Duncan Oldham shows old habits die hard on KopTalk

After months of being KopTalk’s absentee landlord, Duncan Oldham has finally returned to what he does worst – cranking out bullshit by the tonne. Maybe he’s so thick that he thought we’d stop keeping an eye on him if he went a couple of weeks without telling any outrageous lies. It’s much more likely that he’s been spending his time desperately trying to find alternative sources of income in his new home of Alicante, Spain. But it now seems he’s back to his old, deluded self – fantasising about insider contacts, rewriting history and generally making a complete arse of himself.

First he proved once again that his claims of sources within the Hicks camp are yet another figment of his imagination – he knew nothing about the Roma link, or the consequent denial, until the story appeared on the news wires. But he didn’t let that stop him putting these headlines on his front page:

Roma informed of possible approach

—leads to—

12/11/07 Roma informed of possible investment approach
KopTalk Team Administrator
AS Roma today confirmed that they have been informed by a third party of possible interest from an unnamed U.S. investor believed to be Tom Hicks.
Although there has been no official approach or confirmation that Hicks is behind the agents, Italy’s Corriere Economia has run a report suggesting such.
AS Roma Shareholder Italpetroli claims to have received no approach from Hicks at this time.

As first reported on NewsNow nine hours earlier by Goal.com


Reds owner responds to speculation

—leads to—

12/11/07 Reds chief responds to speculation
KopTalk Team Administrator
Claims that Liverpool FC co-chairman Tom Hicks is considering investing in AS Roma have been denied by his camp.
UEFA regulations prohibit an individual from having a majority shareholding in more than one football club competing in the same competition.
Spokesman Roy Winnick said: “There is absolutely no truth whatsoever in the rumour that Mr Hicks is even considering investing in Roma Football Club.”

As reported on NewsNow by the Evening Echo, Sky Sports, Team Talk, Football365, FOXSports, Setanta, the Daily Post, The Scotsman, Goal.com, Tribal Football, Channel 4, Reuters, Ireland.com and others

This blog has demonstrated that Oldham had no advance knowledge of any of the major developments during the past three transfer windows. So you would think he’d now be feeling a little foolish about his false claims of having insider contacts within the club. But no, he’s still trotting out the same tired old lies:

13/11/07 04:37 PM Re: Dunk Steve and Koptalk [Re: kev_agent151]
Dunk Administrator
I think we’ve lost 2 sources since the Ged days but then we gained some new ones, people who don’t post on here.
Contributors come and go, some change their names, some bugger off.
I wanted to change the way the site focused on things which is why we merged the Insider & Gold Club, I wanted to attract a more mature audience who could be more realistic and not say things like “He’s great in Championship manager”.
We have a much bigger network today, especially in high places but sometimes they only want to speak when they can use you. I guess it works both ways but I never like to poke around asking questions. If someone wants to tell you something they tell.

So perhaps Oldham can explain to us why KopTalk was behind other free LFC sites with the Kuyt story, the Pennant story, the Lucas Neill story and the Hamann story?

And maybe he can tell us why KopTalk members learnt about the main developments in the investment saga from other free LFC sites and NewsNow, and why KopTalk members heard about the Riise/Bellamy bust-up from Norwegian members who had seen the reports in the Norwegian media?

KopTalk did once have members with genuine insider contacts – but the last of them left a long time ago. Oldham knows no more than anyone else who checks out NewsNow a few times a day. And the only “exclusives” KopTalk members will ever read are either stories stolen from the S*n or bullshit reports made up by Oldham himself.

Or arrogant, deceitful crap like this:

13/11/07 05:35 PM Re: COMMENT: I don’t believe Parry [Re: farhad1985]
Dunk Administrator
I’ve been doing this lark (before a website a mailing list) for 10 years and I’ve always had the same style. It works for me and people know how I tick. If people can’t take some criticism on the chin, they should be on one of the LFC sites run by teenagers or one where you pat each other on the back all day where they just nod. No offence but I won’t be changing my style 🙂

You haven’t been doing this for ten years, Oldham. Ten years ago, you were in the midst of your first internet scam, selling non-existent pirated Sky cards on Usenet forums. It was only when you were rumbled that you settled on Liverpool FC as the target of your next con.

