Your Sunday Melwood Agent Bull From KopTalk

You wait an age for Dunk to tear himself away from LiveVideo long enough to concoct some bullshit, then he belches some out twice in a weekend. Having had my fill of the Sunday papers’ weekly quota of rubbish, I logged into KopTalk and found the following gem:

#168190 – Sun Feb 10 2008 02:48 AM EXCLUSIVE: Agent due at Melwood
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KOPTALK sources inform us that a high-profile football agent is due at Melwood tomorrow afternoon.

It is claimed that the individual currently represents a player who is under contract at an overseas club but this cannot be confirmed at this time.

The identity of the agent or the client(s) he represents isn’t yet known but it will be either later this evening or at the latest tomorrow morning when his name will be added to the expected visitors schedule at the complex.

We’re hoping to be in a position to provide a further update either late this evening (10pm onwards) or when we surface in the morning.

Why do people stay there to have their intelligence insulted that way? How could it be known that the agent is ‘high profile’ or that he represents a player overseas if there’s no clue as to his identity? So far as it goes, that’s standard KopTalk fare: some hyper-vague nonsense that can’t be proven or disproven and offers no detail whatsoever.

Much worse is the nasty little insinuation that Oldham has a source inside Melwood with access to the register of visitors, who will then betray that information for a sleazy liar in Spain to peddle to his paying members. That is an insult to the integrity of staff who work for LFC, but it’s typical of Oldham not to stop and consider the reputations of those he is besmirching.

What could be Oldham’s motivation? Perhaps it’s revealed by one of his less gullible members.

#168228 – Sun Feb 10 2008 03:26 AM Re: Re exclusive.. [Re: ackred]
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It’s just Dunk playing pin the tail on the donkey again to generate a bit of interest other than the ‘I love the yanks / I hate the Yanks debate’! 🙂

4 Responses to “Your Sunday Melwood Agent Bull From KopTalk”

  1. Duffpaddy Says:

    No Way… Do people actually buy that pig-shit?

  2. Koptalk Outsider Says:

    Well, the agent now has a name:

    KOPTALK understands that the agent visiting Melwood today was Jose Luis Tamargo.

    It is claimed that Tamargo was at Liverpool’s training complex for 4 hours and that he is scheduled to return for a second meeting on Wednesday

    Our source told us this evening: “He was here for the best part of 4 hours. He was alone and he’s due back later in the week.”

    Tamargo’s clients include the likes of Miguel Angel Angulo and David Villa. He may represent others but we know little about him. A quick Google search brought up their names.

    What he really says is: A quick Google search gave us the name of David Villas agent. And since everyone was sceaming for an update, we had to cough up someone.

  3. Toby Says:

    Its good to see that the few remaining residents of Koptalk are fully aware of his methods and rarely fall for his misleading made-up stories now. Is that because our insiders are the only ones left eh Dunk? 😉

  4. delboyoldham Says:

    this is exactly where oldham can be hit. any look at this blog from his brainwashed few can be looked upon as someone being bitter, but this bullshit does not lie! anyone got a list of transfers that fatboy said were going to happen?

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