Duncan Oldham fantasises about being a trans-Atlantic businessman

A couple of KT members have emailed the blog to point out some prime Oldham bullshit which we failed to pick up on. Oldham’s latest cider-induced fantasy is that he co-owns an Anglo-American internet company. His delusions of being a property tycoon have also returned, as have his pipe dreams of having financial “backers”, despite claiming for years that KT is a completely independent site which earns no profits. KopTalk did briefly become part of the FootyMad network back in 2002 but was booted off after less than 12 months because of Oldham’s shady practices.

Yet in amongst the same tired, laughable old bollocks from Oldham there may be a hint of the truth – he claims that he is now “spending a lot of time on other projects”. Thick as he is, even Oldham may have finally realised that KopTalk will never again attain anything near the levels of profitability it once enjoyed. Activity on his site is now so low that it’s difficult to see how it can be making any kind of profit, let alone enough for him and his cohorts to live off in Spain. The blog only has to check in on KopTalk a few times a week to prevent Oldham from ever again perpetrating scams like the KT shares con, the Lauren “charity” collection, the non-existent Anfield Exposed book or the sale of fake “signed” merchandise. It entails very little effort on our part to drastically curtail Oldham’s earnings.

This summer he has spent far less time on his site than ever before. He regularly goes a whole day without posting, while an entire week can pass between Steve’s appearances. With so little money now being generated by KopTalk, perhaps they can’t see the point in devoting time to the site. Even when Oldham does appear on KT, he often makes a series of brief, bland posts in a short period of time before buggering off for the rest of the day.

But occasionally he’ll still over-indulge on the Woodpeckers and come out with this sort of nonsense:

05:54 PM Nice to be home and a few things
Dunk Administrator
Arrived back in the UK today. It might be cold, it might be miserable, but there’s no better feeling than putting that key in the front door, staggering in and crashing in front of Sky Sports with a beef joint in the oven.

I’ve been on a ‘working’ trip but I can honestly say I enjoy the rain (but not all of the time!) back home. I also missed me fish, chips and salad cream

Anyways, I’m back for a short while and then I’m off to visit Smoove. I’m going over there on business and I thought I’d kill two birds with one stone (free accomodation and food!).

Some of you already know that Smoove’s brother and myself are in partnership together. We’re about to open our 3rd internet cafe and gaming centre (don’t mention the name Big Ears!) in the States and we’re hoping to open one here in London next year. I’m spending a lot of time on other projects (mainly property) now that Steve is the main man with regards the site. I think he’s doing a grand job!

I’m really enjoying myself of late. I think it’s nice to do something different every now and then rather than doing the same thing day in day out. Thanks to the power of the internet, I can concentrate on my offline interests every day of the week yet I can drop in and engage in debate etc like the rest of you no matter where I am.

You peeps who work for yourselves, do you enjoy it? I was able to down tools a long time ago thanks to my backers but I could never stop doing what I love and that is keeping myself busy and providing more security for our children for when we’re no longer around.

Before you know it I’ll be 40, it only seems like yesterday when I was at secondary school…

06:34 PM Re: Nice to be home and a few things [Re: Dunk]
richt71 Moderator
Is this the same Dunk that was complaining last year he never got to go anywhere? 😉
The jetset lifestyle hey!

06:58 PM Re: Nice to be home and a few things [Re: richt71]
Dunk Administrator
If you think back, it was only early this year that I started going overseas. I’d been to a few overseas supporters clubs before years ago but I’d always been one of those people who preferred ‘home’. Travelling to away games overseas was previously of little interest to me as I preferred the comfort of my home.

Within the last couple of years I decided to be a bit brave and to start listening to offers from people to get involved with other things. I like a gamble, I like to get stuck into something (and not just a steak!), I like a challenge.

This year I started moving around more with the site. The opportunities have always been there but I couldn’t be ar*ed. And if I’m honest, I had a bad flight about six years ago and I swore I’d never fly again because I was terrified. Being grounded wasn’t fair on the kids so I had to pluck the courage up again and I’m so glad I did.

