More fantasies and lies from the spanish based LFC site

A few days ago Dunk posted a video of himself from his new home in Spain, commenting on the ownership situation where he says that “everyones fears should be put to rest”. He claims to have got information from someone “in the know”, but can’t really say anything. He doesn’t have a timescale, but he’ll get to know a lot more this week (or in two weeks, he can’t remember) if he doesn’t post any hints. He then asks his members not to speculate on this, well aware that that’s just what they’ll do. And he needs the debate, as his site is slowly dying.

Anyway, this of course sparks some debate, and this is some of what Dunk tells his members (my comments in bold):

#239117April 28, 2008 16:16   Re: most important news ever? [Re: Selkirk07]
Dunk Dunk 
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What a sorry thread. It hurts but it is understandable and fair for people to question. However, I’ve done this lark for more than 10 years now so it comes with the territory. 10 years of conning Liverpool supporters is more than enough.

The video may have been vague Vague? It’s empty bullshit. but there are clues and when I can I will release more information. Like the L4 cap? Are we to believe L4 is back?

I seriously don’t think some of you quite get what I do. If they did, they’ll leave the site straight away. I don’t need this site, Yes you do this site remains a hobby for me. You refer to it as your business on LiveVideo Yes it has to generate revenue but only to pay the running costs. With 2000+ members it will be more than £60.000 a year. A little more than the running costs, right? You guys see a membership fee and think it goes in my pocket, it does dream on. Everything that comes in goes back into this site. How? Larger sites than this runs on servers costing less than £100 a month. And your is with a cheap american hosting company. I could cut this site today and have none of the bull that comes with it but I don’t because I love interacting with the many decent people here who support me/us. And what would you live from?

How does posting a vague video help me? It creates more awareness? More attention? Do you really think KopTalk needs that? Yes, because members a fleeing and you need to attract interest to keep them. Lots of members are about to renew in the next couple of months, and you need something that makes them renew. It creates more negativity if anything because people cry and moan for their own selfish desires. What about the club? What about the source? What about me?

If you don’t believe in me or if you don’t believe in the site, leave. There are plenty of anti-KT sites out there full of their own dreamers. This is the only Anti-KT site, and we’re not dreamers. We’re LFC supporters annoyed by you ripping off fellow LFC-supporters. I will continue posting what I can, when I can. The reason I did a video and not just a post saying “trust me” was because I wanted you guys to relax. I wanted you to also see me so you could ask “does he look genuine?” I specifically said please don’t speculate so it’s not like I’m trying to create debates… As I said, fully aware that it will spark debates anyway. I hate this subject and I hate this particular forum. So don’t mention it then.

As for Selkirk, I’ve noticed the amount of posts you’ve made really where you have answered things for me where you claim to know what I do and not know and who I do and do not know. This leaves me to question your intentions. I have noticed this pattern and if people look back they will see. However, I keep quiet like I usually do for the sake of not launching one as I haven’t been in a mood for this ownership stuff.

 Then he goes on with the lies about theowners being members on KT. Use the search facilities on this blog to find out more about that.

#239192April 28, 2008 17:24   Re: most important news ever? [Re: mfeeley7]
Dunk Dunk  
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Registered: July 21, 2007
Posts: 3176 

 Originally Posted By: mfeeley7

Selkirk, am I right in saying that you don’t believe Dunk was asked by Tom Hicks to gather questions for him from the site.

I can prove what Hicks said. Oh, please do. I asked Hicks though and he agreed. Hicks has told you to cease and desist. He then said he would have to postpone it, I assume as a result of negotations with DIC. I can certainly push him again if necessary. No you can’t. He won’t have anything to do with you.

Tom Hicks along with George Gillett have memberships but you would have to ask Steve if they’ve been active recently. GG’s membersship was cancelled a year ago (if it ever existed). You’ve said yourself that you created TH’s account. He’s never used it, nor will he ever use it.

