So, now Tom is a member too?

It’s almost a year since Dunk created the account GGLFC for George Gillett and claimed he had paid for the membership with his personal credit card. After being told by Gillett to cancel whatever membership he may have had on Koptalk, Dunk finally deleted the account a few months later.

Today Dunk has opened a new account, this time for Tom Hicks (TOHLFC), and claimed that he’ll send the log-in details to him. He also claimed that George Gilletts account is open, but that hasn’t even been moved from the old .com site.

#150702January 25, 2008 10:00   Re: I emailed Tom [Re: sunrise]

Dunk Dunk  
KopTalk VIP Registered: July 21, 2007
Posts: 2631

George’s acc is open againWe’re going to forward Tom some log-in details today also.

Now, I’m not sure Dunk would want to let Hicks into Koptalk. He’d probably be shocked to read some of the imature ranting from many of the active members there. (That probably is the same for a lot of the other forums too.) He’d also see Dunk’s claims about having contact with the owners, how he wants them out, and comments like this:

#151489January 25, 2008 14:42 Re: Where is the response Mr Oldham?? [Re: Mackey]

Dunk Dunk  
KopTalk VIP Registered: July 21, 2007
Posts: 2631

 Originally Posted By: Mackey
Were you happy with the response that Hicks gave to your question?

You see what you guys have to remember is that I find all of this very, very boring. Now I don’t mean to sound disrespectful to the club I love but if I don’t have my attitude, I’d probably end up killing someone or saying something I regret.

What I mean by that is if I let myself get too caught up in it all I’d really fly off the handle at people like Tom. But to keep calm I just say “This whole issue is annoying the **** out of me Tom, I can’t be arsed but will you answer some questions from the members?”

I didn’t fire any questions at him that I wanted answering. I basically just said I’ve been worried about the things I’ve heard in the media and from sources in Dallas and here in the UK… he told me to ignore what was being printed and that I of all people should know better (as to believe the press) lol.

It wasn’t about me and Tom, it was about you guys and Tom. I really don’t want to ask him anything for my own gain

A few days ago he also claimed that George Gillett is still a member, but anyone can try to log on as GGLFC and find that this member does not exist.

#145954January 22, 2008 07:29 Hicks REAL email address

Dunk Dunk  
KopTalk VIP  Registered: July 21, 2007
Posts: 2631

I ran a poll asking what people thought, as to whether I should make it public. 71% said yes.

I’ve never broken the trust placed in me and even though I deeply care about LFC, I won’t be making the address public because I know, from my own experiences, that there are some sick fans out there.

George Gillett’s membership remains active and he last logged on within the last week 

(hence why I never mentioned dropping his  )

We also get a mention from Dunk today, both in the following post and in a promotional video for todays podgecast. Every time he does this we see in our control panel that he drives people to the blog through search engines. And then he looses some more members. If I remember correct, 7 members was deleted today, while there was only one new member, and that was the one he created himself for Tom Hicks.

#151142January 25, 2008 12:51   Re: I emailed Tom [Re: Dave100]

Dunk Dunk  
KopTalk VIP 

Registered: July 21, 2007
Posts: 2631

 Originally Posted By: Dave100

Dunk, i’ve always support you ever since I joined this site. I make my own mind up on everything that is written about you, hence me still being here.

I disagree with you on this one though. It isn’t coincidence that you sent him an e-mail on today of all days.

I’m disappointed but i’ll get over it.


I don’t see what difference it makes. Every day is the same to me. If you ask him a question today, it could be the same as had you asked it yesterday. There’s no difference, I don’t get it.

I’ve just told him what I think of him by email. I didn’t kiss his a*se, I told him straight.

Today’s stuff makes no odds to me. It was clearly coming. But today I just thought **** it, DIC won’t be coming then, let’s see what he’s got to say.

As regards what the fan club write about me, they’ve been doing it for years. They make numerous allegations, I’m still here and I will still be here another 10 years from now. I’m accountable, real name, real addresses… I don’t need to hide behind aliases etc. They are of no concern to me, it’s actually quite flattering and my life has improved dramatically since they started, I needed that kick up the a*se.

