Thanks Dunk

Last night I sent out an e-mail to a few hundred Koptalkers that I’ve got e-mail adresses for. sadly I don’t have all members adresses, but little did I know that Dunk would help me reach those who I couldn’t get to. One member, redtaffy, posted my e-mail in the forums, and Dunk has been kind enough not to delete it. So now the rest of the members can read it too. Thanks Dunk!

This is Redtaffy’s post:


I never thought this e-mail would be so successful. I thougt I’d only reach the 250 members on the list, but then one of them posts it on koptalk for everyone to see, and Dunk let it stay. Brilliant. And now Dunk has made a half hour long video respons. Even better! Who’s dancing to who’s tune Dunk?

This is Dunk’s reply to Redtaffy’s post: (my comments in bold)

Yup already heard about it I bet some of your gullibles forwarded it straight away

I need their help with a project of mine that is nothing to do with KopTalk nor will it affect KopTalk. I need that kind of publicity for it to succeed. I have numerous interests that few people here know about, this one I put put into the open because I want them to promote it for me. It’s not a secret. Indeed it will be tied in with KopTalk when it launches as all our video content will be hosted there (see, I’m clever). Do you still think that all publisity is good publicity? So when people read about your scams, the first thing they’ll do is pay you money? Most people are more intelligent than that, Dunk.

What I find extremely funny is that we’re actually busy working on our new KopTalk site for next season which I hope will go live in June. What’s funny about that? Will there be some new features that will cost money?

Whenever I do something positive or show signs of joy, it hurts them so they resurface. It’s a sad existance but it comes with the territory. They’ve been taking me down for 2 years with their allegations and claims… I’m still waiting. Waiting for what? The last member to leave? Thousands have left your site, and most of those who are left will probably not renew again.

I predicted this afternoon when I made a blog entry that they would be hurt and I tipped them to surface imminently. Like clockwork, they chimed in. We’ve been laughing about this all evening. We couldn’t hire publicity like this. This e-mail was going to be sent several weeks ago, but I just didn’t have the time before yesterday. As it happened there was some new videos on your livevideo site to point at. Thanks for that. Oh, and how long before I sent the e-mails were you laughing at it? I sent the first at 23:07, so you can hardly have been laughing all evening, can you?

At the end of the day if you run a website it has to pay for itself. But it doesn’t cost £60.000 a year, does it? You need revenue. I know what system works best and I will continue doing whatever I feel is necessary to succeed. Including tax evasion, VAT evasion, lying and stealing.   My personal interests are nothing to do with KopTalk or the people associated to it. I have a family to look after so onwards and upwards we go. So why did you leave them behind in England? KopTalk is my baby, always has been, always will be and as I said 2 years ago, I aint going nowhere. That’s because you’ve got nowhere to go.

Some people just can’t let KopTalk go… I love it Just close the site and we’ll let it go.

Business as usual…. remember, Dunk knows best nothing. 

I’d also like to show a few highlights from this thread:

From Murielson: Bit disturbed that even the spammers feel i am not worth spamming but I guess I can live with it!!
Send us your e-mail and we’ll send you the info.

From ishtak:

I thought it was something from you guys at koptalk telling me my subs renewal had bounced or something!!!
I couldnt resist and mailed them back ..

“I’ve been a very happy member of Koptalk for almost 4 years now .. no sign of any of this crap you lot spout about Dunk and his armies.

Now fook off and stop spamming me with your crap mails!!!”


So I sent him a reply he posted as well. Thanks ishtak. Got through with a few more points there.

Dunk’s response was: FLMAO WIN! Nice one!

Yeah, another £30 safe, right?

From RedKopMike: I wonder if they got to The Reaper
He was a big contributor to articles and banter on the site up until a few months ago


I don’t think we had anything to do with that. He left because the banter was gone and the forum had become crap!

From Dabbler77: Dunk
Never got the email myself – im a lurker though so maybe im not a big enough target for their propaganda speel…anyway im old enough and wise enough to look past all that sh*t and to be honest I dont give a monkeys anyway.

I love the site, always have ever since i came across it back in 04. It performs every function that I need it to and Im very happy with the service you provide, hence the reason why i renew my sub every year..and hope to for a lot of years to come…keep it up.

However there was 1 point raised that Id like to ask you about – apologies if its already been answered/repeated numerous times down the years – what is the story with the book? Just remembered when I read the first post that id sent a deposit to yourself ages ago..the amount was so small that it doesnt really bother me if its just went to help out the site, im just curious as to if there is gonna be a book?

Cheers Big Man..


Another one who paid for the non-existing book. He’s so stupid he doesn’t even want a refund.

Dunks reply to this: Thanks mate, that means a lot.
I posted several updates about the book. I opted to shelve it until I close the site because I think it will be a bad idea to run it until then. We have invited people to obtain a refund, you can easily do that if you wish by opening a support ticket. It will come but only when I’m ready

Thanks for your support.


Still claiming the book is on? It’s not!

And finally. Dunk’s response to ishtaks post with my e-mail reply:

Originally Posted By: ishtak

The schmucks responded!!

