KopTalk knew nothing about the rift between Benitez and the club's owners

Needless to say, Duncan Oldham had no advance knowledge of the bust-up between Benitez and the owners. As with so many other big stories, the development was first reported on KopTalk by one of its members who had been watching Sky Sports News.

22/11/07 04:01 PM What is happening with Rafa? (England job quotes)
Just got in to see end of interview with that blue nose vinnie jones on Sky sports. Suggesting that Rafa was in a very bad mood and even slipped in suggestion he may one day be Englands manager. Apparently Rafa answered almost every question with the same answer. Jones wondered if it was something to do with the Mascherano deal and not being backed.
Had a quick scout round on internet and Echo is reporting almost the same thing saying it appeared Rafa seems to be saying “back me or sack me”!!!

Later in the day, Oldham came out with this – he wouldn’t be able to tell people what the nationals were saying about the incident until he had read their reports:

22/11/07 11:42 PM Rafa bust-up over transfers
Dunk Administrator
Just seen some of the backpages of tomorrow’s papers. Basically they’re saying it’s all owner related and that Rafa has had a serious bust-up with them relating to blocking transfers. I could be wrong but that’s the bits I could see. We’ll confirm all of this once the mainstream reports start coming out etc. Please don’t quote me until we see what they’re saying

Oldham’s total ignorance of such a big story left us baffled, because the previous day he had made the following claim:

21/11/07 10:01 AM Re: No Communication between Rafa and owners [Re: LPLFC1892]
Originally Posted By: LPLFC1892 – “Also why would Rafa communicate with the owners all the time, Rafa works through the CEO which is Parry.”

Rafa was/is/has been in touch via email on a regular basis. Whenever I’ve emailed I always get a reply lol… Hicks usually has one of those PDA things that work all over and when he’s in the air and unable to email back, it switched over to his PA.

It seems that Tom Hicks, for all his wealth and power, can’t afford the same high-tech gadgets as Duncan Oldham. After all, Oldham was able to post on his scam site while in mid-air last year, during a flight to New York.

And if Oldham is in such close contact with the manager and owners, why was KopTalk behind other free LFC forums and the mainstream media in reporting the Babel story, the Kuyt story, the Pennant story, the Hamann story, the Lucas Neill story, the Riise/Bellamy bust-up and plans for an 18,000 seater Kop in the new stadium?

Oldham wasn’t going to let his complete lack of knowledge about the affair stop him trying to con people browsing his free site. If you had paid £30 to find out what was behind this KopTalk front page headline:

Gillett, Hicks, Rafa row – LATEST

you would have read the following story:

22/11/07 12:09 PM Anelka: Transfer talk is just speculation
KopTalk Team Administrator
Former Liverpool striker Nicolas Anelka says talk of him leaving Bolton during the January transfer window is nothing but speculation.
Chelsea and Manchester United have been linked with him but everyone knows that his dream move would be a switch to Anfield, something that he’s crav
ed for since he was sent packing by Gerard Houllier and Rick Parry.
Anelka said: “It’s just talk as far as I’m concerned, and there is always talk in football.
“The truth is that I could have left in the last transfer window. But I didn’t want to because I want to do something with this club. I love the fans and I love the club.
“Bolton helped me come back to England which I wanted to do and I won’t forget that.”

That’s misleading even by Oldham’s standards. The article the inept con artist probably meant you to read was this copy and paste from the offal:

KopTalk Team Administrator
We made a significant investment in the playing squad during the summer and desperately want this team to succeed.
There are some very important games coming up in the next couple of weeks and all of us need to focus on winning those games and getting the best out of the players we already have at the club.
We will leave any talk of buying or selling players until we come across to Liverpool in December and sit down with the Manager then.

That one hardly seems worth £30 either. Earlier in the day, Oldham had embarrassed himself again:

22/11/07 10:18 AM Re: Who to go for in EURO 2008? [Re: simo]
Dunk Administrator
I’ve made arrangements to go to Spain during the finals so I will support them 100%

Oldham, you live in Spain.

Oldham’s address in Spain

You don’t need to make any arrangements to be there, aside from not leaving your country of residence. As somebody pointed out on here recently, there’s no evidence to suggest that you have set foot in the UK since the summer.

Oldham has resorted to another old trick – the KopTalk clock is now running almost 20 minutes slow, to disguise how late he is to report the big stories. He has also claimed that he reads out yesterday’s newspaper headlines on his KopTalk TV bulletins because some people outside the UK don’t have access to British papers. If they have a good enough internet connection to tune into Oldham’s inane ramblings, they can certainly log onto NewsNow, http://www.lfcrss.com, http://www.lfcpost.com and http://www.lfcwire.com/v3/news.php

For once, we’d like to end on a positive note. Praise where praise is due: Oldham has finally started acknowledging the sources of some of his news articles – The Mirror, The Echo and the offal. It’s just a shame that you would have had to pay £30 to find this out.