We don’t know of any LFC forums run by teenagers – except for Koptalk. On KopTalk, members are told what to do by a 14-year-old Leeds fan (KT’s newest moderator, Seadog) and a bored teenage girl who knows nothing about football (Katie, who was unaware until recently that David Beckham had moved to LA Galaxy). If you log on late at night, your posts will be vetted by an American who also knows nothing about “soccer”. And when you’ve finally had enough and want your money back, Oldham will hide behind his teenage partner in crime, Steve – who Oldham has groomed for his role on Koptalk since Steve was ten years old.

And the cardinal rule of KopTalk is that all members must “just nod” when Oldham is spewing out his bullshit – if anyone dares to point out that he’s lying, they’ll find themselves banned.

While posing as a fearless defender of Chris Bascombe in his latest editorial, Oldham couldn’t resist one of his favourite dirty tricks – trying to rewrite history. Whatever people’s opinions about Bascombe’s recent NotW articles, we still feel it’s right to set the record straight:

“The last person in the world who wants or needs my support is hack Chris Bascombe. I don’t think he’s the kind of guy who would send me a Christmas card after he thought I accused him of toeing-the-line on Liverpool FC issues many years ago. It upset the lad and he let me know. The toys were coming out of the pram at an amazing rate.. it was like a visit to The Early Learning Centre. I took it one of my chins though and the rest is history. I didn’t lose any sleep over it and I naturally continued to read his work. I’m not one of these narrow minded people that holds a grudge with anyone.”

The truth is very different – the two did not fall out over Bascombe “toeing-the-line on Liverpool FC issues” but over Oldham’s concerted smear campaign against Robbie Fowler. And it was Oldham, not Bascombe, who threw his toys out of the pram.

In the early days of KopTalk, Oldham liked to insinuate that he was in close contact with Bascombe. By October 2001, Oldham’s anti-Fowler crusade was at its peak. Oldham claimed that Fowler had missed training because he was hungover. Shortly afterwards, Bascombe wrote the following in the Echo:

“Robbie only has to breathe these days and someone, somewhere is writing about him. This week when Robbie wasn’t even playing we saw another example of how, more than any other player, he is the target of rumour.
I was sent an article in by a reader which appeared on an unofficial website, which I won’t name because it doesn’t deserve the free ad it probably wants (ok I will. Apparently it’s called Koptalk or Kopchat or something like that). They wrote an outrageous lie which dared to suggest that Robbie’s absence on Tuesday wasn¹t because he was ill.
As Robbie explained, ‘I woke up on Tuesday and felt really lousy and light-headed. I was about to come into training in the afternoon and I called the doc. The doctor came around to my house examined me and told me to go back to bed.'”

Not the for the last time, Bascombe felt a responsibility to set the record straight. Nobody could construe this as the toys “coming out of the pram”. Bascombe’s clear intention was to stop a smear campaign against an Anfield legend.

From that point onwards, Oldham began to display a petty, vindictive attitude towards Bascombe, taking swipes at him whenever the opportunity arose. Even worse, although Oldham continued to copy and paste Bascombe’s articles wholesale onto his site, he no longer gave Chris credit for his own work, instead making vague references to the “local media” and trying to pass them off as his own.

So when Oldham says that he “naturally continued to read his work”, what he really means is that he went on to steal Bascombe’s articles on an almost daily basis in order to settle a petty score.

And if Oldham wants people to believe that he “didn’t lose any sleep over it”, why is he still lying about the incident six years on?

But he still wasn’t quite finished:

13/11/07 04:08 PM Re: It was all nonsense [Re: Dave69]
Dunk Administrator
Originally Posted By: Dave69 – “Dunk, Its just Bascombe has to write these articles otherwise he would probably lose his job.”
I don’t accept that. If you knew him you would know his credibility is important to him. I can’t believe people think he would make something up like this.

Oldham, you don’t know Bascombe at all – when the blog contacted Chris last year, his first words were: “Koptalk? Is that still around? I thought it was closed down years ago”.

Finally, here are the latest KopTalk headlines:

Parry wheeled out

—leads to—

13/11/07 Parry wheeled out
KopTalk Team Administrator
Liverpool chief executive Rick Parry has been forced to come out to deny that there is any friction at Anfield between George Gillett and Tom Hicks.
Credible reports at the weekend suggested the Gillett is unhappy with the refinancing plans that would leave the club heavily in debt and that he didn’t want to go back on promises that he had personally made.
Speaking today, Parry said: “I’ve just spent a couple of days with Tom and George and both of them were in good spirits working hard together on future plans for the club.
“I wouldn’t normally comment on these things, but on the basis of what I’ve just seen, a story in one of the Sunday papers claiming there was some sort of problem between the two couldn’t be wider of the mark. In fact, it’s absolute nonsense.”