I will forever be grateful to them.

Another point worth noticing is that Dunk now openly admits on Koptalk that he lives in Spain. In one of his vlogs on LiveVideo he even admited that he hasn’t been back in England since he moved last summer. He did however claim last summer that he’d be back in September and that he had accomodation booked for the first half of the season. It turns out, as usual, that it was all lies.

#150719January 25, 2008 10:09   Re: I emailed Tom [Re: archie_s]

Dunk Dunk  
KopTalk VIP Registered: July 21, 2007
Posts: 2631

 Originally Posted By: archie_s
Not doubting any of this, but isn’t it a strange time shown on the email. It’s not 10.19 here yet and they are behind us. Any thoughts?
That’s my time, I’m one hour ahead of you, I’m in Spain

36 Responses to “So, now Tom is a member too?”

  1. Ron Nasty Says:

    He’s a feckin loon and he’s just posting to keep the blog interested or his infamy going or something. What a prick. lol

  2. Toby Says:

    Glad to see you guys back with a new post. Was hoping the place hadn’t ground to a halt.

    Nice also to see Oldham back to his old tricks, claiming he is accountable when the fact he’s hiding in Spain is because he’s literally never been accountable.

  3. Tubby Says:

    “I’ve never broken the trust placed in me ”

    Classic Dunkism.

  4. Ron Nasty Says:

    Is he Ringo? Sings: ‘Liverpool I left you but I never let you down’ (not that Dunk was ever in Liverpool…….)

  5. Scouse Says:

    I see MrMercedesMan (Duncan Oldham) now has a clique following on livevideo. He’s publishing videos every few days and his community now has 140 registered users.

    Maybe broadcasting this from his balcony in Spain to the clique will keep his ego up enough to keep him away from Koptalk as the ‘cult’ following there no longer exists.

    I think this blog should stay away from covering his Livevideo stuff unless it is relevant. If the LV community suceeds maybe he will leave LFC alone for good and he can do what he wants from Spain (and be constantly paranoid that HMRC or the Spanish equivalent will be on his doorstep one morning)

  6. Laugher Says:

    Real name real address? What is it then Dunk? PO Boxes in a country you don’t live in don’t count as a real address.

    As for Tom Hicks’ real email address, it’s hardly a secret any more.

    His daughter’s still falling for her dad’s lies. She’s got a livevideo page too, where she refers to Johnny Vegas as her “dad’s mate”. Of course he is. Her page is moderated by her dad, he’ll claim because of sickos, but because he knows if she ever saw some of the facts out there about him that she’d look at him in a different light. One day she’ll work it all out for herself, and the longer he keeps stuttering along with what’s left of Koptalk the sooner she’ll find out.

    In fact he’s only seeing her every once in a while now, stranded in Spain with no intention of going back to the UK. By the way – did Katie turn out to be his My Space Slapper?

    I think as supporters we’ve got far bigger (if not fatter) fish to fry than this former fish fryer. We’ve got that Texan git to deal with, in fact that picture of Hicks, Gillett and Steve in one room should be dragged up again, a room full of bullshit.

    But we, as Liverpool fans, won’t stand by and be shit on. The S*n found that out. Oldham found that out. Hicks is finding that out.

  7. Toby Says:

    Spent the last hour watching those Live Video ‘vlogs’ and am still none the wiser. Appears some American guy has ‘dissed Dunk’ and it has turned into a verbal tennis match ending with the obese one threatening to hit the 70 year old with a big stick. Nice.

    While watching it suddenly dawned on me that he is the first person I have ever seen who’s bottom half of his head is wider than the top half. Fortunately he crops the video close enough to avoid us being distracted by the chins.

    I disagree about leaving him to it as Scouse suggests. It is perfect material and no doubt part of some plan he has to help raise the profile of his fraudulent Liverpool website. Imagine how his reputation would be in tatters if those 700-odd ‘friends’ were to know the truth about him?

