"Unwaged" KopTalk owner boasts about the expensive gadgets his scams allow him to buy

Apologies again for the recent lack of activity on here. The simple truth is that nothing of interest has been happening on KopTalk. In short, Duncan Oldham seems to be trying to bore us into submission.
As a current Koptalk member said in a comment on the blog last night: “It’s abundantly clear you have won your war on Koptalk: hardly any members posting and next to no gossip … I am not renewing, but I am keeping my membership till in runs out in Feb assuming they don’t close sooner.”

But please rest assured that we are still scrutinising everything Oldham and his cronies say – and we’ll continue doing so until he finally stops conning Liverpool fans and dragging the name of our club through the mud.

The newly reopened Koptalk free forums represent Oldham’s last hope of attracting new victims to his scam site. And even someone as pig thick as Oldham knows that search engines will bring as many people to this blog as to his free site. As a result, he is desperately trying not to provide us with any ammunition. It won’t last, of course – the pathological liar will be storing up all his bullshit for the run-up to the January transfer window.

With so little happening on Koptalk, we’ve taken the opportunity to trawl through the blog’s archives. During any future periods of inactivity, we’ll be revisiting some of Oldham’s most repugnant and ridiculous lies, as well as providing round-ups of various ongoing themes to make it easier for newcomers to navigate the site.

We’ll also be providing a comprehensive report on the stories behind those enticing KopTalk front page headlines for anyone who has come across the blog after joining the KT free site. In the meantime, this is a round-up of the past couple of weeks on KopTalk:

Firstly, here are some recent images of Duncan Oldham. This is what years of cynically ripping off LFC fans does to a man. Oldham often claims that his “rivals”, which is how he refers to anybody who points out that he’s a repugnant con artist, are “jealous” of him. I defy anybody to wish they were the scarcely-human creature below:

Fat Oldham 1



If anyone has any doubts about how dull KopTalk is nowadays, this is about as exciting as things have got recently – Duncan Oldham had taken a photograph of cloud. We aren’t making this up…

01:10 PM A photo I took
Dunk Administrator
Nothing interesting here, move along… I just thought it looked a bit freaky as it hovered above me
[photo of a cloud]

Here’s the screenshot:


Oldham has finally taken the Riise wage slip down from his front page. It won’t have done him any good – the images had been doing the rounds for a good few days before he put them up. But it comes as no surprise to see Oldham yet again trying to capitalise on any troubles which befall Liverpool players – he did the same thing with reports of Owen gambling, his concerted campaign against Fowler, the malicious rumours which were circulating about Gerrard’s private life and tabloid reports regarding Pennant.

And if the papers aren’t providing him with enough dirt, Oldham will just make up some poisonous bullshit himself, as he did with laughable claims that he had a tape of Crouch giving an interview to The S*n and that Bellamy had been involved in a bust-up at Melwood just before a Merseyside derby.

Duncan Oldham does this because he despises LFC – the club, its players and its fans. He only cares about them in so far as they can be cynically used to line his own pockets.

After years of making a fool of himself by posting on KopTalk during, or immediately before and after, matches he had claimed he would be attending, Oldham has finally come up with a ready-made excuse. As anybody who has read his “insider” stories will know, Oldham loves get-out clauses. So if he makes the same mistake again – and we all know he will – it won’t be because he now lives in Spain and hasn’t dared go to a match for years. It will be because he’s using his PDA:

07/10/07 01:38 PM Living on the net?
Dunk Administrator
While sat inside Anfield (and other stadiums), I use my PDA to browse these forums. I don’t do it in-play but I do have a nosey before kick off and at half time for example (never at full time mind because of the traffic!). I even do this when at reserve games. It’s tricky and slow so it’s not great but I do like to make sure that people are doing what they should be

I also have a laptop at the side of my bed so I can browse the web when I wake up in the early hours… I have an internet enabled computer in every room in the house apart from the bathroom… I always travel with the laptop even if I pop out for just a half hour drive… and while watching a film at the cinema or at home I’m signed into MSN on my PDA…

It’s my job to keep in touch but is this a bit too much? I’m worried where technology will take me next… buy in saying that, how about an internet enabled watch… surely there must be one

We’ll comment more about how someone who claims not to earn any money from his site can afford such items later. But before that we’d like to point out the paranoia in Oldham’s words. He wants his members to feel that he’s always watching them. And Oldham has good reason to be paranoid – he’s too stupid to notice the sly digs these members are making at him and his lackeys. We won’t reproduce their posts here, for fear of getting them banned. But we will reprint a couple of comments even the pig-thick Oldham will have picked up on.

