Merry Christmas, KopTalk bloggers

As the festive season fades back out, we all stock up on sale bargains, and we’re still consuming far more food and drink than is healthy (unlike some website owners, who do that all year round). Many of us also tend to become quite retrospective, looking back over the year that’s about to end and considering what we have, and haven’t, achieved.

If you were Duncan Oldham, how would you assess the year KopTalk’s had? By anyone’s analysis, it’s been a poor one for him.

Traditionally, his free forums generated advertising money through clicks and acted as a conduit, with the aid of misleading teasers, to funnel unsuspecting users into his £30-a-year membership site. Of course, he closed his original free forums in September 2006, unable to stop the few remaining posters from spreading the real story about him.

However, at the turn of 2007, he still had a significant influx of traffic courtesy of his headlines’ dominance of the NewsNow Liverpool feed. Thanks in part to the efforts of many who complained, but largely because of the dedication of one particular background contributor to the blog, NewsNow permanently delisted KopTalk in early January.

Despite Oldham’s later lies to the contrary, this was a measure taken by them for his abuse of the service, not his own decision, and it was possibly the single most effective step the blog has ever taken against him. It was his one remaining source for fresh victims. His stories, copied from elsewhere (usually the offal, Echo and Post sites, and national press sites) and rebranded with ‘sexier’ headlines, brought him a steady stream of hits and free promotion for very little work.

With the exodus from KopTalk continuing unabated, Oldham needed to become more creative in order to stem the flow of disgruntled members. In desperation, he took the opportunity afforded him by the takeover to contact the new owners who, at that point, hadn’t even taken full control of Liverpool FC.

By casting himself as the representative of thousands of fans, and the owner of a major UK site, he claimed that George Gillett had joined KopTalk as a paying member. Subsequently, he travelled to Montreal, home of George Gillett’s ice hockey franchise, supposedly at his invitation. Contact between the blog and Gillett’s office ascertained this to be a lie, and Oldham was ordered several times to desist in his exaggerations.

Similar attempts were made re: Tom Hicks; once again, they failed. Not only that, but Oldham squatted on all conceivable domain names for the owners’ investment vehicle, Kop Football Ltd, then set up a website on one of those that he insinuated would be a better way for fans to give feedback to Hicks and Gillett than the official site!

Any membership Gillett may have had was cancelled and, with further warnings to Oldham resulting, he began to trawl the US press for negative articles about the new owners, publishing them daily, and hastily removed from the KopTalk front page links to his Kop Football site and to the owners’ overseas sports franchises.

Over the early summer, Oldham still attempted to make capital of his supposed intimacies with the owners. There followed increasingly bizarre claims and sometimes contradictory retreats, such as supposed £100M transfer budgets or lies about having been asked to forward a potential new CEO for the owners’ attention. Unfortunately for Oldham, few were buying — literally or metaphorically. Members continued to leave, including some who had initially defended him here. He was also completely in the dark about the Babel transfer, hilariously attempting to excuse his ignorance with the lie that he’d been asked to keep the news confidential prior to it being broken in the Echo.

More recently, Oldham attempted to revive the free forums, but he has been stymied by his site’s poor reputation online and by his paranoia that its members, with no £30 fee to lose, would use it to spread the word about him. The project has been a dismal failure to the extent that he barely bothers these days to participate there. He also launched KopTalk TV, which essentially involved him reading the papers in front of the camera, making a few oafish comments, and uploading it to YouTube. It was presumably an attempt to promote the KopTalk name, yet the number of views was pathetically small and Oldham appears, wisely, to have lost interest.

So, as we head into 2008, KopTalk is in terminal decline. Our own much-decreased posting here has led to some speculation that we have ‘given up’. On the contrary, we remain as keen as ever to prevent Oldham’s cons, but his site is now so inactive, and his own personal involvement so sporadic, that there has been precious little for us to say and, unlike him, we have no incentives to create news where there is none. We are here neither to inform nor entertain. All I would say is that a perceived lack of activity, due to an absence of articles, need not mean that nothing is happening.

As a belated Christmas gift, I will leave you what sketchy ‘insider’ information has graced KopTalk in the past week or so.