As reported everywhere


Premiership duo want striker

—leads to—

13/11/07 Premiership duo want striker
KopTalk Team Administrator
Manchester City and West Ham are interested in signing former Reds striker Djibril Cisse.
It is claimed that both sides will launch January bids for the French hitman who now plays for Marseille.

A misleading headline and not strictly speaking a Liverpool story – but still reported on NewsNow by The Mirror, Anfield Banter and Vital Football


Reds miss out on starlet

—leads to—

13/11/07 Reds miss out on starlet – reports
KopTalk Team Administrator
Reports today claim that Hamburg have beaten Liverpool to Nigerian Macauley Chrisantus.
The 17-year-old striker – who has been watched by our scouts before – has reportedly agreed to join the German outfit.
It’s claimed that Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester City, Manchester United, AC Milan, Inter Milan and Real Madrid were all interested him… but he signed for Hamburg? Yeh ok then…

As reported on NewsNow by SkySports

10 Responses to “Duncan Oldham shows old habits die hard on KopTalk”

  1. Tubby Says:

    Duncan Oldham is back! This time, he really eats it.

    Live Fat Or Die Lard

    In cinemas now.

  2. deiseach Says:

    I wonder is the teenager comment a reference to one of the owners of ShanklyGates.co.uk? If it is, it really shows how Fatso is living in the past as – shockingly! – the teenager hasn’t been a teenager for several years.

  3. Laugher Says:

    Dunk calls anyone who attacks him “kids” or some other variation on that. He makes out that’s a bad thing, yet uses “kids” himself to run his site. He’s too thick and stupid to realise how thick and stupid he sounds.

    Talking of kids, he’s not used any pictures or videos of his own exploited pair – is that because he’s not seen them since the summer? He pretends he now lives even closer to their Scarborough home than before, yet he sees them even less! Too thick to realise others would notice this.

    Doesn’t even look like they went to visit him for half term!

    He must be totally pissed off now. Shame.

  4. outsideinsider Says:

    The latest KopTalk headlines – pay £30 to read yesterday’s news:

    Real Madrid launch Liverpool attack

    —leads to—

    15/11/07 08:54 AM Real Madrid launch Liverpool attack
    KopTalk Team Administrator
    Real Madrid have hit out at Liverpool for snatching Argentinian youngster Gerardo Bruna.
    The extremely highly-rated 16-year-old turned down a professional deal with the Spanish giants in favour of teaming-up with Rafa Benitez at Anfield and that has left Real youth coach Michel fuming.
    Michel said: “How many young players taken by Liverpool, Chelsea and Arsenal have actually played for their first team?
    “That is what happens all the time in England. When they see someone they like, they take him.
    “They sign the boy to a contract, make all sorts of promises and then put him in their reserves and never give him a competitive game.
    “I was surprised when Bruna left because he had been with us for three years and, as soon as he was about to mature, Liverpool took him.”

    As first reported on NewsNow 24 hours earlier by Tribal Football. Also reported today by Goal.com, Daily Telegraph, Setanta, Sky Sports, LFC Online, PremiershipLatest, CaughtOffside, ITV Football


    Reds star responds to criticism

    —leads to—

    15/11/07 12:16 PM Reds star responds to criticism
    KopTalk Team Administrator
    Liverpool striker Dirk Kuyt has responded to the recent criticism aimed at him.
    The Dutch hitman isn’t looking as dangerous as he should be and despite getting chances, he hasn’t been converting them. We feel he’s lacking confidence and we’re adamant that he’s deployed too deep.
    Kuyt said: “I can understand the criticism. It makes sense since I missed three great chances against Blackburn Rovers. But people say that I’m in crisis, and to them I must respond that I don’t feel that way.
    “If you list the players at Liverpool who’ve shown their best form so far this season, I’d be among the top ones.
    “Liverpool’s rotation system means that often you cannot play two consecutive games. The manager believes that players need to be rested, and so he rotates us.
    “I knew that this would happen when I arrived at Anfield, and if we finish the season in amongst the silverware then Benitez’s decision will have been proved right.
    “You won’t catch me complaining about it.”