We’ve often criticised Koptalk’s few remaining members for not asking Oldham a host of glaringly obivous questions. In fairness, there’s a very good reason why they don’t – they know they would be banned instantly. An advert for The S*n can stay up on KopTalk for weeks but any dissenting comments will be usually be removed within a couple of minutes.

Even so, some of them have finally plucked up the courage to speak their mind:

Duncan. You are such a [oops]. Why do you not respond to critical emails. Cause you’re a fat ugly useless [oops]. Your website is doomed and you know it you geordie [oops]. Enjoy yourelf while you you can. you [oops]


02/11/07 09:28 PM Re: favourite thread ever [Re: Moomoo]
where has pool78 gone? Never see him post anymore.

02/11/07 09:31 PM Re: favourite thread ever [Re: darnells]
i think he was dunk

While we can’t help but agree with these sentiments, there are more important questions his members should be asking, above all why he hasn’t provided proof that he has attended any of the home games he claimed he had tickets and accommodation sorted out for at the start of the season. Oldham has still found the time to post videos of Steve taking a shower and Katie showing off her tits but, even though we’re now into the fourth month of the season, we’ve still had no evidence that he has been to a single match. That’s because he’s conned so many Liverpool fans that he’s been too frightened to go to one for years. He didn’t bother when he lived couple of hundred miles away in Wallsend, so there’s no chance he’ll turn up now he resides in Spain.

Returning to an earlier point, we’re baffled as to how someone who claims on the current KopTalk home page that “We’re not here to make money, we’re here to pay the bills and every single penny we receive in advertising or membership subscriptions we re-invest into the site” can claim to have “a PDA, a laptop and an internet enabled computer in every room in the house” .

And these aren’t the only fruits of his years of conning Liverpool fans with his lies about “insider” contacts, his scam charity appeals, his sale of fake merchandise, his non-existent book and his illegal share options in his site.

Here are a few more examples of the luxuries Duncan Oldham has treated himself to with money he has conned out of trusting Liverpool fans:

07:29 PM Re: Apple iPhone warning proves true [Re: X]
Dunk Administrator
I’ll be getting one. I just wish it had been on another network as I hate O2. I guess I’ll have to swallow my pride and go back to them 😦

12/09/2007 by Dunk.
During the last year I’ve been travelling all over the world. We’ve been to America, Canada, France, Malta, Portugal and Spain.
One of my favourite interests is horse racing… obviously I don’t ride them lol! My favourite race track is Wetherby which is why I recently bought a property there.
I’m fortunate in that I also have family overseas (me mam). I recently bought a lovely pad close to where me mam lives so when England’s getting too depressing and cold I can **** off on a flight and escape things for a few days.
At the moment I tend to do a week or two home and then a week or two away depending on Liverpool’s fixtures.

Re: Audio / Home Cinema System Help Required [Re: The Reaper]
Dunk Administrator Site Editor
I have the Xbox 360 hooked up to a HDTV projector. This in turn is connected to the the computer so that I can access my music on the 360. The ipod is also connected to the 360 by USB.
The sound is pumped around the room by a home cinema system making 360 games sound very, very realistic in terms of (racing, war games etc).
The multi-sat system is connected to the PC so I can watch the footy on the pc or the big screen. Alternatively I can also use the projection screen as the computer’s monitor using a wireless keyboard.

Re: Audio / Home Cinema System Help Required [Re: dishykev]
Dunk Administrator Site Editor
Originally Posted By: dishykev – “Get an XBOX 360 Elite, the HD player that comes as seperate and the Pioneer XBOX 360 surround sound system,which is meant to be awesome and comes in at £199.99 at play.com, might get a good deal on the HD DVD player and Xbox Elite too.”