Hi James

Thanks for your reply.

You’re not the first who have reacted this way. Most of those who have done so before are no longer members on Koptalk. They have eventually seen the light.
Please read the Insider blog, and then make up your mind. You’ll find the facts are very condemning for Dunk.
Have you asked him when he last was to Anfield? Or why he didn’t go there this season, when he claimed he had accomodation booked for the first half of the seasom. Why nok ask where Katie is? She’s not posted on KT this year. He claims she’s still on KT, but have moved back to England to take up school again. why doesn’t she post one single post if she’s still there?

Do you really think Tom Hicks and George Gillett are KT members? Why don’t you call Ian Cotton and ask which sources Dunk has at Anfied? He’ll tell you it’s none. Seriously, do you wat to spend your money on that fat retard, so that he can splash it on expensive gadgets and booze in Spain? I don’t think so. But you’re of course entitled to use your money as you wish.

Best regards
Koptalk Outsider

Ian Cotton is a [oops] of the highest order. Both men have access. If it’s a lie, they can sue me
Katie’s knocking around, so too is Smoove. Her education is far more important than justifying her presence. She’s a good girl and if I need her, she’ll be here. We could easily log in and pretend to be her but what purpose would that serve? It’s pathetic

I’m sure Ian appreciates your view on him. None of the owners have access. Maybe, just maybe they’ll sue you. If only to get you out of their way. But I guess they have more important things to worry about nowadays.

As for Katie; why hasn’t she posted one single post since last december? She used to post dozens a day before you threw her out, but now she’s not posting anything at all. I’m sure she’d post one now and then if she still has access. And thanks for pointing out that you can easily log in as other members. Now we’ll all know whats happening if there are posts in her name.

I didn’t mention Smoove, but he’s been gone even longer than Katie. What did he do to be thrown out? Your best friend and everything.



124 Responses to “Thanks Dunk”

  1. kraptalk_addict Says:

    So he takes his son and daughter gambling, get’s completely drunk while having responsibility of them, supplies his daughter with alcohol, shouts obscenities left and right and then introduces them to the local gambler’s and alcoholic’s anonymous aka his ‘friends’. Apart from that he’s a great parent.

    As for whether his lv exploits are worth tracking on this blog I think it depends. Some of his actions on there directly relate to kraptalk but I do think it’s easy to go off on a tangent.

    I think the owners of this blog need to make that call and then contributors can stick to it.

  2. Billy's Weekly Liar Says:

    @ delboy – are you in love with the fat bastard or something? He puts his private life on the web and is therefore open to whatever comments people like – stalking him my arse – go fuck yerself!

  3. sinbad Says:

    After watching those York videos you get the impression his daughter’s a bit uneasy with the fat buffoons drunken antics.

  4. Jowelly Lobes-O'Bese Says:

    Whatever people on here think of criticising Dunk’s personal life, at least this blog allows all opinions.

    Compare that with koptalk and Dunk’s paranoid control of his subscribers.

  5. noteveryonebelieves Says:

    I noticed how, in one of his videos, he dyed his hair blonde. What, hoping the feds won’t take notice? Nobody could miss a sloshy porker like that

  6. Billy's Weekly Liar Says:

    Crazy Tagged

    Sunday, May 18, 2008 (1:33 AM)
    (I’m feeling amused)

    Osh has tagged me to talk about crazy things that I’ve done. I really need to give this some thought but I’m sure I’ll come up with something by Monday!

    1. Ripped off Liverpool fans
    2. sold fake goods
    3. plagerized news and pictures
    4. pretended I know people who wouldnt piss on me
    5. Lied about everything
    6. found a whole new bunch of retards to scam out of money

  7. Skamp Says:

    Billy you need to chill the fuck out,DelBoy has a point that’s obviously lost on your highly strung-out intellect..
    Too many people are starting to chat shit about things that have no purpouse towards the end game.

  8. Billy's Weekly Liar Says:

    @ skamp who the fuck do you think you are – the blog police? This is a blog, people put opinion and comment. this is not a controlled environment like kontalk if you want to be controlling join the fatboy. You should cease from criticising fellow bloggers and concentrate on the target.

  9. Skamp Says:

    Is that reply supposed to be Ironic ?
    After you gave this reply to delboy

    @ delboy – are you in love with the fat bastard or something? He puts his private life on the web and is therefore open to whatever comments people like – stalking him my arse – go fuck yerself!
    Maybe you need policing Billy because you’re dragging the content down to your level (lower than a snakes belly),how about you try keeping on track eh lad …

    I normaly would get into this with fellow bloggers but you come across as a total bellend

  10. Billy's Weekly Liar Says:

    there is litlle point is entering into discussion with you Skamp you lack basic intellengence so its my guess you should drag your knuckels acroiss the floor and turn off your pc as you dont have the brains to operate it, I bet you are not allowed sharp objects.

    You are the embidiment of all that is wrong with the web. you think its all on your agenda, well its not.

    My guess is that you are Dunk just trying to start open warfare. Well you win yer fucking arsehole as i dont need this level of shit from a low life like you.

