KopTalk Stoop To New Depths With Hicks Bowl 'Joke'

I’ve been very busy lately, with work commitments somewhat curtailing my opportunities to write here, and other contributors have also been distracted by various issues in their real lives. However, this isn’t a blog about us; it’s a blog about KopTalk, a site that trades off the good name of Liverpool FC, and exploits unwary fans by selling them made-up or copied news items.

Luckily for us, KopTalk has increasingly become an irrelevance. Long gone are the days when it was necessary to publish daily articles, because so little happens there. Oldham appears to have largely lost interest, with his LiveVideo hobby, well-documented by commentators here, seemingly occupying more of his time. But that’s outside the remit of this blog; so long as he is keeping away from LFC, then all the better.

Throughout the lifetime of the blog, we have relied on the background work of lots of different people, many of them existing members of KT, and it was one such individual who mailed me yesterday. The subject line simply read: ‘Koptalk – Pathetic’. Attached were the screenshots you see below, which show Oldham attempting to convince his dwindling constituency that Tom Hicks’s own firm had secured naming rights for the new stadium, to call it the Hicks Anfield Bowl.

It was, of course, a joke. An example of the sort of stunt Oldham will sink to in order to provoke a reaction on his ailing site. It reminds me of his April Fools’ joke, many years ago, claiming that Sami Hyypia was the subject of a £20M bid from Manchester United. The difference these days is that, thankfully, there are far fewer people reading his ‘humour’ now.


3 Responses to “KopTalk Stoop To New Depths With Hicks Bowl 'Joke'”

  1. kraptalk_addict Says:

    Looks like he’s lost the respect of his victims, not before time.

    On the subject of numbers reading his crap, we used to get some traffic stats of his site posted on here, I think it was Rupert that did it. Any chance of having the stats up again compared to the likes of rawk, ynwa etc? I’d look it up myself if I knew where to get it.

  2. Redneck Says:

    goto Alexa.com mate …. rawk are way ahead of the field 😉

    It makes for even better viewing when you expand the range to 3 years!

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