Read the stories behind the KopTalk headlines here and decide if they're worth the money

The original aim of this blog was to reproduce free of charge what Duncan Oldham conned people into paying to read on KopTalk, and in the process demonstrate that Oldham’s site was a complete waste of money. So if anybody has come across the blog while deciding whether it’s worth paying for a KopTalk subscription, we’ll happily reproduce the story behind any “intriguing” KopTalk front page headline so you can make up your own mind.

As we’ve already shown here, all the stories which appear on KopTalk are taken from reports which are freely available on news aggregators such as NewsNow, LFC Post, LFC Live and others – apart from the crap which Oldham makes up himself.

We’ll start with a couple of recent examples of the latter…

11:56 AM EXCLUSIVE: Transfer summit brought forward
KopTalk Team KopTalk
KOPTALK dot COM understands that the annual transfer summits to discuss summer transfer targets are to be brought forward on the insistance of Liverpool’s new owners.
Before every major (summer) transfer window the manager will sit down with the chief executive to discuss possible targets and funding. That information is then conveyed to the board and decisions made. The chief executive then reports back to the manager and plans of intent are drawn up.
Concerns have been addressed to the club’s new owners that in recent years the Reds have missed out on many targets by leaving the recruiting of players until the end of transfer windows which can result in higher prices or competition from other clubs.
According to a club insider, this will no longer be the case.
He said: “Tom [Hicks] wants the [summer] ’08 summit bringing forward by a month at least for budgeting purposes but primarily so that the coach has a good chance of drafting in the personnel that he wants.”


11:17 AM EXCLUSIVE: Duo in talks with Liverpool
KopTalk Team
Liverpool Football Club are busy seeking sponsors for the club’s new stadium and have already held talks with several high profile companies.
Budweiser and Red Bull are included in a potential list of around 10 major organisations. Several have already held talks with the club’s new owners, the rest are due to sit down and hold talks within the next six months.
A source involved in finding new partners for the new stadium (at the very top of the ladder) said in an email to the KopTalk editor: “Major players are wanting to be involved because of the advertising opportunities and because it’s George [Gillett] and Tom [Hicks]. They know that they have the people with expertise and skills to see that there is a future return.
“Budweiser and Red Bull are just two of the companies that have already held talks in Dallas. American Airlines have discussed the idea but there’s been no formal discussions with them.”

Apart from a cheap laugh at these occasional flights of fancy, all you get on KopTalk for your £30 is stories you can read elsewhere on the net for free:

Worrying news today regarding Jim’s future. No need to hit the panic button just yet but let’s hope this one is resolved quickly.

—leads to—

07/10/07 10:56 AM Mascherano quit threat
KopTalk Team Administrator
Liverpool ace Javier Mascherano will reportedly quit Anfield next year if the board don’t offer him a new lucrative contract.
The player is free to talk to others from 1st January and if he strikes a deal with a club he could walk away from Anfield in the summer with Liverpool not receiving a penny.
Talks between the player’s agent Kia Joorabchian are scheduled to take place before January but it will be made perfectly clear that Jim wants a tasty deal to see him over the coming years.
Some of Europe’s elite are already sniffing around him and that includes arch rivals Manchester United.

As reported on that day’s BBC gossip page


Rafa Benitez has been warned that he will not get his own way during the January transfer window.

—leads to—

07/10/07 10:27 AM Reds star won’t be forced out of Anfield
KopTalk Team Administrator
A ‘source’ close to Liverpool striker Peter Crouch insists the player will not be forced out of Anfield during the January transfer window.
The out-of-favour hitman is attracting interest from Spurs and several other clubs and it would appear that the boss is ready to move him on. But if you believe today’s reports, Crouch won’t budge until the summer.
The source said: “It doesn’t matter whether Liverpool want to sell in January, Peter is going nowhere.
“He’s already played in the Champions League and his chances would be limited to clubs not involved in Europe if he moved in the New Year.
“His options will be far greater next summer, when he will only have a year left on his contract.”
People rarely pay much attention to quotes from ‘sources’ who are said to be close to a player. However it’s worth pointing out that many quotes such as hese often come from the players themselves when speaking to journalist friends, using the ‘close source’ tag to protect their identity.

This story had been taken wholesale from that morning’s Sunday Mirror


Liverpool boss Rafa Benitez looks set to receive a couple of transfer bids in the run up to the January transfer window.

—leads to—

07/10/07 10:10 AM Premiership duo planning Anfield raid
KopTalk Team Administrator
Aston Villa and Newcastle United are reportedly preparing bids for Liverpool’s John Arne Riise.
It is claimed that Reds boss Rafa Benitez is prepared to allow the Norwegian to leave Anfield but only when a suitable replacement has been found.
Riise had been tipped to move to Villa during the summer but when the proposed signing of Gabriel Heinze started to look unlikley, the Reds pulled out of transfer negotiations.
January bids look likely but whether or not Rafa would sell at that stage of the season we’ll simply have to wait and see.