I also felt attached to the site in that I felt I could never leave it but with newer technology (mainly wireless and broadband via mobile networks), it’s now so much easier to work from anywhere. Plus I now have Steve who has learnt so much; he’s taken the pressure off a great deal and he now has people helping him. Publicly he may ‘act’ the goat, like I do on the podcasts for example, but he’s really switched on, he knows a lot, he deals with a lot of my business interests both online and offline,

Today I enjoy travelling but I do miss ‘home’, the Englishman’s castle. I previously never had a fear of flying but it was that bad flight in which everyone on board was frightened. But now that I have conquered that fear again, I enjoy flying. It’s usually cheaper than taking a train for example.

Everytime the kids are off school we like to take them away so that we can make their dreams come true. My mates (of a similar age) prefer to p*ss their money up the wall each weekend, me, well it’s family first for me, always has been. When I was a kid the opportunity to travel was limited because flights were so expensive, plus my parents didn’t have flexible employment. Me, well I can grab the laptop and jump on a £30 flight around Europe and book into cheap digs thanks to the it’s so easy today Rich.

07:05 PM Re: Nice to be home and a few things [Re: Dunk]
richt71 Moderator
Good stuff Dunk. The next Richard Branson hey?
You’re right though it’s dead easy now a days to work remotely. Most of the developed world has wifi available in hotels and cafes to use with small wireless laptops, pda’s or palmtops it makes life easy. 🙂

07:08 PM Re: Nice to be home and a few things [Re: richt71]
Dunk Administrator
Branson? Nah Sir Alan Sugar is my hero when you look at his background 🙂
How technology has advanced in the last ten years is amazing. What next? I really do ask myself that a lot.

Our guess would be more lies, tantrums, self pity, bullying, desperate attempts to find money-making schemes besides KopTalk, lies, bullshit, bollocks, self pity and yet more lies.

14 Responses to “Duncan Oldham fantasises about being a trans-Atlantic businessman”

  1. Saints Fan Says:

    Remember when he was pretending to post on the plane into New York last Christmas? Then this blog showed the proof that he couldn’t have been doing that. The thick idiot had got all his times wrong for his little fantasy. He was hiding from someone at the same time, and that’s when a new member of staff suddenly appeared – Gordie or Jordy or something.

    He got bored with his game and messed it all up. That was when he first mentioned his business dealings with Smoothe’s brother. What an idiot! Then and now. Because he’s reminded me, and no doubt others, of his lies from that time.

    The silly thing is that if he told his lies in a less exaggerated way he’d get away with more. He sold 3 former council houses to go to Spain – one used to belong to him and his ex-wife, one was his mothers, one was his girlfriends. I’m sure that bought him something quite nice in Spain. But he has to show pics of a millionaire’s house in Spain and a big house in an expensive part of Yorkshire. The idiot!

    He’s going to run out of the money he’s scammed from people soon, and that’s when he’s going to have to get some other way of making money.

    He might even notice that KT is making a loss soon, but that depends on his stubborness I suppose.

  2. duncanmitty Says:

    He’s started the serious delusions so it looks like Chubby is worried again. I think he’s starting to believe the bullshit he writes. When the cider wears off an he’ll realise it was all a pipe-dream we’ll get another sob story about how hard done to he is. Then he’ll probably re-hash the site or tell everyone about the 50 million SMS messages he bought.

    I bet there’s really big money to be in an internet cafe/gaming centre in a shithole area of New York. I’m surprised Alan Sugar hadn’t thought of that first.

    On the other hand, I really hope he does have another business venture that works so he can close koptalk down, stop conning Liverpool fans and he and his mummy-wummy can fuck off for good.

  3. deiseach Says:

    “Before you know it I’ll be 40”

    What, stone?

  4. Koptalksucks.com Says:

    “My mates (of a similar age) prefer to p*ss their money up the wall each weekend”

    Now where have I heard that one before?