#112347 – Thu Dec 20 2007 04:36 AM Hibernation Over.
legin1973 legin1973 Online happy
KopTalk VIP

Registered: Thu May 19 2005
Posts: 757
Loc: Harrogate
Looks like I am gonna have to end my hibernation!!..
And hold my hands up and admit I was wrong…
Mascherano will stay a red but it doesnt look as though it will go through until Summer. Sorry everyone.
On a more positive note there will be some deadwood shifted and some new signings in Jan there is not much cash in the kitty so Rafa is selling to buy..
Expect Momo , Carson to definatley leave and also a strong possability of Riise and Crouch as well if we get big enough bids..
Selling Carson and Momo should provide enough cash to bring in Garay and Kalahdze. It is unlikely Rafa will buy anyone else although dont rule out an Arbeloa type signing but for the wings..

Now I did say if Masch didnt sign in Jan I would hang up my hat and leave the site…I dont wanna go though so does anyone mind if I hang around a bit longer..???


Even several KopTalkers were moved to ask legin1973 whether he really does possess contacts, pointing out that any Liverpool fan following the news could have written a similar update. Undeterred, he was back today with more; the title is especially apt.

#117013 – Sat Dec 29 2007 05:33 AM Nothing Groundbreaking
legin1973 legin1973 Offline
KopTalk VIP

Registered: Thu May 19 2005
Posts: 758
Loc: Harrogate
Nothing major to report Im afraid..
Rafa has said noone will leave anfield in Jan this is not necesarily the whole truth Rafa is aware that certain people he may want to off load are cuptied in the champions league and hence there value will be lower and also by saying no one is for sale he is hoping that would be buyers will come in with higher prices to try and tempt us.
So dont rule out a sale or two..
We are working on two transfers (which are expected to be concluded soon) is understood to be Ujafulsi (sp) Czech centre back the other I am afraid I dont know but as far as I know it wont be a massive signing…One person whos name has been cropping up again is Heinze not sure if its a Jan or Summer thing but Rafa is certainly watching him still..


Once again, nothing that hasn’t been circulating in the press for several days.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all our readers, except the obvious one.

18 Responses to “Merry Christmas, KopTalk bloggers”

  1. red from oz Says:

    first he was wrong about mascherano,then he says momo and carson are definitely leaving in jan and riise and crouch are strong possibilities too,because rafa is selling to buy.

    rafa then comes out and says no-one is leaving in jan.

    come on dunk you need to invent a new make believe character,legin73 has reached his used by date.

  2. bazza76 Says:

    Happy Chirstmas to you too mate.
    Excelent article on the con man. Good round up of his activities over the past 12 months, Have to say your dedication is second to none. Well done mate, and ive yourself a pat on the back for being a very big reason for Dunk’s cash flow being minimised.
    Hope you have a great 2008 unlike Dunk.

  3. Skamp Says:

    Just posting to let you all know i check the site regular for updates as i am sure do others…
    In short FATTY we aint forgotten about thee

  4. songtothesiren Says:

    Happy New Year one and all (well, all except the Koptalk massive!)

  5. Ex KTer Says:

    Is Koptalk still going then??? lol

    I left over 6 months ago and don’t miss it in the slightest which says something. There was no news, inside info, or anything on that site except for a fat dictator and the big chip on his shoulder.

    Enjoy your exile in Spain or wherever, fat man!!

  6. Rashid's Pimp Says:

    So what’s life like on KT these days? His site doesn’t even get a mention on other boards anymore so must have slipped under the radar.

    Did the “free” forums experiment work?

    Fact is many of the forums have grown and Oldham has slipped into history.

  7. 1892 Insider Says:

    Rashid’s Pimp,

    KT is, on the whole, desperately quiet. Even during my brief visits, I can see that it’s mainly a handful of posters keeping the site alive. Oldham is trying his hand at the moment with a little of his old-style bull, which I will cover soon in a new article, but he’s pissing into the wind.

    As for the free forums, they have been a predictable failure. Any community that requires each post to be approved before appearing is going to struggle to take off.

