The Sckair Story, Part Two – more bullshit about Tom Hicks on KopTalk

Nothing of interest is happening on KopTalk at the moment, so we thought we’d show you a couple more Sckair/Oldham threads. We don’t know whether to laugh or cry. To any of you who may be weighing up whether it’s worth paying £30 to join KopTalk – this is the sort of embarrassing nonsense you get for your money. Please note that the KT clock is now running between six and nine hours slow, to disguise the fact that Oldham is getting his info from the mainstream media.

Fri Nov 30 2007 04:45 AM Email from Dallas
Dunk Administrator
No editing and it’s from the top. Make of it what you will. I didn’t contact this person, they initiated contact again today.
Personally I don’t believe anyone just now. They’re playing games in the media i.e. Rafa, Hicks/Gillett, Parry and Moores – I also know that former ‘want in’ parties are also talking to the media to try and discredit Hicks:
The reports in Britain today 11/30 are not true.

Fri Nov 30 2007 04:46 AM Re: Email from Dallas [Re: Dunk]
Pull the other one Dunk!!!

Fri Nov 30 2007 04:49 AM Re: Email from Dallas [Re: Dunk]
Tatty Lad
Get back on to him.
Tell him: we, the supporters, love Rafa, we want all parties just to bloody well make up, talk, find some common ground and stop making Liverpool Football Club a fairground attraction. B*llocks to a proposed meeting in the middle of December – jump on a plane and get over here.

Fri Nov 30 2007 04:52 AM Re: Email from Dallas [Re: Dunk]
When was the last time someone called you Duncan??

Fri Nov 30 2007 04:52 AM Re: Email from Dallas [Re: Dunk]
Thanks for posting Dunk.
I hope they stop this war of words and leaks to the press thing soon. I hope they are not trying to feed you duff info too as I would still like to believe this is all a huge misunderstanding. Naive I know, but hopeful. Equally if they can type to say the above could they also not type to say don’t panic all is well etc?

Fri Nov 30 2007 04:56 AM Re: Email from Dallas [Re: Dunk]
Dunk Administrator
I don’t believe anyone other than Rafa at the moment.

Fri Nov 30 2007 05:00 AM Re: Email from Dallas [Re: Lecter]
I can see why you were wanting to make us aware big man…we support you IN PIES WE TRUST

Fri Nov 30 2007 05:38 AM Re: Email from Dallas [Re: Dunk]
Cheers for sharing that mate. Like you, i just don’t know what to believe anymore!

Fri Nov 30 2007 05:44 AM Re: Email from Dallas [Re: mtw178]
I’ve just been talking to my London (city) based contact and they are saying that Americans are absolutely not selling their shares, or breaking up the partnership.
Apparently, the 1bn valuation relates to the loan amount and the structured finance of that debt deal with Wachovia and RBS and is a forward prediction.
Obviously, I’ll be happier when I’ve got the Texan side of things, directly from them later… This is all inline with what was going on yesterday, up to the time I went to bed.

Fri Nov 30 2007 09:08 AM Re: Email from Dallas [Re: smudgens]
Just got a call from Texas…
It’s all quiet there at the moment. They are aware of the press statements in the UK but think its a media storm only.
DIC were not mentioned at all.
The debt funding is progressing as planned but the credit issues have made this process slow down slightly – Wachovia and RBS preferred partners.
No new comments on debt repayment schedule or debt interest costs (£20m per year)
No further comment regarding Rafa, for the time being.
It doesn’t sound like much is happening at all… My gut feeling is that the press are having a go to keep the Rafa problem on or close to the back pages. It’s that time of year!
Edited by Sckair (Fri Nov 30 2007 09:11 AM)

Fri Nov 30 2007 09:19 AM Re: Email from Dallas [Re: Sckair]
Thanks for the info. Hope your source is giving this to you in good faith

Fri Nov 30 2007 09:30 AM Re: Email from Dallas [Re: Dunk]
Dunk, say something to him, get back to him please….
you are our representative, the fans’ voices

Fri Nov 30 2007 09:58 AM Re: Email from Dallas [Re: johnmerrick2]
why did they contact you this time? but not when the bust-up with Rafa or about sacking him?
makes me think it was true….and they just want to protect themselves, that’s it….
or perhaps there is something in it and they just want to cover up…
I hope Hicks just go away from this club soon.


Thu Nov 29 2007 04:55 PM it may be just me
but i dont like the thought of G&H on this site or any of their little minnions either,, as far as im concerned they are/will be only on here to try and ( might be too strong a word) brainwash people into their way of thinking since they know they cant just come out and tell us their real plans like men…

Thu Nov 29 2007 04:59 PM Re: it may be just me [Re: Donkey]
Do you think there might be some minnions on here?

Thu Nov 29 2007 05:00 PM Re: it may be just me [Re: Chewbacca]
dont take the mick,u and i both know there are more in here

Thu Nov 29 2007 05:28 PM Re: it may be just me [Re: Donkey]
Dunk Administrator
Take Mike Jefferies & Stuart Ford (L4)… they’ve been members for years including during the time they wanted in at Anfield… they didn’t try and brainwash people, they just wanted to see what you/us were saying.

