Proof that Duncan Oldham is lying about owning property in New York

An article by Red Insider

Paperwork can be such a drag, endless red tape and reams of files to go through. Years ago an investigator would have to have some decent resources to track down evidence and collate it all for presenting to a client.

Thankfully these days we have the internet and its vast resources to not only disseminate, but also trawl through reams of paperwork in the blink of an eye – a simple search in the right places can tell you almost all you want to know.

Our friends at Kop Talk have come to realise this recently, and that news probably does not thrill them to say the least. Yes Mr Oldham, once again we have been researching some of the lies and fraud you commit on an almost daily basis to the long suffering members of you web site.

Who can forget last year’s farce when you went to New York to show Trump how it’s done by tying up a property deal?

Well, turns out to another lie doesn’t it Dunk? You didn’t buy a property in New York – we know you didn’t because we have checked, believe me we have checked. As any property owner knows, when buying property you leave a paper trail as long as your arm, if not longer. Property deeds, abstracts, mortgages, homestead exemptions, you can’t buy a property in New York without your name being all over the above.

So, with time on our hands we went a searching for Oldham’s NY property.

Before we get started some credit is due to several people who helped us in the course of our investigation. The staff in New York’s State Attorney Andrew Cuomo’s office for some great guidance on how and where to search, and the New York State Consumer Protection Board who were also fantastic.

We also owe a great debt to the fine folks at NYSAR (New York State Association of Realtors) who searched through many records for us.

You see, buying property in New York, or anywhere else in the USA, isn’t a straightforward matter. Multiple documents have to be sent in, searches done, paperwork filed, and it all has the buyer’s name on it – remember the idiot Smoove telling Dunk his brother had some papers for him to sign? Just to make sure, we did search all of Oldham’s cronies and aliases.

So, what did we do? First off we contacted the NY State Attorney’s office to see how to proceed with out little project. The advice they gave us, perhaps a “plan” is a better word, was to begin with a state wide property search for the whole of 2005, 2006 and 2007with the name Duncan Oldham attached to it. Nothing came back, same with the Property Tax Records, nada. Well, being as smart as he is he must have filed a homestead exemption, so we searched that database, or rather a friendly realtor in NY did, and surprise surprise… zilch.

So we went back to doing things the hard way, us, a realtor, and a helpful chap in the NY Governor’s office. We all searched high, we all searched low, and every time no trace of Dunk was to be found. Not anywhere in New York.

Once again Dunk’s dream world of high finance and property deals comes crashing down around him, yet another (how many now?) lie exposed to the masses.

So here is your chance Dunk, prove us wrong if you can.

You know you can’t.

17 Responses to “Proof that Duncan Oldham is lying about owning property in New York”

  1. Says:

    Nice article Red and good work.

    Maybe he wasn’t talking about New York, USA though. Maybe he meant New York, Tyne and Wear, England? (

  2. Nick Says:

    I tend to believe you about his NY property. But so what? And anyway it would be quite easy for Dunk to have bought the property through a company that is owned by another company, say in Delaware or some such location and you’d have no trace. You’re not seriously suggesting someone of his supposed genius for scamming and hiding the evidence wouldnt have done that?

    BUT I’ll say it again, so what? Its clear you’ve about won. Hardly any threads and posters. The site is running down.

    But the worry in the back of my mind is. How come with all this evidence you have, nobody has prosecuted Dunk or had him disqualified?

    In fact the biggest scandal I have seen on here while reading is around your former leader Rupert and his “history”!

    I’m sure Koptalk wont survive another year and you can be happy you’ve won. But I can honestly say I wouldnt like any of you as friends either!

  3. jugs Says:

    The man continues to lie and deceive both the public and his members. Constantly.

    As to prosecution , there are somethings he can be prosecuted for, lying about buying a property in NY isnt one of them.

    As far as I am aware there are some types of investigatons still going on, the main reasons Dunk is in Spain. If you think he went there becuase of the sunshine you are mistaken. The tax office have an active investigation going on in to Mr Oldham. I know they do, I was one of the ones to call them . I call them often trying to get an update , but they wont tell me anything as they dont comment on ongoing investigations.

    You only have to look through the blog to see what he has done, claiming to sponsor a child in Africa, raising money for cancer research. We checked with both of those agenciies and he never donated a penny to either of them, despite claiming otherwise on his web site.

    If you as a Liverpool fan dont believe we should be doing soemthing about it then thats fine , each to their own, but some of us feel it is a duty to expose the great ongoing con that is KopTalk.

  4. Tubby Says:


    Don’t be such a suckhole. What could you possibly get out of defending Oldham? A free subscription? You don’t expect much out of life do you?

    And yes, it is like shooting fish in a barrel, but SO WHAT? The fight is not over until the ship has sank and the rat has evacuated. Oldham is clinging to this like grim death. We cannot allow him to recover from this.

    Keep up the work everyone.

  5. Toby Says:

    On an unrelated note, its good to see this blog already earn a higher Google Page Ranking (5) than Koptalk (4). It appears that your years of link farming and cybersquatting haven’t paid off Duncan.

