KopTalk Bull Machine Cranks Into Overdrive Over Rafa Rift

Duncan Oldham is both transparent and predictable. He thrives on negativity; it’s always been the raison d’être of KopTalk to create controversy, after all, which is far more easily achieved with bad news than with good. That’s why it was no surprise that, after months of relative inactivity, he has been excelling himself in the last day or two by adding his own brand of bull to the speculation that is already surrounding the Club and the manager.

We’re not here to give opinions on the current situation. Clearly, something is amiss. Genuine fans will hope for a truce; stability and harmony will be the most important things if we’re to do well this season. Genuine fans wouldn’t lie through their teeth and add outrageous untruths to inflame things further. Why would anyone? Unless they have a financial incentive, that is.

Apropos of that, here’s Oldham with the only sort of exclusive his site ever has: one he’s made up himself.

#90527 – 26/11/07 11:13 AM Moores at “breaking point”
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Former Liverpool FC chairman David Moores is said to be at “breaking point” after seeing the recent dramas at Anfield played out in the media.

A source close to the Honorary Chairman told KOPTALK recently that the former Reds supremo had requested a meeting with the new owners. Well according to the same source, that request has so far been ignored.

“David is at breaking point having experienced this drama played out so publicly,” said the Anfield insider.

“He is deeply concerned with the current situation and has offered to fly out to Dallas to sit down with Hicks to discuss the future of the club and the promises that were made.

“The message from across the ocean is that there are no free dates for several weeks.”

Oldham himself has had a few messages ‘from across the ocean’; they’re better known as cease-and-desist orders, issued after his ludicrous claims that he was invited to Montreal and Dallas by the two owners.

What he doesn’t have is a source close to David Moores or, indeed, close to any employee, player, director, coach or owner of Liverpool Football Club. How do we know? Well, the blog has received assurances in the past that Oldham has no contacts at Anfield and, if he really did have, why would he always announce news stories after the mainstream media? In fact, why would any well-connected person breach the trust of a friend or colleague, and risk their reputation, job and contacts, in order to provide anonymous snippets for a fat conman to sell to gullible fans on a website?

Evidently mistaking a thumping, cider-induced hangover for applause, he was soon back with another whopper.

#90556 – 26/11/07 11:25 AM EXCLUSIVE: Gillett and Hicks snubbed L4 talks
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KOPTALK can exclusively reveal that both George Gillett and Tom Hicks have refused to entertain former ‘want-in’ consortium ‘L4’.

The group headed by Mike Jefferies and Liverpool legend Kenny Dalglish had wanted to form a relationship to examine the possibilities of working together for the benefit of the club.

We were aware of this approach several months ago but opted to refrain from reporting this for several reasons, mainly because we were of the opinion that you wouldn’t be interested in this development due to the Honeymoon period.

Although specifics of what L4 were thinking were not discussed with us at length, we do know that attempts to welcome the new owners fell on deaf ears. We are of the opinion that the approach wouldn’t have been regarding injecting further cash but was more to do with putting forward a proven name for the role of C.E.O.. We are also of the opinion, but can not confirm, that they were offering Dalglish as an ambassador type who would liase with supporters groups etc.

Neither Gillett or Hicks welcomed the idea.

Actually, Dunk tried a variant of this lie once before, when he said that he’d been asked to put a potential new CEO in touch with Hicks and Gillett. Tired of rehashing other people’s press reports, he’s obviously now recycling his own bull.

However, for all those fans concerned about recent developments, rest assured that Dunk’s pondering bringing his considerable weight to bear.

#90403 – 26/11/07 10:09 AM Re: Listen Up [Re: red4ever]
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I have Tom’s private email address. I’m tempted to drop him an email but I hate sticking my nose in.

Does anyone seriously believe he has TH’s private e-mail? Anyone at all? Even if he did, why would the obvious discontent of the manager matter less to Hicks than an Oldham communiqué on the subject? The mind boggles.

9 Responses to “KopTalk Bull Machine Cranks Into Overdrive Over Rafa Rift”

  1. Tubby Says:

    Dunk and his crappy website and his balmy made up rubbish has really become irrelevant. IN the scheme of things he has been reduced to a nobody, in all ways barring one final step of closing down.

    He has no imagination, is incapable of learning anything new, and has been left behind to wallow in his miserable fatness. THis man and his circus have been shown up for the hollow muppets they are, and the reduction of Oldham to the bloated, dull, boring, has-been he is now is a great credit to this blog and the unity of our fan base.

  2. Koptalk Outsider Says:

    Some of the members clearly believes DunCon’s claims of being a “major media organization”. Have a look at this post:

    #92201 – November 27, 2007 16:13 FAO Sckair
    miamired miamired
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    Loc: Across the pond I’ve read most of your posts Sckair. Red67 put it best when he said you had conducted yourself with aplomb and with professionalism. We appluad you for that.

