are when you leave home.

Now send me my cap, will you? 🙂

42 Responses to “Cyprus”

  1. spsdjone Says:

    AAhh, this famous property portfolio that we never see pictures of. We see pictures of a bottle of cider, a new beer cooler and anything else that is “on order”, yet he decides to hold back on these major purchases. why?
    His girlfriend is also with him. yes!!!, dunk remembered the batteries this time so she is fully functional!!
    On the subject of the video site. This goes along with his theme of self funding non profit making shite.
    this is just a guess, but i reckon the free site will come down within a couple of months for redevelopment as he will want to create to something special for his users. just a hunch!!

  2. Laugher Says:

    I just watched his latest video (sound off, I’ve just eaten) and I couldn’t see any sign of his girlfriend.

    And it took him five hours to upload a five minute video.

    Is that because Live video is crap? Or the hotel is crap? Or the laptop is crap? Or because he was wasting his bandwidth watching telly from the country he says he hates?

    Note I said laptop. Where’s this new Apple machine then fatty? The one your bird, who we’ve still no proof exists, bought you?

    Oh no – it’s not gone in the Koptalk Van, Koptalk Hotel, Koptalk Book black hole has it?

  3. Rashid's Pimp Says:

    The girlfriend is probably another figment of his imagination. At some point he’ll probably hire a hooker to pretend to be his missus.

  4. kraptalk_addict Says:

    Wonder why he filmed the mercedes badge on the taxi he was in from the airport to the hotel? As close as he gets to owning one these days maybe?

    Oh and his pretend girlfriend is getting a lot of time off from the Police force just lately, I have a family member in the Police and booking holidays is a tricky process.

    She must keep leaving her kids with their other parent too because like dunc she has kids of her own; just a little reminder for your lie dunc so you don’t make an even bigger twat of yourself than you have already.

  5. justino Says:

    @laugher – that’s a MacBook Pro in the clip

    @Dunk – are you aware you have a spare tyre on the back of your head? That’s A LOT of subcutaneous fat – I reckon you ought to see a doctor rather than new properties….

  6. sinbad Says:

    so what if the hotels got a pool……you’re never gonna be able to use it fatso.

  7. Laugher Says:

    Thanks justino – it’s hard to see from the shaky video work!

  8. MB Says:

    Is Dunk residing in Paphos nowadays? Im going in September, have to pay him a visit.

  9. deiseach Says:

    Perhaps it’s an Olympic-sized swimming pool? Rub some of the fat that dripped off the meal he had between breakfast and brunch on the sides of the pool and he might be able to squeeze in

  10. ifeelsorryforit Says:

    it’s really quite sad how he gazes at the pool and the folks having a nice time in the water knowing he’ll never be part of it. surely he’ll never let himself be seen in public in trunks and nothing else. it must be very depressing for him. and being so lonely he has to rent women. oh poor guy. he really is a sad lonely fellow that tries to pump himself up to be a happy go lucky in his videos. we all know his business is taking a nose dive and his genetically mutated children are on the path to nowheresville. he doesn’t care for them he’s not around to care for them. he’s stuck in his rental in spain making crappy videos. poor soul. i think it’s time we prayed for him.

  11. RedinSweden Says:

    Ifeelsorryforit – Don’t have a pop at his kids, its not their fault their Dad is a whopper. There is plenty enough to have a go at mrmercedes(taxi)man

  12. Jocky Says:

    He has wrote a pack of lies in his blog about a massage.
    He is the most insecure person there is.

  13. kraptalk_addict Says:

    He may well have paid for a massage, pretty normal thing to do although it’s more often than not one person doing it, not ‘two hot chicks’.

    Regardless, female contact only comes his way when money is exchanged, whether thats to dig down into the rolls of fat to find the thing he hasn’t seen since he was 18 or for a legit body massage.

    Not much to see here, it will be funny to see how well he matched hookers in Cyprus though. I’m sure there’s going to be a load of videos of his ‘girlfriend’ that accompanied him.

    Oh and Duncan, you’ve put weight on because you live like a peasant grazing on cheap food and cheap drinks. To you fine dining is a stehhhhk and chips washed down by cheap, acidic cider.