  6. The Platinum Club Says:

    You guys are lunatics. I’m continually amazed by the efforts that you go to! Well done!

  7. Lynchyred Says:

    Keep it up. No rest until Koptalk disappears forever and you’ll always have support from thousands of us until then!

  8. beabeasdad Says:

    Hey Nick. If its ‘so what’ why do you keep coming back to visit the blog?

  9. Carl Says:

    I’m in the process of chasing my “subscription” from Koptalk. I joined 3 years ago and decided it was a lots of crap and left after 2 months. problem is I did not cancel my subscription and was billed automatically the next year, I thought Oh well I’ve paid for another year, I’ll give it another go. Then again within 2 months I decided it was shite. I emailed Dunk 3 times and told him to cancel my membership. I got no reply and thought no more of it. Then 2 months ago I got billed for another years membership.

    First thing I did was launch a paypal inquisition. Steve got back to me from Koptalk and told me that I would get the money back as soon as the paypal investigation was sorted. I canceled the investigation to speed things up. And then was told its not their policy to refund the money. I then asked for a years membership and was told the money was missing and paypal had it. I asked paypal and they say Dunks got it. I believe paypal, problem is I have already launched and canceled and investigation into the payment and can’t launch another. – Hook line and sinker. The killer punch is, that fat bastard was always on koptalk encouraging us to come here and abuse this site’s owners for threatening his poor disabled widowed homeless scared etc relatives.

    Basically I feel what Dunk and all at Koptalk are doing is criminal and needs to be stopped. They are trading under the goodwill of the clubs supporters and blackening the name of scousers by stealing from Liverpool fans all over the world.

    Keep up the good work. I’ll be happy when Dunks scam is closed down.

  10. Andy Says:


    You should email the Trading Standards officer who is investigating Oldham at:

    alan dot burnett at northtyneside dot gov dot uk

    and CC Oldham to let him know you’re doing so at:

    dunk2007 at koptalk dot com

    The Trading Standards officer’s other details are:

    Alan Burnett
    Senior Trading Standards Officer
    Environment, Regeneration & Housing
    The Killingworth Site
    PO Box 113
    NE12 6WJ
    Tel: 0191 2192634
    Fax: 0191 2192642

    The PO box address for KopTalk subscription payments to be sent to is now registered to this Scarborough address:

    36 Osgodby Hall Road
    YO11 3PX

  11. Andy Says:

    Here’s the latest from KopTalk:

    10/10/07 12:35 PM
    SITE NEWS: New forums for non-members etc
    KopTalk Team
    Now that we’ve moved over here to the server we’re going to be re-introducing some free forums for non-members on the old .com server.
    The free forums will be supported by advertising and will be very basic. There will be no news reports there or anything other than maybe two forums for non-members to chat amongst themselves.

    If you have a young Red in your family you will be pleased to know that the new forums will be ‘kid friendly’ and safe to participate in because every post will require approval by a member of the KopTalk Team (admins) before they appear. This means that no adult language or content we deem unsuitable will be displayed.

    As KopTalk has someone online 24/7, posts will appear within a minute or so, so the moderation shouldn’t spoil things.

    You will be able to register on the free forums if you wish as they can be used as back-up should we experience any kind of server problem here on
    And if you ever choose to stop supporting our website by having a VIP membership then you will of course be free to use the free discussion forums.
    We hope to open the non-member forums within the next few days

  12. Tubby Says:

    Opening up the forums is an opportunity to create a lot of work for the admins.

  13. chapeau du soleil Says:

    “The free forums will be supported by advertising and will be very basic. There will be no news reports there or anything other than maybe two forums for non-members to chat amongst themselves.”

    Alternatively you could go to any one of a multitude of good LFC sites that require no rip-off sub….

  14. 1892 Insider Says:

    There will be no news reports there or anything other than maybe two forums for non-members to chat amongst themselves.

    There are no news reports on the members’ area, either, except what you could find on the Daily Post and Echo sites, some time before they appear on KopTalk.

    Despite what he says about the 24-7 moderation, the policy of requiring approval for each post will surely inhibit fast-moving debate and will furthermore tie up his/Steve’s/Katie’s time. So much for concentrating on the paying members, which was his (false) excuse for winding down the free forums in September 2006!

    The moderation shows just how much Oldham is running scared of his own reputation now, yet this gamble is a clear sign that, since he was delisted from NewsNow, he’s not luring in nearly enough fresh members to replace those leaving. You can smell the desperation all the way from Alicante.

  15. Toby Says:

    He sees it as a new recruitment drive but we should view it as a bigger opportunity to spread the word 😉

  16. Haroldinsider Says:

    Not sure how we can spread the word, on the new free forum all new posts will sit in limbo until given the ok by one of the drones. It certainly smacks of desperation from Dunk and is an obvious attempt to find new paying members. I can see it now he’ll be posting lots of ‘teasers’ and will be saying you need to join to find out more.

  17. paul g Says:

    And it’ll work Harold. I admire the efforts of this place but I think there’ll always be a place on the net for people like Oldham.

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