Dunk in Liverpool, or is he?

Before the season began Duncan Oldham had already promised his Koptalk members that he would be trying to get to every Liverpool home game this season, he even claimed he had accommodation for the first half of the season (see here). As yet there has been no evidence of Dunk keeping his promise. There have been no pictures from inside Anfield. No picture of him inside Anfield. No sightings of him reported by anyone. So as far as I am concerned he hasn’t been to Anfield once this season, and I am very doubtful he will ever again dare to step foot in Anfield again.

Considering the above you can probably imagine my surprise when I was browsing Koptalk yesterday (Wed) and saw Steven Mcneish posting about an SMS text message Dunk had sent him, from Liverpool!

Steve: Dunk sent this from Liverpool earlier “Staying ere til mon div….”

Click on the image below to see it in full size

So was Duncan Oldham in Liverpool on Wednesday night for the Liverpool game? Was he actually at Anfield for the game on Wednesday night (vs Marseille)? Is he still there now? Will he be in Liverpool over the weekend? Will he be at Anfield for the Spurs game? Will he provide any proof of himself being inside Anfield (maybe even with his copy of his favourite tabliod rag)?

One member even dared to ask Dunk how the game was “Was the atmosphere any good Dunkan even though the score was not great (understatement)” when I was doing my research. When I next visited the site I could find no trace of the thread, it was almost as if Dunk had deleted it to hide the fact that he was “in Liverpool”, or am I just paranoid?

So Dunk, a challenge for you, post up a picture of you, inside Anfield, with a copy of The Sun, you know the paper you get delivered every day (read about Dunk’s Sun delivery here) to prove to your members (and the blog) that you dare to go to Anfield. I dare you.

6 Responses to “Dunk in Liverpool, or is he?”

  1. BKTD Says:

    So let me get this straight…

    Dunk claims to be a season ticket holder, which I believe entitles him to first shot at tickets, yet he chooses to not to take advantage of this perk and instead goes to Liverpool and proceeds to take a picture of a screen showing the match on sky that he is watching.

    HA HA HA HA HA…. you dumb fcuk, this just makes you look and even bigger prick than you are. Fcuk off back to Spain you obese cnut.

  2. onefinalpush Says:

    I think we’re meant to think thats Steve is watching the TV (insinuating that Dunk is @ Anfield), while Dunk is in Liverpool.

    Really they are both watching the screen hidden away in Benidorm hiding from the authorities.

  3. Concorde Says:

    I wasn’t in my usual spec in the Main Stand near the dugouts on Wednesday as I was in the Kop with some mates but I’ll be back there on Sunday looking out for the obese one on the very slight chance he’s there. Of course he won’t be there but if he is there will be some fun. 🙂

  4. deiseach Says:

    This town ain’t big enough for the both of us, i.e. the population of the city of Liverpool, and Dunk

  5. Saints Fan Says:

    Fat Dunk really needs to try harder with his attempts at pretending to be somewhere else. Poor Steve’s probably out on the streets of Benidorm trying to give leaflets out for the local nightclub for trannies, meanwhile Dunk’s using his logon in a crap attempt at pretending he’s in Liverpool!

    Steve’s got no life of his own, maybe there’ll come a day when he’ll finally realise this and tell Dunk to do one.

    Dunk won’t even dare to set foot inside this country again now, never mind go to Anfield.

  6. tubby Says:

    He’ll have to pay for extra wide seats on the plane soon enough anyway.

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