    As first reported on NewsNow by Tribal Football more than 24 hours earlier. Also reported on NewsNow by Sky Sports, Goal.com, the Echo, Football 365, Premiership Latest, Football UK, 4thegame.com


    Boss says Carson can go

    —leads to—

    15/11/07 09:15 AM Boss says Carson can go
    KopTalk Team Administrator
    Liverpool boss Rafa Benitez says he won’t stand in the way of Scott Carson’s planned exit from the club.
    Aston Villa want to conclude a permanent deal as soon as possible for Carson who is tipped to become England’s long-term number 1.
    Rafa said: “You can understand that he wants to play. He knows Pepe Reina is top class and that it will be difficult for him to play here.
    “Scott is a good professional and a nice boy. This is a crucial time in his career and he needs to play. At the moment we are concentrating on our own team and our own competitions, but Villa can decide if they want to keep the player.
    “At the moment we have Pepe, Charles Itandje and David Martin as goalkeepers so we can manage the situation okay.”

    As reported on NewsNow by the offal, Goal.com, LFC Online, Premiership Latest, Express & Star, Setanta, Metro, ClubCall, Daily Telegraph, EatSleepSport, Sky Sports, BBC Sport, The Guardian, Pink Football


    Injury update

    —leads to—

    15/11/07 09:19 AM Injury update
    KopTalk Team Administrator
    Liverpool boss Rafa Benitez has provided an injury round-up today.
    The good news is that Daniel Agger could return for the trip to Newcastle on November 24th but sadly Xabi Alonso is definitely out.
    Rafa said: “Agger is improving a lot, and he has started running now.
    “Yossi Benayoun is with the physios now. We will have to see if he is fit for Newcastle, it’s still too early to say. He and Agger are maybes but perhaps it will be easier for Agger than for Benayoun.
    “Xabi should start running in the next week but he is a no for Newcastle, for sure.”

    As reported on NewsNow by the offal, TeamTalk, Evening Echo, Football 365, Setanta, Daily Telegraph, Anfield Online, Goal.com, Sky Sports, ITV Football

    And finally, some Oldham bullshit. He may have taken the news from one of the posters on other free LFC forums who do have insider information. But I checked the most obvious candidates and none of them has said anything about Garay. So it seems it’s the same old Oldham crap – latch onto a story that has already broken but which he knew nothing about. Then pretend he’s in the know by taking a 50/50 bet – but adding in an “as of today’s date” get-out clause just in case.

    Reds respond to transfer bid reports

    —leads to—

    15/11/07 11:56 AM Reds (indirectly) respond to transfer bid claims
    KopTalk Team Administrator
    Liverpool Football Club won’t be making a move for £10million-rated Racing Santander defender Ezequiel Garay. Credible sources report that the player has been watched but that as of today’s date, no January bid is planned.

  5. Laugher Says:

    The Garay link was dismissed by Tony Barratt in the Echo today.


    (It’s near the end of the Kuyt article).

    This appeared this morning.

  6. outsideinsider Says:

    Thanks Laugher – apologies for missing that.

  7. fantastic five Says:

    Looks like the new koptalk chatroom on stickam died a quick and painless death. Never saw anyone other than mods in there. Well, i have set up an alternative chatroom on there so if Dunk (yes you, we know you read this!) would like to come on and put the record straight, here is an opportunity. Stop pretending you are some media mogul, celebrity, confidant of the club and general messiah and admit, like the rest of us, you get all your information from the press.

  8. Laugher Says:

    Dunk’s allowing occasional comments to appear on his You-Tube video blobcasts but not all comments. He even allowed one on that mention his touting but didn’t answer the question.

    Instead of saying “I don’t tout” he just ignores the question. Probably forgotten what he’s admitted to and not admitted to by now.

  9. kraptalk_addict Says:

    Yes he is being selective in what is to be posted. He’s letting insulting posts go up but valid questions are not allowed. Basically what he’s doing is trying to make his ever decreasing flock feel sorry for him and rally behind against the ‘rejects’.

  10. Tubby Says:

    I think its time some more anti-KT vids were made. heres an oldie: http://au.youtube.com/watch?v=pNgF0xDHYpo

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