KopTalk TV – the missing episodes

We’re probably the only people in the world who are happy to tune in to the hopelessly shoddy Koptalk TV. It’s heartening to watch Oldham showing everyone how shifty, oily and thick he is. But his bulletins have left us hungry for more – there are some missing episodes we’ve been looking forward to seeing for some time:

– Any footage whatsoever of Oldham in Athens for the Champions League final
– In particular, coverage of Oldham in an Athens VIP enclosure with Steve McManaman, Luis Garcia and Mike Jefferies
– The video of the alleged two-hour meeting Oldham had with Tom Hicks in Dallas
– Any shots of Oldham during the home matches he claimed he would be attending this season

But we’ll never see any of these videos, because none of them exist.

Oldham wasn’t in Athens. He only came up with the McManaman and Garcia bullshit because he needed an excuse to avoid meeting the Koptalk members who were in Greece.

The two-hour meeting with Hicks never happened – Oldham spent no more than ten minutes in his company.

And Oldham hasn’t dared to go to Anfield for a long time. The only matches he has attended in recent years were when he sat with his fellow Newcastle season ticket holders in St James’ Park – at a safe distance from the Liverpool fans he has been conning for almost a decade.

Another missing episode was revealed during one of Oldham’s recent bulletins, when he said of the club’s owners: “We’ve spoke to both men, we’ve met them”. Even during Oldham’s wildest fantasies about his trip to Montreal – and there were many – he had never claimed to have met George Gillett, for the simple reason that Gillett wasn’t even in the city when Oldham went there.

This year, Oldham has displayed videos of himself eating breakfast and filling up a petrol tank, of Steve showering and of Katie showing off her tits. So he could certainly find the time to produce the missing episodes and prove us wrong. Unless he’s making it all up yet again, of course.

7 Responses to “KopTalk TV – the missing episodes”

  1. Koptalk Outsider Says:

    Has anyone seen any proof that DunCon has even been in England since the summer? I haven’t seen any, despite several claims that he’s been in Liverpool, that he’s living in Wetherby, that he’s making short trips to Spain to visit his mom and so on. I don’t think he’s been outside Spain for several months. There is no proof anywhere that he has.

    He also seems to have forgotten that he was supposed to visit Smoove in October on some business trip. There has been no more mentioning of his Internet Cafes either. He seems to have forgot them too.

  2. 1892 Insider Says:

    Here’s an example of the kind of vague nonsense that passes for ‘insider’ news on KT, from a poster some on there seem to regard as well-informed; perhaps because he simply states the obvious, rehashes media rumours and sprinkles his missives with caveats.

    Whisper this very quietly!!.
    legin1973 legin1973 Offline
    KopTalk VIP

    Registered: 19/05/05
    Posts: 728
    Loc: Harrogate
    The Deal to bring in Masch permanently has been given the green light!!.
    Rafa does not have to sell to buy he will sell because he choose’s too.
    Still expect Carson , Momo and Riise go in Jan
    Crouchie appears to have won a reprieve for now..
    HK looks as though he will be given a new contract one year with an option to extend it.
    Rafa will be in for a Defender CB who can cover LB or one of each depending on how much money he has and how much he raise’s thru player sales.
    Villa will become a red not sure whether it will be Jan most likely Summer but Rafa is very confident of getting his man.
    Rafa is also looking for a top notch RW..the same old names keep getting mentioned..expect Pennant to go in the summer.


  3. bazza76 Says:

    haha what bullshit that is.
    Some more guess work from Old Ham anyone thats knows anything about Liverpool could tell you the stories about Mascherano, Riise, Momo, Carson and Crouchy.
    As usual, more predictable guessing.
    To top it all off, I bet the only one that is moved on in Janurary is Carson. With Maschers well documented move (any of the papers) likely to be finalised soon.

  4. outsideinsider Says:

    The latest £30 Koptalk headlines – stories available on every other LFC site free of charge, apart from the ones Oldham has made up himself…

    We particularly enjoyed the irony of this one – Oldham telling people to be wary of unsubstantiated reports. It was another attempt by Oldham to put his own spin on a Bascombe NotW article:

    Rafa in the dark

    —leads to—

    19/11/07 04:37 PM No communication between owners and Rafa – report
    KopTalk Team Administrator
    Liverpool FC’s owners have not spoken to Rafa Benitez since October, if you choose to believe the latest reports.
    It’s claimed that neither George Gillett or Tom Hicks have made any kind of contact with Benitez since before the Arsenal match last month.
    The amount of people that could leak that information to the media is very small. Neither owner is going to that’s for sure, that leaves the boss or his very closest aides. Not that we’re suggesting such of course.
    It just makes you think who would leak such information and why, if indeed there’s any truth in the claims.