    Your language use, the way you have written certain things, and a number of other subtle clues lead me to believe, two days ago, that you were an insider. I wrote, specifically, yesterday the following, after you told us: “Don’t waste your time!!!!” supporting Rafa:

    “I’ve held back until now. This takes the cake…

    “You’ve been on Rafa’s case since April. On one of your posts you wrote you’re no fan of Rafa’s but you’d always support the incumbant manager. Doesn’t seem like it.

    “You’ve got an alternative agenda. It’s obvious. You know many things, it seems which leads me to believe you’re an insider of some sort. You’ve given yourself away with the wording on many of your posts — they are very much pro Hicks (and Gillett). They stuck out like sore thumbs.

    “You’ve taken the contrarian’s position here and like many have said, you’re quite entitled to your opinion.

    “What irks me is my perception that you’re using this website as a vehicle to promote an agenda. If I didn’t know any better, I’d guess you were a mouthpiece for Hicks and/or Mr. Parry. You may well be the person Dunk was talking about in his post yesterday — the one that seemed sort of out of character for Dunk.

    “Who are you Sckair?”

    Now, Jeremy made the comments too — Donkey called it and C32 had a pop or three too, but the piece in bold is what I want you to address.

    You would NOT spend this much time on a fans website ‘as a fan’ pushing this agenda. You’re professional, you’re bright, and you are highly skilled at PR. I recognise it like you recognise talent.

    Now, I’m asking, as a fan to a fan, and to allow you possibly to achieve your client/boss’s/your objectives, to just let us know who you are so we can a) be respectful, b) understand the larger picture and c) allow you to stop playing games with us.

    You mentioned that you wouldn’t reveal your identity “yet”. This means you’re playing with us, and I’m not sure we appreciate that.

    I (and we) would all appreciate an honest response, I think.

    Miamired aka Bill Russell, CEO Take Stock in Children, Inc.

    Why on earth would Hicks use someone to “promote an agenda” on Koptalk (or any other forum for that matter)? Koptalk is a closed community for a few paying members an d has absolutely no influence on LFC matters. Even on RAWK with 10 times as many members this would be laughable, but on Koptalk? Give me a break.

  3. Koptalk Outsider Says:

    How about this one from DunCon himself:

    #92908 – November 27, 2007 23:30 I haven’t paid any attention
    Dunk Dunk
    KopTalk VIP

    Registered: July 21, 2007
    Posts: 2306 I haven’t bother reading any of the threads about the whole situation. I haven’t done any podcasts because I can’t be bothered do even discuss it.

    It’s boring the hell out of me. I just wanna see a game.

    Trouble is Dunk, you’ve posted in all the long threads about the issue. You really are stupid, aren’t you?

  4. Ian Says:

    I’m not sure whether you can put this here but I don’t care.

    There is a protest planned at the Sandon at 6.30 tonight with a march up to the ground at 7.

    The more people that know about it the better so if you’ve missed it on the websites it’s just a reminder here.

    Get behind Rafa and don’t let these two clowns fuck us up the arse or we won’t have an LFC to come back to.

  5. TomD Says:

    I’ve not posted on here before, but have been regularly following this sites progress since I discovered its existence in the summer. I am always fond of the way Duncan uses the “We were aware of X a while ago, but chose not to tell you because of X, Y and Z” excuse when revealing a second-hand news story to his gullible subscribers. Anyway, keep up the good work, I hope the man gets what’s coming to him.

  6. PhilM Says:

    Someone who can post over there should ask him if he was at the demonstration.

  7. Alfa Says:

    It’s hysterical over on Koptalk at the moment, in both senses of the word.

    There is a witch hunt over a poster called SCKair who is ‘believed’ to be Hick’s nephew, along with a firm belief that Hicks and Gillett are infiltrating Koptalk to spread their own agenda – that’s really gonna make all the difference when they only have 150 members isn’t it?

    Best of all, Oldham has published an ’email direct from his contacts in Dallas’, assuring that reports of Hicks selling up are false. Now we all believe that don’t we?

  8. Koptalk Outsider Says:

    The good thing about this is that we get a lot of hits from search engines from people searching for sckair. It’s been in the top ten searches the last five days. Also searches for other koptalk user names such as pool78, farhad1985 and lfcbarmyarmy have led koptalkers to this blog the last days.

    Some of the koptalk members actually believe that this is someone from Hicks’ camp, but this members signed up last year before Gillett invited Hicks into this investment.

  9. Flagpole Corner Says:

    Unaware of the reported rift between Benitez and the owners, DunCon is still proving that he knows fuck all.

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