5 Responses to “KopTalk knew nothing about the rift between Benitez and the club's owners”

  1. outsideinsider Says:

    More rehashed Bascombe from Oldham. He claims pathetically that he hasn’t had time to read the NotW’s report yet, then adds in a couple of details from the Daily Mail article and a large dose of his own bullshit, before contradicting himself and putting in some get-out clauses:

    25/11/07 08:47 AM UPDATE (RAFA)
    Dunk Administrator
    Just had a call from a very high source… my browser crashed and I lost everything I had typed up so I’m trying again…

    I have not (as yet) had time to read the NOTW today. I haven’t been up long. Steve tells me it’s basically that Rafa is facing the axe.. he actually woke me in the early hours to tell me this

    Anyway. You may recall a couple of months back I said that Rafa was losing the support of the board. I was shot down as there was no publicly known issues at the time. I think it was something along the lines of ‘Rafa’s position isn’t as secure as he thinks’… anyway… I got a call today and this person told me that Rafa WANTS the sack.

    Jose Mourinhos IS under consideration but the topic of debate is what his contract says about future employment. The source I spoke to, a member here also (doesn’t post much, maybe 2 or 3 posts max in all his time here) is speaking to Rafa’s agent tomorrow and also Peter Kenyon, for me/us.

    There is a strong belief at Anfield that Rafa has lost the plot. It is claimed that he doesn’t have a lot of support from the players because of the Pako exit and the Crouch issue.

    The owners, both of them, are furious because they feel they deserve more respect. There is absolutely no chance of them backing down or leaving the club.

    Off the record, and I know this to be true, they have described Rafa as childish.

    Meanwhile same source said he spoke to a senior member of the FA today (Sunday) and that they are considering Rick Parry as a replacement for Barwick.

    Rafa won’t resign as he will lose a £6m pay off. I’m led to believe that he would prefer to stay but there’s no sign of any crisis meetings. Basically the owners have said it’s negotiable and that he works as they say etc or leaves.

    Can I put on record that the above is not idle chitter chatter. It doesn’t say he’s leaving or staying, I can’t predict the future, neither can Hicks, Gillett or Rafa. It’s just a timely update from someone who wanted me to get this on here.


  2. 1892 Insider Says:

    More bull, as ever. What he actually claimed last month was that the supposed discontent was from the former owners, NOT Gillett and Hicks. Oldham is once again trying to rewrite history with his lies.

    As reported by KOPTALK several weeks ago, there have been some question marks raised upstairs about the manager’s selection policies. Those murmurs have come from some members of the board and those associated to the previous administration and not the new owners or anyone else who has recently come in.

    See this article for full details.

    There’s more, too.

    #88943 – 25/11/07 11:04 AM Gerard Houllier to return to Anfield?
    Dunk Dunk Administrator Offline
    KopTalk VIP

    Registered: 21/07/07
    Posts: 2237
    This is NOT a joke or an attempt to get a bite.

    IF and it’s a big IF, Rafa was sacked mid term and they wanted Mourinho but he couldn’t come in until the summer due to his pay-off, who would YOU want to be caretaker manager? Gary Ablett? See the point….

    They’re in a very difficult situation at the moment, they as in the owners because if they did sack him, which I don’t think they will, who would manage us if there were problems with the replacement?

    In a phone call to me today, it was suggested to me, NOT by me, that Gerard Houllier could be considered ONLY until the summer and definitely not past the summer, just to help out.

    Would you welcome that? I had to ask.

  3. Koptalk Outsider Says:

    According to the latest self-proclaimed “insider”, Phil Thompson will take charge:

    #89088 – November 25, 2007 13:08 Phil Thompson will be made interim manager…
    bowden bowden
    KopTalk VIP

    Registered: August 14, 2007
    Posts: 121

    ..Until June when Maureens gardening leave is ended and he will bring in Pako Ayerstan as his numero 2.

    Phil was unable to do SKY muppets on Saturday with his regular partners as he was meeting G&T in the states to tie up the details.

    This is only my third insider statement and as you will recall my previous 2 came to pass.

  4. Homer jay Says:

    Good one Laugher!
    I am falling of my chair laughing at that fat cunt!
    So the owners want to bring a transfer meeting forward!!!
    Nice sauces you fat cunt! I guess you got this straight from Pricks office?!?

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