  11. RedinSweden Says:

    His videos, as always, make painful viewing, but the ones with his kids are just awful. He only cares about his online image that he wants to maintain so the quality time he gets to spend with his kids is spent drinking mostly. Wonderful.

  12. Toby Says:

    Delboy – its not the blog that is speculating about whether or not he hits his kids, its the comments made by individuals on one of the posts. Those individuals have the right to free speech here – its something the blog has always been keen to encourage – but don’t assume it is part of the campaign.

    The reason the comments are going so off-topic is the lack of blog posts, so the only avenue for discussion is the latest article. Personally I believe this blog has lost the momentum it once had and is at risk of becoming a laughing stock. I do still believe there is a need to make Koptalk payers aware of Oldham’s scams, but maybe this is no longer the best way.

  13. Koptalk Outsider Says:

    You are free to comment as you wish her, but some of the comments above are not very helpful. Our aim is to expose the Koptalk scam, not Dunk’s private life. If it’s relevant to Koptalk, then it’s relevant to this blog. Where that line goes is another matter, and I think we have different views on that. We don’t want to introduce some koptalkish moderation here, so I suggest all contributors have a think about wether their comments are relevant or not.

    As for the lack of updates, it’s basically because there is not much to write about. But we’re entering the time of the year when koptalk use to get most new members, and when lies use to come thick and fast. Tese days koptalk doesn’t get many new members, and it looks like Dunk mostly tries to keep the existing ones happy.

  14. Skamp Says:

    Billy i’ve been contributing to this site for alot longer than you ya little piss ant & i am yet to notice a decent contribution from yourself,you were the idiot that lacked the vocabulary to address DelBoy so you stooped to using cuss words……………………..That Sir is the action of a person with half a brain,i myself felt the need to use a cuss word as a way of comunicating at you basic level……………………
    One of the insiders needs to have a word with you lad because your actions are not those of a person who has posting privs……………………
    It seems that you stand out answer to anyone who pulls you up is to accuse them of being the fat1 or one of his followers,that is counter productive and only leads to bullshit exchanges like this……..

    Now Jog on you little piss ant and don’t rply until you’re potty trained.

  15. Nick Says:

    If it wasnt all so serious, reading this thread is almost worth paying for! But I suppose for more wild statements I better go back to Koptalk!

    But I have to say, this thread is a good advert for having Mods moderate.

    By the way I was earlier called a retard and the fat man in disguise. which was fine for most of you it seems. You only get excited when you start squabbling amongst yourselves viz a viz the skamp/billy exchange. Says a lot whether you acknowledge or accept it.

    For the record I am not retarded and I am not Dunk.

  16. kraptalk_addict Says:

    It’s all free here though Nick and there is a huge difference between having something moderated and outright censorship which is what happens on kraptalk.

  17. delboyoldham Says:

    And back to it … 😉

    Anyone still with access able to give us a rundown of the insider signings Rafa has told Dunk he will make for us? Maybe keep a list and see how things pan out over the summer?

    Wish I’d have kept a list of all the names he’s given since 2002-ish – I think that list would switch the remaining members straight off and show his insider bollocks is exactly that – bollock!

  18. Laugher Says:

    Someone should see what those links go to on his site’s front page.

    Stripping out the obvious ones, here’s a few of his headlines…

    Reds confirm transfer
    Liverpool transfer bid imminent – CONFIRMED
    Rafa agrees to cool transfer demand
    Midfielder angers Liverpool team-mates
    Liverpool table £15million bid – REPORT
    Spurs enter race for midfielder
    Defender set to reject transfer
    Winger angers club by telling fans he’s Anfield bound
    Midfielder and cash for Spanish international?

  19. Koptalk Outsider Says:

    Reds confirm transfer – Degen (official site)
    Liverpool transfer bid imminent – CONFIRMED – Dossena (Echo)
    Rafa agrees to cool transfer demand – Carson (various)
    Midfielder angers Liverpool team-mates – Kewell rumoured to have left without saying goodbye (NOTW)
    Liverpool table £15million bid – REPORT – Krancjar (Sunday People)
    Spurs enter race for midfielder – Michael Johnson (various, 10 days earlier)
    Defender set to reject transfer – Riise wont sign for toons (NOTW)
    Winger angers club by telling fans he’s Anfield bound – Bentley (?)
    Midfielder and cash for Spanish international? – Leto/Riera (

  20. kraptalk_addict Says:

    that various source seems pretty good, how much to sign up with them?

  21. delboyoldham Says:


    “The Insider – as in inside any paper or website you read”.

  22. Dan Says:

    Is he talking into the mirror now?

    “You have nothing going for you, trapped in a house in the middle of nowhere, complete utter fuckin nutcase”

    “You’re going to have a lot of people after you in real life and online”

    “I suggest you stop begging for money. Go find a job you lazy mother fucker”

    “Someone’s going ot find you and give you a good kicking”

  23. Laugher Says:

    Thanks KO – I was all set to send my double paypal payment over to Spain.

  24. The Reaper Says:

    I have to say I much prefer my new home

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