Is Dunk in England?

So Dunk is back in England for the first time since he moved to Spain last summer. At least if we are to believe what he says in his LiveVideo blog:

Back in England

(I’m feeling bored)

 I’m back in England for a quick visit. I have a house in the north and will be staying here until later in the week. I’m going to Liverpool later today so that I can see my football (soccer!) team take on Arsenal on Tuesday night.

I flew into my homeland yesterday with the kids following their school holiday at my place. The difference in the weather was shocking. I left a glorious sunny day behind and arrived in a blizzard of snow. It’s bloody freezing so I don’t intend to hang around for long!

If you’ve been Skype calling me, calls will be going onto answer rather than diverting to my cell phone. I have been checking my messages but I’m not going to be around as much as I normally am for at least the next week.

Well then Dunk, let’s see some proof that you’re actually back in England. Take a picture in front of that Wetherby residence of yours (we do have the pictures you put up last time you know) with todays newspapers. And we expect you to put up a lot of pictures from the match, like you always do when you go to LFC matches. Or maybe a video, now that you’re so into this LiveVideo thing?

114 Responses to “Is Dunk in England?”

  1. Billy's Weekly Liar Says:

    The biggest issue with this is his lies about his kids mother. At the start of that video he says that the kids mother is not the woman he was married to – errrrr!! thats not true is it fat man? How can anyone lie about their kids mother. Maria Hartley is the mother of his kids and the woman he got married to at Anfield allegedly. She also got custody of the kids – again in his own words.

    His pile of crap is also probably more of his self pity syndrome.

    But bottom line – there is nothing he wont lie about.

  2. Concorde Says:

    Haha, if the obese twat is so bothered about his kids maybe he shouldn’t have lived his life in such a way that he has to hide away in his mongrel infested Spanish shoebox, spinning lies about pie in the sky schemes and making empty death threats to men who are giving his ex a good seeing-to while he makes up imaginary girlfriends for the benefit of his virtual “friends”.

  3. bigfooty Says:

    Have to agree with Concorde, I really can’t understand how someone who supposedly loves his kids, saying they are his life, could move overseas and away from them out of choice. Fair enough if they were grown up I suppose, but if I had an 8 year old I’d want to be part of his life on a daily or weekly basis, not every other month. Quite sad really.

  4. kraptalk_addict Says:

    For memebers of koptalk reading this please look at the last link I posted, you’ll see how much of a fan of our club he is. It is more important to him to record himself on camera than it is to watch the game. He’s not a fan, it’s not a hobby, he doesn’t plough any profits back into the site for you.

  5. Jowelly Lobes-O'Bese Says:

    Dear oh dear, he’s off on one again.

    Multiple houses in England, one house in England, telling everyone Liverpool will be ok, not telling everyone why, setting up a video sharing site, claiming he has 15 sites on the go already, waiting for his new Merc, claiming his children mean a lot to him even though he’s left the country and isn’t there for them.

    There’s more to this than him being a conman, he’s got a serious personality disorder. Does the following sum anyone up that we know?

    The narcissist differs from normal people in that his is a highly unrealistic personal narrative. This could be the legacy of a Primary Object (a narcissistic, domineering mother, for instance) – or it could be the product of the narcissist’s psyche. Instead of realistic guidelines, therefore, the narcissist has a grandiose fantasy. The latter cannot be effectively pursued. It is an elusive, ever receding target

    This constant failure (the Grandiosity Gap) leads to dysphorias (bouts of sadness) and to losses. From the outside, the narcissist is perceived to be strange, prone to illusions and delusions, especially self-delusions and, therefore, lacking in judgement.

    The dysphorias – the bitter fruit of the narcissist’s impossible grandiose fantasies – are painful. Gradually the narcissist learns to avoid them by living without a structured narrative. Life’s disappointments and setbacks condition him to understands that his specific “brand” of narrative leads to sadness and agony and is a form of self-punishment (obesity is the prime in this case)

    From periods of insane mania – suddenly, and often for no apparent reason, he becomes subdued, depressed, devoid of energy, pessimistic, even “zombie-like”. He oversleeps, his eating patterns change, he is slow and pays no attention to his external appearance or to the impression that he leaves on others.