    KopTalk is held in such contempt by most people that they were never likely to tempt people back and, starved of ways to lure in new customers, the result is that there’s almost no-one there.

  8. Darkon Says:

    Hmm, almost sad to hear that fattys little “supporters” site has gone that much downhill – where will I know go to find my weekly entertaintment piece. If he doesen’t screw up in some outragous lie, where will we turn??

    Guess we should be happy that the blog’s work is paying itself. This quiet time is what the blog succes is – keep up the good work and find us some other entertainment soon then 😉

  9. deiseach Says:

    Here’s the subject for the next blog entry: details on how Fatso knew the Reds were talking to Klinsmann but couldn’t reveal it because he was protecting his sources / sparing Rafa from the embarrassment / unable to type because his fat digits were mashing the keyboard.

  10. Todda Says:

    This place dead now then?

  11. Baz Says:

    What’s going on when is the next update then???

    Come on what else is the fat fuck doing to screw up?

  12. kraptalk_addict Says:

    He is spending all his time on as mrmercedesman, doesn’t mention Liverpool or his site at all. Too busy telling people how he started with nothing and now has it all. He’s set up his own site called probably with intentions to rip some other people off.

  13. sospanred Says:

    KT is completely irrelevant, and has been for some time. It is, to all intents and purposes, dead.

    Dunk will continue to rip off the odd sucker who stumbles into the site, but the sheer lack of activity there means that fewer and fewer people will hang around long enough for that to happen. The web is saturated with Liverpool FC sites who offer more of pretty much everything that KT can’t, except for the potential for the gullible to be fleeced and made a fool of… He can’t compete.

    He lost and it looks like he’s given up.

    I can understand some people wishing to pursue him into the sunset, and that’s their choice, but is he worth it now? He’s been driven away from our club, and his ‘fan site’ has been pretty much dismantled in front of his eyes.

    Yes, he’s probably going to be robbing other people for the rest of his days, that’s who he is – that’s what he does, but maybe we need to let him slime away, (while keeping a watchful eye, just in case he dares to come back?)

    The law WILL catch up with him, and Duncan Oldham will, I’m very sure, get a very deserved comeuppance.

    KT, Rot in Peace.

  14. Laugher Says:

    That livevideo site, if he has set it up himself, he’s probably not paid for the forum software. I think there’s a page somewhere where you can report sites you doubt have paid for their licences, and that’s something he’s been caught out for before.

    Could be worth dropping a line to them, and maybe to LiveVideo too.

  15. Laugher Says:

    He’s finally admitted, after years of trying to cover it up and lie about it, that he’s divorced from his mrs…

  16. Laugher Says:

    I think there’s a lot of fun to be had with Fatty yet.

    He’s still not apologised, still not paid a penny back, still not shown even a drop of remorse.

    That site he’s set up has an interesting post on it from Fatty (MrMercedesMan). Full of stuff that is familiar to Koptalk users.

    Spread the word to his new friends. He’ll be ripping them off soon.

    About This Website – Please Read
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    This website was created by MrMercedesMan as a bit of fun. It is totally independent of LiveVideo which means they have no control over any views posted here. Only MrMercedesMan has access to the control panel.


    No member can view your IP address. Admin (MrMercedesMan) is the only person who can view your IP address. At a later date if moderators are used, they will not be able to view your IP address. You can use software on the internet to hide your IP address if you have concerns about your privacy. We have no interest in your IP address providing you do not spam our forums. If you do we will report abuse to your ISP, college, workplace etc.

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  17. Koptalk Outsider Says:

    He’s finally admitted, after years of trying to cover it up and lie about it, that he’s divorced from his mrs…

    Not only has he admitted this on videos, but he has also admitted that he lives in Spain, that he’s not been back in England since he moved to Spain, and of course then he can’t have been t any Liverpool matches, which he claimed he had booked accomodation for.

  18. Scouse Says:

    Ok so he’s done a runner to Spain which is what we wanted, HMRC will catch up with him eventually. You can’t say you have thousands of members, buy £50k cars in cash and mix business, personal and charity money in one account and get away with it.

    Let him be on livevideo, I’d rather he did that that continue to defraud LFC fans.

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