A Daily Mail report that Riise may be sold in January had appeared on NewsNow the previous day


Liverpool have been tipped to complete the signing of a highly-rated midfielder in time for next season… this only a couple of months into this season!

—led to—

01/10/07 08:14 AM Midfielder continues to attract attention from Anfield
KopTalk Team Administrator
Reports today claim that Liverpool are still keen on signing Hamilton Academical starlet James McCarthy.
The 16-year-old is wanted by numerous clubs but Liverpool have always been favourites to land him.
However, our interest and speculation concerning his future suddenly went quiet but if you believe the reports today, that’s because Rafa Benitez suggested the player stays where he is until the end of the season when it is claimed we will finally sign him.

As previously reported on NewsNow by The Mirror and the Daily Mail

Liverpool boss Rafa Benitez just never stops. He’s just pulled off a coup that is bound to upset several clubs!

—led to—

29/09/07 03:57 PM Liverpool swoop for Argentine ace
KopTalk Team Administrator
Liverpool have pulled off a major coup by signing Argentine-born football prodigy Gerardo Bruna from Real Madrid.
The 16-year-old midfielder has signed a three-year contract with the Reds due to a loophole in junior contracts which has left Real Madrid stunned as he was their most highly-rated youngster on their books.
Bruna – who is half Spanish and holds an EU passport – has been dubbed the new ‘Lionel Messi’ due to his performances for the Real Madrid junior side.
“That was an offer I just couldn’t refuse,” said the player when asked about the deal.

As previously reported on NewsNow by ClubCall, EatSleepSport and others


Check out the latest photos and team news from Melwood as the lads prepare to face Marseille in the Champions League.

—led to—

The photographs, as ever, were all from the Press Association, and after the blog’s complaints to PA last season Oldham now has to fully credit each individual image. But he still couldn’t resist the following nonsense, pretending he was at Melwood even though he was clearly sat on his sizeable arse in Spain:

03/10/07 10:57 AM Reds train ahead of Marseille clash
KopTalk Team Administrator
Fitness levels look spot on despite the recent departure of Pako and everyone seems to be enjoying the sessions with plenty of banter clearly on display.


Another Sunday, another kiss-and-tell… ZZZzzzzzz.

Oldham was so bored with this story he decided to put it on his front page. It led to the Jermaine Pennant article carried by the News Of The World.


And finally, a classic example of one of KopTalk’s misleading headlines:

Report just added to members area.

—led to—

05:27 PM Arsenal sniffing around midfielder
KopTalk Team
Arsenal are reportedly monitoring one of Liverpool’s potential targets.
16-year-old Nigerian midfielder Rabiu Ibrahim is currently under observation by Rafa’s scouting network and if today’s reports are to believed, the Gunners have been alerted and have started sniffing around.
Ibrahim, who’s on the books of Sporting Lisbon, has been dubbed ‘the new Jay-Jay Okocha’.

4 Responses to “Read the stories behind the KopTalk headlines here and decide if they're worth the money”

  1. bigfoot Says:

    Thx for posting these and showing that most of them are simply ripped from the tabloids. I can’t say I’ve missed Koptalk one bit since my subs expired, though I would be interested to know how active the site is these days in terms of posters etc.

  2. Says:

    @bigfoot: It has fuck all posters, new topics, new replies or new members. 99% of posts come from Dunk and Kronies with a few coming from Wezo23 and X.

  3. Bored Says:

    Enjoyed a nice carvery lunch today – roast beef, gammon and turkey, with all the trimmings. Poor Dunk’s had to make do with another poor attempt at the same as his mum burns yet another version made with not quite the right ingredients.

    Anyway, I’m glad I’m not a member if this stuff on the outside tells you how bad it is inside…

    (From the shout box)
    (richt71) oh katie’s gone all bashful
    (Katie) haha not at all
    (richt71) secret luvvv talk hey
    (Katie) yup 😉
    (richt71) cool about time u got sum manlove 😉
    (Katie) man love is the future
    (richt71) mmm.. women on women is the way ….i’ll record for ‘study’ ‘_
    (Katie) yeah im sure rich
    (richt71) suppppppper slowwwwwwwww study 😉
    (richt71) all 3 secondsssssss
    (Katie) sounds great rich 😉
    (richt71) ‘sounds great’ – where you listening outside…again?
    (Katie) yes
    (richt71) scary person!
    (Katie) it’s scary mary actually thank you!
    (richt71) yes mistress 😉
    (Katie) are you listening to me here?
    (Katie) i said scary mary!
    (richt71) sorry miss scary mary…will I be punished? 😉
    (Katie) yes
    (richt71) I’m waitingggg…come on give it to me
    (richt71) oh yes ur angry…U punish me more when angry
    (Katie) haha
    (richt71) thats stumped u young lady 🙂
    (richt71) lol
    (richt71) so katie out partying last nite?
    (Katie) indeed


  4. The Platinum Club Says:

    I can’t believe that richt71 is still a virgin.

    Actually, yeah I can.

    The sad twat.

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