  14. Toby Says:

    First pic is a re-enactment of the Crying Game with Steve in drag. Second is his mam

  15. spsdjone Says:

    ladies and gentlemen, he is officially back in the big time. what an expensive watch that is. i am officially jealous and wish i had £100 to throw away so willy nilly.
    Just out of curiosity, is that the first thing he has ever bought that did not come with a 5 year waiting list.
    Interesting how he now says he is back after his little elizabeth duke jaunt. Does that mean the quad bike was just a pipe dream, because that is a tad more impressive than a cheap watch!!

  16. Skamp Says:

    Quality work there Fred,i wonder what his excuse will be,maybe she changes her hair every other day because if we are to believe Dunc she’s gone from Curly Blonde (x-wife? pool side) to dark Curly (on the massive veranda) straight dark (in East Midlands Hilton) to almost Ginger/curly to curly highlighted 2 fuck birdnest…
    Had to laugh at him Bigging up his new watch like it was a Jacobs

  17. kraptalk_addict Says:

    That’s brilliant, a Police watch, no more than $200 in the states and up there with the likes of Fossil and Tissot but apparently his ‘haters’ should be jealous.

    His American accent that he’s strangely developed really is entertaining, he’s like a character from Bo’Selecta.

    I don’t know what’s more disgusting, his obsesity or his desperate attempts to appear wealthy. He just doesn’t seem to understand that the more he tries to show apparent wealth the poorer and more peasant like he actually looks.

  18. rosentile Says:

    Fakes imho

    just come back cyprus!!! lol

  19. kraptalk_addict Says:

    Made me laugh (again) in his latest vid. He’s describing someone wearing cheap sunglasses (which he said previously he only ever buys) in a negative kind of way. Then does a number of looks to the side so the camera can see the Armani emblem on his new glasses…

    To his LV friends, surely, even if you don’t believe any of the allegations written here do you not see through his shallow, false attempts to gain credibility via monetary means?

  20. Jamie Ward Says:

    I am absolutly stunned……..I have just spent the last 4 hours reading about everything he has done over the last 10 years.
    In fact…..stunned is a massive understatment….i started my night off by chancing across one of his videos then wound up watching all of the ones available on you tube,if it wasnt for also chancing upon this web site i would have never had a clue.

    I am stunned……stunned……

    some of them posts are as recent as last week….how is he stil able to function?!?! i imagne the reason he ”moved” to spain was to avoid getting the shit kicked out of him,because to be honest…i would love to…..i really would….

    i am stunned.

    i will post links up everywhere i go and send people here.

  21. kraptalk_addict Says:

    It really is a slower pace in Spain, yesterday he put out a vid about his bbq that is arriving today. This would be the same one that was ‘ordered’ on 1st April then? It must be a special ‘custom’ made one like the mercedes. The below blog entry is no longer on his site obviously.

    A Lil Bit Of This, A Lil Bit Of That

    Tuesday, April 1, 2008 (11:10 AM)
    (I’m feeling productive)

    I had a new table and chairs set for outside delivered today. I’m not one to get excited about furniture as a rule but the canopy is huge and generally the complete set is impressive, just like me.

    It also comes with 3 additional units, a sink, a BBQ and another unit for storage. I wasn’t too sure about them when I placed the order but I had a change of mind and popped back to the store a couple of hours ago to snap them up. Because of the climate here, eating outside and having the odd BBQ by the pool is the norm, so it made sense to buy the extra bits and pieces.

  22. LVUser Says:

    @ kraptalk_addict
    This is a great catch!
    We missed it. Thank you very much.

  23. noteveryonebelieves Says:

    kraptalk_addict, don’t worry. Screenshots are taken of every move he makes, so he can no longer backtrack and try to lie his way out. Everything he does is recorded for proof when needed

  24. kraptalk_addict Says:

    Well he reads this site so I’m sure an explanation will be forthcoming, his problem is keeping up with the lies and then having to cover up with yet more lies.

    One day he’ll have an epiphany and realise that telling the truth is much easier and burns less calories which will accelerate his goal of having to be cut out of his tiny apartment by firemen.

  25. Dunk Cons Says:

    On his latest video on LV the man clearly demonstrates his work – chetaing others.

    He shows a video pretending that he is at the presentation of Rafa of a degree. The last frame he adds a picture of Rafa at the ceramony – hey good photo Dunk.