 So we get a rerun of his lies about koptalk being a hobby, not generating any money for himself, and everything is plughed back into the site. Does he really expect anyone to believe this? As of today there is 2694 members in his members list. If 2000 of those are actual paying members ( I very much doubt that) then there will be £60.000 of subscription fees plus advertising and income from affiliate programs such as BlueSQ. Not to mention all the doubledipping into members paypal accounts. And he doesn’t pay VAT or tax. Come on, think about if. How can running a site like that cost even close to £60.000? This is Duncan Oldhams main income source. And it’s been built on lies, lies and more lies, as we have showed hundreds of times on this blog.

We also get more lies about the american owners being koptalk members. He never has shown any proof of this. All we have is his claims. He even told his members that he himself created the account for Tom Hicks, and that he was sending him the login info. If someone wants to know what Tom Hicks thinks about this, why not send him an e-mail on the adress that was posted both on koptalk and other forums?

62 Responses to “More fantasies and lies from the spanish based LFC site”

  1. noteveryonebelieves Says:

    looks like he turned off his ‘liveshow’ archives. i’m glad i downloaded the old ones while i had the chance. there’s some good incriminating stuff in those

  2. kraptalk_addict Says:

    great, I did notice last night they had been removed. One of his ‘friends’ may have looked on our site recently as I saw him ask jabba about ‘casa mercedes’. The person had googled it and found a hotel, he asked jabba if he owned a hotel and jabba replied ‘I can’t say’

  3. sinbad Says:

    Fatso addresses the haters again.
    Funny how the fat bastard isn’t bothered by the haters but keeps having to make wobblychin videos to scare them off.

  4. LVUser Says:

    We’re not phased by this ignorant, arrogant f*cker. We’re collecting everything he does and everything which mentions his name/s. We have associates on Koptalk. We have associates on his LV friends list. We will ruin this embarrasment to the human race. We will give him all the rope he needs. He calls this “publicity”, which brings him money.
    If he is so clever, why doesn’t he know that he is a private joke among many of his “friends”? His ego blinds his judgement.
    He will lose.

  5. Rashid's Pimp Says:

    “…if they say ‘your site’s shit’ I just say logout, cancel your membership, cheerio, it’s a free world…”

    In what fantasy world is this?

    “the businesses that I don’t want them to know about, they will never get to know about…”

    Nobody will discover them, because they don’t exist.

    FACT IS, we OWN YOU DUNK. We have made you a control freak, you cannot go anywhere that isn’t in some way moderated. But worry not, your house of cards will collapse as soon people will start to query your many claims. Hire a quad back? Get another hooker to act as your girlfriend?

  6. LVUser Says:

    Start running Dunk. We’ll even give you a head-start.
    There’s a shitstorm comming and your name/s will be filth, everywhere you go.
    I’m sure you’ve heard,
    “We are Anonymous.
    We do not forgive.
    We do not forget.
    We are legion.
    Expect us.”

  7. i_knew_it_all_along Says:

    more of the same…he talks it up but nothing ever results. he’s on the downward spiral. a few more years and he’ll be gone. i feel sorry for the soccer fans who got suckered.

    hey lvuser. i know who you are hentai ogisan hahaha

  8. sinbad Says:

    should be dead long before then, how long can that 5ft frame keep guzzling all that cider down its swollen neck.
    It was funny watching him blubbering away to the music in that spanish bar, while his lard arse remained stuck in his seat unable to move.

  9. Yosser Says:

    Just seen that vid of his going on about the macbook pro he is getting, the price for the specs he quoted is just under 2k, he says its on order, we know he is into his gadgets and i am suprised he doesnt know that that line of laptops are getting updated soon but if his tart is paying then i guess its fine !

    Cannot wait to see him on this quadbike though he will look like donkey kong on mario kart.

  10. Koptalk Outsider Says:

    He said his (imaginary) girlfriend was going to buy him one. Now he’s ordered it himself. His memory is still a bit slow…

  11. spsdjone Says:

    is there anything in his life that isnt on order? he must have the most pending life in history!!

  12. LVUser Says:

    spsdjone, That post is priceless. I almost pi**ed myself laughing!
    Dunc the flunk is taking the pi** out of deaf people now, just for a laugh… What a fine, upstanding guy! Just the sort of bloke you’d want as a promoter of your favorite team.
    Way to go Dunc!

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