KopTalk members beware of the scam site's new PayPal con

A former KopTalk member, Carl, has contacted the blog to warn people about yet another PayPal con being perpetrated by KopTalk.

In short, if you are a former KopTalk member who has been asked to cancel a PayPal dispute by Steve, Katie or Dunk so they can give you a refund themselves, refuse point blank to do so. It’s yet another cynical ruse by them to avoid giving former members what they are due.

The auto-renewal feature on all PayPal subscriptions to KopTalk has probably earned Duncan Oldham thousands of pounds over the years. Any former KopTalk members reading this who have not already done so should take a look at the sticky at the top of this page to find out how to make sure the auto-renewal feature isn’t still in effect on their PayPal account. And any present KopTalk members would be well advised to do the same – that way it will be your own choice, not Oldham’s, as to whether you decide to renew your membership when your current subscription runs out.

The blog has helped former members to make repeated complaints to PayPal about Oldham’s failure to advise members about the auto-renewal feature when they join, as well as his tendency to drag his heels when it comes to making refunds. As a result, whereas in the past Oldham would have banned any member the moment they dared to raise the subject of the auto-renewal, he has recently had to point them in the direction of an obscure page of the KopTalk support site when they mention it.

But it transpires that Oldham and his partners in crime have come up with a new ploy to avoid paying back former members what they are legally owed.

Carl had realised that KopTalk was a waste of his money and his time, and repeatedly emailed Oldham to cancel his membership. He received no reply but assumed that because his SMS alerts had ceased, his membership must also have been cancelled. But 12 months later, he was billed again. He naturally launched a PayPal dispute and contacted KopTalk to ask for an explanation. Steve replied telling Carl that he would be refunded the money he was owed as soon as the PayPal dispute was cancelled. On complying with Steve’s request, KopTalk, safe in the knowledge that Carl could not open another PayPal dispute, informed him he would receive no refund – even though PayPal told him they had given the payment to KopTalk and KopTalk had previously admiited receiving it.

Here’s Carl’s story in full:

Joined 3 years ago, quickly realised the forum was full of humourless morons and the insider stuff was no more insider info than you could find out off any scouse cab driver. I left the site alone after 2 months, but because I live in Australia I let them keep me listed thinking my subscription would run out in a year – I was happy to receive the sms scores and team sheets.
Then a year later was billed again, I decided it was my fault for not asking to be removed and I got back into the online aspect. For about two months I read the sites pages. I was even one of those people who offered him support and chatted in agreement with all the other twats in the forum about what lowlife scumbags the people who run Kraptalk must be to persecute Dunk because he’s “running a successful website and making a quid”. We all agreed the Kraptalk people must be sad indeed to devote so much time to try and bring an honest man like Dunk down to their level etc, etc, etc.

Basically Dunk’s scam is to make money off of the good name of the club and the city’s people. Nobody would believe that a fellow red would rip them off, and this is how the thing continues. I think your site needs to
place more emphasis on warning people about the automatic PayPal billing that Koptalk sets up and does not switch off.

Anyway – after another two months of being in the forums now and then I got sick of the clique bullshit and the downright ignorance and this time when I left and wanted to make sure I would not be billed again. So I
emailed Dunk and asked to be removed from the membership and not billed again. I sent repeated emails asking if I would be billed again, but Dunk did not reply. The sms messages stopped and I decided that
I must have been removed as requested and did not expect to be billed again.

A year later I was billed again. I launched a PayPal investigation and opened a Koptalk support ticket asking why I had been billed. Paypal said it was an authorised automatic subscription that would repeat
yearly for ever until I switched it off. Steve from Koptalk stressed that I could of had the money back If I had not launched a Paypal investigation but said now he had to wait while the investigation decided what was
going to happen. He emailed me a link to Koptalk’s rules and told me that I should get the money no problem as soon as PayPal backed off. I emailed PayPal and explained that I had been assured the money would be returned and told them to cancel the investigation. PayPal said it was an automatic subscription and I should ask for the money back from Koptalk. I told Steve I had cancelled the investigation and would like the money back.

I received an email from a girl at Koptalk linking me to a different page of their rules which said I can not have the money back and I’m stuck with another year’s membership. I emailed back and said I wanted to
deal with Steve because he had assured me the money would be returned. Steve emailed back saying PayPal were holding things up. I checked PayPal and there was absolutely nothing going on, case closed. They had given Koptalk the money and told me to get it back myself as Koptalk were so friendly and had promised it back.

