The Sckair story – just how thick does KopTalk think Liverpool fans are?

While the rest of us agonise over the rift between Benitez and the owners, Duncan Oldham is rubbing his hands with glee. All he sees is an opportunity to finally drum up activity on his dying site.

We’ve already detailed how KopTalk had no advance knowledge of the feud. As ever, Oldham heard the news in the national media and then pretended he had known all along. A reader pointed out that recent developments have made Oldham look even more stupid than usual, because a mere six weeks ago he made this statement:

11:56 AM EXCLUSIVE: Transfer summit brought forward
KopTalk Team KopTalk
KOPTALK dot COM understands that the annual transfer summits to discuss summer transfer targets are to be brought forward on the insistance of Liverpool’s new owners.
Before every major (summer) transfer window the manager will sit down with the chief executive to discuss possible targets and funding. That information is then conveyed to the board and decisions made. The chief executive then reports back to the manager and plans of intent are drawn up.
Concerns have been addressed to the club’s new owners that in recent years the Reds have missed out on many targets by leaving the recruiting of players until the end of transfer windows which can result in higher prices or competition from other clubs.
According to a club insider, this will no longer be the case.
He said: “Tom [Hicks] wants the [summer] ‘08 summit bringing forward by a month at least for budgeting purposes but primarily so that the coach has a good chance of drafting in the personnel that he wants.”

If any sane person had shown themselves to be a lying con artist in this manner, they’d keep their head down. But Oldham never admits he has been making things up, no matter how obvious it is to everyone else. Instead, he did what he always does – told some even bigger lies. Soon he was claiming to be privy to Moores’ feelings about the rift and to know whether Hicks was going to sell his stake.

The truth is very different: KopTalk members have been hearing about important details days after everyone else.

On November 22, Dave Usher said the following on The Liverpool Way:

22nd November 2007, 07:59 PM
dave u ←editor
Re: Benitez on SSN
Also, not sure if people are aware of this, but Foster Gillett went back home after the Arsenal game and hasn’t been here since.

The news did the rounds on the free LFC forums. 48 hours later, Oldham made this revelation on KopTalk:

24/11/07 08:44 PM Foster Gillett
Dunk Administrator
Does everyone know that Foster flew back to America recently… I assume it was for Thanksgiving…

On any other Liverpool site, you could point out where the story had been taken from. On KopTalk, you would be banned immediately for doing so. Oldham charges his members £30 to read old news stolen from other free LFC sites and expects them to be thankful for it.

But all this wasn’t enough for Oldham. He sensed that the mood of the Liverpool fans on his site was at boiling point over reports Benitez will be sacked. He glimpsed a chance to get them posting while laughing in their faces. He wanted to see how brazenly he could insult their intelligence and get away with it. And, as always, he would hide the evidence by deleting the threads afterwards. Unfortunately for him, we got to them first.

So Oldham resurrected an occasional alias of his, “Sckair”. He is posing as a money-obsessed, US-loving philistine – not much of a stretch, admittedly – who reveres the new owners and thinks Rafa should be removed.

His members have taken the bait. The result has been the longest threads on KopTalk this year. Many have been as outraged as Oldham hoped they would be. Lurkers have been coaxed out of the woodwork. It’s always hard to tell whether or not people are taking the piss on KopTalk, but some genuinely seem to believe that Sckair works for Hicks or Gillett. Others think he’s related to them. People are making fools of themselves left, right and centre, which is just how Oldham likes it.

It must take him back to the halcyon days of his Anfield Mole alias. You can almost see his flabby jowls quivering with excitement as he craps out every new post:

05/11/07 03:32 PM Re: Sick of the negativity??? [Re: Chewbacca]
Why are you kidding yourself that everything will be better soon – tomorrow never comes!!!
Rafa – out…
Let’s get a manager and back-room team in that want to win now. Then all this negativity will go away!

26/11/07 09:23 AM Re: New manager won’t sort this…. [Re: KullyLFC]
Gillette and Hicks have a massive plan for the club, which ultimately will see them recoup any spending … I’m told, plans exist for a ‘global’ club environment, which transcends the EPL and CL. …. we need to be strong going forward because we need to be on the train when it leaves the EPL!!!

26/11/07 10:31 AM Re: New manager won’t sort this…. [Re: Lecter]
Yes, I do believe that from what I have been told Rafa has lost the support of the players and no longer has their backing and support.

26/11/07 10:43 AM Re: New manager won’t sort this…. [Re: Sckair]
Rafa has marginalised his position, by speaking out. It now seems he wanted ‘free’ transfers agreeing. Maybe, the Americans thought ‘hang on’ we want to raise the profile of this club with undeniable quality (Torres etc) and here is a manager lining up frees.

27/11/07 10:39 AM Re: Foster Gillette [Re: Gandalf50]
Well, I seem to have really got under the skin of a few of you… Good! … My background will remain a mystery ‘for now’ but I can confirm I am not Dunk is disguise.

27/11/07 10:50 AM Re: Foster Gillette [Re: Donkey]
As for my association with either owner you’ll have to make your own minds up about which camp I represent, support or even know!!!