  5. jugs Says:

    He has no business intrests in the States, period.

    He might like to dream that he does but a simple search of the public records can tell you he has no business intrests , or a partnership in any US business.

    He is out of his depth on this , that much is clear. The US has more red tape than any other country I know, you cant open a business 9legally) with having such things as a business licence, tax payer ID number , and you cant form a partnership without registering it.

    FYI Mr Oldham. My line of work involves tracing people, I have access to a large number of data bases here in the US. When you claimed last year that you had purchased property in the NY state I was able to do a search of all the property transactions in the State for the entire year of both 2006 and 2007, no records found, no homestead exemptions, no record anywhere of any kind of property transaction anywhere in the NY state.

    Same with this latest claim of yours to be a business owner, within a few minutes of searching the data bases for employee ID numbers, partnerships and corporation data bases I was easily able to verify that once again you are talking crap.

    One other thing, you know that tax returns can be obtained under the freedom of information act in the US dont you ??

    Of course there wont be any need for me to do that , because you wont be filing one because you dont have a partnership .

    Your lies grow weaker .

  6. Homer_jay Says:

    Good going fat cunt! On your pretend trip to NY last christmas you apparently couldn’t find an internetcafe or any connection at all to make a post on kraptalk, and now you tell us you own 2 internetcafes there! Pure gold. But hey, i cannot blame you for anything, you are a family man, children first, “work” only for their security…….what bollox, how the hell it is possible to mention his kids about 20 times in one post is surreal. You think that sells you moron?

  7. red from oz Says:

    sounds like he`s going through one of his manic phases that rupert used to talk about.
    isn`t it sad to see imbeciles like richt actually believing this shit.

  8. redbull Says:

    Dont know about the rest of you, but to me, it looks very much like Dunk is distancing himself from the site.

  9. 1892 Insider Says:

    More comedy gold from Dunk, comparing himself now with Paul Tomkins.

    #50913 – 08/10/07 06:29 PM Paul Tomkins
    Dunk Dunk Administrator Offline
    KopTalk VIP

    Registered: 21/07/07
    Posts: 1414
    Nice to see him add a blog:


    No surprises with this bit by Paul:

    “I’ve never said anything I didn’t mean on [LFC].tv, but some criticisms have either been removed by the Press Office or I’ve had to censor myself.”

    This is exactly why I would only ever be unofficial/independent… censored for speaking your mind about the Reds? **** that!

    Genuine Reds should be able to say what they like about the club providing it’s honest and sincere.

    The problem, of course, is that Oldham is neither honest nor sincere in much of what he writes about Liverpool FC. His criticisms and witch hunts are usually self-serving, designed either to attract hits (such as his anti-Fowler campaign) or act out his own petty vendettas (as when he took a harsher editorial line against the new owners once they’d shunned him or his continual references in the past to Parry’s supposed incompetence).

    The reason Oldham will always be unofficial or independent is not by choice; it’s because he’ll never be allowed near our great Club.

  10. deiseach Says:

    When people shell out cash to get Paul Tomkins’ take on LFC, has he ever had a single dissatisfied customer?

  11. Ron Nasty Says:

    Paul Tomkins has never pretended to be anything other than what he is. Fatso on the other hand lied about having insider contacts that would reveal to him and thence to us, what was going on behind the scenes. He lied, end of. That’s why people are pissed off with him. Perhaps we shouldn’t have been so naive, but regardless, he’s a conman. That’s why people are on his case.

  12. Flagpole Corner Says:

    “Paul Tomkins has never pretended to be anything other than what he is” – a naysaying, blagger of tickets from the club who brings his unfortunate illness into almost every one of his articles but compared to DunCon he’s a fuckin’ angel.

  13. deiseach Says:

    “who brings his unfortunate illness into almost every one of his articles”


  14. Steve O Says:

    Two things, if Dunk is going to the US on business then a tip-off to the INS is in order, preferably from a US reader.

    Second, Dunce, you complain about censorship then delete half the posts (2 a day?) on your shite

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