  8. mrt Says:

    I get a feeling Dunk has got back on News Now using another website because the way they are presenting news item as having inside info and distorting old comments from aimar etc seems to be the Fat one’s style. Think you guys better check that site out.
    Keep up the good work

  9. Redneck Says:

    lol nobody has ever mentioned insider info on kop-tv because none of us have insider info, just like Dunk.

    Feel free to fly over and check us out, you may find rumours, speculation, blended amongst original articles/items from our growing staff team – but you wont be finding talk of secret info and members fee’s on our site 😉


  10. paul g Says:

    I think it borders on psychotic to suggest that two billionaire businessmen are active members on a very small and pay per view football forum.

    I remember I’d only been a member a little while when he came up with the stuff about Gillett and I didn’t know what was more strange, the fat cunts lies or the 50odd replies of “you’re the best Jabba.” Strange, strange people.

  11. kraptalk_addict Says:

    that kop-tv can’t be anything to do with oldham, I just joined with this site in my sig and I didn’t get banned. If it was an Oldham spin off it wouldn’t last 5 minutes

  12. Dunk knows best Says:

    This site has no point and should be shut down. One post a month RIP. Bunch of wa nkers.

  13. mwebber Says:

    @ redneck. I have to admit, my first thought when seeing the Kop-tv website was that it was Oldham. The style and content are very similar.

  14. insideme Says:

    Kop-TV has nothing to do with Oldham and is a merger of the sites PureLFC and Liverpool Lives In Me.

  15. kraptalk_addict Says:

    Dunk knows best Says:
    January 30, 2008 at 6:10 am
    This site has no point and should be shut down. One post a month RIP. Bunch of wa nkers.

    It’s only inactive becaues the volume of activity/bullshit from your site has reduced, watch what happens when you try to snag some more idiots with your shite.

  16. kraptalk_addict Says:

    haha this live video thing is offering some entertainment, the fat twat is threatening to beat a 70 yr old man with a wooden stick over something said in another video.

  17. Rashid's Pimp Says:

    Fuck, I’d never seen all the fat fckers MrMercedesMan shit on Livevideo. What a bunch of sad fuckers, I almost feel sorry for Dunc as he looks a cert for an early stroke – early 30s and he’s in bad shape. Hope he’s got good healthcare sorted in Spain.

  18. Lol_Stupid Wankers Says:

    What the fuck….what a bunch of sad, sad cunts. What the fuck is going on.

  19. Skamp Says:

    We need to register on this LV and spread the word to the unsuspecting masses about Oldhams motives & past.

  20. Koptalk Outsider Says:

    Don’t worry. He does that perfectly well himself. Since he started to talk about his rivals in his “business” (that’s what he calls Koptalk over there), we’ve had loads of hits from people seaching for mrmercedesman. We’ve also had e-mails from LiveVideo members who are worried about what they’ve read here. Members that are closer to him than he’d think!

  21. Rashid's Pimp Says:

    Does anybody have a cam? Be great to post a video exposing the real MrMercedesMan. Dunk the businessman, Dunk the soldier, Dunk the dog lover; Dunk the fantasist more like.

    But fuck, he looks ill. You’d think a surgeon had injected 3 pints of collagen into his face. It’s like Tim Westward after an Alan Partridge mental breakdown.

  22. Matt Oz Says:

    Heath Ledger conman traced back to UK
    By Kathryn Hopkins
    Last Updated: 2:36am GMT 03/02/2008

    A con-artist posing as Heath Ledger’s father, who tried to trick money out of Hollywood stars, has been traced to the seaside town of Scarborough by New York Police.

    Posing as Ledger’s father Kim, the man rang Grease star John Travolta and asked him to buy him a plane ticket from Australia to New York.

    The conman also spoke to Mission Impossible actor Tom Cruise and persuaded the funeral home taking care of Ledger’s body to book him a room in a luxury hotel.

    He even managed to speak to the doctor that carried out the autopsy on Ledger’s body.