Fri Nov 30 2007 03:09 AM Re: it may be just me [Re: johnmerrick2]
nope…i dont know anything about them..i dont know their plans but im not a huge fan of havinf sckair…yes he is a member on here and is entitled to talk and im sure he paid his sub like the rest of us..but if he is from the hicks camp he shudnt be on here…thats just my opinion..

Fri Nov 30 2007 03:17 AM Re: it may be just me [Re: Sckair]
Are the press reports true then Sckair? Is Hicks planning to sell?

Fri Nov 30 2007 03:20 AM Re: it may be just me [Re: Dark_Mavis]
Honestly, I have heard that something is going on BUT I thought that was relating to the stadium finance. I’ve just emailed the guys in Texas and I’ve left a message on their cells but it’s 03:39 in the morning over there, so I’ll not hear for a few hours.

Fri Nov 30 2007 03:22 AM Re: it may be just me [Re: Sckair]
Thanks for the info Sckair, be good to keep us updated.

Fri Nov 30 2007 03:31 AM Re: it may be just me [Re: Sckair]
Cheers for the info

Fri Nov 30 2007 03:56 AM Re: it may be just me [Re: 32Counties]
Just got an email back from Texas – which in itself is odd because it’s the middle of the night, so something is going on! Although, it’s not being widely reported on the local news or in the ‘reviewed’ early editions (newspapers).
The email doesn’t reveal anything about TH but it does say that I’ll get a call at about 5pm our time explaining what’s going on. I guess I’ll just have to wait until then.
Meanwhile, on this side of the pond I’ve just got a text saying that the finance deal, in principal with Wachovia and RBS has been affected by the ‘credit crunch’ and that the interest and payment terms HAVE been adjusted. This rules out Moores coming back in – he couldn’t afford it!
Edited by Sckair (Fri Nov 30 2007 03:57 AM)

Fri Nov 30 2007 04:01 AM Re: it may be just me [Re: miamired]
I dont have your business knowledge although I do have extensive and regular business dealings in America
I must say based on Sckairs comments I’m sh!tting myself at the thought of LFC’s future under Messrs Hicks & Gillett

Fri Nov 30 2007 04:09 AM Re: it may be just me [Re: Sckair]
Hey Sckair you seem to be in the know about Hicks is there any truth in the article in todays Daily Mirror about TH wanting out?

Fri Nov 30 2007 04:35 AM Re: it may be just me [Re: Lecter]
I’m ‘hearing’ things.
This is NOT GOOD.

Fri Nov 30 2007 06:05 AM Re: it may be just me [Re: Dunk]
Posts: 95
L4?? What a joke they were, honestly Dunk do they slip a fiver to mention them? I fondly recall all the Goal will be the biggest film of all time rubbish and what fools Liverpool were not to get involved. Ford and Jeffries don’t even have the cash to play with the big boys, I had hoped to hear nothing more about them but you always were a bit biased.

6 Responses to “The Sckair Story, Part Two – more bullshit about Tom Hicks on KopTalk”

  1. Duffpaddy Says:

    I really cant believe the naivety of what i’ve just read. On Jabba The Hut’s side and on his subscribers…

  2. Johnny™ Says:

    If his ‘subs’ want to keep the fat gordie bastard in pies, good luck to them. I’ll i can say is if i ever have the pleasure of bumping into this fat twat, ill show him what a true LFC fan thinks of his bulshit. 😉

  3. Laugher Says:

    I notice Lecter in there. Is he really falling for Dunk’s bullshit again? Or is he going to pretend to be Bascombe again?

  4. redheart Says:

    It may be a reflection upon the lack of activity upon Koptalk but I have to say that the Insider Blog has become dull and uneventful.

    No more news on the authorities drawing in etc etc

    Whats the point?

  5. outsideinsider Says:


    KopTalk has been dull and uneventful for several months now. We can only report what is happening there. In the past we’ve received a great deal of criticism for posting articles for the sake of it or making a lot of fuss over nothing. We’ve tried to take this on board.

    If people have fresh ideas and are willing to put in the effort themselves to bring them to fruition, we’d be happy to hear from them.

    Oldham seems to have lost interest in his site. He’ll occasionally crank out the bull for a few days but will then disappear, as he has again this week. Steve is often absent for weeks on end. All that remains on KopTalk is an ever-dwindling core of regular posters. There’s no new blood. None of the new members who allegedly “joined” in November has made more than ten posts.

    The tax and benefit fraud people are not legally allowed to keep us informed of their investigations. Oldham’s move to Spain in the summer may have been an effort to evade these authorities. He has just put his house in Spain on the market, which may mean they have caught up with him again. There are other things going on behind the scenes but announcing them on here simply gives Oldham prior warning and a chance to start covering his tracks, which is another mistake the blog has made in the past.

    Every time Oldham creates a new alias, tries to put his own bullshit spin on a big story or adds a new sensationalist headline to his front page, the search engines bring more new readers to the blog. For as long as we continue to hold up each lie he tells to public scrutiny and ridicule, those people will join one of the many free LFC sites rather than paying a repugnant con artist £30.

    KopTalk’s death was always going to be a long, drawn out affair. Oldham has a huge ego and, as far as we can tell, no other source of income or attention.

  6. Anon Says:

    As an aside I’m suprised no-one’s loaded up McAfee’s SiteAdvisor product and left some feedback about his site. One of it’s primary goals is to warn of scam sites. or

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