    Reds respond to transfer speculation

    —leads to—

    19/11/07 03:37 PM Reds respond to transfer speculation
    KopTalk Team Administrator
    Rafael Benitez says he’s not interested in signing Athletic Bilbao youngster Javi Martinez.
    Reports over the weekend claimed that the boss is considering making a January move but although he’s aware of him, he claims he’s not about to make a bid.
    Rafa said: “He is a young player who we know about because Bilbao paid good money for him.
    “But we are not watching the player and are not thinking about signing him, as I have read in the Spanish press.”

    As reported on NewsNow by Anfield Online, Setanta, Sky Sports, The Times, Goal.com, Sporting Life, Tribal Football, LFC Online, Shankly Gates, Soccerway, Daily Telegraph, Daily Mail, Vital Football, Premiership Latest, the offal, Football365


    Target responds to Reds speculation

    —leads to—

    19/11/07 09:41 AM Target responds to Liverpool speculation
    KopTalk Team Administrator
    Liverpool target Javi Martinez says he hasn’t heard anything official about our interest in him.
    The 19-year-old is wanted by Reds boss Rafa Benitez and the signals have been coming out that he would be up for a move to Anfield.
    Martinez, who plays for Athletic Bilbao, said: “I watch the Premier League games on TV, and the atmosphere is magnificent. But I don’t yet know anything of Liverpool’s interest.”

    As reported on NewsNow by Setanta, Daily Telegraph, LFC Online, Daily Mail, The Mirror, Caught Offside and others


    Hammers keen on Reds defender

    —leads to—

    18/11/07 06:34 PM Hammers keen on Reds defender – Eto’o snippet
    KopTalk Team Administrator
    Reports today claim that West Ham United are interested in signing Liverpool’s Jack Hobbs. Scouts representing the Hammers have been watching him in recent reserve games.
    Meanwhile former Reds target Samuel Eto’o could be on his way to Old Trafford with Luis Saha and £5million cash going in the other direction to Barcelona.

    As reported on NewsNow by The Soccer Blog, Tribal Football (originally taken from The People)

    Oldham adds some of his own bullshit about non-existent “Anfield insiders” to a widely circulated report (it first appeared in NotW) which has no direct link to Liverpool:

    Agent welcomes £30m transfer bid

    —leads to—

    18/11/07 04:50 PM Agent welcomes £30m transfer bid
    KopTalk Team Administrator
    The agent that represents David Villa believes Valencia will consider serious offers for his client.
    Tottenham have been linked with a £30million offer and according to Jose Luis Tamargo, Valencia could be ready to sell.
    Tamargo said: “Many clubs have contacted me to ask about the chances of a player who is guaranteed to score goals in England.
    “But I am convinced if Spurs present an offer, Valencia will study the subject.”
    Liverpool boss Rafa Benitez is a big fan of Villa and we’re led to believe by Anfield insiders that he would still like to bring him in to form a lethal partnership in attack with Fernando Torres.
    According to newspaper reports Benitez has been told that he needs to sell to finance Javier Mascherano’s transfer so whether or not £20m or more would be available for a fresh Villa bid, we’re not so sure.


    Target encourages Reds to bid

    —leads to—

    18/11/07 04:25 PM Target encourages Liverpool to step-up interest
    KopTalk Team Administrator
    Liverpool target Ezequiel Garay has responded to our interest by publicly stating that he would be interested in a move to England.
    The 21-year-old centre-back – who is also wanted by Barcelona and Real Madrid – reportedly has a £14.2million buy-out clause in his contract at Racing Santander and although he’s happy there, he says he would be up for a switch to the Premiership.
    Garay said: “To play in England is a dream. My head is in Racing but I would like to progress.”

    As first reported on NewsNow two days earlier by Goal.com. Also reported by Football UK, Tribal Football and others

  5. Flagpole Corner Says:

    Kraptalk TV is still up and running on YouTube and strangely DunCon hasn’t disabled the comments function so I left this little message for him:

    Still up to your old tricks eh DunCon? And putting “Justice For The 96” at the end when you’ve had banner adverts for The S*n is a joke. You spent a few minutes in Hicks’ office and claimed you where there for an hour, you claimed that Gillett was a member when the only time he logged in was to cancel it and, amongst other things, you led a hate campaign against Robbie Fowler.

    You are a liar and a con merchant so please fuck off asap.

  6. sospanred Says:


    Liking your style. Succinct.


  7. MrH Says:

    Oldham makes me want to shit glass.

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