Just ordered the elite. Will report back soon 🙂

06:25 PM Macbook Pro or iMac or Mac Pro
Dunk Administrator Site Editor
The time has come… what do I go for?
I have several laptops and several PC’s.. probably around 20 here just for KopTalk stuff!
But I don’t know what to go for?
Is it stupid buying another laptop? I bought one with an integrated webcam only a few weeks ago. But then again, I also have tons of PC’s.
Why am I getting one? Because everyone keeps telling me I must have one!!!!!

May 16th, 2006
I’d alwalys wanted a Merc as a kid. . I remember back in 1999/2000 looking into a second hand car showroom window late one night. I said to Maria, “You see that (2nd hand Merc worth £16k), even I won’t be able to afford a second hand Merc in my life.”
6 years on and I’ve just ordered my 4th. I had a CLK Coupe and then went into a Cabriolet. I was never keen on convertibles but I knew the kids would love it. My mates never believe me though when I say that is the only reason I bought one. So I had a black Cabriolet, then sold it for a silver one which I have now but I miss the black which is why I went back to see Dave, even though my current motor’s only 11 months old.
I’ll cut a long story short and will just say that I agreed to dig deep and buy the Sport edition. I’ve got all the specs I want that I’ve become used to. They’re coming to collect my current car on Sunday and then it’ll be a case of sitting tight until mine is delivered direct from Germany.
I’m just one of the lads at the end of the day. So I have a nice car, well I plough all my money into things that I can show for my money. For example, I have a nice 52″ TV at home.

https://koptalkinsider.wordpress.com/2006/12/15/unwaged-liverpool-fc-conman-purchases-home-in-new-york/ 02:35 PM FAO Smoove
Couldn’t get through this morning. Will be arriving at JFK an hour later than planned. Call my U.S. cell phone or I’ll try and connect to MSN.

03:13 PM Re: FAO Smoove [Re: Markb1]
That’s exactly why I didn’t! Just bought a nice house over here. It’s a different world mate.

03:19 PM Re: FAO Smoove [Re: Markb1]
Originally Posted By: Markb1 – “what part dunk.”

New York State

03:33 PM Re: FAO Smoove [Re: Markb1]
I’ve been active in the property market for some time with a couple of friends. It’s taken nearly a year for this one to be sorted but Smoove’s brother has been a great help.
The best thing is buying, doing up and selling or buying to rent out. This one’s for me though, I love it out here and with Steve now running the site and learning more and more stuff, it means I can concentrate on things away from the net.
I have to decide whether to base Steve in Liverpool or leave him where he is. The good thing is though that thanks to the internet we can run an office as if we’re still in the same building thanks to even the most basic of software such as MSN and Skype for free video calling.

7 Responses to “"Unwaged" KopTalk owner boasts about the expensive gadgets his scams allow him to buy”

  1. red from oz Says:

    [b]”We’re not here to make money, we’re here to pay the bills and EVERY SINGLE PENNY WE RECIEVE IN advertising or membership subscriptions we re-invest into the site” [/b]

    52″ tv`s,computers in every room,world trips,properties overseas,mercs,a cabriolet delivered directly to his door from germany.
    not bad for someone who is unwaged and who only wants to pay the bills,and re-invests EVERY SINGLE PENNY he makes back into the site.

  2. deiseach Says:

    I presume we are not meant to believe he has any of this stuff? Nasa would be embarrassed by such ostentation

  3. Tubby Says:

    DUnk really is a FAT DOPEY CUNT KON

  4. chapeau du soleil Says:

    those photos are disgusting – I think you really need to put a warning on

  5. felix Says:

    Don’t forget the kraptalk van he supposedly bought last season.

    Wasn’t it being fitted with computers so he could update site from outside the ground ?

    I think the only use he has had from it (if it exists) has been moving his belongings to Spain.

  6. Tubby Says:

    You mean this van?

  7. felix Says:

    Yes !!!

    I was hoping someone would post that again.

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