27/11/07 12:00 PM Re: Foster Gillette [Re: Sckair]
im fairly convinced at this stage u are a hicks , and if you are i want you to be aware, we the fans own this club, dont try and pull the wool over our eyes,
Edited by Donkey (27/11/07 12:01 PM)

27/11/07 01:42 PM Re: Foster Gillette [Re: Donkey]
I do have connections, yes! Am I family……. NO!

27/11/07 06:41 PM Re: FAO Sckair [Re: Bald Eagle]
Originally Posted By: Bald Eagle – “Sckair, somthing I don’t understand in all of this is the the position around Mascherano.”
The issue is more about the nature of the deal, that about his ability. I think he’s great but let’s say for the sake of argument, there is a clause in his contract/ It states that if we sell him (for whatever reason) his current owners have first refusal at a very, very low price and that we must accept it, unless the player states otherwise, it makes sense not to do it!
You see the underlying problem for the owners is £17m paid out – value of asset, very, very low. It just becomes a loan deal by another name… Now imagine Rafa leaves (for whatever reason) and Mascherano wants out, as reported, Gillette and Hicks are out of pocket.
It’s a bad deal then…
If Gillette and Hicks state this position to Rafa and he only sees the football part of the equation, you could have the start of a rift… LETS SAY!!!
Edited by Sckair (27/11/07 06:43 PM)

27/11/07 05:58 PM Re: FAO Sckair [Re: miamired]
For the love of god, I am representing Americans, free speech and common sense here … Just imagine if the Americans knew how much hatred there was and walked away. The club would cease to exist.

There was much, much more. You’ll notice that Sckair is so well connected to our American owners that he can’t spell Gillett’s name correctly.

Unfortunately for Oldham, he has made the same mistake he always does – he’s forgotten about the other lies he had previously told as “Sckair”.

“Sckair” first appeared on the blog last December, when the DIC bid was in the headlines. He seems to be Oldham’s all-purpose alias for bullshitting about having contacts with foreign businessmen. Strangely, this trusted confidante of Hicks and Gillett had virtually nothing to say about the latter. Back then he was pretending to have the inside track on goings on in Dubai. The only comment of any significance this unerring champion of the Americans made about Gillett was the following insult:

03/12/06 02:37 PM
Re: Dubai Holdings Agree Deal With Liverpool!! [Re: scouselad10]
I fear we are going to be owned by a guy (Gillet) who was bankrupt only 10 years ago!

This completely contradicts Oldham’s present Sckair bullshit. You can just about forgive him not being able to remember the lies he told 12 months ago. But it’s harder to understand how he forgot the lies he had told as Sckair over the preceding days.

He first demonstrated that he’s making it all up a couple of weeks go:

13/11/07 08:38 AM Re: Investment – a couple of thoughts and questions [Re: JD]
In any event, we are now in better shape than before and I’d guarantee that money will be forth coming for players if required.

A fortnight later, Oldham had clearly entered into one of his manic spells, when what little sense he usually has goes out of the window. A mere day before stating this:

27/11/07 01:46 PM Re: Foster Gillette [Re: Ryan_Derrick]
In case you missed it:
I do have connections, yes! Am I family……. NO!

he had been making the following claims:

26/11/07 10:47 AM Re: New manager won’t sort this…. [Re: Lecter]
Well, my source is an agent based in Hertfordshire
( that’s all I will say about him ) and the unrest is significant.
If you say it isn’t, then maybe there is a split?!?

26/11/07 11:18 AM Re: New manager won’t sort this…. [Re: robp]
Sckair, can you tell us how many of our players this agent acts for?

26/11/07 01:11 PM Re: New manager won’t sort this…. [Re: Fowler83]
To the best of my knowledge he works with 2 – I have never asked any questions about his clients and he has never offered any direct quotes from them. He knows I support LFC and I’ve tried not to place either of us in awkward positions regarding the club.
His most recent comments were came during a conversation about the England situation last week, highlighting that the senior players didn’t back SM and were along the lines of ‘yeh, the FA have had trouble with player relationships, no different to the ones at ‘your place’ at the moment – there’s unrest all over, in lots of clubs at the moment’ etc.

26/11/07 04:42 PM Re: New manager won’t sort this…. [Re: Irish]
Finally, my contact with the players is an agent
as I’ve already admitted. I doubt that players meeting the public would honestly criticise their employers, with all respect. They are media aware enough to quote the party line, i think!

Does Oldham really view Liverpool fans with such contempt that he thinks they won’t notice these contradictions? Of course he does, and he has done for almost a decade.
He had also forgotten that a few days prior he didn’t have any insider knowledge about the thoughts of the club’s owners:

23/11/07 03:20 PM Re: An Open Letter to Mr Gillett and Mr Hicks [Re: rossvaldo]
The fact is we don’t know what is going on and I suspect that the American’s are more concerned with how this club is being run – as far as I can see, badly at the moment.
Rafa is a disaster waiting to happen and whilst I’ll back him (only becasue he’s in the job) I’d like to see what our owners have planned for the future.