    Thus, caught between mini-cycles of mania and depression and bigger cycles of euphoria and dysphoria – the narcissist leads his turbulent life. It is no wonder that he gradually develops into a paranoid. It is easy to feel persecuted and at the mercy of forces mysterious, capricious and powerful – when this, indeed, is the case.

    Paranoia is a defence against anxiety and against aggression. The latter is projected outwards, upon imaginary others, the agents of one’s crucifixion.

    Underneath all this, there is a Generalised Anxiety. The narcissist fears life and what people do to each other. He fears his fear and what it does to him. He knows that he is a participant in a game whose rules he will never master and in which his very existence is at stake. He trusts no one, believes in nothing, knows only two certainties: evil exists and life is meaningless. He is convinced that no one cares.

    The disparity between the accomplishments of the narcissist and his grandiose fantasies and inflated self image – the Grandiosity Gap – is staggering and, in the long run, insupportable. It imposes onerous exigencies on the narcissist’s grasp of reality and social skills. It pushes him either to seclusion or to a frenzy of “acquisitions” (plasma TVs and laptops anyone?)

    The narcissist’s False Self is so unrealistic and his Superego so sadistic that there is nothing the narcissist can do to extricate himself from the Kafkaesque trial that is his life.

    The under-achieving narcissist dodges challenges, eludes tests, shirks competition, sidesteps expectations, ducks responsibilities, evades authority – because he is afraid to fail and because doing something everyone else does endangers his sense of uniqueness. Hence the narcissist’s apparent “laziness” and “parasitism”. He has a sense of entitlement – with no commensurate accomplishments or investment.

    The under-achiever’s inactivity: it is as fallacious and as empty and as doomed to miscarriage and disgrace. It is often sterile or illusory, all smoke and mirrors rather than substance. The precarious “achievements” of such narcissists invariably unravel. They often act outside the law or social norms. Their ambition is intended to disguise their essential inability to produce and build. Theirs is a whistle in the dark, a pretension, a Potemkin life, all make-believe and thunder.

    All make-believe and thunder, a good note to end on.

  6. REDMAN Says:

    New address for KT subscriptions…..the con goes on……..
    Steve (KT)
    Mailbox No. 16
    Avda. Coloma, No. 1
    C.C. Plaza del Sol, Local 29
    03530 La Nucia

  7. kraptalk_addict Says:

    I bet he’s not paying any tax in Spain is he? I wonder if he filed form E101 with Inland Revenue to declare his tax paying status in Spain. If you reside in Spain for over 183 days per calendar year you have to pay income tax.

  8. LVUser Says:

    Awsome work guys & girls!
    I’m sure most of Dunk’s “friends” are aware of his true nature now and they’re just waiting for him to “invoke”.
    I’m sorry that this kind of thing has taken some of your time away from your football team.
    Unfortunately, it has to be done.
    Keep up the good work.

  9. kraptalk_addict Says:

    He says today that he will be visiting England soon :-

  10. RedinSweden Says:

    “I did say I would tear his head off if he got in the way but I also said I’d rather the three of us got along for all our benefits.”

    Now, would that be Housing, Child or Disability?

  11. Arsenal Says:

    Dunc has been in Canada, I saw him when he was here, you tards.

  12. Koptalk Outsider Says:

    And when was this? Last year when he was in Montreal and Dallas? He’s been nowhere near Canada og US since then.

  13. Laugher Says:

    Latest video – he’s back in England.

    Flew into Leeds Bradford.

    Why not arrange a meeting with us all Chunkan?

    Nobody will stove your head in with a rock (one of the things you spoke of in a recent video) – we can all just have a nice chat.

    It’d be cool.

  14. Igor's Uncle Dave Says:

    Did he bring his chicken?

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