Desperate Dunk Re-Opens the KopTalk Free Forums

KopTalk was originally conceived by Colin Seaman as a virtual Kop, a place on the internet where Liverpool FC fans from all over the world could convene to talk about the club they love. The cornerstone of this was always a free forum. However, in September 2006, Duncan Oldham closed it down without notice and went pay-only. The efforts of the blog and others opposed to his scams and lies meant that he couldn’t effectively moderate his own community, and membership levels dropped too low for it to be viable.

Since then, though, deprived of the stream of curious free forumites signing up, and delisted from NewsNow, he has struggled to replace those who have left his subscription site. After months of his failure to stem the exodus of members, despite embarrassing and expensive trips to Montreal, Dallas and La Manga, Duncan Oldham has gone back to the future in a last, desperate gamble to save his ailing site: he’s re-opened his free forums.

When Oldham first mooted this some weeks ago, I was initially sceptical. Would it go the same way as KopTalk TV (hasn’t happened); the cost-price purchasing and posting out of items from the Club shop to members (hasn’t happened); the KopTalk van, equipped with laptops, beds and satellite feeds (take a wild guess); the KopTalk hotel (errr…); and my personal favourite, the purchase of Chris Waddle’s house in West Derby (a breathtaking lie, even for Oldham)? Then I realised — none of those were going to make him money, but this, he hopes, will.

His new forums will boast a feature unique among all LFC sites and, indeed, among all forums of my personal knowledge, because each and every post will require a moderator’s approval before appearing. This caution shows just how much Oldham is running scared of his own reputation now, as it will surely inhibit fast-moving debate and will furthermore tie up his/Steve’s/Katie’s time. So much for concentrating on the paying members, which was his (false) excuse for winding down the free forums in September 2006!

We’re clearly not the only ones to think that, either…

#54457 – 15/10/07 08:03 PM Re: New Non-Members forum. [Re: Leaderz]
Dunk Dunk Administrator Offline
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Originally Posted By: Leaderz
If every message is going to be moderated in the free forum, then that is going to use up the resources that we are paying for.

Am I the only one worried about this?

The free forum for non members and younger Reds is independent of here. I have people overseeing that who don’t normally deal with the forum moderation here. You won’t notice any difference.

They also act as back-up to here if this server ever goes down.

There’s no news items, articles or juicy gossip etc over there. It’s just a ‘safe’ environment where my own kids can post etc. My girl’s 14 now and it was her idea. She wants to be more involved in her free time and I think it’s a good idea.


No news items, Dunk? Perhaps not on the forum itself but, as we expected, you have started making ‘teaser’ news items available on the front page to non-members, evidently with the hope of fooling them into subscribing and finding more. Shame it’s all a) taken from elsewhere or b) made-up, such as the following gem:

Liverpool star Peter Crouch has ‘indirectly’ hit out at claims that he is refusing to sign a new contract because he hasn’t even been offered one.

The England hitman will be allowed to leave the club either during the January transfer window or next summer providing Rafa Benitez can raise at least £8million from his sale, money that will go towards a fresh move for David Villa.

A source ‘close to the player’ (in newspaper terms this usually means the player himself or his agent), said: “Peter has not rejected a new contract because he hasn’t been offered one.

“They spent the summer months securing several players on new deals and it said everything that Peter was not one of those players asked to secure his future.”

An Anfield insider told KOPTALK: “Although no date has been set to discuss a new contract with him, a date will be found if it looks like the coach is not getting the right feedback he wants from Valencia.”

Tottenham could be a possible destination with Jermaine Defoe coming in the other direction if a high profile replacement cannot be found.

* For the latest on these developments, please check the member areas daily.

Oldham, you have no ‘insiders’ at Anfield. We fully expect you to crank up your bullshit quota in the coming weeks to maintain the interest and make newcomers believe there’s something worth paying for. We’ll be reproducing it all here, so that none of your free members needs to pay £30 to read your fantasy-island musings; in fact, you’ve already started.

#54810 – 16/10/07 01:18 PM Rafa tracking winger
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I was sent an email today from someone high up the chain at Anfield, can’t say how high or it will give it away. Anyways, I’m led to believe that Rafa is VERY INTERESTED in some rookie winger called Lathan Forrester

Where’s that one from? The Echo? YNWA? RAOTL? His inner monologue? If anyone knows, please leave a comment, as I don’t have time to look. All I can say is that it definitely didn’t come from Anfield.

10 Responses to “Desperate Dunk Re-Opens the KopTalk Free Forums”

  1. bigfoot Says:

    But the player in question looked a prospect in the Academy highlights the other week from when Stoke City u-18s played us.

  2. 1892 Insider Says:

    That’s as may be, but there’s no way Dunk had any e-mails from Anfield about him. He probably saw the same highlights as everyone else and came to the same conclusion you have.

    Furthermore, why would saying how ‘high up the chain’ reveal the identity of his ‘source’? It seems to me as if he’s still trying to imply some sort of connection to the new owners.

  3. didihno Says:

    Just been over for a look (it was after all the first forum I ever posted on) and you need to register to even see the forum content!!!
    What a joke.

  4. deiseach Says:

    Dunk and his magical army of Munchkins. Whenever he comes up with some new wheeze there are “people overseeing that who don’t normally deal with the [whatever]” on standby to implement it. Must be grand having these slaves just waiting to leap into action

  5. 1892 Insider Says:

    I’ve had a quick browse of the free forums. As far as I could ascertain, every single topic had been started by one or other of the unholy trinity of Dunk, St3 or Katie, and 90% of all posts were by them, with a few from his junior moderator. The most popular topic, after 2 days of activity, had a less than impressive 39 views.

  6. onefinalpush Says:

    “The most popular topic, after 2 days of activity, had a less than impressive 39 views.”

    Impressive being the key word 😉

  7. Integral Says:


  8. garland Says:

    Please could some-one explain why Rupert doesn’t post here any more.

    I enjoyed being the subject of his lies.

  9. garland Says:

    And No, I am not Dunk!

  10. Homer_jay Says:

    Well you surely are as thick as him!

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