Initially Oldham/Sckair claimed to have no contact with Benitez. When a KT member challenged him about how he had formed his opinions about our manager, Sckair said he knew him only through the interviews he gives:

27/11/07 12:03 PM Re: Foster Gillette [Re: 32Counties]
Originally Posted By: 32Counties – “YOU dont know Rafa”
I don’t? This is a manager, like all the others that lives life in front of a lens, talking to journalists and the public. A manager who stands in front of thousands of people each week and directs his team. A man who has the forum of a press conference to tell us all what he is thinking… I know him as well as you do!

20 minutes later, he’d suddenly decided that he had met Benitez after all.

27/11/07 12:27 PM Re: Foster Gillette [Re: Donkey]
I just don’t like him that much, I have a feeling he’s at the club for him and him alone, a big pay day if you like. I also feel that he goes through the motions just to win favour with the fans.
I felt this the first time I met him and I feel that now.

Five minutes on, he seemed to have met him several times:

27/11/07 12:32 PM Re: Foster Gillette [Re: 32Counties]
Originally Posted By: 32Counties – “how does anybody know….what gives u the right to say what kind of man he is”
Meeting him, listening to him, listening to what others, who know him say, listening to what pundits say about him but mostly meeting him!

Fair play to Exiled_Red, who picked up on this blatant contradiction:

27/11/07 12:39 PM Re: Foster Gillette [Re: Sckair]
Just wondering if you could explain how you met him it’s just earlier you said you only knew him through what you saw on TV and him managing the team.
I’m not having a pop, just wanting you to clarify

27/11/07 01:35 PM Re: Foster Gillette [Re: Lecter]
For that last 15 years I have been fortunate enough to recruit many first class, business people. I have come to assess each one on their merits and personality. I do not like everyone that I meet, some of them have huge reputations and I have made my career from being strong enough to turn them away.
When considering Rafa I have employed exactly the same mind-set. I do not wish him any ill will at all. But I have reservations. I have met him on several occasions and nothing has convinced me to change my mind, despite being open to change.
I know people in Spain that have similar reservations (of course you do – you live there. Although you’ve just put your house on the market, haven’t you. Is business not booming?) and I also know people that have not taken to him either. It is not a crime! I’m not saying I have all the answers but lots of experience looking at people’s personalities.

27/11/07 06:53 PM Re: FAO Sckair [Re: Sckair]
lads did you all miss the earlier threads??
sckair, IS NOT A FAN , he is connected ( im not sure if i can say how anymore as it was deleted earlier) take anything he says with a HUGE HUGE bag of salt..

In fairness to KopTalk’s members, a handful have seen Sckair/Oldham for the WUM he is. But many more have fallen for Oldham’s bullshit hook, line and sinker. This is what Oldham means when he says he knows “how to run a zoo better than anyone”. To all those Koptalk members – or at least the ones who aren’t other aliases of Oldham’s or those who are in on the joke – who have been duped by Sckair’s bollocks: Oldham is laughing in your faces.

9 Responses to “The Sckair story – just how thick does KopTalk think Liverpool fans are?”

  1. Giles Says:

    FLMAO@every word dribbling out of Sckair’s/Dunk’s/UncleTonCobbley et als mouths being recorded for posterity.

    Well played.

  2. Jameson Says:

    What a bullshitter that Sckair dude is!!

    Luckily he was not very subtle, so he was called out early on his tripe.

  3. Chrispy Says:

    Any tool staying on that site other than to take the piss is a muppet of the highest calibre. All I can say is – thanks Insider for opening my eyes before I paid that thieving conning prick DunCON any more money.

  4. ex-KTer Says:

    Can’t believe I used to pay money to that site and read all that bollocks as if it was true!
    What a mug I was, but at least I’ve seen the light.

  5. Laugher Says:

    His thread deletions always helped him, you’d wonder if it was just your own memory playing tricks on you. This site proves over and over again that it’s not.

    It’s hilarious that his “transfer summit” came back to bite him on the arse in this way.

  6. Duffpaddy Says:

    I’m struggling to comprehend how people actually pay £30 for that shit and believe it too!!!!!!!

  7. Flagpole Corner Says:

    I still can’t believe people actually pay £30 for this sensationalist red top shite. As has been pointed out on here many a time, there are tons of free Liverpool websites where you don’t get charged £30 for regurgitated shite by a fat Geordie.

  8. red from oz Says:

    brilliant piece outsiderinsider.
    great work to document this hideous creature`s incessant lies and contradictions.

    first, sckair has inside info on the DIC deal.
    then he pops up again 12 months later and now he has contacts with the yanks.
    then he`s getting info from an agent in hertfordshire.

    he only knows rafa from only from watching interviews.
    but then he has met rafa several times and knows the opinion that several spaniards have of rafa.

    it`s sad that there are people out there who are so dim that they continue to believe this vile skid mark on Liverpool FC.

    i loved this description too outsider
    “flabby jowls quivering with excitement”.

  9. Johnny™ Says:

    this rancid pus bag is a carbunckle on the arse of every true liverpool fan. I wish the Taxman would hurry up and lock him up.

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