Moans And Groans As KopTalkers Await An Update

While Dunk slept — sorry, waited to hear confirmation from the Anfield Mole — the few remaining members on KopTalk started to make rather a lot of noise. Where was the update they’d been led to expect? Who was the ‘high profile’ agent Dunk’s contact had revealed would visit Melwood?

They found out in time, but not before they discovered that, while £30 might buy them some made-up exclusives, it certainly doesn’t guarantee free speech. The thread below was locked and two other threads were deleted, though not before we managed to take screenshots. 😉 (I’ve trimmed one or two irrelevant posts from the thread below for purposes of readability, but the full exchange can be seen in the screenshot.)

#169772 – Mon Feb 11 2008 08:47 AM Who Was the agent?
karlos_santana karlos_santana Offline
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Dunk/anyone in the know:

Any more info on who the agent is thats due at anfield today?

#169819 – Mon Feb 11 2008 09:36 AM Re: Who Was the agent? [Re: karlos_santana]
Chewbacca Chewbacca Online content
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Dunk – I’m again a little disappointed in this story, as I was with the wind up on Hicks Bowl last week..

It’s like you are deliberately either a) winding people up or b) just taking the mick out of your paying customers.

I know you have to keep the website busy etc but if you post something like you did yesterday morning, with promises of feedback later on, yet nearly 20hrs later there is nothing, not even a courtesy “no news” update, I’m starting to get a little peeved using this site.

Some of the users on this site really enjoy being on here and take all news with great enthusiasm.

I think you owe it to them to keep them updated or for me this site is going to end up being like a wind up circus where you are not respecting your paying customers.

I’m not asking for non-stop updates, I’m just asking for a little bit more feedback for the posters on here who deserve even a little update given you say you are always online and reading the users replies.

Anyway, rant over.

I don’t want you to take this as a big dig either, I think it is just a bit of constructive criticism which I feel with stories like this and the Hicks Bowl it is a little unfair on us. Just my piece anyway. I don’t want to fall out with you, I do like this site on the whole.

#169821 – Mon Feb 11 2008 09:38 AM Re: Who Was the agent? [Re: Chewbacca]
selkirk07 selkirk07 Offline
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well said chewie and welcome back

i missed you

#169829 – Mon Feb 11 2008 09:45 AM Re: Who Was the agent? [Re: selkirk07]
karlos_santana karlos_santana Offline
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I have to agree with Chew dunk (not on the hicks bowl thing though because everyone can be a wind up merchant when they want to be).

Its the same as the ask hicks anything thread, still i dont know what happened there, did you send q’s and he just hasn’t replied or have you not sent them?

Anyway, just saying if you say your going to get back to us maybe you should?!?

#169837 – Mon Feb 11 2008 09:48 AM Re: Who Was the agent? [Re: Chewbacca]
Porch Porch Offline
The Phantom Of LFC
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wow, probably first time I agree with you….

#169853 – Mon Feb 11 2008 10:00 AM Re: Who Was the agent? [Re: Chewbacca]
Dunk Dunk Administrator Offline
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Listen up. I don’t need to keep the site busy at all. I can walk from this site today, I don’t “need” the site ok. Drop the myth.

I posted a clear joke in a forum, not on the news page, that we were going to have a stadium called “The Hicks Anfield Bowl”… it lasted a few minutes, we were all bored.

As for the posting of news items, there will be an update today but only when I deem I have enough facts, information to support it. I will not simply add something to keep people like yourself from moaning. It will be added when I decide that it is credible enough to be added. I am following some things up and you will have to wait, simple as.

With the Hicks stuff (that someone else mentioned), it will be dealt with when I decide it is the right time to press ahead. Things happen for a reason. Sorry, but that’s the way it is, has always been and always will be.

#169856 – Mon Feb 11 2008 10:02 AM Re: Who Was the agent? [Re: Dunk]
kingofkop kingofkop Online content
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Since when do updates have to be delivered to a deadline?

Chill everyone

Edited by kingofkop (Mon Feb 11 2008 10:02 AM)

#169857 – Mon Feb 11 2008 10:02 AM Re: Who Was the agent? [Re: Dunk]
Chewbacca Chewbacca Online content
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Dunk – you’ve missed my point. I’m not here to cause trouble. I’m just concerned that a lot of people take your words very seriously and to see them posting asking what is happening almost 2 days after your original post without you answering them is a bit harsh on them. Some of them are kids.

I’m not trying to cause trouble, I just think it’s a bit mean on vulnerable people, especially as we pay for this site.

#169859 – Mon Feb 11 2008 10:02 AM Re: Who Was the agent? [Re: Dunk]
kaliberbeats kaliberbeats Offline
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Oh, touched a nerve there I think.

All we ask is don’t print anything then until you have more info. Pointless posting nothing saying tune in tomorrow as that just starts all the b*tching and this site could do with out a lot of that.

#169860 – Mon Feb 11 2008 10:03 AM Re: Who Was the agent? [Re: kaliberbeats]
Dunk Dunk Administrator Offline
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I said we will have something for tomorrow (today) because we will but we cannot help it if we need to change something. We’re not going to start changing the way we work 10 years on simply because some people cannot contain themselves.

Click here for the screenshot: who-agent-110208

Dunk certainly wasn’t enjoying this rare mutiny in the ranks and deleted the next two threads on the topic, including an innocuous one where a member complains about the censorship of locking the thread above. (Thanks to my informant for these.)

agent-update-query-110208 hang-on-dunk-110208

It was high time to do some thinking. There’d been press speculation over the weekend about David Villa’s agent visiting England, so what better idea than to tap Villa’s name into Google and find out the agent’s?

#170138 – Mon Feb 11 2008 04:02 PM EXCLUSIVE: More talks on Wednesday
KopTalk Team KopTalk Team Administrator Offline
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KOPTALK understands that the agent visiting Melwood today was Jose Luis Tamargo.

It is claimed that Tamargo was at Liverpool’s training complex for 4 hours and that he is scheduled to return for a second meeting on Wednesday

Our source told us this evening: “He was here for the best part of 4 hours. He was alone and he’s due back later in the week.”

Tamargo’s clients include the likes of Miguel Angel Angulo and David Villa. He may represent others but we know little about him. A quick Google search brought up their names.

* New update added to news page since this item.

These may only be small signs, but the natives seem to be growing restless on KopTalk and increasingly reluctant to swallow Dunk’s lines unquestioningly. Add that to the recent departures of one or two major posters and you have to wonder how much longer the site can last as it becomes eerily silent.


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  1. sinbad Says:

    Larry123…..must be running scared after seeing Fatsos chin Wobbling away on that video.

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