    But he stole it from here:

    never stops stealing other peoples work.

  26. Toby Says:

    Well to be fair the pic is by Reuters, rather than taken by a South African forum owner, but your point is valid and I’m sure he doesn’t have permission.

  27. kraptalk_addict Says:

    So that video was for koptalk members, they paid for that. I’d love to see their comments about it.

  28. mrseatman Says:

    2 month wait for a bbq! it really must be the dogs danglies with extra special cooking ability.
    Whats happened on the quadbike front aswell? All gone strangely quiet and im quite sure if he already had it he would be making it wheeze up and down outside his apartment whilst filming his four chins covering his mouth.

  29. kraptalk_addict Says:

    I love his ‘lies on the fly’ from his ‘psst’ video. ‘Smoove’ went from friend—>good friend—>best friend in the real world—>his family have come over to uk and visited—>all the kids get on great ; in less than 20 seconds.

    I remember the video he put out when he used smoove as free accomodation and the dynamic between them was not ‘best friend in the real world’ but more like ‘two fellas that had met on the internet’

  30. kraptalk_addict Says:

    The quad bike is still at the rental company, he’ll swap the rental car for that shortly I believe.

  31. mrseatman Says:

    oh the irony of the “threats” video. its the pot painting the kettle black in the most obvious way. didnt he say a while back that he had informed the police and given them the IP address of an internet stalker who was “terrorising” his family?. Yes, creation of the mike myers kind, you clearly have no memory of what you have previously said. in fact, you were probably participating in the “vlog war” and between going to the toilet and coming back, forgot that what you were doing and decided to berate yourself. loser!!

  32. kraptalk_addict Says:

    yeah I also remember him threatening to kill a 70 odd year old man on LV a few months ago. It was a fella called old marine, he’s since deleted that video too 🙂

  33. mrseatman Says:

    how much for a dunk claim that he has been approached by the official site for one of these roles? he will of course turn it down because he wont want to give in to the suits!!

  34. mrseatman Says:

    jesus, we have another mercedes on order!!
    Yes, steve will obviously get a mortgage and insurance on a c class sport at 19 without a proper job.
    Fake girlfriend is also gettin a mention again with dunk, the big catch, putting her in her place and refusing to go back to england. she is going to see him now, the lucky plastic lady. hope dunk pays enough postage!
    he’s lost a baby now you know!! i can hear the violins playing in the background. he is the biggest bullshitter in the world!

  35. kraptalk_addict Says:

    That latest vid starts off with the usual bullshit about money and then trails off to a depression fueled ramble, business as usual it seems.

  36. Dunk Cons Says:

    Just one thing – two huge contradictions in his latest video – Steve is ‘Like a Brother’ to me err thought he was your broither? and worse when he was in England he stated that the mother of his kids was not his wife and now he admits – that she got pregnant and they got married.

    If there were ever two really obvious examples of his compulsion to lie then these are they. It would appear that his mental state must be in turmoil that he needs to continually lie about even the smallest of things.

    I think that he is not worth the attention he gets and he thrives on the fact that he is such a big character that he has ‘haters’.

    I think that being ignored would break him.

  37. Homer_jay Says:

    I’m putting my money on pies and the taxman!

  38. Alcy Trichin-O'Bese III Says:

    The man is cleary mentally unstable. You can see his mood swings from video to video.

    I feel sorry for his ex-wife and kids really, having him parading prostitutes on the internet and threatening new men in ex-wife’s life. I just can’t believe how thick he actually is, each video amazes me.

    He’s the sort of scum that is on Trisha/Jeremy Kyle shows, look out for the show: “My ex-husband is a morbidly obsese retard, an alcoholic, a depressive and a deluded fuckwit – is it wrong for me to wish he’d commit suicide to give my kids a chance in life?”

  39. kraptalk_addict Says:

    he’s put out a number of vids today and he’s really in his depressive phase, compounded by alcohol. Very dark drunken ramblings…

  40. Rashid's Pimp Says:

    Agree with the previous posters, he seems in one of his frequent depressive moods so there should be an outburst of anger soon and spurious claims of affluence.

    You have to pity him, Mr ‘Happy in Spain’ seems to be living in a poxy flat with no real friends, so he has to rely on the vicarious friendship of a video website. I

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