    The suspect began contacting stars just hours after Ledger’s death was announced.

    As well as Travolta and Cruise, he tried to contact several other Hollywood stars, including Halle Berry, Mel Gibson and Christian Bale.

    The unnamed man gave out two UK numbers, a landline and a mobile, for the stars to contact him on.

    One of these was said to be registered to a 35-year-old man living in the seaside resort of Scarborough.

    The New York Police Department are said to be investigating the case and may draft in Scarborough police to help with their enquiries.

    Australian actor Ledger died last month from a suspected drug overdose.

    Meanwhile, Michelle Williams, Ledger’s former partner and mother of their 2-year-old child Matilda, spoke about her grief for the first time on Friday.

    “Please respect our need to grieve privately. My heart is broken,” Williams said in a statement released on Friday by Ledger’s spokeswoman.

    “His family and I watch Matilda as she whispers to trees, hugs animals, and takes steps two at a time, and we know that he is with us still. She will be brought up with the best memories of him,” Williams’ added.

    It cant be him, surely not? lol

  23. kraptalk_addict Says:

    Try to keep up! The fat twat is in Spain. He’s currently trying to take members away from and set up his own version, sounds familar.

  24. mrmercedesman Says:

    check me out at
    please open a channel there, and I bet no one will believe you.

  25. mrmercedesman Says:

    duncan oldham has nothing to do but vlog at
    come see for yourself

  26. Matt Oz Says:

    kraptalk_addict: I guess u missed the sarcasm and humour in my comment – try to keep up! (rolls eyes)

  27. kraptalk_addict Says:

    defo missed the humour, not your fault mate. If it’s not about duncon I fail to see the point.

  28. How are you different Says:

    Feel free to fly over and check us out, you may find rumours, speculation, blended amongst original articles/items from our growing staff team – but you wont be finding talk of secret info and members fee’s on our site


    “United ready to lure Kuyt with £5 million pound offer”

    hmmm quality title. Newcastle aren’t even known as united to Newcastle fans. Taking advantage of the gullible and naive to generate hits. How are you any different?


  29. Laugher Says:

    If it’s made up, it’s what’s known as bullshit. We don’t like bullshit – see the current protests against two big fat US bullshitters.

    Even if it’s not made up, we don’t want misleading headlines to get us there to read it. Being islead is something else we don’t like. Again, see Tex and Titch.

    The S*n shit on us – it suffered.

    Duncan Oldham shit on us – he suffered.

    Hicks and Gillett shit on us – they’ll suffer.

    Want to be next? If not, stop the bullshit, stop misleading.

    If you’re still bullshitting and misleading soon then I suggest anyone here writes to Newsnow and gets them banned, like Dunk was.

    Newsnow know better than to shit on us.

  30. Laugher Says:

    Those who bought fake merchandise of the fat one – if you’d reported it to someone look what you could have done –

  31. Toby Says:

    I see you’ve realised that plugging your clips here is of more value than on Koptalk because of the higher Google Page Ranking eh Duncan? haha

  32. Toby Says:

    Oh and quit the bickering about a website that has nothing to do with this article or this blog at all. Take it elsewhere.

  33. kraptalk_addict Says:

    I wonder if who ever is left at koptalk actually knows about the fat twat’s livevideo exploits, he’s very careful never to mention his site or Liverpool football club on livevideo.

    He probably doesn’t mention it because he doesn’t have control over livevideo, that would lead to his diminished flock being made aware of the good work done here.

    Oh and Duncan, I don’t know why you think people are jealous of you. The only reason you have people exposing you is because of the lies you tell, nothing to do with your lifestyle.

    The way you talk you’d think you actually have a lot of money. You live in a tiny apartment in a run of the mill area of Spain, hardly the high roller you like to say you are.

  34. Toby Says:

    … which exposes the biggest lie of all. The Koptalk homepage still states that all money received is invested back into the site, he claims to work on it 24/7 and also claims to be loaded. If any doubting Koptalk member is reading this, just ask him which of those three claims is true?

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