First Chris Bascombe, now Paul Tomkins – Duncan Oldham rewrites history on KopTalk again

After trying a month ago to rewrite history while posing as a fearless defender of Chris Bascombe, last week Oldham repeated the same trick with Paul Tomkins on one of his shoddy KopTalk TV video bulletins.

You can find a full account of why there is no love lost between Oldham and Tomkins here. As with all of Koptalk’s columnists over the years, Oldham eventually stopped paying Tomkins for his work. Paul left the site and went on to write for other free LFC forums and eventually for the offal.

Oldham’s response was exactly the same as it was with Bascombe. He would copy and paste Tomkins’ articles onto his own site and then make petty, disparaging comments about the man and his work.

But, as ever, the real subject of Oldham’s video was Oldham himself. He proceeded to claim, in an act of extraordinary self pity and dishonesty, that Liverpool fans despise Oldham and KopTalk for the same reasons they criticise Tomkins – he isn’t a scouser and he can no longer attend many matches for “circumstantial reasons”. Here are a couple of excerpts from his ramblings:

“It’s often said that Liverpool lads are the best supporters in the world. I don’t know if that’s true. We have some great supporters but we also have some real idiots who have got an issue with this out of town support … Many people have issues with me supporting Liverpool because I’m not from Liverpool and the fact that I run KopTalk which may not be everyone’s favourite cup of tea.”

Oldham, you aren’t reviled because of where you were born or how many games you attend. Liverpool fans detest you because you have ripped us off for almost a decade with your cynical, calculated lies about having insider contacts within the club. We detest you because of your contempt for the S*n boycott. We detest you for your hate campaigns against the club’s players. We detest you because you have sold LFC fans fake autographed memorabilia, often for hundreds of pounds. We detest you for scamming your disabled cousin out of thousands of pounds.

Nobody really cares whether you go to matches or not. But people do object to the false claims you make about still attending games. You said you would be at every home league match this season but have produced no proof that you’ve even been in the UK, let alone Anfield.

And the reasons why you no longer attend matches are not down to “circumstantial” factors, unless that’s how you choose to describe the fact that you now live in Spain.

Oldham’s address in Spain

Tomkins has ME. You’ve conned so many Liverpool fans during KopTalk’s existence that you’re terrified of going anywhere near Anfield. You only care about the club in so far as it can can be exploited to line your pockets. So for years you sold your season ticket to the highest bidder or raffled it off in premium-rate phone line competitions.

And nobody really cares whether or not you’re a scouser. But they do care about you pretending you live in Formby and then, years later, telling a ridiculous lie about buying a house in Melwood, or when you use a redirect phone service to give yourself a Liverpool dialling code, even though you’ve never lived in the city.

One final point, Oldham – you have no idea where any of us were born, where we grew up or where we live now. For all you know, some or all of us could be out of towners as well.


5 Responses to “First Chris Bascombe, now Paul Tomkins – Duncan Oldham rewrites history on KopTalk again”

  1. Tubby Says:

    I see Dunk is in one of his cider-filled self-pity moods again. So predictable.

  2. Laugher Says:

    A lot of great Reds are OOTers, and some of our more embarrassing ones are Scousers. Thankfully most of the embarrassing Scousers follow the other lot or don’t even follow football – which is embarrassing for them of course.

    Oldham must be missing life back home by now. I suppose Spain’s warmer than Newcastle at this time of year, but is it really as warm as he thought it would be? Is there anything to do in the day that doesn’t cost a fortune to do? Are his kids happier away from him – they’re probably better off without him, unless their mother’s a pathological liar like he is. I bet he’s missing them.

    Anyone who calls another Red for not going to the match is being unfair, it’s not that easy for everyone to go these days. Out of 40,000 tickets available, you’ve got to be able to afford one before you can get one, and if you’re ill – like Tomkins – going to a match isn’t that easy anyway. But if someone claims they go all the time when they don’t, that’s fair game. Call them all you like.

    Oldham knows why he’s hated, he knows the truth, but when he needs a shave he has to go on one of these rants. You see when he does this he’s talking to himself, trying to convince himself. And it works, and it means he’s able to look at himself in the mirror again.

    Glad I’m not his mirror.

  3. Tubby Says:

    oot or not, fact is tickets are a rare thing.

  4. mrmercedesman Says:

    Skamp Says:
    February 3, 2008 at 5:52 pm
    We need to register on this LV and spread the word to the unsuspecting masses about Oldhams motives & past.

    Koptalk Outsider Says:
    February 3, 2008 at 7:55 pm
    Don’t worry. He does that perfectly well himself. Since he started to talk about his rivals in his “business” (that’s what he calls Koptalk over there), we’ve had loads of hits from people seaching for mrmercedesman. We’ve also had e-mails from LiveVideo members who are worried about what they’ve read here. Members that are closer to him than he’d think!

  5. mrmercedesman Says:

    mrmercedesman at
    duncan oldham

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