Koptalker demands Dunk book apology

Goawatson a paying Koptalk member isn’t happy at having paid a £5 deposit for Dunks book Anfield Exposed and not receiving any updates.

(KopTalk VIP)
Wed Oct 17 2007 03:07 AM
A grumble and a moan: Dunks Invisible Book!!
I am just asking the question as this seems to have just been brushed under the carpet and forgotten about.Now i know that I only paid a fiver towards this ‘amazing full of secret information’ book but there was probably a lot of fivers paid and for us not to get any updates or anything then I personally feel this is quite poor.The fiver is nothing but obviously if there is never going to be a book then i would like it back with maybe an apology to the site for promising something that isn’t coming.I for one was looking forward to a different view of what happens behind the scenes at Anfield but if this is nevere going to happen then i would prefer to give my �5 to a homeless person or to charity, if i am to receive nothing for it, than to someone who is probably already quite afluent in the cash department.Could you please give us an update Dunk as I have been waiting over two years and I am sure other people have been waiting longer!!
(KopTalk VIP)
Wed Oct 17 2007 05:45 AM
Re: A grumble and a moan: Dunks Invisible Book!!
Your post was originally moved to the Board Room so that I could see it when I checked in, that way I don’t miss things that need a response. More like it contained some criticism! I have posted numerous times on here that I have no intentions to publishing the book until the day KopTalk is no more. Now that isn’t what you’ve said in years gone by. The book was set to be “released at the end of the season/year” numerous times. I think it’s a bad idea to bring this out while still involved with the site because people will want to try and identify certain people in the book i.e. there will be lots of discussions here about various things and identities. I also think that some people will try and make it even more difficult for KopTalk to exist by touching on certain things that they would rather were left alone.When I originally announced my decision to write a book I was naive in that a) I didn’t realise how hard it would be and b) just how much interest it would attract. and c) that a blog would be set up and monitor all my actions not allowing me to get away with stealing everyones £5 deposit as you had wanted to do.
I didn’t think that many people would be interested which is why I tried to work out interest by offering people the opportunity to place a small pre-order deposit as I would be publishing it myself so I would need to make sure I could cover the publication costs.Every single person who placed a pre-order deposit can either a) wait until I’m ready to go with it How long will the wait be Dunk? or b) open a support ticket at http://www.koptalk.info and ask for a refund. If that refund is not forthcoming – for example, if you want to believe conspiracy theories that suggest I banked the money to build a new mansion in Dubai or similar – simply post so here on these forums for everyone to see :) You have banked the money Oldham, and are now only offering a refund because of the ongoing investigations by north tyneside Trading Standards and Alan Burnett. The book isn’t full of ‘amazing secret information’ nor does it attack anyone at LFC Hmm thats how I seem to remember it was marketed, infact if you don’t believe me people take a look for yourself (click here) – remember, I’m a Liverpool fan and I love the club as much as you. It doesn’t portray the club in a bad light at any time nor any individual at the club. You might want to check the link I’ve included above again. It’s a book about the experiences I’ve had since starting this website from a bedroom at home and the things I’ve gone through. The good and the bad. Yes there’s some things in there that I think people will find very interesting, yes I would love to have run the book a long time ago but I’m so glad I didn’t.

While annoying that you’ve been waiting, I can’t get any fairer than a) posting from time to time on the site that I decided not to run the book until KopTalk is no more and b) that anyone who placed a pre-order deposit can simply request it back. or c) admit that the book was another huge scam and I had no intention of writing one. Request it back now for example and I’ll see Steve/Katie whoever deals with this straight away. It’s not a problem. This applies to anyone and anyone who suggests that isn’t how we deal with things here are telling porkies.

When I don’t do the site any more all I’m going to do is write. I’d rather do that now than run the site but in doing so I’d be closing the door on a lot of good people, many of whom I call my friends. So for now, this project remains on hold until I am ready. Is there a timescale on when you will be ready? I’m just pleased that our jealous and banned members etc lol Don’t make me laugh critics like to feature things like this because it creates more awareness and every time they do, we receive a flood of fresh enquiries. Of course you do Dunkon! When people open a support ticket asking if they can pre-order the book they’re now told, like they have been for the last few years, that they will have to wait until the infamous time has come. Because Trading Standards have been intouch havn’t they.

I’d like to thank you for your support and I’d like to invite you and anyone else this applies to to simply open a ticket and get them to sort you out. If they don’t, come to me.


And finally a little snippet I thought could make for an interesting thread if I post something along the lines of “Maybe you could ask Dunk for a room at the Koptalk Hotel or if you could sleep in a spare room in Chris Waddle’s old West Derby house.” I had to refrain from posting that though, I thought maybe it was abit to obvious I was a blogger 😉

Raoul Duke
(KopTalk VIP)
Tue Oct 16 2007 04:43 PM
my stag in liverpool. hotel needed
hi guys im having my stag in liverpool in july 2008. i am just doing a bit of pricing at the moment . flights are cheap so i will get them booked very soon. but i want a hotel. a basic hotel in the city centre area. it must have double rooms. hold our 16 guests.have ensuite faciltys. thats it. basic but not a dump either. any tips guys?

3 Responses to “Koptalker demands Dunk book apology”

  1. silent but deadly Says:

    There’s a RaoulD on YNWA. He seems reasonably sensible when he posts there.

  2. Koptalk Outsider Says:

    Raoul Duke is wezo23’s new nickname.

  3. Bored Says:

    If Raoul Duke really is Wezo, then I’ll get in touch with him. I should be able to sell him two tents and a map of Liverpool for about 10 grand.

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