Then I checked my Koptalk support tickets on this matter which had all been closed without resolve. I started another support ticket (it had been going on for about 6 weeks at this stage) and told Steve if he was not going to refund the money he could at least renew my membership, because I have recently changed jobs and no longer work in an office with all day to be launching Koptalk support tickets and talking to twats online. I could at least then receive the scores via sms. Steve replied and said he would be happy to give me the year’s membership I had just paid for, if I could solve the mystery of the missing subscription fee which PayPal say they have given Koptalk, and Koptalk are denying having received after previously having admitted to receiving!

I wrote an email to Steve explaining to him that I find it hard to comprehend any business / website operating with this ethic of ripping people off and spending hours refuting refund requests. But I did not send the email because I began to realised the whole thing is a scam and that every member will get shafted in this way when they leave Koptalk at least once – if they are lucky. Most people will be shafted at least
twice, the first time blaming themselves for not specifically demanding to be removed from the subscription list, and the second time realising that the PayPal automatic payment set up by Koptalk is a separate entity with a life of its own.

In closing, keep up the good work, it is nothing short of criminal to trade off of Liverpool’s good name and then rip people off. I hope people who are members of Koptalk read this and learn how to switch off the automatic
payments and retain the right to decide for themselves if they with to renew their memberships. And I hope Steve from Koptalk reads this because this is what happens when you rip people off. Word gets around.


10 Responses to “KopTalk members beware of the scam site's new PayPal con”

  1. onefinalpush Says:

    Can I suggest that Carl files a claim in the small claims court http://www.moneyclaim.gov.uk for the total amount of moneys stolen from him (3x£30 or similar). If you want to foward his address onto me I will happily recieve documents at my address for Carl seeing that he lives in Australia.

  2. lfc_1892 Says:

    Carl, you should do what ‘onefinalpush’ says. Don’t let Duncon off the hook. He is such a thieving ***. I see that Steve is also picking up how to con people. We Liverpool fans should stand up and give this thieving idiot a kick up down south.

  3. red from oz Says:

    someone needs to kick the shit out of that big eared spastic ,steve.
    fucking cowardly little prick blatantly ripping liverpool fans off from behind a computer and mobile phone.
    it`s sickening the way he lies and decieves decent people who have paid money in good faith.
    fuck me dead is there a police force in england any more?
    how can these maggotts get away with it time and time and time and time again.
    where is this cunt from trading standards who is supposed to be investigating these shitbags.

    your time will come steve you pathetic little retard.
    you`re a good for nothing,big eared thieving spastic.
    you and your oxygen bandit master will both have your day.
    you are both pathetic ,despicable creatures.

  4. deiseach Says:

    The amount of effort they put in to dishonestly keep peoples £30 – if they put that effort into some honest work, they’d be much better off.

  5. Tom Says:

    Utterly shocking. The bare-faced nerve of it.

  6. Bazza76 Says:

    nothing surprises me any more when it comes to Dunk, I am not surprised at all by this, and I am surprised it is only happening now.
    Having said that, they tried it on with me too, but i got my money back fairly sharpish after i sent the fat bollocks an email.

  7. mark3 Says:

    Pass it on to Trading Standards in Wallsend (see previous posts in the forums). If you have copies of Steve’s emails they are legal documents and can be used as part of a claim against Oldham and his “staff”. Spain is a full EU member so he cannot escape legal action if instigated against him.

  8. when will they learn Says:

    and the big question is……….Will fat boy actually make a game at anfield this year? with the bigger question being, why have none of his members asked why he has not backed up his pre-season claims about having accomodation booked up already and attending every game?

  9. Dunk Says:

    Looks like I win – you guys seem to have shut down yet I still go on informing and satisfying real Liverppol fans.

  10. 1892 Insider Says:

    Firstly, we’ve gone nowhere. We continue to monitor KopTalk and we report anything of note. However, we won’t post here for the sake of it so, if there’s nothing happening there, then nothing appears here.

    Secondly, unless Dunk’s upped sticks to Michigan, then this is another hoax. The man himself has had an open right of reply here since the blog’s inception and he has singularly failed to address any of the criticism levelled at him.

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