Rehashed Bascombe and Repeated Lies

As promised, we’ve continued to keep you all aware of the bull being cranked out at KopTalk Towers, though I’m not entirely sure why we’re bothering, because you can read it all first on NewsNow, icLiverpool and many other sites. It’s where Oldham gets it himself, after all.

Today’s rehashed ‘big story’ comes, once again, from Chris Bascombe’s latest piece in the News of the World. Oldham habitually used Bascombe’s stories when he wrote for the Liverpool Echo, often reporting news and then stating that it was ‘confirmed by the local media’. Strangely, then as now, KopTalk never had anything concrete before other news outlets ran with it. A case in point was the Babel transfer when, after linking us incessantly with Mancini and Quaresma all summer, he found himself completely wrongfooted by reality when Bascombe broke the story. Just what are his members paying for?

#78267 – 11/11/07 08:53 AM Gillett and Hicks bust-up rocks Anfield
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Liverpool FC’s new owners George Gillett and Tom Hicks have been involved in a bust-up over the way the club’s new stadium will be financed.

It is claimed that Gillett is concerned that the club will be left with a debt of £500m despite making promises that this wouldn’t be the case when they came in. Hicks on the other hand is prepared to push through the high-risk refinancing plans. While Hicks has a reputation for not caring what people think, Gillett is seen as an honest and upfront guy, which is why he doesn’t want to be seen as going back on his word.

Tensions between the duo is said to be at an all-time high with Gillett unhappy that he has been pushed aside despite initially coming in as the main partner. Both camps have now employed seperate accountancy firms and Anfield insiders fear that one of the two partners may have to go as it’s starting to look like they can’t work together.

KOPTALK reported recently that former Liverpool chairman David Moores was demanding talks for explanations as to why verbal agreements would be broken, those talks haven’t been forthcoming as yet. Although powerless to do anything, Moores still feels responsible for the situation that is developing.

Manager Rafael Benitez has expressed concerns several times in the past about the lack of communication from ‘above’ and he still remains unconvinced that the backing is there to make a huge difference in the transfer market.

Hack Chris Bascombe runs a report in today’s News Of The World titled ‘Kop Owners In Split Fear’ which backs up everything we’ve been feeling for some months. No doubt it will be played down but with Bascombe now no longer having to toe-the-line in the local press, his new independent coverage working for one of the nationals could prove a real bonus to supporters.

KOPTALK was the only Liverpool FC website in the world to be invited to Gillett’s and Hicks’ set-ups in Canada and America earlier this year when both men took over the club. We’ve spoken several times to both men and have communicated via email since getting a foot in the door – Gillett even joined this site as a paying member.

We’ve kept our views on each party to ourselves although more recently we have dropped hints as to our real feelings. For now we’re keeping out of it to see what develops but if we have to put forward our own controversial views at a later day, then we’ll have no problem in doing so, if it turns out that the club has been had.

Where to start with this one?

Oldham did indeed visit Montreal and Dallas, but certainly not at the invitation of the two owners. Instead, he imposed himself on their hospitality. In Canada, he didn’t even get to meet George Gillett; in the US, he had a brief, courtesy meeting with Tom Hicks, which was anything but the lengthy summit he attempted to portray it as. See those links for detailed articles on those topics.

The only e-mail communications since then will have been cease-and-desist orders after Oldham’s outrageous lies throughout the spring of confidences supposedly entrusted to him by both gentlemen, such as how he facilitated contact between them and a potential new CEO because the club had been run ‘as a joke’ by Parry or promises of a £100M transfer fund that he later tried to deny.

Notice Oldham’s careful phrasing regarding George Gillett’s membership of KopTalk. He says that he joined, but he doesn’t say that it’s current. That’s because it isn’t. Mr Gillett cancelled his membership in KopTalk as soon as he discovered the truth about the site. In fact, we received assurances by e-mail from his office that the account was never used and the first and last log-in occurred when the cancellation facility was activated. Several blog contributors have copies of these e-mails. Soon afterwards, Oldham removed links to the owners’ other franchises, adopted a harsher editorial line against them and began scouring the net for negative articles about them to reproduce on KopTalk.

I’m sure that Oldham’s threat to air his ‘controversial views’ won’t even register for Liverpool or the owners. Of what consequence will they be, when so few fans will see them and even fewer will believe them? We’re witnessing the last gasps of a dying site and his continuing lies can only hasten its end.

6 Responses to “Rehashed Bascombe and Repeated Lies”

  1. Dr Proctor Says:

    He’s scraping the bottom of the barrel there!

    Desperate bullshit.

  2. Laugher Says:

    Who did he write that bullshit for exactly? If I didn’t know better i’d assume he was writing just so that the readers here could laugh their backsides off at him all over again!

  3. when will they learn Says:

    Why does he write in the 3rd person.? The guy has serious mental issues

  4. when will they learn Says:

    not specifically this article, but its always, “as the edtior previously stated” You are the fucking editor fatboy so stop taking news and saying you had the insiders and ffs, who believes the bullshit that you had to hold back information at the request of the club/press when you supposedly do not “toe the line” and “ask questions the others darent”

  5. outsideinsider Says:

    The latest KopTalk headline:

    Parry’s date with agent this week

    —leads to—

    12/11/07 11:50 AM Parry’s date with agent this week
    KopTalk Team Administrator
    Liverpool chief executive Rick Parry will sit down again with Javier Mascherano’s representatives on Thursday of this week to discuss a permanent deal.

    Preliminary talks have already taken place and we understand (but can’t confirm) that this is a second meeting.

  6. Ian Says:

    HAHA let him fucking quote him. Bascombe’s lost all credibility with LFC fans after the last two articles from NOTW.

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